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Youngsville Part 8

Eric starts working for Mr.Wayland...
After Jessie’s and Jill’s request to be more open with the family I began to notice a few chances around the farm. I noticed how lightly the girls had begun to dress. They would walk around the house in light clothing which revealed a lot of their beautiful skin. Obviously trying to catch my attention, I think it excited them to prance around the house trying to impress a boy, and it certainly excited me! Those occasions usually turned out to them unzipping my pants and playing with me. They would do all of the work. I usually never interacted unless they really got my attention.

I began to fuck more openly around the family. Catherina and I had more and more anal sex. Sandra loved to ride me like a cowgirl in the piles of hay in the stables. The sisters told me that they had never seen their mother as happy as she was the mornings after me spending the night with her.

I basically moved into the farmhouse and switched between the women’s beds as I took care of one another from night to night. But my favorite was Jessie’s bed. She had the most endurance and we would stay up late fucking. Gina sometimes came in and complained about the noise, asking us to take it downstairs since she had to get up early in the mornings. We asked her to join us and sometimes she would. I will never forget the times watching mother and daughter suck my cock together.

However, that was not my first threesome. Catherina had found Sandra riding me in the stables one evening. My cock had been thrusting hard inside Sandra’s pussy and Catherina enjoyed watching her sister get fucked. We invited her to join and Catherina squatted above my face. I helped lubricate her sphincter and with the juices from Sandra’s cunt, and a lot of practice from Catherina, I was able to easily slide into her ass.

A week after of such events and exploring the possibilities of an open sexual relationship with five women, I went to Mr. Wayland’s ranch. I was going to start renovating the mansion and build the nursery he wanted for his unborn child. As kind as he had been during my previous visit he invited me for a drink before showing me the location of the room. As we entered the lounge I saw his wife, Kira.

Kira sat in the arm chair I had been seated in before. A blonde mid-twenties woman, Kira was 170 centimeters tall and has a very slim body. That is until you reach her stomach. I spotted a big round marble of a bump. My guess was that she was six months pregnant. Her big breasts were nearly bursting out of her dress. A dress which hugged her skin tight, leaving no folds against her round belly.

She looked up at me and Reynold as we entered the room. Her eyes met mine and I could see she looked at me with interest and with curiosity, she was clearly pleased with my arrival to the mansion. I walked over to her and Reynold introduced us. I was a little suspicious of her. The age difference between her and Reynold was huge and she seemed like a typical gold-digger who had sealed the deal with a pregnancy.

Me and Reynold sat down and had a scotch as Kira took some water. We had a casual chat and I began to notice how uninteresting Reynold seemed to Kira. Barely saying more than a few words when he addressed her. However when I spoke she would engage in the conversation. Agreeing and nodded at my every word. I felt it was best to break the conversation before it got more awkward in the room. I asked Reynold to show me his plans for the nursery.

We entered the room ideal for the nursery. It was small, old, and dull. No wonder Reynold wanted it renovated. I told Reynold about an idea of smashing down one of the walls and connecting two rooms to create a larger space for the room. He liked it and gave his approval. We went down the stairs and outside, to the garage where he had place equipment for the build. He had basically bought every kind tool on the market! I was very impressed and I took what I needed to begin the demolition. I smashed, tore, and ripped the room apart with a sledgehammer. The walls needed to go.

Over the next couple of hours I had torn down the walls and link two rooms into one. I enjoyed the demolition, the smashing was fun, and I lost track of the time. I decided to take a break when I looked out and saw it was almost dark outside. It was time to start heading home. I went downstairs to say my goodbyes to the Waylands but Reynold was nowhere to be seen. I heard from the hallway that someone was in the kitchen preparing a snack.

“I’m leaving for the day,” I said as I walked into the kitchen as I noticed Kira standing by the counter. But completely naked! “Oh, sorry!” I said and looked up into the ceiling.

“Don’t be shy,” she said with a strong Russian accent as she held up bowl of ice cream. “Would you like some ice cream?”

