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Working Late

Having to pull an all night stint at work is usually boing...

All I wanted to do was sleep. I’d been awake for almost thirty-six hours by then and probably had as much as another twelve to go before I could head home. I started at the coffee cup in front of me and wished caffeine had more effect on me. The clocks on the wall said it was 1:04 am, already Sunday afternoon in Hong Kong and London would be waking up soon. I yawned, again. There wasn’t much else to do.

This weekend was the culmination of eight months work—the migration of all of our customer data to a new system. It’s not like I was actually doing anything, me being the project manager, the real work was left to the technical consultants who were tag-teaming their efforts to cover the extended hours. They at least were getting some sleep. I was dumb enough not to plan that for myself. My main role was keeping the coffee machine supplied and calling out for pizza every few hours.

“All looking good so far.” Diane Branson walked over looking satisfied with her work. She was the lead consultant and had been working with us for a month. She was a tall, tanned brunette with a statuesque figure, searching brown eyes and a stand-offish manner that made her difficult to get to know. She had the late shift tonight and was doing a considerably better job than me at staying alert.

“Sounds good,” I replied automatically. “What’s the ETA for completion?”

Diane checked the clocks. “Probably around nine. A bit later than scheduled, but if it’s clean, we’re good.”

Nine would be good. I’d expected more to go wrong and would’ve been happy to get out of there anytime Sunday.

Diane wasn’t much of a conversationalist and she drifted off. I liked her, and she was attractive in a way I hadn’t quite figured out yet, but she was all business, so I didn’t dwell there. I checked my email, pointlessly, and then browsed a few sports websites to see if there were any late updates. There wasn’t. I sipped at my coffee but it was cold. I got up to go get another.

“You want a coffee?” I called to Diane.

She said no and I walked off towards the kitchen.

As familiar as it was normally, the office was a strange landscape with the lights out. Our small section at the east side had a few lights on, but there was no point in having the whole of the third floor blazing. I poured my coffee and threw in some cream and sugar to dampen the taste of the thick brew we were favoring for alertness that weekend. The on duty security guard stopped by while stood against the counter and took a few sips. He patrolled every couple of hours but never interacted with us beyond a nod of his head.

Rather than walk straight back to my desk I decided to walk around the rest of the floor. Desperate to pass as much time doing anything I could, wasting a couple of minutes taking the long way around seemed like a good idea. I laughed at the thought, and cursed that I’d taken this duty on alone.

I looked out of the windows on the south side of the building, down to the highway below. Not many cars were out that late, quite the contrast from Monday mornings. I stood for a few minutes and watched the traffic lights cycle three times before any cars went through the junction.

The west side of the building overlooked a relative new apartment block. I stopped to survey the scene, not expecting to see anything. There was a few lights on, but nothing much to catch my eye… until I noticed the flickering of candlelight in one window.

The window was on the second floor of the apartment building, almost directly opposite where I was looking out. The room behind the window was well-lit by candles that were burning all around the room and creating a sepia-tinted scene. There was no drapes or blinds at the window, just a clear view into the bedroom where a woman was sitting on top of a guy, very obviously riding him energetically.

My eyes widened and my tiredness left me as I looked closer and took in more details. It was impossible to make out faces at that distance, but form and actions were pretty clear. The girl was carrying a few extra pounds but that didn’t seem to inhibit her enthusiasm for fucking the guy. Her hair was long and dark, draping down her back and occasionally thrown back as she jerked her head backwards. I could see nothing of the guy, but it looked like he was simply lying there and letting her get on with it.

I knew they couldn’t see me in the dark office and assumed that they hadn’t thought to cover the window as they would not expect my building to be occupied on a Saturday night. I smiled as I looked on, tickled to see the couple go at it, glad of the reprieve from boredom and noticeably aroused at the sight.

After a few minutes I was amazed at how long she’d been riding him as fiercely as she was. It seemed like they could both go on forever in that position. I grinned, wondering if I had that kind of staying power. It occurred to me that the guy might be the worse for a few drinks, or even that this was their second go-around, but was still glad of the entertainment. The view certainly was compelling. Not that I was getting any close-ups or anything, but simply being a secret voyeur on their lovemaking was an unexpected thrill.

