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Work will never be the same

A work fantasy. Colleagues shouldn't do this in the office.
This story is inspired by a female colleague I fantasized about at work, and a situation where I fixed her computer. For a moment, she seemed to be showing me slightly more appreciation than is normal. There was an unspoken mutual attraction, and a hint she wanted to go further, but a working office doesn’t make these things possible. Maybe something like this story might have happened…

I sat at Susanne’s desk and quickly got her laptop problem fixed as she stood leaning over me watching intently. I had gone silent not really sure how to take the last comment.

She looked at me intensely and repeated, “Are you sure there is nothing I can do for you?” I looked into her gorgeous green eyes, and then took in the sight of her shapely figure and rich auburn hair, now almost above me. The doubt disappeared as she rested her hand on my knee and looked into my eyes meaningfully. Slowly she slid her palm up the inside of my thigh, then lightly over my crotch. My hands still rested on her desk beside the laptop I had been fixing for her.

I didn’t dare move for fear of breaking the spell; which somehow had this hot lady stroking the bulge where my cock lay, for the moment still soft. She lightly clenched her hand encompassing my awakening member. Now she had located its exact position she started to squeeze and caress my shaft more firmly, feeling it swell and harden under her hand. All the while I dared not move my hands still resting on her desk in case moving might somehow cause the moment to end.

How had this happened? I was shocked. Up until this moment we had merely been colleagues who shared the same small office. We had known each other long enough to share plenty of banter and even had explicit conversations, but only in the way two safely married colleagues would. She couldn’t know how much I fantasized about her, although she might have guessed how much I stared at her pert behind whenever she walked past or stood with her back to me? Surely she knew the effect wearing such tight trousers had? Was that her intention? Did she linger at the printer knowing I was staring at her?

For someone who appeared quite straight laced it was surprising how often she seemed to bring our conversations round to sex; but only if our other colleagues were not in the office. If I asked her advice on presents for my wife she always suggested sexy underwear. The first time she said that, it gave me quite a jolt that she was effectively letting me know me her own ideal present. Did she do it intentionally to put the image of her in sexy lingerie in my head? Looking back now it seems she had.

I parted my legs further as my twitching manhood started to require more room. Susanne took this as encouragement and knelt beside me; her other hand moving to my belt buckle and impressively undoing it one handed. Then she had my trousers pulled wide open and her stroking hand was now gripping my hard shaft through the thin cotton of my briefs.

She moaned and I realised her own hips were rotating slightly, waking me to the fact of her own arousal. Maybe her heated pussy was rubbing against her clothing as she moved. I leant back from her desk and reached my hand down to caress one cheek of her pert bum through her trousers, then slid it down between her legs from behind and let her grind her mound against my hand. She moaned at the pressure of my rigid fingers pressed hard against the soft padded flesh of her pussy.

I felt the band around my briefs being stretched outwards and her hand made contact with the bare skin of my throbbing manhood. She tipped her face to mine and I felt the electricity between us as our open mouths met and out tongues entwined; her willing mouth over mine, while her hand stroked my rigid exposed manhood.

To be kissing like lovers, but knowing she was a colleague and we were in the workplace seemed to make this all the more thrilling. For long moments our tongues writhed in each other’s mouth as she lovingly stroked my exposed cock. Gripping me hard as her tongue writhed against mine.

She broke off the kiss, grabbed at my trousers, and pulled them firmly down my legs taking my briefs with them. She roughly pulled off my shoes and socks and took the clothes completely off me. I sat there, now in only my work polo shirt with Susanne now between my bare legs and my engorged shaft stood blatantly between our faces.

She looked deep into my eyes as she wrapped her small hand around the base of my shaft and took me into her mouth for the first time. She stroked me with one hand as she passionately made love to me with her mouth. Her other slid up my hard belly pushing my shirt up as she caressed my writhing abdomen. This wasn’t just sex, there was something more between us. The passion with which she worked on me showed that the chemistry I had always felt for her, was reciprocated.

Soon I felt the passion rising and the feelings in my groin were starting to build uncontrollably, as my hips started to move on their own; pumping myself desperately into her tight mouth. I pushed her off, knowing, both that I didn’t want this to end too soon and that I had my own designs on her. She understood and without speaking she took my place in the chair as I knelt in front of her. I pulled off my shirt leaving myself completely naked. To be kneeling in front of her totally exposed for this fully dressed woman, felt deliciously vulnerable. I pushed her knees apart and moved closer.

We both froze as we heard the office door open at the other end of the large room as one of my colleagues walked in. He was laden with kit and didn’t notice anything untoward as I moved under Susanne’s desk and Susanne moved her chair back into position with her legs under her desk. Luckily, her desk backed onto the far wall and no one used the other desk in her row so there would be no reason for anyone coming round to her end. Also the desk dividers and vanity panels below meant that I was in little danger of being discovered.

My colleague was making idle conversation from the other end of the room oblivious to my presence in the room or to the effort Susanne was making to keep her voice normal. There were two rows of desks and PC monitors separating them and no direct line of sight with my colleague having his face in his monitor while he absently talked about the weather.

