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Young Schoolgirl

A young girl lives her fantasy, but it goes above and beyond what she ever could have hoped for…
Emily was jolted awake by the sound of her alarm clock ringing. It was 7:48 - almost time for school. She tried to fall asleep again, desperate to go back to her dream. It was the same dream she'd been having every day for three weeks now. It involved her having hot, passionate sex with her English teacher, Mr Collins, whom she had been infatuated with since she met him about half a year ago and was slowly falling in love with. The dreams were always the same: him and her, in his bed, him withhis cock deep inside her pussy, her with her legs wrapped around his back. She'd had these dreams when she first met him for a short while and recently, they'd returned.

She knew it was no use going back to sleep, but she needed relief. She was so horny. She began to stroke her pussy underneath her pyjamas, knowing it was probably going to end in frustration like every other time she'd masturbated. Every time it ended in frustration, but every time she tricked herself into having hope. Her hope was never rewarded.

She felt her pleasure rising slowly. She tried to imagine having sex with her teacher, which heightened her pleasure somewhat. She was so close, she could feel the impending orgasm. Maybe today would be different! That's what she thought as she frantically tried to tip herself over the edge: "Maybe today's gonna be different!"

After two minutes of being close to the edge and unable to go over, she gave up and sighed. She felt like a fool for getting her hopes up. It always ended like this. Her pussy was aching so much by now and she didn't want to destroy it. That's the only reason she stopped. She looked back at her clock and realised she took a lot longer than two minutes. It was 7:59, which meant she had 31 minutes to be at school.

She had a shower, probably longer than she should have. Her nudity brought back her feelings. She wanted to try masturbating again, but she was used to a routine by now. Everyday, she would wake up, masturbate, stop in frustration, get in the shower, where the urge would almost overcome her again. Her routine meant she could resist the second urge to put finger to fanny - most of the time.

After a refreshing shower, she rushed a breakfast of peanut butter on toast and quickly downed a small glass of milk.

She went back to her bedroom to put on her school clothes. First, she slipped on her skimpy black and red panties, then her matching bra before putting on her white school shirt. Her breasts had started filling up quite a while ago, but it was slow going. When she was younger, she used to be afraid that they were the biggest they were ever going to be. Now that they were still filling up years later, as a C cup, she was always needing new bras and she wished it would stop. Her current bras were already starting to strain against her breasts.

The skirt was probably the most important part if she was to impress her teacher. She knew it was useless and that the younger guys whom she had no interest in were probably paying more attention than her teacher, but she couldn't help it. She was a hopeful person and it was no different with her teacher. She always held out hope that he was at least enjoying what he saw of her, even if nothing ever came of it. She wanted to give herself to him. Everyday, she would dress as sexily as she could. Her friends thought it was for her peers, but only she knew the truth. She did it for him.

For the briefest of moments, she considered having no panties under her skirt, but she didn't want to make it obvious that she was up to something. She just liked the thought of her teacher enjoying looking at her. Besides, she thought the colours were really sexy and she liked the way the panties accentuated her plump ass. She picked out two skirts. A short micro skirt that left just a bit of her ass visible - her ass was a bit bigger than most, so it wasn't technically against uniform length guidelines - and some tight denim shorts which were against school rules. She ended up opting for the micro skirt. She wanted her teacher's attention on her, not to be stopped in the corridor for violating school uniform rules. She also didn't want to get expelled, which would mean she couldn't see her teacher again.

Following an application of a dark red lipstick and blusher, Emily made her way over to school and sat down at her usual spot. The school was abuzz with hormones as usual, but her mind was only on one person. Finally, it was time for English class. As she walked to class, a few boys, upon noticing her short skirt and sexy, creamy legs, slapped her ass, which was just barely visible. She giggled sexily. She had to pretend to enjoy these interactions with males her age, lest she arouse the suspicion of her friends (and worse, school officials) as to who she was dressing for.