Eventually she got off him and onto her hands and knees, inviting him to reposition to a classic doggie style. I didn’t see enough to know how big the guy was, but he walked around the bed, climbed on and pushed into her. He started thrusting immediately, moving almost as vigorously as she had.

I heard nothing, but felt the hand land on my shoulder at the same time she spoke. “James Keller! So, this is what you do when you sneak off on me.” It was Diane.

My heart jumped, I mumbled something about not sneaking off and that I’d come across the sight by accident. I was unnerved and slightly ashamed at being caught out.

Diane laughed it off and pushed in front of me to get a better view. “Wow, they’re really going at it, aren’t they?”

“It certainly looks like they’re having fun.” I laughed.

“How long have you known about this?” she asked, not taking her eyes from the action.

“A few minutes. Never seen it before.”

“Cool.” Diane continued to peer. “Wish we had some binoculars.”

“What for?” I exclaimed. “You’re not some pervert are you?”

“No,” Diane dismissed. “But this is a whole lot better than watching data flash across those computer screens.”

I couldn’t argue with that. It was something of a surprise to see this different side of Diane as up to then we’d only had very light conversation outside of work matters. As she watched her movements were sharp and the scene held her full attention.

“Is she nice looking?” Diane asked.
“Best as I could see, she looked fine. And no, I don’t know how big it is.”

Diane laughed heartily. “I wasn’t going to ask. Looks like it’s plenty big enough though, judging by the way he’s pounding her without coming out.”

It was true. The guy in the window was still going hard and fast. Neither staying power nor length seemed to me an issue for him. No sooner had I concluded that than he stopped moving and, after a few more seconds, slumped onto the bed. The girl turned around and joined him, both appearing to stare at the ceiling. The image was too vague to make more than their body shapes, but that didn’t stop us peering at their crotches and her chest for details.

“Well, that’ll be that then.” Diane appeared almost sad as she turned away. “Good spot though James. That certainly brightened my night up.”

“Mine too,” I agreed, feeling more of the arousing effects of our voyeurism as I started to walk back along the corridor. “I didn’t realize you’d enjoy it so much. I’d’ve called you straight away if I’d known.”

Diane nudged me playfully as we arrived back at our lit work area. “Doesn’t everyone enjoy watching people doing it? It might not be good quality porn, but the fact that it’s real is very… interesting.”

I took a few seconds to think that through, figuring there were several minefields in there and wondering if I was brave enough to step onto any of them. “You like watching porn?” The question came out before I’d finished considering its explosive nature.

“Sure,” Diane answered casually. She was now back sitting at her desk. “It’s not like I watch it all the time, but I like a good porn movie now and again.”

Her head went back to the computer screen and I figured that was the end of the conversation. I hadn’t expected anything else, but I’m always interested to see what happens when sex becomes the topic of conversation. Tonight, it looked like nothing.

I drank some more of my coffee and started to play solitaire on my computer. In the background I heard the irregular clicking of Diane’s keyboard as she continued to keep the project on schedule. Visions of the copulating couple were hard to shake though, as was Diane’s reaction. I had a strong urge to walk back and see if they were still there, but I resisted and kept on trying to make the minutes pass quicker.

“You think they’re still there?” Diane walked over to my desk after a while. “I’m going to sneak a look.”

Without a word I got up and followed her. When we got to the window the couple had indeed resumed activity, this time he was sitting on the edge of the bed while she knelt on the floor and attended to him with her mouth.

“She’s definitely keen.” Diane giggled as I squeezed in to see the girl’s head bob in the guy’s lap. “Looks like she gives head as energetically as she fucks. God, that’s so hot.”

I said nothing, simply watched as the girl worked on him. In seconds I was erect again, thinking about how good it would be right about then to be on the receiving end of her attentions. Again I noticed that Diane’s attention was completely focused on the candlelit scene.