I reached up and slid my hands up each of Susanne’s thighs. She let out a moan only I could hear, which encouraged me further. I undid the fastening of her trousers and she lifted herself slightly as I pulled them down her legs and completely off along with her heels. She wore no socks or tights. I knelt close and pushed her legs apart again, savouring the view of her translucent lacy crotch; her pussy lips clearly defined against the tiny piece of damp gauzy fabric covering them. I started lightly kissing my way up her smooth warm thighs.

Susanne was clearly getting highly aroused at the thought of what I was doing and I could see the dampness on the tiny triangle of fabric against which her pussy lips were pressed tight. I grabbed either side of her hips and pulled her strongly so that she was perched on the front of the chair. I was now kissing the insides of her thighs right at the top now. Susanne parted her legs widely and hooked each leg over an arm of the chair. I opened my mouth and placed it firmly over her entire fabric encased pussy. She moaned deep in her throat. All the while trying to sound normal as she made occasional replies to the oblivious colleague’s inane chatter.

I started licking her firmly through the flimsy barrier of fabric covering her heated pussy. She was grinding herself firmly against my mouth. I hooked a finger in the edge and our eyes made contact as I bared her naked pussy to my sight. She was completely shaven and her neat little labia shone with her arousal. I started to lick her pussy slowly and then gradually with increasing intensity, only briefly hesitating to pull her underwear off to improve my access. Soon her hips were writhing uncontrollably as she forcefully ground herself against my busy mouth. About this time my colleague left the room again to go somewhere else.

Susanne immediately pushed her chair away and knelt in front of me on the floor. We were both completely out of sight should someone enter the room again. We held each other and kissed passionately again. My rigid cock pressed against her bare mound as I gripped her pert cheeks and pulled her against me firmly.

I slid my hands up her sides dragging the fabric of her tight top with them. She put her hands up as I dragged it off her leaving her in only a sexy push up bra, her nipples clearly defined as their rigid tips pushed against the flimsy material. I quickly had the bra off as well, leaving us both completely naked. For long moments we enjoyed grinding ourselves against each other as we kissed passionately; knowing what we were doing was so naughty. My cock sliding between her legs as she ground her damp pussy against its length.

Susanne pushed me down to the floor under her desk and knelt astride me; her delightful derriere pressed against my rigid shaft and her wet pussy squashed against my belly. Her beautifully firm handful sized breasts before my face demanded attention. I gently squeezed one and fed the erect nipple into my mouth, she moaned loudly clearly enjoying the feeling. As I sucked her breasts she ground her hungry pussy against my groin feeling my cock as it slid against her bum. She reached around and took me firmly in hand as she raised her self and placed the tip against the wet opening of her sex.

Our eyes met and held each other’s intense gaze as she took me inside her for the first time. Slowly she slid down my engorged shaft, easing her tight opening gradually over my throbbing cock. She groaned as I gripped her pneumatic arse firmly pulling her lithe body hard down onto me. I was now buried deep within her and her glistening labia were stretched to their fullest.

Again our open mouths met, I forced my tongue inside her, enjoying the feel of penetrating her doubly. Slowly she started to move herself up gradually pulling herself off her impalement. As she reached the point when my tip was almost out she slid back down hard and moaned loud. Slowly at first she continued, the feeling of her lifting her gorgeous arse almost clear of my rigid cock before slamming herself down and taking me deep into herself was heaven. All the while out mouths continued to passionately consume each other. Her rock hard nipples poking my chest.

The rhythm increased until she sat up high, her breasts defying gravity as the pointed delightfully upward while she rode me hard. My hands gripped her hips savouring the view of the shape of her as she rode me proudly. She leant forward again to mash her eager mouth against mine again. Now she was rotating as she ground her clit against my hard crotch, doubling her pleasure.

I gripped her firm buttocks pulling them further apart and pushing her harder against me. My hands moved round to grip her parted cheeks deeper. My index finger cheekily finding her puckered hole and pressing lightly against its tight entrance. Susanne moaned into my mouth gutturally; the feel of me touching her in that forbidden place clearly turned her on. She pushed her bum harder against my finger on each rotation of her grinding hips. If that hadn’t been a clear enough sign Susanne broke off the kiss to tell me in no uncertain terms.

“Push it into me. I want to feel you inside me there too. Mm that’s so naughty.”

I pushed my finger tip against the tight hole gradually wriggling it deeper into her. This spurred Susanne on as she started to slide on to both my finger and my cock with greater force. Very quickly she was bucking and writhing against me, whimpering loudly as she approached her orgasm. Her face was red and her pert breasts glistened with sweat.

My pulsing cock was starting to tingle as her tight pussy squeezed and milked it on every motion. Both of us were breathing hard now as we reached that moment.

“I’m going to cum,” I told her panting. She moaned, “Pump it deep into me, it’s okay.”

She started to squeak deep in her throat as she started to cum, which sent me over the edge too. Suddenly I felt myself spurting deep into her writhing body. Gradually her movements slowed as her pussy continued to pulse along my shaft, milking it of every last drop.

Then she collapsed against me her hard nipples pressed into my chest as we embraced naked and spent. Work would never be the same again.

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