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Woody's Big Night

Sylvia was ready for its entry and gasped compliantly as his snake tunnelled into her...

Sylvia loved the outdoors. There was nothing better than getting on her mountain bike and roughing it for a few days. She was very well equipped for her hobby and would always thoroughly research the routes she went on. Sylvia’s hobby had commenced when she started college and now in her third year, all her holidays were spent pursuing her passion. At around six one evening on one of her trips, she approached a small village that she had read about. It had formerly been renowned as a hillbilly enclave, but nowadays, the population mostly consisted of retired people who had settled there to get away from the hustle and bustle.

As she arrived in the town the first dwelling she encountered was a quaint wooden cottage to her right. On the left there appeared to be no dwellings, just open fields with a few farm animals scattered about. This first cottage was fairly isolated and the next dwelling beyond it, was about a quarter mile away. Sylvia knew there was no camping site in the village and wondered if the occupants of the home would allow her to set up her tent, on their plot. She even hoped that with some luck she might be able to use their bathroom. After laying down her bike Sylvia approached the front door.

Woody owned this cottage. He was a forty-eight year old bachelor who had always lived on his own. Woody was a carpenter and made a living making chairs, tables, and various other furniture pieces people required. He was a rough looking individual, stood six feet tall and had a good physique for a man of his age. Woody had a somewhat dicey reputation in the village for being a bit of a pervert. This opinion was especially strong among the younger woman. He had never gotten physical with any of them, but the way he always leered unnerved them.

Consequently, Woody never got pussy in the village and had to rely on visits to a neighbouring town, where money usually changed hands. Woody was highly sexed but having a very tight budget, was only able to pay for ‘love’ every second month. Fortunately, Woody had a good porn collection of pirated copies, curtesy of a buddy in who lived in the neighbouring town. Most nights, Woody watched these movies on his old television set.

As Woody sat eating spaghetti and mince there was a knock on his front door. When Woody opened the door his eyes lit up as he observed the beautiful young woman before him. After introductions, Sylvia explained her situation to him and asked if she could camp on his property. She had scarcely finished her speech before he suddenly interrupted her. “Have you eaten?”

“No, but I have all I need, thank you,” she replied.

“Nonsense,” he said, “I’ve made enough food and I insist you have some.” Woody countered. She protested, but he was having none of it.

Then Woody told her that she could use the large sofa in his lounge to sleep on, because heavy rain was expected in the early hours of the following morning. Sylvia was a little unsettled by his enthusiasm, but the thought of hot food, sheltered accommodation and the use of a bathroom, finally won the day. Woody then suggested she get what she need from her bike, before locking it up in his workshop behind the house. Complying, Sylvia retrieved her sleeping bag, shorts and a t-shirt to sleep in, and a toiletries bag.

After her food was put before Woody joined her to finish his own meal. Then he asked her if she would be offended if he removed his false teeth, explaining that he was incapable of eating, or smoking, when had them in his mouth. Strange as she found this, Sylvia politely said it wouldn’t worry her. Woody then faced away from her and extracted the teeth, before placing them in the pocket of his shorts. As they ate and chatted, she considered that he must have been a rather good looking when he was a younger man. The way that he constantly leered at her, however, made her feel slightly uncomfortable. Nonetheless, Sylvia dismissed this behaviour, figuring that because he seldom engaged with younger woman, it was hardly surprising.

After dinner Woody invited her to use the bathroom. Happily, she retrieved what she needed from the sofa and headed towards the bathroom. Sylvia was a little unnerved, when she saw no key in the large keyhole and no latch on the door. The thought of the lovely warm water awaiting her, however, negated her concern. As she began stripping she was unaware of the eye peering at her.

Outside Woody was practically salivating as he looked at her naked form in the bathroom. He hoped like hell that she wouldn’t notice that there was no towel in the bathroom. In anticipation of her upcoming request, however, he made sure he had one at hand. Transfixed, he watched as she soaped he body with his gaze moving in a triangle of lust. Her tits and twat were like a homing beacon to him. Woody’s sighed as his gaze lingered on the mouse between her legs, and he could feel his snake twitching in his pants. Her pussy wasn’t very hairy but had enough to satisfy him. Woody loved women with pubic hair.

He pondered how far he would be able to go with her. Woody wouldn’t attack and rape her because that simply wasn’t in his make-up, but he was going to coerce her as hard as possible. He had never had an opportunity like this before and was definitely not going to waste it. When he had spoken to her earlier, Sylvia appeared to be a very laidback and sensible woman and Woody had a strong feeling that she wouldn’t be given to histrionics. Reluctant as she would no doubt be, he was determined to make her comply. ‘Oh god’ he thought as he leered at her, ‘I simply have to fuck this woman.’

