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You never know.

Contributing Authors: x0_cherry_bomb 
Two strangers awkwardly meet and have a wonderful evening!
Imagine with me that we are both in a tropical country, but we don't know each other and have never met. Late one evening I am out walking on the beach enjoying the sunset and I see this Perfect sexy young lady lying on the beach looking far off over the ocean.. I walk past to shy to say anything to you but you notice me.. in your mind you say, maybe this trip isn't a bust..!

I slightly notice you look at me as I walk past and wonder what you are thinking.. But I decide to keep going and see if you are still there when I cum back.. As I am walking on down the beach you begin to fantasize.. in fact you get so into it that you don't realize I had turned around and am approaching again. I see you laying on the beach as I get closer, and your acting a little weird.. You are laughing to yourself and you have a hand between your legs but I can't tell whats happening down there.. you don't even notice me as I get closer and closer...

By now I can see your hand is inside your bikini bottom gently fingering your wet pussy... I am not quite sure what I should do.... but I am a little taken by this, so I just stand there watching you.. As time goes by I start to wonder if you are alone here in the islands.. I decided to chance it, and that it would be worth it either way, so I sat down beside this GODESS. You are startled by my sudden presence and the fact that you had your fingers inside your supple Vagina.

You apologize over and over.... but I just laugh, and lay back in the sand. I comment about the sunset, but don't hear an answer... I look over and you quickly look away. It seemed to me that you were staring at the boner in my shorts! Now I am sure of what you want!!

You are sitting up with your hard nipples against your knees looking out at the sunset... I reach over and pull the string on the back of your bikini top and it drops out of view to the sand below... You let out a squeal of disbelief, and clutch your boobies playfully as I laugh at your excitement. Just then I lean over as if I am going in for a kiss, but duck out last minuet and dive for the nipples!! You squirm in the sand as I suck hard on your firm tits. You jump on top of me and force me to kiss you passionately on the lips, your breasts hanging down in full view!

I am now yours, you have me where you want me. You pull my shorts down, but not all the way... so I feel restricted, my large cock popes up just waiting to be satisfied, but you ignore it and keep kissing me and pushing your tongue deep inside my mouth..

I can't take it any longer and roll you over and thrust my cock in your mouth and you start sucking my D like you would never see it again.

By now we are filled with sand everywhere and so I pick u up and carry you into the warm tropical ocean. We spend a few moments kissing in the water with my fingers stimulating your wet pussy and your hand stroking my cock slowly.

Then we make a run for my room, me leading you by the hand passing countless innocent guests horrified at our behaviour. But we don't care, w e are naked, wet, hard, and on a mission As soon as we get in the room you push me down on the bed and jump up on top of me. Taking my hard cock in one hand you guide it into your dripping wet pussy. A s it slides in, you let out a soft moan of satisfaction. This is what you have been waiting for all evening!!

You start out really slow, up, down, up, down, your wet pussy lips making juicy sounds as my stiff cock slides in, and out. Your beautiful boobs, wet with sea water, Jiggle gently as you rise up and down, up and down. You lean down and kiss me, biting my lip a little as you sit back up.

I am captivated by your breasts, and cannot take my eyes away. You notice, and lean down to let them dangle in my face. I take a nipple in my mouth and gently run my tongue around and around your areola as you let out some more wonderful sounds of enjoyment.

I roll you over onto your back, pull a pillow over and slide it under your ass to bring your pussy up to my height. I tease your tender pussy with the tip of my hard cum gun. You are laying back longing for me to finish you off, But I wait, I wait until I think you may be almost ready to ask for it. Then I thrust it in as deep as I possibly can. My balls hit your asshole with a loud wet smack, and you let out a scream of enjoyment. As you lay on your back your tits wiggle and bounce around wildly as I shaft you harder and harder, your pussy loving the attention it has missed for months. I feel you start to climax and I go harder yet, you start to moan louder and louder until your body squirms and your pussy tightens, you let out another scream of pleasure. As your juices flow from around my cock I feel my cock get rock hard and I pull it out. You sit up and say let me have it, give it to me in my mouth, I want to swallow that load of cum! You suck the cum right out of me as I unload deep in your throat. But you don't stop, you suck my cock until I fall back onto the bed and cant move. We lay there exhausted and completely satisfied with each other, neither one of us speaks for quite some time. We just lay there catching our breath, letting the hormones run through our veins. Then both of us at the same time gasp "Thank you, thank you so much"

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