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Youngsville Part 9

Eric's fun leads to consequences...
I opened the door to my cottage and took out the bundle of cash I had been given by Mr. Wayland. I rolled away the carpet on the floor and opened the hatch down to my personal safe. It was a brand new one that Mr. Wayland had given me as a present after I had finished the nursery. He claimed that he was forced to give me a place to protect my valuables and money that I had earned.

I enjoyed the loud slam the safe made when I closed it shut. I sure did not want to get my toe stuck in-between the 2 inch thick metal door. I placed the carpet over the floor hatch and got back up on my feet. I threw myself down into my bed for a nap when I noticed something was laying on the other pillow. I picked it up and I recognized the handwriting; Jessie’s:

Meet me on our hill, I will be waiting for you.

I looked outside and saw it was going to be getting dark soon. I put the note in my pocket and grabbed a jacket before walking the distance to Jessie’s hilltop. As the rise came into view, I could see that she had made a small fire; it was glowing and I could see the shape of a young woman sitting next to the fire.

As I approached the base of the hill, the figure waved to me and I waved back. When I reached the top I saw Jessie sitting on the same blanket we had brought before. She looked beautiful in a red wraparound dress. Next to her she had a basket.

“Hey, handsome,” she said as I sat down next to her on the blanket, and handed me a glass.

“Hello, beautiful,” I gave her a kiss. It was passionate like a lover’s kiss. “What is all this?”

“I thought I would surprise you with something special." She opened the basket.

Together we had a wonderful dinner underneath the trees and the night sky; it was really romantic. We were having a great time and soon we were doing more than eating. I held her in my arms and our kisses were sweet. As she felt me grow hard, she pulled away.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked her as she turned her head and looked away from me.

“I, I need to tell you something,” she said with an unsecure voice. “Something important.”

“Well, what is it?” I turned her face to look at me.

“I’m pregnant,” she said.

I was paralyzed by her words. Pregnant. I had no idea what to answer. I looked at Jessie, waiting to see what my response was, if she had my approval. I just stared at her, blank. I could find no words, I was stunned. Of course it had to happen sooner or later. The amount of sex we had. Jessie a mother? I a father? Boy or a girl? So many uncertainties.

“Baby?” I heard her ask, to see if I would respond.

“Yes, a baby.” I answered and looked at her stomach. “A baby in there, my baby?”

“Yes!” Jessie said with excitement. “Our baby!” She held my hand against her stomach.

“Are you okay with it?” I asked and looked up at her face. "Are you keeping it?"

“Yes, it is a beautiful thing,” she said and smiled at me. “But I will feel better with my decision if you agree with me...”

“Jessie, I will do anything to support,” I said, happy, and pulled her close. “Now come here.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her lips. It was so wet and so much sweeter when I knew she was carrying my child. Her hands violently pushed away the basket as I crawled on top of her. We kissed slowly and passionately. We were so aroused and together we helped get our clothes off.

Her hands fished my cock out of my pants as I pulled her dress and panties off her skin. Her hands guided my cock to her entrance and I could feel her wonderful pussy pushing against me. She was already wet and I teased Jessie. She moaned loud and soaked the blanket with her juices.

Her hands searched for my cock and once they found it, they pulled me forward. With an easy push I slid into my baby mama’s vagina. I thrust deep and kissed her neck. I was so aroused now that I knew she was pregnant. My cock was harder than it had ever been and my thrusts inside her felt better than ever before. My thoughts went to Kira and the wild sex we had. I was already longing for the amount of crazy pregnant sex we would be having.

“Do you like my pregnant pussy?” Jessie asked with a giggle.

“Yes!” I answered as we kissed. “Yes I do. I love fucking your sexy, pregnant pussy.”

I felt her hands move around and rest on my ass. She pulled me down, wanting me to go deeper inside her. She moaned louder as I fuck her harder and deeper. I felt her pussy grow wetter and wetter along my slick shaft. It was a wonderful sensation that rushed through me with excitement. My cock acted crazy and I had never been so big and thick. It throbbed inside her as she wiggled her hips left and right.

“Ah!” She cried out into my ear, almost making me deaf. “Give me your cum!”

I erupted inside her and shot all the cum I could up her cunt. This seemed to wake her own orgasm and together our feelings mixed in pure pleasure. A miunte later, as our senses returned to normal, we lay there quietly together. My cock softened inside Jessie before it slipped out along with a river of semen. We kissed and Jessie told me that she thought we had made our baby here the first time she brought me along.

The following days were a mixture of wonder and despair. Jessie was not sure how her mother would react at the news of her pregnancy. She was worried Gina would be mad, but I promised Jessie that would not be the case. Every occasion Jessie tried to talk to Gina, she would get her tongue tied. Finally I took the initiative and assembled the entire Day-Sea family in the dining room. Gina, Jill, Jessie, Sandra, and Catherina were all sitting around the table and I stood at the end of the table with all their eyes fixed on me.

“What is going on?” Sandra asked as she looked around at everyone. “Is somebody pregnant or something?” she continued and laughed.

I said nothing and looked at Jessie, who looked down at the floor. The others observed this and gasped.

“Oh, shit!” Sandra replied at her accurate guess.

“Sandra!” Gina yelled at Sandra for swearing. “Eric, continue.” Everyone looked at me.

“Well, as everybody knows there has been quite a large amount of intercourse in the house. Almost all of it unprotected that I know, which leads to some consequences. That consequence being one of you lovely girls has become pregnant.”