She found the room she took English class in a few days a week and sat down. She seemed to be the only person concentrating on the teacher. He was a fit young man of 23 years with dark brown hair, almost black, the colour of his short, neat, trimmed beard. His eyes were a dark blue and she would usually find herself lost in them. His smiles gave rise to the sexiest dimples. He was somewhat muscular, but not ridiculously so, although he had become more so recently. Maybe that was the cause of her rekindled interest in him. She was surprised she hadn't seen any other girl express interest in him. She thought she was reasonably attractive, but not many people had really asked her out. She was a brunette with a cute face, not too soft, not too firm perky C cup breasts, nice round ass, wide voluptuous hips and somewhat long legs.

Emily could remember nothing about what happened in class these days. It was always just a blur. All she could think about every day for the past three weeks was Mr Collins. She had been in love with him long before that and infatuated with him even longer before that. The bell rang, but as she reluctantly got up to go outside, she heard her teacher call, "Emily, I need to see you right now! Stay behind, please!"

She was happy to have an excuse to stay behind, but dreading what it was about. She thought she had a good idea what it was about. "Yes, sir?" she inquired, after everyone had left.

What happened next should have been a tip-off as to what was still to come but she paid no heed. Mr Collins walked over slowly and deliberately to the door and had she been paying attention to the signals, she would have noticed he slowed down even further as he passed her and sniffed her scent. Alas, she hadn't the foggiest that these events had unfolded, busy as she was, imagining him naked. Mr Collins continued walking round the room and closing each of the curtains and that's when Emily realised something was off. "What's going on, sir?" she asked.

"Emily, we need to talk about your performance!" he replied. "We've already talked about this at the beginning of the year when you first came into my class, haven't we? I'd always thought it was strange, since your grades were impeccable before."

"What do you mean?"

"Emily, your grades went down when you first came into my class, which was unusual for you. You had never had low grades before. Soon after, you started disregarding the rules for uniform and dressing in a more revealing manner everyday. I had a talk with you then and you told me it was due to a boy in this class. You shaped up and I thought I wouldn't have to talk to you again. Lately, your grades have been getting lower and your skirt higher. Again! What also happens to be something that's going on lately is that I've been going to the gym more often. From these facts, I think we can deduce that the object of your affection isn't a boy. You also smell like you've been masturbating a lot recently. Do you want to tell me what's going on?"

Emily was shocked. She'd always thought she hid her desire well. Clearly not. "I will if you promise not to say anything," she said, and tears began to form in her eyes. She really wanted him, but if she made advances toward him, it could be even worse for her record than just lower performance. Besides her record, what about his reputation with his superiors? "Hey, hey! It's okay. Noone has to know. You're 16. If word got round, I'd be fired" he said quietly. The reason for the closed blinds became clear to Emily now. Gingerly, almost hesitantly, she sauntered over to her hot hunk of a teacher.

She tried to gauge the reaction on her teacher's face. If he did feel anything, he hid it very well. Despite his very impressive - in fact, outstanding - poker face, she was confident now. She wrapped her arms around his hair and delicately pulled his face closer. His response was positive, but at this point, she already knew it would be. Teacher and student gazed lustfully and lovingly into each other's eyes, before both diving for a kiss, each now certain of the other's feelings. A point of no return had passed when he'd closed the blinds and another when he vocalised that "noone has to know," though it was only at this point that Emily had become conscious of that fact. Not that she wanted to return. Of course not, that would be insane. She had her angel now and she would fly with him to new heights of sensuality.

Jason pulled away from Emily to ask her a question: "Emily, would you mind sharing me with my girlfriend? We've talked about having relationships with other people and she doesn't mind. Do you?"

