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Working Overtime

This is a story about hard working colleauges playing even harder

One night while working late we broke into our “emergency kit” which consists of a bottle of Jamesons   & 2 shot glasses to inspire the spontaneous creativity we needed during stalled brainstorming sessions. Taking off our suit jackets, you removed your watch and tie and I my earrings along with the demure combs holding up my conservatively French rolled hair while we took a break leaving the work talk behind to sit in an empty conference room together. Without your jacket I was confronted by the muscularity of your body and with no tie I fixated on the little cleft in your throat between the collarbones that was so soft looking I wanted to plant my lips on it to confirm my speculation.

I was tossing back my second drink and enjoying the glow going down my throat relishing the warmth radiating in my chest, I was feeling very mellow and in my already overexcited state from being so close to you, the alcohol only made my already hot blood hotter. My face felt warm and flushed, I unbuttoned my blouse and fanned myself crossing my legs to still their spontaneous trembling . The restraint I used to keep my arousal in check made me a model of self control, my knees felt weak, my nipples were stiff, my sex quivered uncontrollably and you hadn't touched me yet. Your cologne has the effect of a potent sex potion on all of my senses.  I caught your eyes discreetly traveling over me and wandering down my neck into the opening of my sheer blouse.   At the same time I noticed your cock straining firmly at the fabric of your pants, my nearness is turning you on too.

During a pause in our conversation my mind wandered off as I fantasized about the approach you’d take if an opportunity presented itself for you to be intimate with me.   Noticing my distraction you asked “what are you thinking about”? So I said “I was wondering what kind of lover you are, tender or dominant”.   Then pointedly you spoke and simply said “both.” At once my face was in your strong hands “can I show you”?   I could only nod my consent as my tongue felt too slow for articulation.   I closed my eyes and my minds eye tells me what I already know; you are all man. My mouth parted when you put your cool moist lips on mine and as your tongue probed for mine, the smoothness felt like ice cream in my scorched throat. Your hands went slowly down my neck, over my shoulders following the indent of my waist, provocatively squeezing my thighs until finally resting in the crevice between my knees, conversely my hands took an opposite direction up from your sinewy forearms to your biceps to your shoulders finally resting on the nape of your neck.

We were leaning into each other and slowly, telepathically, magnetically we rose together from our seats keeping contact until we were standing so close my breasts crushed against your chest. Tenderly you pulled me even closer in your muscular arms and I whispered in your ear “I want both”. Your dick throbbed powerfully against my thigh as we moved together, I lay a free hand on your chest which you covered with yours and clearly the beat of your heart matched the pulse on my thigh; guiding my hand with your own down the front of your body I feel your diaphragm rising deep and measured along with every swell and dimple on your sexy body. Pushing my hand down onto the swelling rising out of your pants I begin massaging the stiff shaft of your generous dick to attention which lay beneath the barrier created by your belt and I can tell that you are looking for relief from the constricting clothes. I am happy to oblige and have already begun pulling your shirt up out of your waistband .

As much as I want to continue kissing you I have other plans for you at the moment.   Slowly I back out of our kiss and begin to pull away. I feel your fingers tighten on my waist to keep me close to you but you don’t resist when I begin to break contact. Initially you seem disappointed while I move away from you; your even brow becomes creased with concern, questions etched in your eyes. I want to assuage your worry quickly and let you know just how attracted I am to you.   I say quietly “I want you” and placing both of my hands on your broad shoulders I ease you back into your chair while I remain standing in front of you and your countenance relaxes like clouds parting, and your poise returns as I open my blouse revealing my lacy bra, stiff nipples and a healthy flush of arousal on my skin.

You take my hands kissing my palms lovingly pulling me so close to you I feel your breath on my stomach; caressing my shoulders, stroking my breasts, pausing to knead their fullness sensuously, fondling the nipples of each between your fingers touching me familiarly and skillfully. I watch your hands moving over my skin and the contrast of our complexions, the contrast of your brawn and my femininity turns me on.   Everything about you turns me on. Circling your tongue slowly up and down my body from my nipples to my navel, concentrating on making sure that no inch of my velvety skin is overlooked, lingering over my hips squeezing my waist, massaging down my spine to the curvature of my ass and slapping my shapely posterior sharply. I inhaled audibly exhaling your name delicately. I knew immediately that I definitely would melt in your mouth AND in your hands.

At this point I take a minute to remove your shirt completely and admire your skin as smooth as chocolate milk. Then effortlessly stepping out of my skirt flashing you a little ass for effect and pausing dramatically in my high heels and silk shirt I reveled in the passionate expression on your face making me feel beautiful, alluring, desirable and powerful. Kneeling down in front of you to remove your belt, unbutton your slacks and open your zipper I lift your hips & pull your underwear below your sexy ass for my complete access. Your chocolate cock is sizeable and impressive but I decide it would look even better surrounded by my warm caramel breasts. Then taking your large dick and surrounding it within the cleft of my soft golden brown skin pushing the excess together on either side to enclose you except for the engorged ebony head. Instinctively lowering my mouth to you I begin sucking you off massaging the shaft within my cleavage as you raise your hips and fuck my titties pushing your generous dick deeper into my valley.