Jessie’s siblings looked around at each other, trying to figure out who it was. I looked at Jessie who was looking at me. On her face she had a tiny smile. I assumed she thought I was doing a good job. After a short moment, all of the girls' eyes stopped at Jessie and Gina, who sat next to her, took her hand.

“Tell us, Jessie,” Gina said and caressed her hand.

“I’m pregnant.” Jessie said with a mixture of joy and shame.

“That is wonderful, dear!” Gina hugged her daughter.

The relief for Jessie must have felt like hot water washing over her face. I could see her lose the tension as Gina kissed her cheeks. Her sisters rose up from their seats and walked around the table to hug her as well. All but Jill, she sat still and I made my way to her. I sat down next to her and asked her what was wrong.

“Nothing,” Jill answered, and held my hand. “There is a 'consequence' growing inside me.”

“What?!” I replied and Jill giggled. “Are you serious?”

“Yes,” she replied and stood up. “Everyone, I’m pregnant, too.”

The girls turned their head and looked at Jill, then at me. They opened their arms for Jill who ran over, crying and laughing and they all hugged. I was pretty shocked getting to know that I was going to have two babies, it was all coming so very quick. I could see Gina motioning me to come over and join the hugs going on, and that was exactly what I did.

I left Jessie and Jill alone with Gina, and took Sandra and Catherina out of the room. They would probably need some time to talk. I could tell Sandra and Catherina were excited about the news. Catherina ran upstairs to phone her church friends that she was going to be an aunt, leaving me alone with Sandra in the hallway. She suggested we take a walk, so we went outside. A teenage girl could be very persuasive, and after only a short distance she lured me into the stables.

We climbed up a ladder which led to her room above the stalls, giving a view down to the horses below. She had a small bed, but both of us could fit on it if we tried. Sandra spun me around and pushed me down on the bed. I saw that she had already undressed as she sat down on my lap and began to grind on me. I felt her hand unzip my jeans and her fingers grasped my soft cock, giving it a pleasant massage. At the same time I massaged her ass cheeks and leaned forward to suck and lick her hard nipples.

I grabbed and forceed her down onto the bed. Pushing her smooth shaved legs up to her face. It was just the sight I adored to see. Her ripe young pussy and asshole on display for me. I felt my cock jolt with excitement and I stood down on my knees on the floor. With her ass hanging off the edge of the bed I buried my face into her holes. She moaned out in pleasure as my tongue flew rapidly over her puckered asshole and her juicy cunt.

“Ah! Please Eric!” Sandra begged me. “It feels too good!” she managed to say between her uncontrollable moans.

I felt her humping and pushing her crotch up into my face, with her cunt juices smearing all over my mouth and chin as I tongue-fucked her. Suddenly I felt an additional wave of juices spraying against my face as Sandra reached orgasm.

“Wow!” I said amazed. “You can squirt?”

“Oooh…apparently!” she said astonished. “I’ve never cum so hard in my life! What did you do?!”

“Nothing out of the ordinary, I just…”

“I don’t care!” she yelled and grabbed me. “Give me cock!”

I stood up onto my feet and stood close to the bed as Sandra flipped herself over and got her head close to my cock at the edge. Sandra’s lips slid over my cock and down my shaft. She began to suck me off while I grabbed her hair and held it back in a ponytail. Letting her hair out of her face. In a few short moments I shot my cum down her young teen throat, and she gagged on my seed. I commanded her to swallow and she followed my orders with delight. Not wasting a single drop as it tried seeping out along my shaft.

To reward her for her good blowjob I walked around the bed and pulled her ass close to the edge and lifted it up into a doggy style position. I mounted her just like a stud and drove my penis deep into her vagina. She was still dripping with her lubricant and I loved her tight cunt on my slick cock. I pumped into her as she moaned and grunted. I loved listening to her as she begged me to fuck her harder, faster, and deeper. A request which I eagerly delivered.

“You’re the best stud in this stable you know that?” Sandra told me as I fucked her from behind. I bent down laying my chest on her back and my mouth close to her ear I whispered.

“Are you ready to get your young cunt full with spunk?”

“Oh yeah baby!” she begged. “Fill me good like you did to my sisters!”

Those words sent me over the edge and I began blasting my cum deep inside Sandra. She cried out that she felt it shooting into her womb and revealed that she wanted to get pregnant too! What the fuck was up with these gals? What the fuck was up with me? She was longing to breed just like the animals she sheltered and she was aching to get a load of potent seed up her snatch! She loved it as her baby maker was filled with seed.

Together we collapsed down onto the bed. I lay still inside her but her hand grabbed my cock and continued to jerk me off, splashing cum around our privates. She scooped some up with her fingers and tasted my jizz. Then she stuck out her tongue for me and she had a tiny puddle of it on the tip of her tongue. I laughed at her and she swallowed it down before crawling down between my legs in a hurry.

“When did you get so slutty Sandra?” I asked as she began licking my cock.

“Mmm mmm, around the time you became the family breeding stud.” She said as she slurped on my cock.

“Family breeding stud?” I repeated and smiled. “That sounds like an awful big responsibility.”

“Mmm, oh it sure is,” Sandra answered between her sucking. “I’m so glad we have you…”

I sat back and relaxed as my cock disappeared into Sandra’s cute little mouth. With my mind drifting away and it began to think about the future. I could not have expected all that had happened a few months ago. Living on a farm and having women go crazy over me! Begging me to sleep with them. I am happier here in Youngsville than I ever was at home. I have everything I could need here. A job, women, and a home. So I was planning on staying. Now when I look back at it I sure am glad that I did. For what was to come was even better.

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