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Worth the Wait

Tags: oral, sex, party
The happy ending of two people who waited far too long to get what they wanted.
It's a homecoming party. Your friend Eric just got back into town. He's only been gone six weeks, but any occasion for us to party is a good one. You've been staring at me for the last hour; I'm pretty sure I know what's on your mind.

We met two months ago through my roommate Kristi. You were drunk and half passed out, yet you still managed to flirt with me. That is, until you fell asleep. Two weeks later who should come to my door but you and Eric, at 2:00am I might add. I had just stepped out of the shower, still dripping wet wrapping a towel around myself when I saw you. I could feel your eyes on me, drinking in every bit of exposed flesh you could find, following the drops of water that slid down my neck, caressing my breasts. I blushed under your focused gaze and quickly went to put clothes on, leaving you, Eric and Kristi in the living room. I put on the tightest shorts and smallest t-shirt I could find, there was no need for a bra and I was eager to see what your reaction would be. I tied back my hair and came back to join the group.

But there was no group. You were sitting alone on my couch, flicking through the channels on my TV. I looked around for Kristi, but I already knew where she was, with Eric of course. That was the reason for this pit stop after boys night out. I knew what you wanted right then, but I was determined to make you wait. You suggested we watch a movie; I still can't remember what you put on, it didn't matter anyway. I could feel the warmth radiating off your body while we sat on the couch, you leaned in close to me, I could feel your breath on my neck. You breathed in deeply and whispered, "You smell good," and leaned back to watch the movie. By the time the movie was halfway through, we were conveniently stretched out on the couch. You were behind me, with your arm around my waist. I wasn't really watching the movie, I was distracted by the bulge that had been pressing against my back for the last ten minutes, and your warm breath on my neck. I couldn't wait any longer, I turned my head to look you in the eye, you stared back, "What?"

"Why haven't you kissed me yet?" I asked.

You looked at my lips and said, "Because you hadn't asked me."

It was better than I had imagined. My hands went behind your neck as I pulled you closer to me, massaging your tongue with mine. Your hand slowly slid up my shirt to cup my breast and I moaned when you pinched my nipple. When you shifted on top of me I could feel your rock hard cock pressing against my thigh. I reached down and slid my hand into your pants and around your shaft. It was your turn to moan. I stroked your cock and nibbled on your lip while you pulled down my shorts and you smiled when you saw I had no panties on. Suddenly, you stood up and pulled me into my bedroom. Once we were inside, I turned to close and lock the door. When I turned around you had nothing on and your cock was standing at attention. I walked toward you, stripping off my shirt as you had already taken care of my shorts.

You pulled me close, kissed me, and pushed me onto my bed. I was more than ready for you to slam your hard cock into my hot, wet cunt, but you wouldn't. You slid the head of your cock over my clit, back and forth, slipping past my pussy and back to my clit. I begged you to fill me with your cock, to fuck me, right then. The head of your cock was just about to enter me, when your phone rang. I could tell from your side of the conversation that you had to leave. Eric was leaving today, and you had to take him to the airport. I watched you get dressed while you cursed and I pulled on my robe to see you out. Needless to say, I had a hard time going to sleep.

Six Weeks Later

Tonight is going to be different from our last encounter. As I walk through the party, I can see you and Eric taking whiskey shots. We've been staring at each other all night. Your eyes lock onto mine and I wink at you. You pour two shots and beckon me over to you. When I get to you, you hand me a shot. Once it's gone you quickly pour me another. "Are you trying to get me drunk?" I ask.

You look at me and grin, "Why would I do that?" You pour me a third shot, but before I can drink it, you take it into my bedroom. As I walk into my bedroom, you hand me my shot; I close my eyes as I let the burning liquid slide down my throat. I hear a click as you lock my door. I turn around and walk toward the door when you push me against the wall, pinning my arms. You lean in close to me and whisper, "I think I've waited long enough to get you alone."

Suddenly, your mouth is on mine, your tongue massaging mine, your hands clasping my wrists as you grind your hips into me. I can feel your cock getting stiff through your pants, so I arch my hips, pressing myself against your shaft. Your hands leave my wrists so quickly, I hardly notice until you're pulling my shirt over my head. I slide my hands up your shirt, brushing my fingers over your nipples before I pull your shirt over your head. Your hand finds the clasp to my bra, within seconds it's on the floor and your hands and mouth are all over me. Your hands seem to be everywhere at once, and soon my pants are on the floor. You push me onto the bed and lean over me. You kiss me deeply. "Close your eyes and don't move," you whisper.

I hear your pants hit the floor, then nothing. Then I feel your hands slide up my thighs, pulling them apart. Your mouth closes over my clit. I gasp and slide my fingers into your hair. Your tongue dances over my clit, while your fingers slip into my wet cunt. I moan loudly and you quicken your pace. I can feel my orgasm already building as your fingers and tongue relentlessly tease me over the edge. With your spare hand you reach up to pinch my nipple. My fists close as I moan and pull your hair, shaking with the intensity of my orgasm.

Before I can catch my breath, you're inside me. Fast, hard strokes, pounding your cock into me, my legs braced against your shoulders. I can't keep myself quiet anymore; moans and shouts escape my lips with each hard thrust. "You should have fucked me like this six weeks ago," I pant between stokes.

You turn me onto my stomach and lean over me, "No, I should have fucked you like this six weeks ago," you say as you ram your cock into me from behind. Your hands lock onto my hips as you pull me back to meet your thrusting shaft. I reach down to rub my clit as your cock slams deep into me.

I turn when your cock slides out of me, your breath ragged, your cock still hard. You push me onto my back and slide back into me. As my legs wrap around you, you kiss me with your shaft buried deep inside me and I nibble on your lower lip. You slide your cock out of me until just the head is left inside, then you thrust hard, shoving it back into me over and over again. I ball my fists into the sheets as you pound into me. I look into your eyes and beg you to cum in me. Your pace quickens and I cum again, the walls of my cunt squeezing your cock urging you to cum in me. Then I feel you shudder as you shoot jets of cum into me. You collapse on top of me, breathing heavily. I struggle to catch my breath as you idly run your fingers over my nipples. You turn your head and smile, "Give me a few minutes; I want to do that again."

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