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Working Late

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Tina enjoys working late

We were told a few months back that our company was expanding, and after a lengthy interviewing process 3 people joined us. Two were male, and one was a woman; she was introduced as our technical assistant.

I quickly found out her name was Tina, and she was married with a couple of kids. I thought she was probably mid to late thirties, blonde hair, with a fuller figure that had curves where women are supposed to have curves. The most spectacular asset outwardly visible was her massive round tits.

Tina was given the desk next to mine, we soon hit it off. Regular banter between us quickly became normal. Over the next few weeks the chat became more and more sexual. Hidden meanings, knowing smiles and winks quickly became quite normal between us.

Tasked with a large project to complete in a couple of weeks, I asked Tina if she would work with me to make sure we hit the deadline. “I will stay late and do anything you ask,” was her knowing reply.

We worked really hard for the next couple of weeks. Staying behind most evenings often until the wee small hours doing our best to hit our deadline. Our chat was always friendly, with continuing sexual references and double meanings never far below the surface of our conversations.

As the project came to an end I realised that I was going to miss late night working with Tina. We completed our last late night, filing the documents away and finishing up around 8-30pm.

I suggested we crack open a bottle of wine to celebrate. “I haven’t got any wine!” Tina said with a puzzled expression.

I produced a bottle of red that I thought might be useful come this day. “I’ll share mine with you any day,” I said cheerfully.

We both sat down at my desk, paper cups full of wine, tired, but chatting cheerfully in the knowledge that our task was complete.

The talk was casual. An occasional double meaning comment thrown in here and there. As the wine bottle emptied to well below half way the chat became more risqué with obvious sexual undertones.

Tina emptied her cup and relaxed back in her chair stretching her arms up behind her head. “What shall we do now?” she asked with a wicked glint in her eye.

Seizing the initiative I said “I would like to give you a big kiss for all your help over this last couple of weeks.” Tina rose from her chair and moved closer to me before sitting herself down on my lap.

She now leaned towards me and planted a kiss on my cheek. I cupped her face in both hands turning her towards me. “That’s not what I meant” I whispered, planting my lips firmly upon hers. My tongue flicked out and pressed against her lips, Tina’s lips instinctively parted as she responded to the kiss. Our tongues started to entwine as we explored each others hot mouths.

Tina momentarily broke our kiss, “Naughty!” she said “I was beginning to think you would never make a move on me,” she added.

I was a little bit surprised to find she had been half expecting me to make a pass at her. “I wasn’t sure how you would react,” I stuttered.

“Well now you know, what are you going to do about it,” she replied.

Tina was still perched upon my knee. I felt my cock starting to stiffen in my pants. I slipped my right arm around her waist and kissed her deeply and passionately again.

Tina was dressed in a tight, dark green roll neck sweater which clung to her curves exaggerating her large rounded breasts. Her skirt was also fairly tight in a matching colour accentuating her round arse and curvy hips.

I moved my hand from her waist up the side of her body until it was level with her right breast. I wasn’t sure how far she would go, but I reckoned it was worth a try. I brought my hand slowly around until it was resting squarely over her ample breast.

I squeezed gently feeling her nipple rise under the fabric of her clothing, “Oohhh that’s nice,” she gasped and wriggled on my knee. By know she must have been very aware of the hardening bulge in my trousers.

I moved my hand back down to her waist. I tugged at her top where it tucked into her skirt; it was quite tight and took a bit to get the fabric of her top out of skirt waistband.

My hand now moved up under her top, feeling the lovely smooth skin between skirt waistband and bra. I reached her full, rounded breast. Tracing my fingers over the lacy mesh of her bra, I reached the top edge of the fabric. I realised she was wearing a half cup bra and her nipple was poking out over the top. I worked my hand across her chest exploring the deep cleavage between her breasts before caressing her left nipple.

I longed to gaze at her naked breasts and to explore further. “Gosh I’m getting rather warm,” gasped Tina as I caressed her breasts, alternately working each nipple between my thumb and finger. I took this as a sign to help her out of her top.

I tugged the rest of her top free from her waistband, pushing it up over her breasts. Tina raised her arms as I lifted her top over her head. Once the garment was clear I tossed it casually onto her desk. I sat back and stared at her heaving, ample breasts.

Her navy blue half cup bra was straining to contain the heaving mounds of flesh. Her bra was a mesh fabric that was virtually see through. Tina’s large areolas were wrinkled and very dark brown in colour, contrasting with the paleness of her breasts. Her nipples were also quite large and jutting out proudly from the centre of the areola.

