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Young Housekeeper seduces older gentleman

He had only been with his wife, but the young housekeeper wanted him.....
It was the summer and I had just turned 18. I needed to earn some money, and I saw an ad in the paper about a guy who needed someone to come in a few times a week and clean house. The pay was pretty decent, and I called on the job. The gentleman asked me to come in for an interview. I did so, and was hired on the spot.

I had been working for him for about a month. He seemed very lonely. I knew he had been married to the same woman his whole life. I was always a shameless flirt and I had tried it a few times, but he really didn't seem that interested. I took it as a challenge. The next few times I came, I made sure to wear something sexy. I wore tight tops, and short skirts and made sure to bend over a lot in front of him. I saw him looking, so I knew he was attracted, but he still didn't make a move. One day after work, I sat down next to him on the couch. He was watching TV.

I asked him if he liked the job I was doing. He said he was happy with my work. I scooted over so close to him our legs were touching. I looked up at him and gave my best sexy smile.

"Is there anything else you would like me to do?" He smiled at me and kind of shook his head no.

"Are you sure?" I asked, " I mean I don't do much. It feels like you are getting ripped off." He just said no, but I saw his eyes and they were looking at my tits straining against my very tight tee shirt.

I teasingly rubbed my nipples through my shirt. I wasn't wearing a bra, and they immediately got hard. They were poking through the material of my shirt. I played with them a moment, and he watched, fascinated. I asked him if he wanted me to stop, and he said, "No, its just that I have never been with anyone but my wife in all my years. "

I said, "You haven't had a hot teen in many years then." I played with my nipples through my shirt some more. I have nice nipples and they poke out a lot. I reached for his hand and placed it on my left tit. He didn't resist, but he didn't do anything. He just left his hand there. I rubbed my hard nipple against his hand.

He whispered, " I can't do this. This just feels wrong. " I noticed though, that he left his hand on my tits. I pulled my tee shirt up and exposed my firm young tits to him. They were 36B with nice hard nipples. His big hand covered almost my whole tit. I slid my body into his lap, and leaned back against his chest. I placed my hands on his and put his hands on my tits. I whispered to him, " Its alright. It really makes me feel good. "

He closed his eyes and with shaking hands he squeezed my firm tits and played with the nipples. I sighed in pleasure, and rubbed my ass against his crotch. I was wearing a short skirt and it had raised up so that only my pink silk panties were rubbing against him. I pulled my tee shirt up over my head and turned around to face him.

He looked very horny, but still very reluctant. I straddled him. I rubbed my sweet pussy against his growing erection through his pants.

" I can tell you want me. " I whispered.

He just shook his head no. I leaned up and rubbed my tits against his mouth. I rubbed my hard nipples against his lips. He still didn't take one into his mouth. I leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. Almost reluctantly, I finally felt his lips part and I teased his mouth with my tongue. I whispered to him how much I wanted to feel his mouth on my nipples. I put my tits against his mouth again, and this time he licked one of my nipples, and sucked it into his mouth. I moaned in pleasure.

He pulled away with a shocked look on his face. "I can't. " He tried to get up, but I pushed him back gently on the couch.

I said, " Fine, then just be still. Let me show you something. "

I lowered my hand to the zipper of his pants. I unzipped him, and he put his hand over mine to stop me. I reached inside his underwear and squeezed his hardening cock firmly. He gasped in surprise and took his hand away from mine. I tugged his pants down along with his underwear. His cock was not all the way hard yet, and I could see that his shyness was keeping him from getting hard. I told him not to move or do anything.

I lowered my mouth to his cock and blew lightly on the head of it. It was a good size even not all the way hard. I licked my lips and teased the head of his cock with my wet lips. I didn't suck him in yet, just rubbed the head of his dick against my wet lips from side to side. The head of his cock was dark purple as he grew hard. I took the tip of my tongue and drew circles around the head of his cock with my wet tongue. I could tell he was feeling pretty good.

