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Woodland tryst

A couple engage in illicit sex in a woodland glade.

“It's just a little bit further.”

I know where I want to take Heather. It has taken 20 minutes to make our way towards the summit of the Iron Age hill fort, but we are nearly there. Nothing remains of the fort but some earthworks, and even those have been hidden for centuries beneath a rich canopy of lush woodland. But archaeology is not why I have brought her here.

We round a bend and Heather gasps as she spies the panorama before her. The patchwork beauty of the English countryside is laid out before her eyes. She can see villages, hamlets, farms and churches. This is the first time she has seen this particular view, and on a day like today it is spellbinding.

I take her hand as the path meanders back in amongst the trees. At the weekend this path is busy, but not today. It is 2pm on a Tuesday, during the first flush of the English Summer and we are the only people here. At least I hope we are.

The temperature drops several degrees in the shade of the trees. I stop to check my bearings. Yes, this is the place. I lead Heather off the path and through the undergrowth. She says nothing. She knows to trust me.

We break through into a small clearing. I know that this will give us the privacy we need. I set down my backpack and from it I take a picnic blanket which I lay on the ground. I catch Heather's eye. She is biting her lower lip and there is a naughty glint in her eye.

“I've been waiting all morning...”

I silence her with a kiss, my hands lightly holding her cheeks. She puts her arms around me and pulls my body against hers. I feel my cock stir inside my trousers. Heather feels it too. She releases her lips from mine.

“Someone's pleased with how things are going.”

Before I can reply Heather stars nuzzling my neck. I run my hands up and down her body. She rubs her soft cheek against my mine. My hands reach up under her dress and slip beneath her panties. I clasp her bum and pull her closer to me.

She rocks her hips against me.

“I want you to be so hard.”

I kiss her tenderly, feeling her soft lips on mine. My tongue playing with hers.

“I want you so much Heather.”

I've been waiting for this opportunity to be with Heather for day. I feel the irresistible building of passion within me. Her tongue plays with mine. She grips my back, her nails digging in.

I take her dress by the hem and lift it off over her head. She unbuckles my belt and my jeans fall to the floor. As I step out of them she lifts my shirt off over my head. She kicks off her shoes.

We just look at each other for a second.

I reach my arms around her and undo her bra. She throws it to the ground. I kneel down and slowly lower her panties to the floor. I kiss her pussy. A delicate kiss. Heather shivers at the lightness of the touch.

I stand up, wanting to hold her and kiss her. Instead Heather sinks to her knees and pulls down my trunks. Freed, my cock springs to attention. Heather looks up at me. Her beautiful eyes silently ask for permission. I give a slight nod, and that is enough. Her tongue flicks the tip of my cock, before first her lips and then the rest of her mouth envelop me.

She takes me deep inside her mouth. As she slides her lips back up my cock she trails her tongue against my shaft. She reaches my cock's head and her teeth just catch on me. I wince involuntarily. She looks up apologetically and I smile to reassure her. She cups my balls as she sinks her mouth down around my cock again. I close my eyes. I enjoy the pure sensation of my cock in her mouth.

Without warning she stops.

I open my eyes and Heather is lying down on the blanket. She beckons me to lie down next to her. I oblige. My arm slips around her waist as I kiss her. My foot runs up and down her leg.

These are stolen moments and I know it. The time between trysts with Heather is torture. But now I have her in my arms and all of that is forgotten. Right now she is mine and I intend to enjoy every second. She rolls on top of me, wiggling her ass and grinding her crotch against mine. Her breasts swing as she shimmies. Her nipples skim through my chest hair, tickling them into full erection.

I grasp her breasts and squeeze them. I move my mouth to them and I lick them. She places her hands on my shoulders to prop herself up. Her eyes watch my mouth on her breasts. She lets out an involuntary groan as I suck on a nipple.

My cock rises up and taps her tummy. My legs rub her legs. In response she grinds her groin against mine.

“Dylan.” She whispers my name in my ear. It turns me on even more.

“I can feel your cock getting harder.”