I leaned forward and took Tina’s left nipple into my mouth sucking quite hard. At the same time I gave her right nipple a playful pinch. “Ouch!” she squealed in mock pain, thrusting both tits forward to bury my face in her ample cleavage.

Tina stood up and looked down at the bulge in my pants. “Time do something about that,” she said softly. Reaching behind her back with both hands, she unclipped her bra. This caused her breasts to thrust out even further as she stretched. As her bra fell away from her breasts Tina coyly covered herself with one arm flinging her bra onto her desk with her other hand to join her already discarded top.

“Would you like to see them?” she said playfully keeping her arm clasped over both breasts.

“I can’t wait to see them both totally naked,” I managed to gasp.

“I can see you’re quite excited already,” she added as she dropped her arm now placing both hands on her hips.

Her breasts were now free. They were more magnificent than I could possibly have imagined. Round orbs of soft, flawless, alabaster flesh topped off with large dark brown areolas. A swelling bud of a nipple rose pointedly in the centre of each breast.

I stared intently as she jiggled them about a bit, both swaying in time in front of my face. She moved towards me leaning forward causing her nipples to brush my cheeks. “Do you like them?” she asked. Pushing a nipple into my mouth before I could reply. I sucked it hungrily into my mouth, nipping at it with my teeth. As I let her breast fall away from my mouth, she stood upright again, pulling me into a standing position with her.

Tina started to unbutton my shirt stroking my chest as she went. Soon my shirt joined her bra and top, on the ever increasing pile of discarded clothing on her desk.

“Hmm, not bad for an older man,” she said teasingly, as she took in my naked torso, I pulled her back into my arms crushing her breasts against my chest. I reached behind her feeling for the zip on her skirt.

I tugged the zip down slowly, before easing her skirt over her ample hips, letting it slide slowly to the floor.

Now I got a real surprise. As Tina stepped back flicking her skirt up onto her desk with her foot, I saw she was wearing panties that matched her bra, complete with stockings and suspenders.

“Bloody hell you look amazing!” I managed to gasp. I could see her thick pubic bush through the mesh panel of her pants, wisps of curly hair just peeping over the lacy waist band. Her bush was dark, confirming that her blonde head was from a bottle.

“I don’t usually dress like this for work,” she said softly and smiled. “Thought you deserved a treat after the hours you’ve put in recently”.

Tina seductively pushed her pants down over her hips before wriggling out of them. Sitting back down in her office chair, she lifted each leg over an arm of her chair exposing her pussy to me. The thick dark hair was glistening with just a little pussy juice just around the entrance to her slit. I could just see her pink, swollen pussy lips as they started to spread a little.

I knelt in front of her, caressing her inner thighs, working my way up to her mound. I parted her lips with my finger and thumb, pushing deep into her hole with my middle finger at the same time. She felt gloriously warm and very wet. I eased a second finger into her hole, at the same time I gave her clit a press with my thumb. She let out a soft moan and lay right back in the chair.

I pulled my fingers out of her hole replacing them with my tongue. Licking up and down her cunt slit while pressing her legs wide open with a hand on each thigh.

After licking up and down the length of her slit several times, pausing at the top of each stroke to nibble at her rapidly swelling clitoris I pushed two fingers firmly back into her cunt, right up to my knuckle.

Tina groaned and started to wriggle, as I finger fucked her rapidly, my fingers squelching in and out of her glorious hole. I also gave her ass hole a quick flick with my tongue just for the hell of it while I was in this position.

Tina shuddered to an orgasm just as I stuck my tongue up her anus. “That was incredible!” she panted, reaching for a tissue from her desk to try and mop up the juices flowing freely from her pussy. Sitting upright in her chair she gasped, “I hope that was only for starters, this could be our latest night yet.”

Reaching forward Tina tugged my belt open, un-hooked my waistband before quickly pulling my zip down. I stepped out of my shoes as Tina pushed my trousers to the floor.

Tina now rubbed at the bulge in the front of my shorts. She started gently stroking up and down before slipping a hand up the left leg of my shorts to gently tickle my balls. While this was going on we were locked in another deep passionate tongue twirling kiss.

Releasing me from the kiss, Tina nibbled at my neck. Working her way slowly down my body with soft sensuous kisses. She stopped at my nipples – sucking on one while pinching and gently twisting the other. Continuing to work her way down she eventually reached the waistband of my shorts.