I gently sucked the head of his cock into my wet mouth. I heard a small moan escape his lips, but he tried to pull me away, but as I sucked him, he immediately stopped trying and I felt him giving in to pleasure.

I looked up at him and asked him, "How long has it been since you had your dick sucked like this?"

He smiled, and said, "Years!" I lowered my mouth to his hard throbbing cock and sucked him in. He closed his eyes again.

I sucked him into my mouth as far as I could take him. I teased the underside of his cock with my tongue as I sucked. In and out of my sweet mouth. I got his cock all wet with my spit and started stroking him with my hand firmly while my mouth went lower and found his balls. I teased his balls with my tongue. I licked them and sucked them gently into my mouth, teasing him with my tongue. I got his balls in my mouth and hummed gently as my hand stroked his hard dick. He moaned really loudly. I did this for a few more minutes, then went back to sucking his dick. My hand caressed his ball sack and I sucked him deeply into my mouth and hummed again.

"Fuck!" He yelled.

I sucked him as far in my throat as I could stand and held him there and let my tongue tease the base of his cock. He grabbed my hair and tried to pull my head away as he shouted, " Fuck! Yes, I'm cumming!" I held my mouth on his dick though and sucked every drop of his cum out of his cock.

He was looking at me dazed. He said, " My wife would've killed me, if I came in her mouth. "

I smiled at him. He said, "Thank you, honey, that was amazing. "

He started to pull up his pants, and I said, " Wait? you think thats it? "

I said, " I sucked you till you came, I want the same pleasure." I pulled my panties off and pushed him gently down on the couch. I straddled his face, and lowered my wet pussy over his face. " Eat my pussy. You know you want to taste that sweet teen cum. "

I felt his tongue gently lick the slit of my pussy. I reached down and spread my pussy lips. I lowered my pussy against his mouth. His tongue found my clit, and I ground my pussy down against his tongue. He covered my clit with his lips and sucked. I cried out in pleasure. I rode his mouth hard. He licked my clit furiously with his tongue, and stuck his tongue into my wet hole. He put the flat part of his tongue against my clit and licked me HARD. I came hard on his mouth, but he kept licking. He ate my pussy like a man starving. He went back and forth between tongue fucking my sweet wet pussy and teasing my clit. I came on his mouth 4 times before he was done.

I pulled away. His mouth and chin were glistening with my cum. I looked down and saw that he was rock hard again. I asked him, " Please fuck me. "

He shook his head. But I lowered myself onto his hard cock. I felt him slide inside me. "Goddamn, you're tight" He muttered. I rode his dick, bouncing up and down on him gently. My tits bounced with ever stroke. I covered my tits with my hands and squeezed my nipples while he watched in pleasure.

I got off him, and leaned back against the couch with my my legs spread wide apart. He stared. He wanted it. " Don't make me beg." I whispered. He slowly came to me. I felt him slide inside my warm willing pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist and thrust up against him. He fucked me that way, grunting in pleasure. I unwrapped my legs from his waist and pushed him off me.

I turned around and bent over. He didn't need to be asked this time. I felt him behind me as he pushed that rock hard cock into my tight pussy. His hands gripped my hips, and he thrust into me with all his might. He was so deep, and I started to reach under to play with my clit, but his hand pushed mine away. He found my clit with his finger and rubbed it quickly as he thrust into my wet pussy harder and faster. I came hard but he kept rubbing. It was almost painful my swollen clit was so sensitive. He rubbed my clit more and thrust inside deeply...I felt another orgasm shudder through my body, just as I felt him tense up. He leaned against me and I felt his mouth on the back of my neck as he came inside my wet pussy. He jerked twice. I felt his full weight crushing down on me. We collapsed with him still inside me.

He rolled off me and I snuggled into him. He caressed my damp hair. I told him how wonderful it was. He looked surprised himself. I got dressed slowly, and asked him if he was OK. He said he was. I asked him if he still wanted me to clean for him. He smiled and said he did.

I had the feeling our first time wasn't going to be our last.

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