Unintentionally and only momentarily I slip inside her. Just as quickly I slide out.

“That felt so good. I want you inside me again.”

“Then do it my love.”

She braces herself on my chest. Slowly and lightly she rubs her body up and down against mine. I kiss her. I nip at her lower lip. I kiss her neck. I nibble her ear lobe. She is so beautiful, her womanly body is so delectable.

My hands caress her breasts. My fingers run over her areolas and I grip a nipple between thumb and forefinger and gently pull and twist. Heather runs her hands seductively down her body to her pussy. She spreads her lips apart and I see her engorged clit. She grasps my cock in one hand. She squeezes me. I gasp. I look into her eyes. I am in thrall.

Heather starts rubbing her clit with one finger, while still squeezing my cock. She moves up and down on me a little. She knows I love to see her tits bouncing. My cock is rock hard now. I massage her breasts, lightly twisting her nipples again.

She pulls away and rotating she straddles me again. But this time she is facing away from me. She grips my cock and gives it a few strokes.

“Oh yes Heather!”

She raises up and holds herself open with one hand, ready to sink down onto my cock. There is a noise amongst the trees. We both turn in the direction of the sound. A young red deer walks into the clearing. Seeing us, it bolts back into the undergrowth. Only when I exhale do I realise I had been holding my breath.

The tension is getting to me. I have never experienced this position before. I want her so badly. The excitement is almost too much.

“Fuck me Heather.”

I want her to turn me into a quivering mess.


Whether it is my plaintive cry or her own desire that drives it, but her dripping pussy slips around my hardness. She leans forward, her hands propping her up between my legs. She feels so good. The sight of my cock being enveloped by her is amazing. My cock inside her is harder than ever. She is trying to fuck me slowly but I can tell from her breathing that she is fighting to stay in control.

I hold her hips to steady her. She looks back over her shoulder and smiles at me. I try to smile back, but I am in such an exquisite place I have no idea whether I am smiling or grimacing.

Heather slips a hand between her legs. She rubs her clit and strokes my cock as she slides up and down. My cock in her cunt. Oh yes.

I want to lick her juices from her fingers. Her wet hand massages my balls.

“Let me taste you.”

“Help yourself.” she gasps while sliding my full length inside her once more.

I slip a finger in her cunt as she lowers herself onto my cock. So warm and wet. I taste her juices. Necter!

Placing both hands on the ground again she is working my cock, her hips going wild. Panting with every bounce she is riding me like crazy. Every time she slides down my cock I am deeper inside her. My tip brushes her g spot with every stroke.

“Oh yes, that's perfect.” she moans.

I love the sight, the feel, and the sounds of fucking her. I can feel my climax getting closer and closer. I run my fingers up and down her arse crack. Teasing her pussy and her ass hole. I feel her cunt clenching at my cock. I know that she is approaching her orgasm. I can think of nothing else but getting that exquisite climax that is on the horizon.

“Heather..I am nearly there!”

I slap her butt hard as I try to distract myself long enough for her to cum with me. Her fingers are rubbing her clit vigorously.

“Oh Dylan, Dylan!”

“ Heather, I love you so much, I ...I...”

I feel her tip over the edge and let go. Tumbling into a massive orgasm. As she clenches, tenses and moans in ecstasy I also cum. I pump my hot semen deep inside her cunt. Spurt after spurt shoots into her, coating her vaginal walls.

“I love feeling your cum inside me Dylan” she says in a whisper

“I love cumming inside you.”

Finally, my cock is exhausted, and Heather eases herself off of me. I want to kiss her and be kissed. We lie together, holding each other. Hot, sweaty and satisfied, finally our lips lock together. Our legs entangled. It is pure bliss. I want to hold her forever.

I look at Heather. I see the way the dappled sunlight plays on her body. I can't think of anywhere better than here, with her. And yet I know that this cannot last forever. We hear voices in the distance. It breaks the spell. I kiss her one last time. A long, lingering, loving kiss. But now we must return to the real world, though my heart will be in a leafy glade atop an Iron Age hill fort for some time to come.

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