"Oh, Jason, of course. I'd do anything for you"

After that concise conversation, it took all of five seconds for a slow dancing of lips to grow to an erotic embrace and frolicking and licking and twirling of tongues. Already, the two sweethearts were grinding in unison. It was at that point that Lady Luck decided to fuck with them. Not eliminate their good luck mind, just give them a piece of disguised good luck. Mrs Lauren Valerie, Sex Ed, Biology teacher and Mr Collins' girlfriend, walked in to the room. She stared at the couple for a full minute before they regarded her.

She was a fiery redhead, a year older than Jason. Her eyes were the colour of emeralds. She had a perfect curvaceous hourglass figure, ridiculously straight hair that reached down to her conspicuous buns and a pretty, mischievous face.

"Oh my god!" Emily exclaimed. She began trying to push her Jason away, but he seemed to be resisting her struggles.

"Calm down, Emily, it's okay!" he soothed her. She trusted him and settled down. Besides, Lauren didn't seem to be a threat as of right now and she'd already seen everything. Pushing Jason away would only take away time from him and she'd still probably be in trouble. That is, if Lauren decided to report them.

"I saw you close the blinds with her alone, I came as quick as I could. So, you finally got around to getting together with her, huh? Can I join in?"

"What's going on?" asked Emily, surprised at this sudden turn of events.

"Emily… we both know you love me," Jason began. "I've also slowly fallen in love with you and I've told my girlfriend. We're very open with these things. She wants to join in. It's your choice Emily. She won't if you don't want her to."

The day had started with such hope, like every day. Hope of an orgasm and reciprocated love. This, however, was way more than even she could have hoped for. She pondered the situation and after a minute of thought, said, "I'm okay with her joining in. I've never been with a girl before, but I don't mind trying it out"

Lauren took the opportunity to close the door and walk over to the couple. She started stripping down provocatively, sticking her bum out, then her pussy when she was fully naked. The teacher-student couple took this as their cue to strip as well. Emily first bent over, as if she was picking something off the ground. Her skimpy skirt came in handy as it revealed the sweetest ass Jason had ever seen. Lauren was becoming increasingly aroused too, drooling at the young, teenage ass slowly wiggling in rhythmic, teasing motions in front of her. After she thought they'd had their fill of her titillating tush, Emily removed her bra then turned around with her breasts cupped in her hands. Well, she attempted to cup them in her hands. She removed each hand, one after the other to expose a firm, perky but soft set of C cup carnal delights.

After exhibiting her bodacious breasts, her booty was begging to be bared. She turned around again and slowly, salaciously removed her black and red panties, wiggling her pleasant little ass all over again while doing so, causing her naked pussy to move in a satisfyingly pleasurable manner.

With both the girls fully naked, Jason decided play with their pussies a bit first, before taking his own clothes off. His 8 inch manhood had been suffocating in his boxers and when he released them, they sprang up. Emily could already see a little precum seeping through. She cautiously touched the cock, which caused it to spring up yet again. This made her giggle. She started playing with it, like a toy. As soon as she touched the underside of the glans, the cock shot up every time. This amused her and she was getting wet at the thought that she was causing her lover's rod to react like that.

Lauren decided to step in and show Emily how it was done. She took the full 8 inches of cock in her mouth and started sucking and licking the organ. She was clearly an expert, as Jason's face contorted immediately and he tried to grab onto her long hair. Emily could feel some moisture and heat down below and put her hand to her hot honeypot. A soft moan escaped her exquisite red lips, which went slightly ajar in a sultry, seductive 'O' shape. She began pleasuring herself, just as she had many times before, thinking of Jason. Fluid dripped down from her cunt onto the carpeted floor. After a minute of masturbating, Emily decided to touch Lauren for the first time during the sex session. She lay flat on her back and while Lauren was giving Jason a blowjob, Emily put a tongue to her tasty, tangy twat. The sexual sensations were stellar. Her luscious, shapely pussy lips were swelling up now and she needed relief. She began stroking her clit as she sucked on Lauren's pussy.