After Sylvia stopped showering he observed her looking for a towel. When she realised that there was no towel he watched her hands brushing the moisture from her body. Next, Sylvia lifted the top that she had been wearing to assist with her efforts. When Woody realised, that she wasn’t going to ask for a towel and that his plan wasn’t working, he decided to take the necessary action. Stepping back from the door he loudly asked, “Did I forget to put a towel in the bathroom?”

“Yes,” Sylvia replied. Anticipating that she would shortly open the door a fraction to take the towel from him, Woody instantly opened the door fully and stood observing her naked body. After their eyes locked, Sylvia knew that he had been watching her because of the substantial tent in his shorts. There was a prolonged silence as a dual realisation took place.

Sylvia knew that he wanted to fuck her and being a very practical person, surmised that if she screamed nobody would hear her. When she arrived earlier she had not seen another living soul, therefore, no one knew she was here. She also realized that this guy was a virtual hermit, who could have a basement in his house in which he could imprison her as a sex slave. She decided to remain calm and not antagonise him.

Woody knew that this was the moment of truth and that he had to take control. He intensely stared her down, and was delighted when he began to observe a look of defeat adorn her face. Woody now knew that he was going to have his way with her. Woody then broke their impasse by commanding, “Turn around and let me dry you off.” After she turned gingerly, he walked up behind her and placing the open towel over her shoulders felt like prospector staking his claim. After patting her back through the towel, her shoulders and arms followed. Woody now slipped his hands under the towel to embrace her torso in his arms.

When his rough hands cupped her breasts, Woody told her to remove the towel. After fondling her tits for a short while, Woody then moved his left hand over to her right breast and began sliding his right hand downwards. As this happened, his grasp on her body tightened and she felt his rigid dick in the small of her back. When Woody’s right hand arrived at her bush he gently began to run his fingertips to and fro across the hair. Despite her apprehension, Sylvia found herself becoming sexually excited. Woody also knew this because his left fingers could feel her nipple hardening.

Woody couldn’t believe his luck as he felt her warming to his touch. This was exactly how he wanted things to happen. On his infrequent visits to town, he always had to contend with bargain basement given his constrained financial situation. All he could afford were the whores that had already reached their sell by dates. Worst of all he always had to use condoms, which he hated. Tonight, however, he had the pick of crop in his grasp and he was definitely not using condoms. He smiled, thinking about the abundance of spunk that he was going to unload into her.

When Woody started tweaking her right nipple he also commenced grinding his knob into her back, giving her a forewarning of what lay ahead. As Sylvia’s head tilted backwards in ecstasy, her ear became the focus of Woody’s hairy mouth. Whilst Woody bit on her earlobe with his gums, his right fingers began to stroke her pussy in a circular motion. After releasing her earlobe Woody spoke in a strange voice, like a grownup speaking to a two year old child. “Is this a good little mouse?” he asked. Sylvia was so taken aback that she did not answer. Then, Woody commenced tapping her pussy gently before repeating his question.

“Yes,” she answered.

“Mmm,” he groaned, “We’ll soon see if Mr Snake agrees with you.”

In a girlish voice she answered, “Is Mr Snake going to harm my mouse?”

“Nooo,” he sniggered in a comforting manner, “My snake just wants to play with your little mouse.”

Sylvia then felt he body being pushed forward towards the toilet bowl. Stopping a short way from the bowl, Woody told her to place her left foot on the toilet seat. With her widened stance Woody now had better access to her twat. As he began to rub her pussy Sylvia found herself very stimulated by his workman’s hands. She had never had sex with anyone like Woody before, and the roughness of his fingers, his strong masculine odour, and the tobacco smell of his breath was turning her on incredibly. Woody’s middle finger then nestled between her pussy lips and began rub the crevice of her cunt. The scratchiness of his calloused finger made her groan and when his fingertip entered her portal, Sylvia began to gasp. Soon, a second finger entered her before her body trembled.

‘Oh god,’ Woody thought, ‘this is my big night, fuck yeah, this is Woody’s big night,’ his mind concluded.

His hand began to up its onslaught as his fingers speared into her, and shortly his thumb started massaging her nub. With Woody’s all-out attack; the gums on her ear, the knob grinding into her back, and the hand working her pussy, Sylvia was being driven into horny overload. Next, Woody repositioned his body as he moved to her right side. “Put your arm around my shoulder,” he ordered her.

