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Young Blood Runs Hottest - III

Sandy Asks If I'd Do A Threesome With Her And Her SIster
A very unexciting and depressing Friday night had been magically transformed into an erotic dream come true for me, thanks to the oldest daughter of the family that was my next door neighbor. I had received fabulous oral sex and hand jobs from the bewitching vixen that I had watched grow from a scrawny little girl to a very well built, sexy young woman. Having claimed her anal cherry I had also taken the honor of lifting her to her highest sexual pinnacle by having her ride my face on her return visit Saturday afternoon.

During our conversation Saturday afternoon, I made the remark that perhaps I should become her sex teacher, or her guide through the world of mutual satisfaction. Surprisingly, she readily agreed and I was soon being pushed onto my back.

Pointing to the towering shaft of flesh protruding skyward from my crotch, she asked, "So, Teach, what should I do now?"

"Why don't you show me what you think would be best," I said as I closed my eyes and folded my arms behind my head as I waited for her response to begin. I only had to wait a few seconds before she began to give me her answer.

Her long hair brush my legs an instant before her warm breath cascaded over my erection. I felt her gentle touch as she grasp my throbbing shaft and ran her tongue around the flange and all over the hyper-excited tip. I was more than willing to let her continue for several minutes, strictly for evaluation purposes you understand.

The minutes flew by as I enjoyed her mastery of giving oral sex. I could tell she had done it a lot from the way she manipulated me right to the edge of climaxing and then prolonged my pleasurable a bit longer.

I was getting ready to have her stop so I could show her another few things she could do when her mouth departed from my shaft to quickly be replaced by her wet slit. Feeling her wetness against me was more than exciting as she slid herself up and back on the length of my cock that was now nestled between her wet pussy lips.

She was straddling me, keeping my hardness perfectly centered in this erotic embrace. I could have very easily let go of my building load but the sounds I was hearing, and the steady increase of her warm juices flowing over my shaft, told me she was taking herself to her own satisfaction. I opened my eyes to see her ample breasts slightly jiggling while her journey to orgasm continued.

Her head was tilted back, which pushed her already firm breasts out and upward. Her nipples were protruding rigidly in the warm sun. Reaching out, I simultaneously pinched both her ever so lightly.

“Oh yeah!” she gasped without breaking her rhythm or lifting her head. I pinched them again, receiving the same response. My hands began roaming over her naked torso, paying special attention to her breasts and nipples. I felt her legs gripping my sides tighter as her speed increased. I began tracing my fingers over her mounds and especially around her areolas. Her nipples got harder and her moans got louder as I assisted her in reaching her goal.

Feeling gushes of her release flow over me as she yelped like a playful puppy, her body soon collapsed onto me. Her skin was like heaven against me and with her legs draped over my and parted by my hips, she was literally leaving herself wide open to me.

I began trying to get myself positioned so I could get my cock aligned with her pussy which was her final frontier for me. I know she felt me moving around beneath her but made no effort to stop me. Finally I was there!

Having managed to get my energetic shaft worked into the doorway of the target of my lust I lifted my hips up and tilted them to help me in my endeavor. The head of my rod was well coated from her wetness and the point glided over the threshold to her cavity of delight.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned softly as I took micro-strokes, teasing both myself and her. Lifting my hips again I gently pushed on her hips indicating my wish for her to slide down a little. Without a word she moved down and parted her legs more.

Sirens screamed, lights flashed, trumpets blared, and we both let out a long groan of pure elation as my thick shaft pressed deep into her. The young and tight lining of her pussy stretched to accompany my entry as I pushed into her. She slid further down on me until I was as far into her as I could go. Stroking her back with my hands we meshed into unison with our movements. I’d lift my hips and she’d slide down. I’d lower my hips and she’d move up.

Managing to get my arms stretched far enough so my hands could enjoy rubbing the tight little mounds of flesh at the base of her spine, the increased stimulation soon had us thrashing so hard that I thought my cock would snap off inside of her if it were possible!!

Both of us were racing wildly like a runaway freight train down the track toward the explosion that was soon to happen. Our bodies tensing in unison as the anticipation grew within us.

“Oh shit! Oh shit!! Oh shit!!!” she started gasping, but her gasps were transformed into a yell as her body convulsed erratically, exploding with a might squirt of cum. This triggered my sex cannon and I gave her an internal twenty-one gun salute, shooting my spirit deep into her tightness with a force that was immeasurable. She was riding me with the mastery of a professional bull rider on top a psychotic bull at a rodeo, forcing every drop from me. Her fingernails were digging into my shoulders as she held herself up, pressing her pussy tight against my crotch and driving my spike deep inside her. I was getting inundated with her unshackled release while continuing to discharge my blasts into her.

Reaching up I again played with her incredibly hard nipples, producing more pleasure for her as our floods of elation slowly subsided. Her body was relaxing even though her breathing was still very rapid while she tried to recuperate. Sitting upright while still straddling me, she held my depleted manhood captive within her pussy. “If we were closer in age, I’d be trying to get you to date me,” she said as she stared down at me.

I smiled at her as I gently took hold of her by her shoulders. “Sandy, if we were closer in age, I’d be chasing you like a dog after a cat!”

The smile that came over her put a spell on me. She softly laid down on top of me again which dislodged my limp cock from her cum filled pussy. I felt the mixture of her fulfillment mixed with mine oozing out of her and over me. We laid there in the sun for quite a while before I eventually asked if she wanted to join me in the outdoor shower I had put in last year.