It wasn’t long before the girl in the bedroom decided she wanted a share of the oral action and clambered onto the bed, getting them into a sixty-nine. Now they both went to work, almost like it was a competition to make the other come first. I wasn’t going to make any bets, but in my experience they were more likely to die of exhaustion than ecstasy the way they were going.

It was hard to tell when they came, but they both appeared to, after about ten minutes, and resumed their positions prone on the bed.

“You think they’re done, or will they go again in another half-hour?” Diane asked me with a distinctly mirthful tone in her voice.

“I’m hoping they’re done,” I muttered. “Otherwise I’ve been doing something wrong.”

We watched for another minute or two, but when the girl got up and started to blow out the candles, we figured the show was over. Almost as though we were making sure they didn’t reappear for an encore, we waited a little more, and then turned away.

“Bet you wish you were at home after that?” Diane joked.

I shot her an enquiring look that she recognized, even in the dark. “So you could get some action yourself,” she explained.

“No one there,” I admitted. “So I’d be reaching for a porn movie and some tissues.”

Diane folded over laughing. “I’m sorry for laughing, but that’s quite an image.”

I shrugged, both excited by the sexual conversation and embarrassed at my candid admission. We continued our walk back to our desks in silence.

There was no indication that our conversation would continue, and certainly no prospect of more viewing of the mystery couple, when Diane sat down again and immediately started tapping away at her keyboard. It was only moments later that she appeared to be searching through her laptop bag. I looked up with interest when she started back towards my desk.

“We must be able to find some tissues somewhere… how’d you like to watch some of this with me?” She laid a home recoded DVD on my desk. Someone had scrawled an illegible title on the disk with a red Sharpie.

I looked up to see her smirking at me. “Are you serious?”

“I was joking about the tissues…” she admitted, “unless you actually want some.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I lifted the DVD and pushed it into my PC drive. “I don’t think it would be appropriate… not unless you joined me, but I don’t mind checking out the movie.” I watched her reaction, but she simply shrugged.

The titles started to roll immediately and she sat in the chair next to me. The quality of the movie wasn’t bad for a copy and it looked like the content would be hot. None of the cast was naked yet when Diane said, “Watching that couple got me all worked up. If you’re serious about… me joining you… I’m game if you are.”

I looked at her. She was intently staring at me and there was no doubting her seriousness. Her eyes didn’t exactly have a come-to-bed look, but there was a sure fire look of lust in them.

My instinct was to ask if she was serious, but her intensity made the question pointless. I clarified what she meant instead. “You mean we both sit here and…”

“Masturbate.” She finished my question with her answer.

I took a deep breath and contemplated the moment. I wasn’t used to such powerful situations and my heart started pounding. Diane was attractive, but tonight had taken me by surprise and I hadn’t had any time to lust after her. The suddenness of the potential sexual situation was stunning. My answer was never in doubt. Despite the potential awkwardness, I was not going to pass up this moment, despite that fact that it would probably break several guidelines in the company’s code of conduct.

“I’m game.”

Diane asked about the security guard’s patrols, but I assured her that he’d been through less than an hour ago and we would be clear for at least a couple more hours.

“Do you really need tissues?” She smirked, confirming our tryst.

“Maybe.” I looked at her, not quite sure of the next move. Thankfully she made it.

She started to unzip her jeans. “You can do whatever works for you…” her voice only quivered a tiny amount, “but I’m going to take these off.”

Before I reached for my belt I watched as she pulled down her jeans and revealed a small pair of dark panties. Those were also quickly dispatched. I didn’t see much of her pubic area, but her ass and thighs looked in fine shape as she bent over to pick up her clothes and put them on a spare chair. Diane sat and started to watch the movie. Her long legs were closed, but I was sure I could see some trimmed pubic hair peeking out.

I pulled off my belt and struggled with my zipper for a few seconds—my nervousness stealing some of my dexterity. Unlike Diane, I pulled both jeans and underwear off together. When I sat it was rather more obvious that I was naked from the waist down that it was for her, but she didn’t seem to be taking too much notice of me at that point.