I looked down at Kira, she sure had a hot body for being pregnant. She had a cute smile too, and to be polite I should take the offer.

“Eh, sure why not?” I answered and walked over to the counter and stood by her side.

She scooped up a few balls of the cold cream and placed it in a bowl. My eyes wandered across her body looking at her beautiful titties. I was knocked out of my observation when she handed the bowl to me. I took a bite as she took a bite from her own. Kira smiled when she saw how I was looking at her. We finished the snack fast, a little too fast, since I got a brain freeze.

“Aaaah..!” I said as I held my hand against my forehead.

“Haha, you’re cute!” she laughed and placed the bowls in the sink

“You’re not too bad yourself,” I replied when my ache disappeared.

Kira giggled and smiled again. Making me smile back. She stepped closer to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek, but very close to the edge of my mouth. She then said goodbye and my eyes were clued to her ass as I watched her walk out of the kitchen. I found my way out of the mansion and headed home.

After a lovely dinner with the Day-Sea’s, Gina wanted me for the night. Catherina and Sandra were upset and protested that I had slept with Gina the last two nights. Being their mother and the head of the household Gina told them to go to their rooms and she got her wish. Just a few minutes later Gina was happily licking away at my penis.

My cock was hard as steel when Gina’s fingers touched me. Precum leaked out of the tip and ran down to the bottom of my shaft. She grasped my shaft and lightly kissed the mushroom head. She slowly pulled back and I could see my precum shining on her lips. Her head leaned down once again and I closed my eyes as her tongue touched my cock again. She started with her tongue touching the bottom of my cockhead and then slid the rest of me into her mouth. Her lips swept over the head and slowly moved down the shaft, stopping just before half way. Then they moved back up, then down again but now over the halfway mark of my manhood.

Gina moaned in delight as she sucked, turning me on even more. I opened my eyes and saw that she was looking right into mine, at the same time she was bobbing her head up and down along my dick. I loved it when she pushed as far as she could, pressing her nose into my trimmed pubes. Taking the entire cock down her throat. She pulled away but several thick strings of saliva and precum hung between my cockhead and her lips. She began to use her hands and she stroked my spit coated shaft.

“Now it’s my time to repay you,” I said and pulled her up.

I laid her down at the top of the bed, resting her back on the pillow and head against the headboard. I crawled between her legs and straddled her legs over my face and the back of her knees over my shoulders. I begin using my tongue to lap her puss from her vaginal entrance all the way up to her clitoris. After a short while my tongue played between the inner and outer labia, until moving on to tongue fucking her pussy. Sticking it in and out of her cunt. My mouth and lips were getting soaked in her juices and I could tell by her humming that she was in heaven.

Then I concentrated on her exposed clitoris. I took it into my mouth and gently sucked, at the same time I flicked my tongue over and around it. Now with her vagina extremely wet I used two fingers and moved them in and out. Wiggling them around inside and together with my tongue play she cried out that she was cumming. She was cumming hard and she squeezed my head between her thighs as a burst of pussy juice covered my face. Almost suffocating me as she pressed herself so hard against my face. Her back arching up in the bed as she continued spraying my face.

Gina was not the only one who was enjoying herself. I thought this was a great fun and started round two. I guided my lips and slid my tongue down her ass to her sensitive rosebud. I scooped up lubricating juices from her very wet pussy and began to rub them around her anus. I added my saliva to my fingers and began to rub around in a circle. A moment later I pushed my finger inside her tight hole and began moving around in a circle. Her moans intensified as my tongue stabbed at her little shithole.

“Fuck!” she yelled and grabbed my head. “Give me you cock already!”

Her hands yanked me up and I crawled on top of her hot body. With my hard cock pressing against her thigh. Her hands moved around my back and down to my butt. Pressing down and forcing me into her sweet wet twat. Gina panted and moaned hard as my cock began to pound at her womanhood. Her wet vagina giving me unforgettable pleasure.