Lifting her head from my shoulder, she looked shocked. “You have an outdoor shower?” she asked in a voice that confirmed the fact she was surprised.

“Yeah. I made it last year so I could shower off before I went inside. I got tired of cleaning up all the crap I’d track into the house after working out here in the yard,” I explained. Soon we were walking across the yard. As we covered the short distance to the shower, she commented that I could start my own nudist camp before long.

I laughed and had to tell her that most of the time during the summer, if I wasn’t doing something around the house, I’d be back here in the nude. Continuing to explain to her that I preferred to be naked, she soon admitted that she was beginning to really enjoy being nude in the seclusion nature provided.

“Oh!” she laughed as she saw the commode and sink that I had also installed in my outdoor bathroom. “You’re ready for anything, aren’t you?”

“It’s all about enjoying myself,” I told her as I paused, allowing her to step through the opening in the knee wall and into the shower area. The knee wall, which was eighteen inches high, was the only divider between the shower area and the rest of the property, except for the one side that had the house for a wall. I stole a long look at the perfect shape of her ass as she passed by.

As we showered she asked what her next lesson was. Informing her that she’d do herself a big favor to just follow her desires, no matter what they were, she asked if I had ever cum between a woman’s tits.

“Tit-fucking? I really enjoy that!” I confessed while we began to lather each other. She told me that she’d like to try it, adding that she had seen it in some videos and had always wondered what it would feel like to have a guy cum on her tits.

Her curiosity would soon be quenched and the anticipation of me having my cock snuggled between her large, firm breasts grew an erection like that magic bean in the kid story. To think of having an orgasm set off by the smoothness of the skin covering those orbs of elation made my cock stiffen to the maximum.

She needed no directions and soon had my shaft and her breasts coated with a thick layer of soap suds. Squatting down in front of me the first contact of her tits to my cock was beyond magnificent. After her first few attempts she learned the strength of the muscle she was dealing with. With each tsunami of excitement that raced through my body, my cock would jump in reaction to the sensation and spring from between her breasts. She soon knew that she had to keep a tight grip on it to keep it between her cleavage. Within a few moments she had brought me so close to orgasm that I had to ask her to stop for a moment while I tried to re-capture my control.

She waited a few moments then informed me that my time was up. With that, she once again had her tits trapping my shaft and I effortlessly slid my hardness back and forth in the soft flesh glove her breasts made. My strokes became faster and harder as I neared my limit. It took only a few more strokes and I was shooting a surprisingly generous load from within the valley between her bundles of flesh. My cum repeatedly squirted up to her neck and then trickled back down, flowing over her wet cleavage. With me having been milked dry, I leaned back against the wall. Sandy began rubbing her hands over her cum covered breasts as I watched.

In a few minutes, after washing off again, we went back to the blanket and were sitting there talking about other various ways to have sex. During our conversation I found out that she had only ever had sex with one other guy. That was her now ex-boyfriend whom apparently only received oral from her and only did missionary style.

“You like getting oral?” I asked her bluntly when she finished talking. When a big smile instantly appearing on her face, I knew the answer before she spoke. Having her lay down on her back, I positioned myself between her legs and laid down on my belly. With my face directly above her pussy, I kissed her ever so lightly, just beside the narrow strip of hair remaining on her crotch. Her hips instantaneously rose toward me and I began my quest to give her another series of orgasms.

Having enjoyed a good length of time with my face buried in her pussy, it was now late in the afternoon and the sun was near setting. When she had regained the strength, we went in the house and each made a sandwich before returning to the back yard when we chatted like old friends. I was surprised how easily we could converse, considering the gap in our ages.

“Did you know that Traci is twenty tomorrow?“ Sandy asked me. I answered that I didn‘t know and almost passed out when I heard her next question. Keep in mind that Traci was every bit as sexy as Sandy - just not quite as full in the chest area but her shape had also been the seed of many of my erections over the years.

“Her and I have had foursomes with our boyfriends several times, and we’ve always wondered what it would be like to double up on a guy, but neither of us wanted to do anything with the other’s boyfriend,” she said.

My mind instantaneously produced a hypothesis of what it would be like to enjoy the two of them simultaneously, but I didn’t think for a second it was what Sandy was leading up to. My error was soon evident.

“Would you be willing to do that for us if she wants to?”

My heart was racing wildly as I tried to keep myself from appearing like a youngster on Christmas Eve. “Sure, I’d be more than happy to!” I told her in as calm a voice as I could muster. “Did you honestly think for a second that I’d say ‘no’?”

As the night set in and we continued to talk, we also often enjoyed the sexual freedom we had with each other. I‘ll tell you my friends, I had more sex in that thirty-six hour span that I’d had since when I was first out of school!! It made me wish more than once that Sandy and I could be within a reasonable age of each other so we could start dating. We really got along well and sex with her was phenomenal.

Hearing her family return home, she soon was getting dressed to go. As she and I walked through the back yard toward her house, she assured me that she’d ask Traci about the threesome and let me know as soon as she could.

We said goodbye to each other and it was now my turn to be stuck on the thoughts of what the future may bring. It was almost impossible for me to sleep that night. The thought of having the two of them together kept me tossing, turning, wishing, and hoping.
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