On screen a couple was starting to get into some serious action, but I was consumed by watching Diane and wondering what I should do next. I solved the second dilemma by grasping my erection with my hand and making a few uneasy strokes. Diane’s hand had slipped between her legs, which had opened slightly. She wasn’t moving her hand much but the sight of her fingers disappearing between her thighs was mesmerizing.

“You’re supposed to be watching the movie,” Diane chided with a light voice, not taking her eyes from the screen.

“Yes,” I laughed back, “but I’m just figuring out how this goes.”

“You mean you’ve never done this before?” She turned to face me with a furrowed brow. I noted that her eyes met mine, and didn’t go down to my cock.

“Not with a… stranger.” I tried to make the word sound immaterial.

Diane thought about this for a moment. “Yes, I guess you’re right. Mostly when I’ve done this with someone, I’ve known them a bit better than this. Is it uncomfortable for you? Do you want to stop?”

“No,” I was anxious not to stop, “It’s okay. I just need to… figure this out.”

Diane laughed. “Not much to figure out James. You stroke and come… enjoying the fact that your intimate experience is shared with someone else. I think it’s incredibly sexy. I’ve done it with several boyfriends, it’s always so hot, seeing what they do and letting them share what I do.”

“That’s what I was watching…” I laughed nervously, “what you’re doing.”

I had in fact tried this with a girlfriend in the past, when she asked about how often I masturbate and how I liked to do it, but that episode dissolved to laughter, and eventually to some great sex. I noticed that Diane had looked down at me for the first time and I felt a flush of increased excitement.

“Well,” she continued to look at lm as she considered her words, “I guess we could watch each other, instead of the movie, if that works better for you.”

I nodded, trying not to look too eager. Watching Diane massage herself was infinitely more interesting to me. We swiveled our chairs to face each other. I felt a little self-conscious about a woman I’d never touched see me with my cock in my hand, but she seemed to take it all in her stride, running her fingers over her pussy while she watched my movements.

After a few seconds she opened her legs a little and gave me a better look at her pussy. She wasn’t bare, but well trimmed and she had nicely puffed lips that her fingers were manipulating sensuously. I watched as she dragged her lips upward, stretching them and letting them fall back into place. With each stroke her hand continued upwards, allowing her fingers a long run against her clit. Her legs opened some more and on her next stroke I watched as her lips parted and I saw a hint of glistening pink.

I also opened my legs, as I relaxed and pleasured my cock with some long, slow strokes. Diane watched me as intently as I watched her. I glanced down to get an idea what she was seeing. From my perspective my cock didn’t look all that big, but it felt as long and meaty as it got, engorged from the electric situation we’d created. I slipped my hand up and down some more, now starting to enjoy the exhibitionism and the eroticism of the moment.

“You have a nice cock.” She nodded approval. “I like the way you play with it, very sexy.”

It seemed only appropriate that I return the comment. “You have a gorgeous pussy. I’m anxious to see how you like to come.”

      Diane smiled. “All in good time James.” She pulled her pussy lips a little wider for me. “I like to do this.” Positioning her middle finger carefully between her lips, she slid it slowly inside. Her other fingers spread out and allowed her to extend the submerged finger as deep as possible. I felt my cock pulse as I watched her pull it out a ways and then plunge in again.

            When I looked up he face had turned to a wide grin. “That’s hot…” I told her, but she wasn’t finished. She’d withdrawn her finger and brought it up to her lips. Making sure she had my complete attention, Diane pushed her middle finger into her mouth and pulled it out slowly, her lips making a tiny “pop” as it came out. My heart was beating wildly now. Diane had quickly transformed into one of the sexiest women I’d ever seen.

“You like?” she asked, returning her finger to its sex sheath.

“I love it.” I was almost gasping, not that I was close to coming, but the excitement was extreme.

“Hold your balls for me,” Diane commanded. “I love seeing a man work on himself with both hands.”

I did as asked, gripped my balls with one hand and continued my stroking with the other. I noted that Diane was now making smaller movements in and out of her pussy and it looked like she was rubbing her clit with her thumb at the same time.

“Will you be able to come for me?” she asked.

I told her I was sure I could.