Tina looked up at me with a wicked smile, “This could be very interesting!” she whispered, as she tugged at the elastic with her teeth. Tina pulled my waistband forward and down allowing my dick to spring free from the shorts. I don’t have a massive cock, six inches when aroused, but I always try to use it well.

Tina tugged my foreskin back sharply to expose my rapidly swelling knob end. As she held my cock at the base she moved forward and playfully licked the tip, before, easing all of my six inches into her warm waiting mouth. As she began to suck she pushed my shorts to the floor leaving me now completely naked. “This tastes so good,” she managed to whisper, between mouthfuls of my wet slippery shaft.

I reached down to hold onto Tina’s head. She bobbed up and down on my shaft. I watched as my cock slid in and out between her soft lips from tip to base. All the time Tina was alternately playing with my balls and gently tugging at my pubic hair.

After a few minutes of this sucking, licking action I began to feel the familiar tingle in my balls, indicating I was getting close to ejaculating. I closed my eyes and tried to think non sexy thoughts to prolong the amazing feelings Tina was generating throughout my whole body.

It was no good Tina’s tongue was working its magic. The inevitable explosion was now only seconds away.

“I can’t take much more of this!” I grunted, as Tina again plunged my shaft to the back of her throat.

“I want to make you cum, I want to taste your sperm,” she sighed, between mouthfuls of my dick. That was just too much, I exploded, emptying my load in several throbbing pulses into her mouth. Tina backed off with her mouth a little. As she looked up at me there were a couple of strings of hot, white cum hanging between my knob and her lips.

Tina sucked and slurped the strings of cum back into her mouth, swallowing eagerly, as my now limp penis fell away. “Mmm that’s so good and what a lot you gave me,” she panted.

She flopped down into the chair once again, licking her lips to ensure she devoured and savoured every last drop of my cum.

I immediately began to play with those amazing tits. Feeling the weight in my hands, rolling and pinching her nipples until they were again fully erect.

“Lean across the chair,” I whispered into her ear. “I want to fuck you from behind and gaze at your wonderful arse”.

Tina flashed me a wicked grin. “Anything you say, I can’t wait to feel you inside me,” she whispered. She now stood up and promptly turned around to lean on the chair back with her arms. This caused her lovely round arse to thrust up into the air pulling her suspenders tight over the cheek’s of her bum.

At the sight of her curvy body over the chair I got an instant hard on. I thought she could wait a little longer.

I bent forward to gain access to her pussy and arse. Licking at her hairy pussy from underneath was amazing. I gently nibbled and pulled at each of her lips with my teeth. I probed into her slit with my tongue in a gentle fucking motion until her juices started to flow again. Collecting some of her pussy juice on my tongue, I lapped it up onto her anus making the puckered little ring glisten with sticky pussy juice.

Reaching forward I cupped her swinging, pendulous breasts in both hands and squeezed, “Oooh,” was the only sound I heard.

Now standing directly behind Tina, I guided my shaft into her wet pussy and started to pound in and out. Tina responded by thrusting back with each stroke grinding that amazing arse into my stomach. “That feels wonderful don’t stop,” she sighed. I continued to pound in and out increasing the pace with each stroke.

The feeling of impending cum soon started to well up in my balls again. “I’m going to cum,” I grunted, “so am I” she gasped. Just to make sure she went over the edge I spread her bum cheeks and pushed my finger up her arse.

“Ooooh I’m coming I’m coming!” she wailed as my finger penetrated her anus.

The resulting simultaneous orgasm was just incredible. Sperm jetted out of my knob end into her waiting wet cunt as her love juices dribbled out over my cock.

After taking a few minutes to recover, we pulled two chairs over to my desk. I poured the last of the wine into our cups as we relaxed in the after glow of an amazing sexual romp.

Everything seemed so totally surreal. Tina and I sitting naked (except for her stockings and suspenders) at our place of work, drinking wine from disposable paper cups, while recovering from our sexual pleasures. She had cum dripping from her cunt. I had her love juice all over my now limp penis.

Eventually we dressed. After tidying up our work space (cleaning the seat of Tina’s chair as best we could)we headed for our separate homes.

We now see each other on a regular basis out side of work for sex sessions, using local motels for a ‘quickie’. Staying out for the night ‘working’ whenever we have the urge for real rampaging all night oral / anal / pussy fuck session.

Summer will soon be upon us, we have talked about going for a drive, and getting naked outdoors, possibly finding a secluded pool, where Tina could act out her fantasy of sex in the sea. It wouldn’t be the sea but at the moment it would be as close as we could get.

Maybe another story to follow!!

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