Working out with Jax!!!

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One hot locker room session with hot trainer
Cladded in my red biker shorts, black tank top and tennis shoes, I rushed into the gym eager to see him. There he was as usual, all 6'2, about 225lbs of sexiness and tight fitting shorts that revealed his bundle between his legs...he was just finishing up on the tredmill. He was drenched in sweat and still looked sexy as hell. Our eyes met for the umpteen time. I smiled and this time, he smiled back.

I saw him picked up his backpack and headed to the locker room. I scanned the room to see if nyone was looking and the way was clear. I walked quickly behind him as he went through the door, almost walking on his heels. There I was standing in the mens locker room with him, the reason I was coming to the secret crush......the trainer Jax.

He turned around as he got in the locker room and faced me as he dropped his bag on the floor. Locking the door, he pushed me against the wall. I did not even make an effort to push him away from my small frame as he pressed into me. I felt my nipples being crushed into his hard chest as I looked up at him with burning lust. Then he touched me.

He began to grab my hips as squeeze them in his huge hands as he pulled at my shorts. He lifted one leg to his as he placed his hands between my thighs and rubbed my wett covered pussy. He knew that only thing that prevented him from sliding his long fingers inside my hole was my shorts so he quickly removed it. Once it was on the floor, using his strength, he lifted me so that my breast was near his mouth.

He began to suck on my breast as he struggled to remove his pants. Finally it was on the floor, and he slided me down his chest, resting me on his steel hard cock. He lowered his lips to mine and began to kiss me deeply, applying pressure as he did. I felt the tip of his cock enter me forcefully as he moved his hips back and forth fucking me hard.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he started to thrust deeper inside me. The cool of the wall on my back sent thrills down my body as I moaned and groaned. He was stretching my pussy out as he plunged deeper inside me. I looked in his eyes as he picked up the pace with his pumping.

He walked over to the bench and sat down on it as I straddled his lap. He held my ass in his hands as he began to put me down and then lift me up on his cock. I rammed down on his cock as I grinded my pussy on his lap. I wiggled and rolled my ass in circles on him as I started to bounce on him. Deeper and deeper he went as I came down on his hot rod, and as he stretched me wider and wider.

"Fuck yeahh Jax!! Give it to me!" I said as I held on to his shoulder. He never said a word to me as he started to lick my nipples with his tongue. It was fucking awesome as he flicked his tongue from nipple to nipple.

Jax held me by my waist as he laid me on the bench. He stood over me, then leaned on top of me, placing his hands on the floor on each side of me. He started to really grunt and growl as he ripped my pussy open, drilling me deep and hard as he thrust forward. I lifted my legs around his back, trying with all my strength to pull him deeper inside me.

"Oh yesss Jax, your cock is so big inside me!" I said as he continued to fuck me. The sweat began to drip from his face all over my chest as he plowed away inside my pussy. He was fucking me as if he was doing push ups, in and out my pussy.

I felt my orgasm building as he continued to fuck me. My body stiffened up as my orgasm began to rush thru my body. I started to shake and rattle as he continued to push deeper inside me.

"Yesss yess yess oh yess Im cumminggg Jax!" I cried out as my pussy nectar began to flow all over his rock hard pole deep inside me. My orgasm sent him in over drive as he raised up pulled out long enough to flip me over the bench and slammed me from behind.

He began to spank my ass with every thrust as he pushed deeper and harder inside me. He was enjoying this session as he moaned with pleasure. He reached under and began to rub my clit in circles and then pull onit. This however, pushed me into my second orgasm. I began to squirt on his hands and the floor as he continued to fuck me roughly.

He spanked my ass again and again and pulled me by my waist back to him. I looked over my shoulder at him and licked my lips then threw my hands back to him. He held both my hand with one hand and then grabbed me by my hair with the other hand as he fucked me some more.

"Oh yesss Jax, pull me on this cock baby!" I yelled as he picked up speed and depth. He was giving me all he had and I was screaming in pleasure as he drilled me from behind.I felt his balls slapping against my ass as he continued to push deeper inside me. For the first time he spoke...

"Oh yesss Nikki, Im about to coat your sweet pussy with hot milk!" he said as he pushed one last time and moaned as he fell on me.

"YEAH! YEAH! OH FUCK!! YEAH NIKKI!! SWEET PUSSY BABY! YESSSSS!!" was all he said as he emptied his balls inside me. I shook and trembled as my own orgasm flowed with him as he squirted loads inside me.

"That was awesome Jax! Powerful workout session baby!" I said as he fell on his side, pulling me on top of him with his semi hard cock still buried inside me. He reached down and palmed my swollen pussy as he kissed me deeply while we laid on the floor in the locker room!