“Some men can’t. They get all caught up in the, don’t-watch-me-jacking-off thing. Like it’s something dirty, or inferior, or something they’re not supposed to do if they’re real men. I think it’s incredibly sexy, and a real plus if a guy’s open enough to share.”

I didn’t think I’d have any problems, it certainly didn’t feel like it as I watched her. From the way she’d handled this whole thing I didn’t have any doubt that she would be able to climax, and I looked forward to that.

Diane now had two fingers in her pussy and her second hand was holding her lips apart while she plunged in and out. “I think I’m getting close already.” Her voice was suddenly no more than a whisper as she started to push in and out more frantically. I heard her moan and slip down in her chair a little. Now her second hand moved to her clit and with one finger she started to make some fast rubbing movements.

I was transfixed. Diane closed her eyes, rubbed and pushed some more. Her thighs tightened as her climax approached and her hands continued to work right up to the point of her orgasm. She pulled her fingers from her wet hole and held her pussy open as she came, spurting a long stream of liquid as she did. My jaw dropped. I’d never seen a woman squirt like that in the flesh. Diane let out a low moan as she came and slumped in her chair when she finished.

“That… was… amazing.” I was suitably impressed. Not only had Diane instigated this mutual masturbation session, but she’d stripped off first and now come first with an electrifying effect.

“Yes,” she panted, “I should’ve told you that I squirt.” She gave a short laugh. “I take it you weren’t expecting that?”

I shook my head, realizing that I was still gently stroking myself. I’d gotten so caught up watching Diane that I’d almost forgot about myself. “I take it that was good?” I grinned.

“That was just what the doctor ordered,” she said assertively. “Only one problem though.” Diane stood up and started to pull off her shirt.


“Yes.” She reached around to unclip her bra. “I was so hot after watching that couple, and seeing you… that wasn’t enough to quench the fire. I need some cock.”

Diane released her breasts and took another step towards me. I looked down at her dripping pussy and then back up to her wonton, almost desperate, face. Her breasts, while not huge, wobbled nicely with her movements and I noticed that her quarter-sized nipples were already erect. Never, before or since, has a woman appeared sexier to me as she stood there, on display, and demanding that I fuck her. I contemplated asking if she still wanted to watch me come, but the look in her eyes told me that the time for joking was over.

I quickly threw off my shirt and barely had time to settle in my seat before Diane was straddling me and reaching for my cock. Her nipples were at my eye level for a few seconds and I thought about clamping my mouth on one when she pulled me into her and sat swiftly down on my hard on. I sunk in with a satisfying squelch and she settled in my lap. Her pussy felt hot all around me and her heat seemed to radiate through me.

“Oh God, that feels good.” Diane looked into my eyes and smiled her satisfaction.

“I agree,” I said lamely, still taking in the situation and enjoying the sensations Diane’s body was now providing.

I held on to her sides as she started to rock on me. The fact that she seemed almost possessed by the moment and intent on getting fucked wasn’t at all distracting. Indeed, all that did was make me want to comply with her wishes and give her everything she needed.

Diane was more athletic than I’d realized and she managed to build up a nice rhythm on me, despite straddling both my lap and the office chair. I took hold of her boobs and felt her wonderfully hard nipples in my fingers. The flesh was firm and the buds bursting with excitement as I played with her and she bounced on me. Reaching down between us, I felt her soaking pussy as she moved. Her clit was large and begged attention. She squirmed and her rhythm was interrupted as I rubbed her, coating my fingers in her juices.

Her hands came up to rest on my shoulders as she continued to work me. Her face was now flushed and glistening with the effort. The single-minded passion was still there though.

Images of the couple we’d watched came back to me and I had the urge to thrust hard back to her. As soon as Diane felt this she slowed and stepped off me. Then, taking my cock in her hand, she led me to stand up and get behind her. She bent over my desk, opened her legs and pushed her pussy out for me.

I didn’t need a second invitation. Taking my cock in my hand, I rubbed it against her pussy lips and slid in, letting her feel my full length for the first time. I took hold of her hips and eased out, all the way. I positioned the tip again and thrust relentlessly, as deep as I could go in a single thrust. Diane groaned in pleasure. This was what we’d been fantasizing about.

