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Working Late

The cold bitterness of winter's breath tickled the window panes of Nat's office as she worked late on some reports in her downtown office. She sat there, not wanting to be doing these reports but also not eager to go home either to a snoring husband in front of the TV, and as if she wished for it, her cell chimed that an email arrived.

She checked it and saw it was from Jay, a 'friend' she had met online who she sometime played with outside of home. His message read, "Look out your window, I'm downstairs," and sure enough, there parked under the street light was Jay's SUV.

"Be right down," Nat replied. As she hopped into Jay's SUV the first few snowflakes of a January snowfall were beginning to fall from the sky. The heat was cranked high in the vehicle and he sat in the driver's seat in a t-shirt and jeans.

Jay put the car in drive as soon as the door closed and drove to a dark part of the parking lot where they couldn't be seen together. As he drove Nat noticed that there was a pillow and blanket in the back of the car covering the folded down back seats. She guessed what Jay had in mind, and some would find it presumptuous, but Nat was excited by the very welcome distraction.

As Jay parked, Nat pulled off her jacket and boots and climbed into the back. Jay immediately joined her and, finally curled up in her arms, he said with a smile, "Hi."

"Hi back," Nat replied. Then as if on cue their lips were locked in a passionate embrace. They'd been together like this before, but something was heightened tonight...perhaps it was the heat in here and the cold snow falling outside.

As they kissed, tongues waging war against one another, their hands explored. Nat's got to the front of Jay's jeans and groped his swelling crotch and he groaned into her mouth. Nat got an idea and separated her lips from his saying, "I can't use these lips just for kissing," with a smile and a twinkle in her eye.

She moved down between his legs on her knees, pulling up his t-shirt to kiss his tummy, while unfastening his jeans. She pulled down his jeans to his knees, exposing his rock hard cock. She gently began to circle the tip with her outstretched tongue, gliding up and down his shaft, licking his neatly shaved balls before devouring his cock.

He groaned loudly as she took him in her mouth and began to work his cock. He moaned in pleasure, and after not very long told her he was going to come, to cum down her throat. Nat wanted it. She loved it when he blew his load in her mouth, and it was about to happen. She swallowed his whole cock one last time. He cried out and shot streams of hot cum into her mouth and throat.

Nat licked Jay's cock clean and moved her way up his body across his now bare chest. Their lips locked once more and he pulled back and said, "Your turn."

The snow continued to fall outside covering the windows as Jay peeled off Nat's clothes. He wanted her naked so he could explore her, feel her skin under his touch. After they both stripped down Jay laid Nat on her back, looking into her eyes. As he lowered himself to kiss her she closed her eyes and the lips never connected. Instead his lips were at her neck, just behind her ear.

He nibbled down her neck and across her collar bone, running his tongue across her rigid nipple. Nat whimpered as Jay's teeth gently clamped down on her left nipple and then sucked her breast into his mouth, sliding his hands down her sides, across her hips and down her thighs.

He left her breast and worked down across her tummy, pausing to circle her belly button with his tongue before working his way across the bare mound of her shaven pussy. Jay licked and kissed around her lips, inhaling her pussy's intoxicating musk and his mouth started to water.

He parted the lips of her wet pussy with the tip of his tongue; she moaned as his tongue found her clit and began to circle the swollen nub of sensitive flesh. Nat's pussy was already soaked and getting wetter by the second as Jay worked her lips and clit. He then slipped the first two fingers of his right hand into her wet waiting pussy.

"Yes!" said Nat. Nat's juices were flowing, running into the crack of her ass, soaking into the blanket. With his left index finger he began to circle her tight little asshole, which he got a pleasurable moan for. He could tell Nat was getting close to cumming, her pussy was clenching his fingers as he stroked her g-spot. Her breathing increased as his finger slipped into her ass and she squealed with delight. He felt her start to shake. "Yes, yes, now, now...YES!" She screamed as she came on Jay's face, soaking him as he swallowed her juices greedily.

Not wasting any time Jay hopped up and positioned Nat's right leg between his, he put her left ankle on his shoulder. Nat was still breathing heavily from her orgasm as the head of Jay's cock slid up her slit and connected with her clit. She shuddered and gasped. "Please fuck me!" she said.

With one swift motion Jay was in her deep, tight, wet pussy...they both groaned in pleasure. Jay ground himself into Nat...deep. He reached down with his left hand and started to stroke her clit slowly as he picked up his pace with his hips. Nat moaned and pushed against him. Faster and faster they ground against one another until Nat's body began to vibrate once more.

"Yes, fuck me Jay, fuck me, I'm cumming again!" Nat soaked Jay's cock with her juices.

Jay then rolled Nat over and pulled her to her hands and knees. He slid his wet cock up and down the crack of her gorgeous ass. He pushed the tip of his cock against her asshole. Both his cock and her ass were so wet from her pussy he slid into her tight asshole. Nat squealed as Jay moaned in tight pleasure.

"Oh God yes!" said Nat!

He began to thrust into her tight ass, slowly so as to not be painful, and she ground back against him. As he picked up speed she began to play with her clit and felt his balls slapping the lips of her wet pussy. Nat was amazed, she could feel that she was going to cum again already. With her hand on her clit and Jay's hard cock driving into her tight ass she began to cum.

Jay went faster wanting to cum at the same time, and exploded again filling Nat's ass with hot cum.

As the snow fell around them, they collapsed, spent, and Nat said, "Boy, did that make working late worth it!"

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