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Working Late

Working late one evening brought me more than I bargained for
I work for a small company and at about 7 o’clock one Thursday evening I was finishing a report that had a deadline for the next day. I was the only one left in the building but it meant I could finish my work without any interruptions.

Needing a break I made my way downstairs to the water cooler. That is when I realised I wasn’t alone. My colleague Luke was there also getting water.

I greeted him with a smile. He is my favourite colleague, my boyfriend and I sometimes get together socially with him and his wife but I have always harboured a secret crush on him and I have always wondered if it might be a teeny bit reciprocated. We always flirt, openly and good naturedly but I always see a twinkle in his dark eyes and an eagerness to drop some kind of innuendo into our conversations.

Luke is a few years younger than me, I am 38 and he is around 30 and it is novel for me to be attracted to a younger man as I usually go for the older guys.

“Hi Soph.” He smiled, “I didn’t realise there was anyone else here. “What made you so naughty you have to stay late?”

Trying with a smile not to go there I replied with a grimace that I had to finish a report.

“Me too.” He said, “Hey, Jane is away tonight. Do you fancy a drink when we’ve finished here?”

I always like our little secret trips to the pub. Not that anything has ever happened between us but spending some time with him always provides wonderful fuel for masturbating when I get home. “Definitely” I replied “But I will probably be another half an hour or so.”

“Good. Me too.” He said “Give me a shout when you are ready.” He winked “Back to work then, don’t make me come up to your office and crack my whip!”

I laughed and returned to my office sipping my water.

Back at my desk I was finding it difficult to concentrate. I was thinking about Luke. His devilish grin and beautiful dark eyes, and of course it wasn’t long before I was thinking about what it would be like to fuck him. This is a regular thought of mine… and it’s always good!

As I was thinking this an email from the other side of the building popped onto my screen.

“Hey Soph. Hope you are working hard. Looking forward to our drink.”

Feeling naughty, I typed. “Very hard here. How about there?”

There was a pause and just as I was thinking. “Oh shit, what have I done?” Another mail popped up.

“Always hard when you’re around! How is your water? Wet?”

As I read it I felt my clit throb and a small groan escaped my lips. So it was reciprocated.

Hands shaking a little I typed back. “Always wet when you’re around!”

I could feel the juices starting to run inside me and my clit was tingling as I thought about what his reaction might be. The thought of him becoming hard as he thought about me getting wet was making me squirm in my chair.

I reached up inside my top and stroked my already erect nipples through my pale pink lace bra. I love the sensation of the slightly rough lace against my aroused nipples.

Ping ! Another email.

“Now I can’t stop thinking about that.”

I smiled to myself and replied simply. “I’m thinking about the hardness.”

I kicked back from my desk in my wheeled chair so that my feet were on the desk. I slowly undid my trousers biting my lip, a little nervous about what I was about to do. I have masturbated at work before but usually in the bathroom, never at my desk.

Closing my eyes I gently slipped my hand inside my knickers, immediately feeling the soft, warm, wet yielding flesh. Another moan escaped me as I began stroking my already swollen clit thinking about what Luke’s cock might be like. Another ping from my computer brought me back to my senses for a moment.

“You should feel it.”

Pulling my trousers down slightly, I spread my legs and continued stroking, all the while imagining what he might do with his cock. My pussy was already dribbling and my expert fingers were sliding around. I was loving it, completely lost in it, wanting to prolong the wonderful sensations I was giving myself.

After a few moments of being totally unaware, I suddenly heard a soft groan and opened my eyes.

I jumped suddenly and half stood.

Luke was standing in my doorway, watching me. His fly was open and his erect cock was in his hand.

“Don’t stop.” He gasped. “It’s fucking amazing!”

I looked at him and stood. I slipped off my trousers and pulled my top over my head so I was standing in front of him in my heels and pink lace underwear with the crotch all sticky and wet from my playing.

He came into the room, undoing his shirt and I gasped as I saw his finely toned chest exposed to me. I reached out and stroked his torso and he crushed his lips down on mine.

“Sophie, I have spent the last 5 years wanting to fuck you everyday. Why didn’t you tell me you wanted the same thing?”

I didn’t reply. I just took his beautiful, big swollen cock in my hand and began stroking him, looking into his eyes that were clouded with lust.

He reached for my breasts and eased them out of the cups of the bra. Bending his head he took a perky erect nipple into his hot mouth and it made me gasp.

His hands were roaming all over my body as I stroked his rigid cock and caressed his tight balls. He was sucking my tits like a baby and I could feel an orgasm building inside of me like there was an invisible line from my nipple to my clit.

“You’re gonna make me cum.” I breathed in his ear.

“Good, cum for me Sophie, God I have thought about this so much. His cock was twitching in my hand and as I sucked hard on my nipple I backed onto the desk and wrapped my legs around him so that his stiff, throbbing prick was pushing against my hot cunt, the sticky fabric of my knickers between us. He started rocking against me, his cock stroking the lace against my raging clit, making me pant as he nipped and sucked my nipples. The orgasm was building and sensations washing over me. He could tell by my breathing how close I was getting and as I started to moan in passion he pulled my knickers to one side and rammed his cock into me. I started to cum, I could feel my juices flooding around his cock and he was fucking me hard as the orgasm came over me in waves. My cunt was slurping and squelching around his rock hard member.

“Oh god Luke.” I murmured in his ear. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

We were so noisy, the desk was banging, papers sliding everywhere and I was moaning in ecstasy. He was pulling his cock from my pussy and then sliding back into me, he was moaning as he pumped me.

Pulling out of me he gently motioned me to turn around and I did, bending forwards over the desk. I could feel my nipples against the cold wood and as he slipped my panties over my hips he began stroking his cock, still wet from my cum juices, all over my ass.

I could feel my pussy quivering and pulsing as he spread my legs and rammed his cock home again.

“Fill me with your cum.” I begged as he fucked me. “I want to feel your hot load in my cunt.”

He started panting and moaning and as his strokes got faster I reached down and started rubbing my clit.

It didn’t take long for me to cum again and as my pussy walls contracted around his cock, I flooded him once again with my juice. Again and again I contracted around him until I heard him gasp and felt him empty his semen into me.

After a moment I looked over my shoulder to watch him withdraw from me and saw his beautiful, semi erect cock all shiny and wet, bringing strings of semen and cunt juices with it. I moved to kneel at his feet to suck him dry but he stopped me and sat me back on my desk. Spreading my thighs he bent between them and sank his tongue into my dripping hole. His faced was covered in our cum as he ate out my cream pie. His tongue was lapping at me, sucking in all those juices. Again I was moaning. After he had licked me clean he stood and while wanking his hard again cock he brought me off once more with his deft fingers.

A little spent I sat for a while, panting gently, my eyes closed until I felt his salty sweet cock pressing at my lips. Opening my eyes, and my mouth I took him in greedily as he wanked himself to climax down my throat.

We work late quite often these days and whenever I think about him I always have to make myself cum. I am throbbing so hard and so slippery wet right now that I have to go!

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