I took her soft tits in my hands and her nipple into my mouth, biting down on it and causing Gina to feel hotter than ever. I could tell she was tingling as my cock worked deeper and she began to yell and moan louder than before. We thrust together making a wet plumbing noise as our flesh slammed against one another. Gina’s body was burning with pleasure. My cock was too much for her hot and wet pussy.

“Oh baby!!!” Gina screamed on the brink of another orgasm as she held my head against her big breasted chest. “I want your sticky spunk deep inside my pussy!”

“I’m going to cum!” I grunted as I imbedded my cock in her cunt and she let out a high-pitched scream as my body released waves of cum into her. I looked up and the look on Gina’s face was bliss. I continued unloading and after a short moment we were both ready for more.

“Please stick your fat cock in here,” Gina said and rubbed her asshole with my finger. “My little pooper feels so empty. Explore my dirty tunnel with your fat cock, flood my poop chute with your manly juices!” Gina commanded as I rubbed the head of my cock around the dark circle of skin that surrounded her anal opening.

“With pleasure,” I answered and Gina sighed passionately as I rammed my stiff, swollen penis into the depths of her rectum.

My cock disappeared into her bowels, pushing my prick so far into her ass that my balls almost sank into her cunt! Gina wanted to feel it all with my dick buried up to the hilt in her asshole. I was delighted with her request and I loved having my tool squished in her tight little treasure hole.

“Where is my cock Gina?”

“In my ass baby…”

“One more time, where?”

“In my ass you hot fucking stud!”

“Does it feel good?”

“Yes, it feels amazing!”

I was taking command of this sex starved woman and could do as I pleased. She dropped her head into the pillow and cried out as she screamed through her anal induced orgasm. Her asshole tightened and loosened in spasms that tried to milk my cock with tight asshole. It was incredible.

“Are you a slut Gina?”

“I’m your slut Eric!”

“Good,” I said as I withdrew my dick from her slippery anus. “Get on your back and spread those legs wide!” I commanded.

Excited the cock hungry milf rolled over onto her back and lifted her legs into the air. Raising her knees close to her head allowing me plentiful space to maneuver. I bent down and examined her fucked asshole. It was gaping open a little bit and required more lubricant.

“Tongue my ass Eric,” Gina proposed and placed her hand on her butt cheeks.

I dropped my head down close to her asshole. My tongue rolled around the edge of Gina’s beautiful open asshole, until finally slipping down into it. Stabbing it with my tongue. My spit was not getting the job done but fortunately I felt a tap on my head. I looked up and Gina was holding the bottle of lubricant. I stood up to my knees and coated her ass and my shaft with a thick layer of lube.

The next moment I plunged back into her hot, tight asshole. I spurred our bodies with deep thrusts and her tight walls clenched around my wet cock. The level of arousal was growing quickly and the decibel level in the room was in the danger zone. Gina was moaning uncontrollably as my thighs slammed into her ass, which was making a sound similar to clapping.

“Ah fuck! You’re making me cum again!”

“Oh yes, fill my tiny pink asshole with your hot load. I need my slutty poop chute flooded with sticky jizz. Cream my pooper!”

Suddenly I reached the point of no return and my spunk began to simmer in my nuts, reaching the boiling point and then exploded as I ejaculated into Gina’s dirty asshole. Simultaneously her tight anal muscles closed tightly around my stiff member, holding onto it as though she wanted to keep it in her butt forever. Which must have been the case for my spunk, I was in deep. I wondered if all of it would ever leave her body, considering the amount I unloaded. I did not stop pounding her body as we came. I kept hold of her as her asshole filled with my spunk, painting her intestines with so much that it started to leak out from around my shaft.

Finally, after a minute or two I pulled back and my cum was pouring out of Gina, like a miniature fountain it sprang out for a few seconds until it began to flow in a slow and steady pace. The thought of my creamy cum inside of both her lovely holes was so arousing. I fell down beside her, my body and my mind was at ease after an amazing deposit into Gina who had called herself my slut.

