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Working at the grocery store pays off

I finally get what I wanted...
Every two weeks my mom and I go to the grocery store. However, there’s a reason why I come along with her. Not only to choose what I’d like, but also for 'him'.

I remember the first time I saw him when I accompanied my mother to the store. He’s an employee there and when our eyes first met, I immediately felt a sexual tension between us. The moment he flashed me that flirty smile, I was sold. Ever since, I always joined my mother to the store, hoping I’d see him again. Sometimes I was lucky enough to see him, other times I didn’t. When I did, I never left the store dry. His glare was enough to turn me on.

Since my mom was always with me, we never really had the chance to talk. I felt like I had to find a way to get closer to him. I came up with an idea; I applied for a job at the store and to my great surprise, and excitement, I got the job.


It’s my first day at work and the hours go by quite slowly. So far, he’s nowhere to be seen.

"One more hour and my shift is over," I think to myself, as I’m looking at the clock.

I just need to refill some empty shelves and that’ll be it for today.

As I’m bending over to put the boxes on the shelves, I suddenly feel someone squeeze my ass. I turn around to see who got the nerve to touch me in such an inappropriate way, when find him standing in front of me. We stare into each other’s eyes and I feel my heart pounding through my chest.

“What a pleasant surprise to see you here!" he says, while analyzing my body and smiling in approval. “I didn’t know you worked here.”

“Yeah, this is my first day...”

I’m trying my best to keep my cool, but I’m feeling nervous yet so excited.

“And how do you like it so far?”

“Well, I like it now,” I say, while curling my hair around my finger.

He licks his lips and brushes my hair off my shoulder.

“You have no idea how much I want you,” he says in a low voice.

“Then take me,” I tease.

He smiles naughty, takes my hand and leads me into the storage.

“Now I finally have you all to myself,” he says, as we walk in.

He pushes me against the wall and holds my hands against it while he kisses my neck. I instantly become aroused and feel my panties getting wet already. He starts kissing me passionately. God, it feels so good being kissed this way. He presses his body against mine and I can feel the bulge through his pants, which makes me grin. As we’re making out, he slides his hands under my top and feels me up. I love the touch of his hands all over me, it makes my whole body tingle.

He breaks our kiss and takes off my shirt. He plants soft kisses on my shoulder as he undoes my bra. I let my bra slide off my shoulders while he stops and admires my breasts. I notice how our breathing has become more rapid as we look at each other with lust. He then takes off his shirt as well. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer and starts kissing me again. I feel his chest pressed against mine and smell his cologne, which turns me on even more. I'm feeling so vulnerable in his arms and I love it.

I slide my hands down to his pants and start rubbing his bulge, which makes him grunt as we’re making out. I undo his zipper and slowly pull down his pants while our lips are still locked. I then start rubbing his dick through his shorts for a while before I pull down his shorts as well. I wrap my hand around his dick and rub it slowly as I start kissing down his chest. I get down on my knees and kiss his v-line, while I rub him a little faster.

I'm kissing his shaft and work my way up to the tip. My tongue slowly moves in circles licking his tip while I'm looking up at him, straight into his eyes. I then place my lips on the tip of his dick and gently suck it while rubbing his shaft. I hear him moan, which motivates me more and I push my head down a little further, taking in more of his length. He puts his hand on the back of my head as I'm bobbing my head up and down, letting his dick slide in and almost all the way out of my mouth. He slowly thrusts his hips and starts breathing faster. I know he’s close, so I start picking up pace. I feel his dick twitch in my mouth, he moans and with a final thrust, he shoots his load into my mouth. He pulls me back up and kisses me deeply. He leads me to an empty table and lies me on it.

“Your turn now,” he says with a playful smile.

He starts kissing my neck and works his way down to my breasts. He takes my nipple in his mouth and gently sucks it while massaging my other breast. I close my eyes and enjoy every touch. I feel his hand sliding down into my panties while he’s still sucking on my nipple. He's rubbing my clit, and I let out a moan of pleasure.

Then he takes off the rest of my clothes and plants soft kisses around my bellybutton. He spreads my legs and kisses my inner thigh. He then licks my slit, licking up to my clitoris and gently starts sucking it. While he’s sucking my clit, he pushes a finger inside of me and slowly fingers me. The multiple senses of pleasure going through my body makes me tremble. He slides in a second finger, and licks and sucks on my clit, which makes me, want to moan loudly. He curls his fingers so he’s stimulating my g-spot. I can feel my juices sliding down my legs, I’m just so turned on and wet. I run my fingers through his hair and I’m trying to control my moaning. He starts fingering me faster and sucking me harder. I’m so close to climaxing. I push his head down and can’t control my moans any longer. I reach my orgasm and can’t help but scream out in pleasure.

I’m lying on the table, still trying to catch my breath, as he leans in and whispers, "Your moan is so sexy...”

I giggle a little shy. “I just hope no one else heard,” I say, slightly blushing.

He laughs playfully, as he puts his hand on my cheek and kisses me seductively. He then gets back up, takes my legs and pushes them up and lets them rest on his shoulders. As we stare deep into each other’s eyes, he slowly penetrates me. I bite my lip, trying not to moan aloud. He leans in and sucks on my neck while he’s bucking his hips, sliding his dick deep in and out of me. He's fucking me at a slow pace, pushing his dick deeper into me. Our breathing has become heavier.

After a while, his thrusting speeds up and he's pounding into my soaking pussy. I moan his name softly and dig my nails into his back. I feel an orgasm rising, but before I get the chance to cum, he pulls out of me. I look at him a little annoyed, but he just gives me a confident grin.

He then makes me get off the table, turns me around and pushes me over it. My ass is up in the air, presented to him. He opens my legs and positions himself between them. His dick is at the opening of my waiting pussy. He teases me by stroking his dick along my slit. I then feel him slowly pushing his length into me.

“Mmm…” I moan.

He puts his hands on my hips and fucks me doggy-style. I reach down to rub my clitoris, bringing me even more pleasure. He starts fucking me harder and faster. The whole room smells like sex and you can hear the noise of flesh slapping against each other, not to mention all the moaning and grunting. I know I’ll reach my orgasm very soon.

“I’m gonna…” I moan, “…cum.”

"Mmm, yeah baby cum for me. Cum." he grunts, while fucking me even harder.

His words push me over the edge. I throw my head back and moan uncontrollably. He keeps pounding me and cums shortly after that. He fills me up and we both collapse on the table, breathing heavily. He strokes my hair and kisses my neck.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” he says.

I smile. “Me too.”

He kisses me deeply and gets up. We put our clothes back on and leave the storage as if nothing happened.

“So,” he says, “What are you doing tonight?”


This is my first erotic story, so I really hope you enjoyed it. Comments and feedback is welcum xoxo

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