I pushed in and out with a few long strokes, and then started to build up a rhythm. Diane lifted her knee up and out to the edge of my desk, widening her thighs and encouraging me. My balls were already slapping hard against her wet skin as I accelerated. I heard her panting and soft groaning as I watched my cock disappear into her time and again. As my shaft withdrew it was wet and glistening in the light, then it was thrust back into her as deep as I could manage.

Diane was so wet that the sound of me splashing into her pussy resonated around the silent floor and the scent of her sex started to permeate the air. With each thrust I pushed hard into her, encouraged when she whispered breathily back to me, “That’s it baby, fuck me.” She’d barely got the words out when I felt my calves start to tingle and weaken—my climax getting closer.

The feeling crept up my legs and started to run through my veins. I took another look at Diane’s back and she pushed onto my cock, and my cock as it plunged into her. I grunted as the orgasm started, a long and slow burn that scorched my fibers and made me feel weightless. My come started to flow into her with long, uncontrollable spasms. It felt like I came for almost a minute and Diane’s pussy filled to the point that I felt liquid start to run out of her and down the outside of my balls. The relief and pleasure felt incredible and free as Diane whispered unintelligible encouragements to me. My strokes slowed and my hands ran from her hips up her sides to grasp her in a hug.

My cheek was resting on the damp skin of her back with my eyes closed and my breathing heavy. “Fuck… that was amazing,” I breathed. Also panting, Diane agreed by nodding her head.

My heart stopped when I opened my eyes. Way on the other side of the floor, in the shadows near the water cooler, I saw the security guard. I had no idea how long he’d been watching, but I had the distinct impression that his hand was massaging the outside of his pants. I watched for a few seconds and he quietly disappeared, probably because he thought he’d been spotted. The irony of the moment jumped straight into my head—here we were fucking each other’s brains out because we’d seen the couple in the apartment, and now we in turn had been spotted. I grinned but didn’t say anything to Diane.

She was laughing wildly when I pulled out of her and sat back down on my chair. Diane hesitated for a moment and then sat on my lap and draped her arm around my shoulder. I felt the glorious squelch of her pussy, now soaked with both of our fluids, as it rested on my thigh.

“I hope I didn’t do anything wrong.” Her voice was demure now, far less sure of herself now the moment had calmed.

“Hell no,” I reassured her. “That was amazing.”

“I can get…” she searched for words, and any negative reaction in my face, “a little single-minded, and… aggressive when I get hot like that. I don’t mean to get out of control. It just kind of overtakes me.”

“I liked it, thought it was incredibly hot. It was awesome to experience with you… and I was pretty turned on myself.” I wanted to ask if there was a possibility of some more, but wanted the time to play out naturally. Diane was very desirable and I didn’t want to endanger my chances of getting to know her better.

“Well, thank you.” She kissed my cheek. “I’m glad you were here. That was a wonderful fuck.”

I looked into her face and kissed her back, full on the mouth. She responded and my cock started to twitch merrily.

“You think I should take a look at the migration data?” She giggled as we broke the kiss.

“Soon.” I advised, kissing her again and reached up to cup her breast. “But not quite yet.”

I never did tell Diane about the security guard. I didn’t want to spoil the moment, or endanger my chances for a repeat. Her oblivion to that the small detail appeared to preserve the electricity of that night for us.

The security guard avoided my eyes when I left the next morning and I never heard a thing from anyone in my company about “behavior unbecoming” of an employee. I always though of it as “coming behavior” anyway.

After that night Diane and I went back to her hotel room and spent the next twenty-four hours recovering from our night of work, and passion. We stayed together for a while, and had some of the best sex of my life, but eventually her consulting work took her away for several months and we never quite managed to connect after that.

That first encounter remains vivid though. Something we shared that was spontaneous and incredibly erotic. I go back there in my memory often, wondering who the couple in the apartment was, what the security guard saw and how fate sometimes just works things out. I’d never considered myself a lucky person, but I’ve always felt very lucky to have had that night.

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