“Thanks baby,” she said placing her wet lips on my cheek. “You’re amazing.”

Within minutes Gina was sleeping. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was not even midnight. I grabbed my phone and browsed through my old photos. I looked at the latest one, Catherina. I looked over at Gina who was displaying her ass against me. The area around her holes was drenched in my jizz and I looked back at my phone’s screen. I took a picture of my latest conquest before turning the lights off and trying my best to join Gina in her slumber.

A week later I was busy working at the Wayland mansion. I had been working there for a few days and it had been very enjoyable. I got to decide my own working hours and I had a good pay. Mr. Wayland was a good employer too, he always invited me for a drink and Kira made lunch for me. Often writing flirty notes which she hid under the cup of milk she gave me.

As I was laying down the finishing touches on the carpeting Kira walked in. I looked up at her. She was wearing a yellow dress which hung loose over her round pregnant belly. I noticed she was barefoot, she could hurt her feet if there on spare parts across the room. I told her this and asked her to go back outside. She shook her head and looked down at her feet. I did the same. She was wiggling her toes between the furry pink carpet that was brand new. She was expecting a daughter so there was little discussion what she wanted.

“Please, go back outside,” I urged her and placed my hand on her pregnant belly, as I lightly began pushing her out of the room. “You might step on something.”

Kira placed her hand over mine. Her fingers were very gentle and she rubbed my skin. I looked into her eyes. Past her make-up she displaced a horny and sexy stare at me. A look which spoke more to your cock than to your mind. I felt her other hand rest on my crotch. It was obvious what her intentions were now. Kira’s pressed her lips against mine. They tasted sweet and juicy and she enjoyed herself by licking and gently sucking on my lips. Her tongue then found its way through our mouths and met my own. I moved my hands to her breasts as her arms wrapped around my body.

“What about your husband?” I asked as I pulled my head away.

“I gave him pills,” Kira answered with her strong Russian accent. “He not awake for long time.”

“Is that not dangerous?” I asked.

“Does it look like I care?” she replied.

Kira pressed herself against me and back against one of the unfinished walls as our lips met again. Kissing me deeply. My fingers gently pulled on her nipples through her dress. They were erected, hard, and delightful to play with. I felt her hands moving over my crotch and looking for a way to get me out of my overall. I pulled away and opened it up for her instead. As the fabric fell to the floor she pulled down my underwear and gasped as she saw my equipment.

“Wow,” Kira said in awe as she cupped my testicles. “You big man.”

I laughed at her compliment as she took me into her mouth. Eagerly suckling on my mushroom shaped head and she was a pro. She was not holding back for one moment, she begins to moan as my cock throbs in her mouth. I love how she moaned every time she pushed my cock down her throat. My hands landed on top of her head and grasped her blonde hair.

As I began to fuck her face she tugged down on her dress. Pulling out her swelling breast out of cover. They were glorious and well prepared for producing milk. I held her soft jugs in my hands as Kira continued to play with my cock. She never took her eyes off me though, we stared into each other’s eyes as my cock disappeared into her mouth. I loved it, Kira was obviously a big slut.

I took my cock out and brushed it over her face, when I did she pushed out her tongue, like a serpent. Coating my cock with more saliva, making it slick and slippery. It also tickled, I decided to move on so I pulled her up to her feet and asked what she wanted to do, she giggled and gave me a cheeky smile before answering me.

“Let us fuck!”

Kira took my hand and led me across the mansion to the master bedroom. Kira stopped before the bed and pulled off her dress as I stepped out of my clothes. I observed her naked body. Her belly was so round and perfect, no stretch marks or anything. A perfect round pregnant belly. We were out of our clothing in only a few seconds until we pressed up against each other once more, holding each other in our arms. I could feel her pussy rubbing against my thigh and smearing it with her pussy juices, teasing me to fuck her good.