With his left hand now on her backside and his right hand servicing her cunt, Woody lowered his head towards her right breast. When Woody’s gums began tantalising her nipple, she could feel herself falling into an abyss of sensual pleasure. As his right hand commenced working at full steam, Sylvia shuddered as her body capitulated entirely. Gasping loudly, Sylvia’s pussy began to spray uncontrollably. Much as Woody was delighted by her gushing, he was nonetheless sorry that he hadn’t received it orally.

“Yes,” he exclaimed, “my snake is going to love this drenched little mouse of yours.” When he let go of her body Woody was delighted by the look of lust swimming in her eyes. “Come,” he said, taking hold of her wrist and leading her to the bedroom.

Once there, he told her to sit on the corner at the bottom of his bed. Next, he told her to lie back with her legs wide open. As they observed one another Woody removed his t-shirt. Sylvia was amazed by his good physique, but laughed inwardly at his farmer’s tan. Although Woody’s arms, neck, and head, were well tanned, the rest of his torso was very pale. Woody now got to his knees and with his hands on her thighs, began to munch her cunt ravenously. Sylvia knew at that moment that she would only ever marry a man who wore false teeth. Woody licked, prodded, and nibbled like a madman, as he ferociously gobbled on her pussy.

Soon, Woody extended his arms before his fingers located her nipples. Sylvia watched his rough fingers tweaking her teats as her cunt received the finest oral mugging it had ever had. She could sense that he wanted her to cum again and allowed the waves of pleasure to build steadily. As Sylvia began to pant and her body started to heave, Woody went berserk demanding the nourishment he had lost out on earlier. To his total satisfaction, Sylvia again gasped haltingly as her pussy exploded in his face. Woody was elated as he sucked up her heavenly juice.

Afterwards, as he arose Woody pushed his shorts down and let them fall to the floor. As Sylvia observed his large knob she instantly realised why he had referred to his dick in a reptilian context. Woody’s uncut dick-head looked just like the head of a boa constrictor that she had seen on the internet a few weeks before. Thick as his shaft was, his oversized cock-head was shaped exactly like the head of the reptile. It was thicker than the shaft and consisted of forty per cent on the entire phallus. As Woody bent over her supported on his left arm, he withdrew his foreskin and smeared himself on her pussy. “Mmm,” he said smiling, “Looks like the snake likes your moist little mouse.”

Woody told her to move her body up upwards to the middle of the bed. When Woody climbed onto the bed and hovered over her, his lips paused at her tits. Once more Sylvia had her nipples sucked and gummed by his mouth. After a few more minutes Woody moved fully over her as his snake nestled on her mouse. Woody now began manoeuvring and wedging his reptile, and soon it began to slither into her moist cunt. Sylvia was ready for its entry and gasped compliantly as his snake tunnelled into her. Woody now had her tightly clamped in his grasp with her head firmly locked by his rough hands.

When Woody’s hairy wet mouth closed in on hers, Sylvia was amazed by the unobstructed feel of his oral cavity. She first ran her tongue along the upper and lower back of his gums, before she brushed her tongue between his gums and lips. Woody couldn’t believe how incredible this felt and lifted his head to tell her so. “Please keep doing that,” he begged her.

As Sylvia complied Woody began to pump her eager cunt. Whilst her tongue explored his mouth Woody’s snake reciprocated in kind, tantalizing her pussy. Sylvia now wrapped her legs around Woody’s hips inviting the snake deeper. Comprehending her needs, Woody used his feet for traction to grind his knob to further depths. Clinched in an embrace of mutual satisfaction, Woody began to spear harder and harder. He was so over stimulated at this point that he knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, and as he began to grunt Sylvia met his challenge by twitching her hips manically. When his spunk pumped into her Sylvia’ feet locked above his backside, imprisoning his snake in her cunt and milking every drop from his knob.

Panting afterwards, Woody placed his head next to hers, ear to ear. As they lay like this Sylvia listened to his heavy breathing with an air of satisfaction. In their minds, they both reflected upon the fact that they had just enjoyed the best sex of their lives. To Sylvia’s delight, the night was far from over. They made love three more times that night, and when she left after breakfast the following morning, she was amazed by how invigorated she felt. Woody did extend an open invitation upon her departure, telling her that she would be welcome to visit at any time.

Eleven weeks later, as Woody sat eating his evening meal there was a knock at his front door. The young lady before him explained, that she had cycled all day and needed a place to set up her tent for the evening. As Woody observed Sylvia he instantly picked up on the game. They then followed the exact same procedure as on her former visit, and when Sylvia entered the bathroom later, Woody was amused to see a towel being flung out of the bathroom before she closed the door. He peeped through the keyhole as before, and when she finished showering asked, “Did I forget to put a towel in the bathroom?”

“Yes,” she replied.

After opening the bathroom door Woody said, “Turn around and let me dry you off.”

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