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Years of loveless marriage and then ...

Wild and wicked loving sex after years of boredom
So here's the second part of our story. The thing to remember is that we are both mature, a bit bruised by life and perhaps a little behind in our sexual experience. As S explains, she was invisible in her marriage and my sex life was once a month and boring.

If you read through this amazing story, see if you can spot the one thing missing?

The New Girlfriend's Tale

I hadn’t intended to continue the story, but the gentleman concerned rather liked our story being public, and I confess I found it rather arousing too, so I thought I would share another of our passionate encounters with you.

For those of you who haven’t read part one, throughout the 21 years of my marriage I had a very limited and dry sex life. I was unimportant, invisible and unloved. The marriage ended in 2011 and after an unsatisfying relationship I decided to actively seek the love and sexual fulfilment which had until now eluded me. 

Towards the end of last year I met a fascinating gentleman, who himself suffered almost 2 decades of dissatisfaction. For those of you feeling left out, lonely or unfulfilled, please don’t give up hope. 

Anyway, as some of you will know from my last posting, at the end of our second date we fell into the most wonderful kiss which transported us both and left us exceedingly turned on, this led to our exchanging some wonderfully erotic texts and emails, and several days later we spent our first magical night together, where he introduced me to 69 - a huge favourite of mine ever since- and to anal sex and to watching ourselves in the mirror!

He’s the sort of man who appreciates erotic lingerie. I know he enjoys looking at the photos which I have sent him as he sent me a very horny photo of his cock covered in his cum, in the background was his laptop open at one of my raunchier images. He is also very keen on my bottom. I am a petite lady, not very tall, a size 8 but with a curvaceous bottom and 32D chest. One of the recent pleasures I have discovered is shopping for sexy, sensuous lingerie and I have spent many happy hours browsing the internet wondering what would really excite him and there they were, the perfect pair of naughty knickers! With its sensuous and exposing design, the straps display your derrière while the sweet satin bow adds a feminine flourish.

They were perfect, but how best to show him? Then the idea came to me, I would wear them with a black lacy bra, black lace top hold ups, a specially bought sheer black blouse, bright red mini skirt, my 4” black patent stilettos and perform a strip for him.

The night had arrived, he rung the door bell and as soon as we touched we were kissing passionately, I wish I could find the words to describe his kisses, they are just mind blowing and we can feel each other’s desperation to be skin to skin as we melt into one.

I took his hand and led him up to my bedroom, I undressed him and dropped to my knees to take his fabulous cock into my mouth. It felt totally amazing, he has a massive head and I love to feel the ridge glide back and fore wherever it enters me. I was stroking his shaft and brushing my fingers over his balls as my tongue glided over him. I felt his hands on my head, gently encouraging me, not that I needed any encouragement as I was getting as much pleasure from it as he was!

Next I turned him around and sat him on the edge of my bed as I slowly unbuttoned my cuffs, then the front of my blouse. Slowly I slipped it off my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor, I allowed him to kiss me and look at my bra before I slid the straps off, then turned away and unfastened it, letting it also fall to the floor. Still with my back to him I unzipped my skirt, wriggled my hips and slowly bent forward as I lowered my skirt to the floor, my naughty knickers and hold ups were right in front of his face! I heard him gasp and knew his already hard cock was getting even harder. It was the first time I had stripped for anyone and is something I would love to practice doing for him.

I pushed him back onto the bed and climbed onto him, my pussy was already soaking and desperate for him, but he sat up and looked past me into the mirror so he could see the naughty knickers as I lowered myself onto him, he was as turned on as me.

I began to ride him, lifting so I can feel his massive head part my pussy lips, teasing us both by just letting his tip push in and almost slip out, then suddenly dropping right down so he completely fills me. He has a beautiful and perfect body, when our eyes lock it is just so horny. I also love it when he reaches up to play with my nipples, or pulls me closer so he can suck them. I can feel my juices flowing as he is stroking my clit and fingering me, wow he really knows what he’s doing, lucky me.

Anyway, I digress. By now it was his turn to control the action, he flipped me onto my back, and I wrapped my legs around him as he ground himself into me and thrusted against me with such power. He slammed into me harder and harder as we gazed into each others eyes. It was so sexy, the passion all consuming.

I was still wearing my hold ups and my black stilettos and I loved feeling them against his back, pushing him deeper into me so I could feel his balls bounce against my bottom.

Every time we are together I think it can’t possibly get better, yet every time it does.

Of course we had to do 69 again. He introduced me to it and wow, it is just so incredible, the sight, sound, sensation, aroma, tasting his pre cum, feeling his hard testicles. I wonder if he wants me to brush the area behind his balls and maybe tease his bottom too? I must ask him if I am feeling brave enough. I know he loves to slip his fingers into my wet pussy and then to tease my bottom before plunging a finger into me, it feels so magical, both dirty and naughty but makes me even more turned on! If someone had told me six months ago that I would let a man touch me there I would have gone berserk and said no way, but astoundingly it just feels so right. I trust him completely and give myself totally in ways I would never have imagined.

By now we were in another favourite position, me on all fours, him fucking me from behind, but we make sure we are side on to the mirror so we can both watch his hard, wet cock pumping into me and my tits swinging with each thrust. The sight and sensations were driving me crazy, so I pulled forward, reached around, took his cock, wet and sticky from my pussy, into my hand and moved it to my bottom, begging him to push into me. God it feels so good, his fingers reaching around to my clit, my empty pussy dripping, whilst he fucks me hard in my tight bottom. I was becoming totally dizzy and overwhelmed and begged him to cum, he exploded almost instantly, filling me with his spunk. Wow, wow, wow! Little did I realise he had been trying to stop himself coming.

We lay there for ages, totally spent, glowing with pleasure, with him still inside me.

Life doesn’t get any better than this, sharing passion, being totally open, honest and becoming one.

Later that evening he headed back up to my bedroom, I followed a few minutes later and what a fabulous sight greeted me, he was lying naked, stretched out on my bed, waiting for me! Just seeing him lying there was so wonderful and joyous. I wish I'd taken a photo, though the image is still clearly imprinted on my mind. We made love again, more gently, but equally as fabulous and sensuous as it had been earlier. Sadly he couldn't stay that night, but hopefully we will have other nights together soon.

Since then I have told him about my rabbit and asked if he would like to be introduced to it and happily I can tell you that yes, he rather likes the idea, maybe a future tale if it happens.

He has a wonderful idea we’d like to try with an ice cube. I have the blindfold which caught my eye whist buying the naughty knickers, we both fancy the idea of making love outside somewhere very, very private.

Finally at the age of 45 I am discovering so much, Wow x

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