By this time I really want you inside of me so I rise and stand over you and boldly swing my leg all the way over the other side of your seat and pull my panties aside as I straddle your stiff dick until my ass rests snugly in your lap. I incline my head to suck your warm neck finally getting to kiss the cleft of your throat between your collarbones validating my suspicion of its softness and tasting the flesh of your mouth as you grind your waist increasingly harder while we kiss more passionately. Moving us forward to the edge of your seat until my back is against the seat behind me I wrap my legs   securely around your waist and arch my back then rock my hips outward to get full extension prepared to push you as deeply as you can go inside me. You hold my round ass pulling me forward rhythmically, simultaneously burying your face in my cleavage and sucking my ample breasts.  

Enfolding my body in a tight embrace crushing my ribs you i mpulsively stand up lifting me with composed confident ease backing me up to the wall leaning into me heavily offering the full size and weight of your body against mine while you rip the thin fabric of my panties like paper and tear them from my hips aggressively. T hrusting into my willing pussy amid soft sucking sounds as your swollen dick burrows into my sweet passage over and over, steadily guiding my round ass up and down on your long shaft with dexterity; you grind my aching pussy well and take me beyond my fantasies with your power and stamina. Forcefully you put your wide hand on my throat pushing my head back to expose my neck licking biting and sucking me hungrily breaking the fine strand of pearls in your way, sending some of them trickling into my blouse and scattering others beneath us.

Carrying me a few short steps to the conference room table and holding my bare curvy ass in your experienced hands I slide forward unpretentious with my knees wide apart as you stand between them and mount me with your fierce erection gliding between my flexible legs climbing up my body to kiss me muffling my moans and letting me taste the residual alcohol on your lips as you suck my mouth eagerly and bury your dick deeply in my stomach filling me with all of your inches. Perspiration droplets on your handsome brow gather themselves falling like rain uniting together and coursing down the channel of your expansive “ripped” chest and abdomen.

I try to be quiet but I can’t contain my passion, so our moaning and exclamations reverberate around the large room and return disembodied to my ears like a XXX movie as I am carried away with uninhibited lust. Becoming apparent to me is the extent of variation in your repertoire in pursuit of satisfaction. I am satiated but still eager and nothing is going to stop me from offering my body to you for the fulfillment of my libido. I've been waiting for you to take me, I want you badly. Letting me down slowly to the floor on my unsteady legs prone and spent you turn me over and silently bend me spread eagled over the sleek mahogany conference room table while behind me you bring one hand up to caress my breasts and one hand down to palm my kitten, your hands are everywhere at once your cock pressing into the cleft of my ass the table must support me my legs are no longer reliable.

Seizing my hips roughly in your arousal positioning your dick to meet me perfectly for penetration you poised me directly in front of the head of your thick cock and pushed the entire shaft into me f ucking me passionately pushing your big dick deeper into my creaming canal as you pumped energetically bumping my round ass lying at the edge of the table increasing the friction on my sensitive button seven fold, pulling me to you and doing me harder and harder until I came first in an explosive boisterous spasm of relief wildly hard and intense from the building tension of so many kinds of stimulation at once. My pussy contracted rhythmically causing cum to cover my thighs and labia. I know you are ready to cum and you can no longer hold onto your restraint moaning unintelligibly through jagged breaths. I know you are near climax the bulging veins and engorged head slide easily inside me as you withdraw and push and your muscular thighs tense with exertion ejaculating warm white cum inside of me.

Our bodies shuddered so hard and so long that I was not sure if we were having one orgasm or many but there was a moment of such concentrated release that finally I really experienced what it is like to be pleasured by an astute, sensitive, able lover. For many minutes we lay together spent, until we recovered our composure and begin to dress, as I pull my skirt on you attempt to smooth the wrinkled fabric of your pants with the flat of your palm, to no avail. Settling for their condition zipping and buttoning them putting back on your belt and jacket you don’t bother to button up your shirt so I get to continue to look at your pretty body some more.   Helping me collect the loose pearls we can find you come across my destroyed panties and roll them neatly into a lacy little knot of limp fabric tucking them into the interior pocket of your jacket calling it a “souvenir”.

  I scooped the handful of pearls up and dropped them into my purse along with my earrings. We put our “emergency kit” away and took one last look around before we turned out the lights and left. The next day we were called into a meeting coincidentally in the same conference room and a colleague sat on a chair and found a pearl wedged in the cushion. I did not claim the little treasure and did my best to act surprised at the unusual discovery but as we took seats opposite each other we traded knowing glances across the table and smiled secret smiles alone with our own thoughts of the previous night.


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