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Worshipping Willy - 2

Willy continues to rock his world
I awoke to find Willy snuggled up against me. Her skin, soft as a cloud, flushed warm and alive to my touch. My cock rose and hardened as her butt cheeks gently squeezed around me. Reaching over her shoulder, I cupped her sumptuous breast in my hand, stroking my fingertips gently over her dark brown areola and stiffening nipple.

"Good morning, sleepy," I said in a soft voice.

"Mmmm, that feels so nice," she replied.

"Turn over. I want to give you a back rub."

There is nothing more sensuous than the contours of a woman's back and thighs. The width of her shoulders gently declining to her waist, the small of her back rising with the swell of her buttocks to fall in a gentle slope toward the softness of her inner thighs.

I began stroking my hands from her shoulders down her spine, massaging firmly to relax the muscles. Her skin was so receptive each stroke gave her greater pleasure. As I slid my body downward, my penis nestled again between her cheeks. My hands moved up and down her back in rhythm with my cock gliding back and forth.

"My cock feels so good against your butt!"

She clenched her muscles, trying to grasp my swollen member. My hands moved down her side, finding the swell of her breasts. She lifted slightly to give me better access.

"Squeeze my nipples," she said, while she continued to grab at my penis with her butt cheeks.

Her nipples were hard and hot to my touch. She leaned upward. Supporting herself on her forearms, she kissed the inside of my elbow. I took my hands away from those succulent breasts and slid further down her back so I was seated above her knees. Stroking her butt, my fingers kneaded the soft flesh and teasingly traced feather-light lines down her thighs. I leaned closer to her and began planting kisses down her back. Moving my body down her legs, my cock slid along her inner thigh as my lips caressed her hips, my tongue licking along her bottom.

"Oh, I love that! Don't stop! Don't stop!" she cried, and her moans of pleasure filled the room.

My tongue explored the dark crevice of her ass, licking and softly probing. I kissed both cheeks and again slipped my tongue into her beautiful butt hole. Then, moving down further I found her vagina and lathed it with my tongue. I moved my mouth back and forth between these two pleasure domes, lapping up her lustful sweetness.

"No one has ever done that to me before," she said. "Please don't stop… Oh God, that feels so good on my ass. Yes! Push your tongue inside me! I love it!"

Continuing to tongue her butt hole, I gently probed her delicate, smooth shaved pussy with my fingertips. Her juices lubricated my fingers as I softly began to brush over her clitoris.

"Please! Make me cum!"

"Turn over so I can kiss you properly."

She rolled to her back and I sucked and licked her pussy and her clit, driving my tongue up into the nether regions of her vagina, then back to butterfly-flick her clit. I gently kissed the lips of her swollen labia, running my tongue along her hot, sweet cunt. All the while my hands massaged and teased her breasts, gently tweaking her nipples. Willy lifted her butt from the bed and pushed harder against my tongue.

"Oh God! Oh God!! You are so good!" she cried, "I love it! I love it!"

Her breast were so soft, so warm in my hands, I almost lost myself in the pleasure of squeezing and teasing her overflowing fullness. But she pushed her fingers into my hair and pulled me against her, pressing my tongue hard to her throbbing clit. I licked and sucked more forcefully now, taking her clit between my lips and sucking it into my mouth while my tongue danced back and forth across the responsive tip. Her orgasm was a screaming, continuous pleasure dance as she squirmed and flexed off the bed. She came over and over as I continued to ravish her clit with my tongue despite her thrashings.

"Please! Stop! I've got… I've got to breathe!"

"That was exquisite! I have never come so hard and so much!" she said in that sultry voice I had come to love. "You are the best lover I ever had! Your tongue is fantastic!"

Not to distract from this moment, but every woman says the same thing to every man who gives her pleasure. That being said, if every woman you make love to says it, there must be something you're doing right!

Her breathing slowed to normal and the flush gradually left her face. She smiled with a contented look and said, "Now it's your turn. Come here and let me taste that glorious cock of yours."

It may be better to give than to receive, but receiving ain't all bad!

I lay on my back as she began to kiss up my thighs, her nipples tracing hotly along my legs. With a smile, she took hold of my throbbing penis and ran her fingers along the shaft, toying with the sensitive foreskin. Then she took me in her mouth. I reached down, trying to fondle her breasts.

"This is just for you", she said, "lay back and enjoy!"

While I'm usually not obedient, this was a command I could follow.

She began to lick my cock from the base up to the top, lavishing my stiff shaft with nibbles and love bites. I took her words to heart, "This is just for you", and tried to relax, to just feel the sensations. Running her hands along my groin and down my thighs, she enclosed my hot cock in her mouth and sucked. It took an effort to divorce myself from her pleasure and focus on my own, but as I did the feelings were exquisite!

She played her hands along my body, all the while sucking, licking my ever-hardening cock. Her mouth was so hot and her tongue luxurious as she swirled around the tip of my penis then sucked me again into her hungry mouth. I lay back and felt the pleasure, her mouth surrounding me, sucking me toward explosion. I wanted to touch her dark, spectacular breasts, run my own tongue again along her delicious, smooth pussy. Instead, she forced me to focus on myself and allow her to pleasure me.

When I came it was incredible! My cock was a throbbing rod in her mouth and she sucked on it with all her might, pulling the hot cum from my balls and swallowing all I could give. My body arched and shook as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. She continued to tease, licking her tongue along the sensitive foreskin and gently biting the tip of my cock. Her tantalizing kisses sent spasms of pleasure through me. Finally, she released my penis and I gently drew her up next to me.

I kissed her mouth, savoring the taste of my cum on her lips, now mingled with the lingering flavor of her own love juices. I wrapped my arms around her, feeling her nipples press against me. She nestled into my shoulder and stroked my chest with her long fingers.

"Did you like that?"

"Like it? It was incredible!"

"Good, cause I love to suck your cock. It is a beautiful cock and I love to hold it in my mouth and feel it in my cunt."

"Well, I have to tell you, Willy, that was a wonderful way to start the day!"

"Speaking of that, what time is it?" she asked and stretched her arms over her head giving me again the view of her luscious dark breasts.

"It's 9:30, lover. Why?"

"Oh God! I have to be at our exhibit booth by 10:00! I'll never make it!"

"Okay," I said, "you jump in the shower and I'll call the front desk for a cab."

When she came out of the shower I helped her dry off. Of course, that only caused further delay as my hands were somehow drawn to her breasts and wandered as with a will of their own to caress her smooth vagina.

She pushed me away and quickly pulled on her clothes. "Come by our booth this afternoon. I'll be there till 4:00," she said.

"How about dinner tonight as well? Can I take you someplace nice and romantic?"

"As long as I can have you in my mouth again afterwards," she replied.

"Oh, I insist!" I said and kissed her once more on the lips, feeling her tongue play in my mouth.

She gently grabbed my now hardening cock and said, "God this is a beautiful penis. But I've got to go!"

That was fine, for I'd see her again in a few hours and have the chance again to worship that glorious, brown skinned goddess with my lips, my tongue and my cock.

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