Jason then got up from his position and told the two girls to start rubbing their pussies together. As they began to do that, Jason interjected and inserted his cock in between the two pussies. The girls both slid their pussies together, and with a cock in the middle, it was perfect bliss. The feeling of ecstatic euphoria that came over Jason and the girls at that moment cannot be described adequately in mere words. Emily was sure their screams of pleasure could be heard by someone.

"Oh, Jason!" whimpered Emily. "Ooooohh!" The moans of pleasure sent Jason's heart racing. His cock sprang up just a little, invisible in the frenzied squashing of two pussies mingling. Lauren wore a face like she was on Cloud 9.

Emily could feel an imminent orgasm approaching. It was then that Lauren decided to stop tribbing. "What the hell? You can't leave us hanging like that!" Emily cried out.

"Trust me, Emily! You'll have a much better orgasm this way. I will blow your mind." returned Lauren.

Emily had spent the better part of half a year trying to reach orgasm and it was now being withheld from her. She tried grabbing Jason's irresistible, captivating cock again, she was so desperate. She was so tantalisingly close to orgasm, she had waited for this moment for 6 months. She had to have it. But Jason just stepped back and Lauren blocked her way. Emily could not be consoled now, she was a feral predator. She was on the hunt, for Jason's cock to feed her cunt. Luckily, she wasn't very coordinated, so it was easy to stop her. She was literally crying by the time she stopped. After she realised she wouldn't get any cock by fighting for it, she stopped moving.

Seconds later as Jason moved forward again, she lunged for his cock and Lauren stopped her just in time. She struggled with her to the ground, where they began wrestling. The distraught Emily was uncontrollable both by Lauren or herself. As they fought, their pussies began to knead against each other. Emily wised up after a few seconds; she kept pretending to fight, but made sure to create as much friction as she could between her and Lauren's pussy. Lauren knew she had to contain Emily, but her own lustful appetite, her own hunger, nay, her burning need engulfed her.

As the two cute felines had a provocative, dirty catfight in front of him, Jason couldn't hold himself together and he began stroking his cock while watching the horny woman and girl in front of him playfight in an arousing way. He stimulated his cock until he was about to cum again, which took him about five minutes. He remembered why he had delayed the orgasm and tried to stop, but couldn't help himself. Coital juices were leaking all over the carpet from both Jason and the inviting females. The scene playing out looked like a porno. Emily had just been a mostly innocent little girl before the lesson and now she was acting like a naughty little slut. In Jason's mind, the innocence was still there, which made him extraordinarily turned on. He had to break the spell. He stopped playing with his cock in a flash and went to separate the girls. His strength meant he could separate them very quickly.

In a split second, the girls were upon each other again, but Jason was ready! He swiftly positioned his raging, sensitive erection between their pussies and the girls completely ignored him. They weren't even in control of their actions anymore. They just wanted release. If another person walked into the room at that moment, they would not have batted an eyelid. As Jason started playing with both the women's breasts, nipples, inner thigh and other erogenous zones as best he could, the intoxicated trio all approached the plateau of sexual excitement, the three of them sensually inflamed from almost an hour of sexual play.

The girls both orgasmed first, at the exact same time, followed literally half a second later by a very suppressed Jason. Their orgasms lasted around 5 minutes, with Jason's seed splashing around inside the girl's snatches the whole time. His cock was convulsing, while the girl's pussies had a paroxysm. The girls hips' sudden bucking movements just before the orgasm, translated to shudders during, intensified the friction, which intensified the orgasm in turn. The group were mentally and physically peaked and their orgasms were still going.

After they had all been liberated from their excitement, the exhaustion completely caught them off balance. They had all been taxed physically, emotionally and mentally. Emily whispered, "I understand why you tried to stop me from cumming now, guys. I love you both!". She kissed them both; slow, long kisses. The three nymphos all fell asleep in a heap with a smile on their faces and bucketfuls of fluid all over them and the carpeted floor.

Their clothes were a relative distance away, while the exact opposite was true for Jason's next class of students.

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