I fell back onto the bed, landing on my back. My cock stuck up like a mast and Kira straddled me. Positioning her cunt just above my pole, I could feel her warmth and her juices dripping down on to my cockhead and my testicles. Had I just thrust up I would have been inside her. She suddenly lowered herself but not inserting me. I felt her wet labia brush up and down along my shaft, coating it with her natural lubricant.

Kira then lifted her ass up high and then wrapped her pussy around my cockhead, before pushing down hard. She let out a loud moan as she stuck my cock into her vagina and bumped it against her cervix. She did not move and just sat on top of my body for a few seconds. I reached up and grabbed her breasts as she looked down at me. I could feel how much she wanted this and I was never going to say no.

Her butt the lifted up before pushing down again, at a slow and smooth pace. My cock slid in and out of her pregnant pussy with ease. It did not take long until she picked up speed and let my cock piston in and out. I was deep inside her, I could feel my cock head banging against her cervix with every thrust, filling her completely. All at the same time she pressed her tits into my face and I suckled on her nipples, sucking at them like a hungry baby. This woman was wild. She was soaking my cock. She never lost speed, her stamina was incredible just like a race horse. I felt the moment of her orgasm, she couldn’t stop moaning and during the hard riding she began to cum hard all over my cock. Her pussy tightened around me and she pulled me hard into her body.

At the peak of her orgasm she freezed in place, but I was so close too. I grabbed her body and the feeling of her cumming on my cock was fantastic. I moaned and grunted as my balls tighten and stiffen, with my hard throbbing cock being squeezed inside her. I came just as hard, ejaculating and spraying my seed deep into her pussy, and filling her already pregnant womb. I held myself inside her for a long time, grunting with pleasure as Kira began to calm down. She smiled at me before kissing me.

“I really needed that,” she said and grinding her body against me.

“I can tell,” I replied and laughed at her.

“You have no idea,” she said in a serious tone, “Reynold has no knowledge on how to please a woman.”

“And I do?” I asked, she laughed and kissed me.

“You certainly pass test,” she answered and unsaddled me. “If only I met you sooner.”

“Is he not treating you good?” I inquired and she laughed like it was a joke.

“No, he treats me like a little girl and I feel like a tool,” she said and laid her head against my chest. “A tool to breed his child, his, his investment!” She continued in an upset tone. “And he has the worst penis I’ve ever fucked, I don’t even understand how I got pregnant! He barely had anything to give! I have to play with myself every night! He has not touched me sexually in months!” she went on, even angrier now. “Do you have any clue how horny a woman is during her pregnancy?! It is torture not to do anything to her!”

“I don’t really know what to say Kira,” I told her, honestly too. “It sounds like you have a lot on your mind.”

“I’ve been so lonely out here,” she admitted. “Young woman with no friends, no real man, and my body has been begging for a real man.” She went on as she caressed her body and looked me in the eye. “I need someone to fuck me…”

Kira went on and told me about her past. She was from a poor neighborhood in Moscow and hung around with the wrong types. She lost her virginity during her early teen years and became addicted to cock and being one of the most attractive girls around, she understood she would never have to work hard. This led to her dropping out of school and hanging around a club. A club which was bad news. For years she was a captive at the club until finally Reynold Wayland showed up at the club she served at and bought her loose for a hefty fee.

That was six months ago. Reynold took her to Youngsville where she thought she would serve as his sex slave for the rest of time. She was obviously mistaken, the only serving she had been doing was filling up Mr. Wayland’s whiskey glasses. Unhappy at the lack of attention from her husband she was ready to run away when she took a pregnancy test, positive. She had no way of supporting herself and she thought about her child. She needed to secure a future for her and she did not need to look far when she found out about Wayland’s mass wealth.

I was right about one thing though: that she was a gold-digging slut. But Kira had given me a new perspective of the Reynold. She then threated to tell about our sexual encounter unless I kept coming over and fucking her. I agreed to play ball with her, after all she was willing to play with my pair. Over the next couple of weeks I came over and built on the mansion and whenever Kira commanded I would stuff her full with my cock. Reynold had no clue about what was going on.

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