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Your Late

This is my first try at this so be gentle with me ;)
You just got back from the bar late after saying you would be back no later than 10 o’clock it was about 11 when you got in so I was pretty pissed with you. I hear you walk quietly up the stairs to find all the lights off apart from a bit of light coming through the bedroom door, you can hear the tv on but your not sure what it is I'm watching you probably think I will be asleep, you slowly open the door and see me on the bed in the school girls outfit getting started without you.

As you open the door a little more I pretend to be completely focused on what I'm doing, pretending I have no idea your stood there watching. What you can see is me laying on the bed watching tv with my rampant rabbit in my hand slowly slipping it into my wet newly shaven pussy with my other hand gently playing with my nipples, you stand there watching as I start to work the rabbit a bit quicker and a bit deeper I still appear to be watching tv then you hear what I'm watching its a bit of porn not on the tv but on internet and your loving watching me but you want to join in so you open the door all the way and try and walk in but I stop you right there your late and have missed out, I've got some porn and the rabbit so I'm sorted!

But if you like, you can watch, obviously you stay put, so I carry on pleasuring myself with you watching from the end of the bed with a perfect view of my wet pussy getting slowly fucked by that lucky plastic toy. What does it taste like you ask so out it comes glistening with my juices and just to torture you a little more I put it into my mouth to taste, and take it out saying wouldn't you like to know and give you a cheeky wink and slide it deep back into me, by now I'm lying on my side working the rabbit deeper and harder now with my other hand rubbing my swollen clit, which is making my breath shorter with every thrust and your finding it very hard to just watch now and I know it so I move to the end of the bed and sit perched on the end in front of you and slowly open my legs and slide the rabbit down my body from my lips over my breasts down my stomach and over my clit just shallowly into my now soaked pussy this is all to much for you now to watch your cock is out and your slowly wanking yourself pleading with me to let you join in.

I am still pissed at you for being late and my intentions were to not let you join in, but the movie had really got me going and my vibrator had brought me so close to coming, my pussy was so wet and ready for you and the sight of you with your hard cock in your hand was to much. I get unsteadily to my feet and sway over to you, I quickly place my fingers into my wetness and then bring them up to your mouth, your eyes light up as you realise you are forgiven and allowed to play, your cock twitches with excitement and you slowly insert each of my fingers into your mouth one at a time sucking and licking them slowly and thoroughly savouring the taste of me, I gently nip your shoulders and trail my mouth down to your nipples nipping one and pinching the other, you groan gently and take my hand from your mouth and place it around your cock and kiss my neck gently at first then roughly nip and then tenderly lick it, the mixture of pain and pleasure drives me wild, your hands are running up and down the sides of my breasts teasing them you know I want your mouth sucking my nipples they are so erect and ready for you, but now it is your turn to tease me, you kiss and nibble me everywhere on my torso apart from my breasts, I am whimpering with pleasure and stroking your cock frantically and gently but firmly tickling the sensitive are behind your full balls, your mouth finds one nipple and you tease it with your teeth rolling you tongue deliciously over it your hand finds the other breast and you massage it firmly gently applying more pressure the different sensations on each breast is crazy, I start to move my hand on your pulsating cock faster and my other hand travels around your hard body and grabs your arse and roughly pulls you closer to me, edging one of your thighs between my legs rubbing my pussy up and down your leg the pressure on my clit is divine and with what your mouth and hands are doing to my nipples I am in ecstasy, you push my hands away from your throbbing cock and a growl emits from your throat your mouth and tongue release my nipple and nip and lick their way downwards, we are still stood facing one another but you kneel down you are at the exact height to use your tongue to tease my clit your hands grab my arse and you pull me towards you and your tongue circles my clit and your hands are spreading my arse cheeks and your fingers delve into me from behind, fingering me deeply, I arch my hips towards you and your mouth covers my wetness your tongue diving into me and then back to my clit you suck my clit long and hard all the while fingering me from behind my hips are writhing against your mouth, I am riding your face and your fingers at the same time, you ease one of your hands away I groan in disappointment then squeal with delight, I know whats coming, I am so wet you have now trouble gently inserting you finger up my backside I am bucking against you for all I am worth my stomach muscles clench and I am coming hard and fast screaming at you never to stop , you ease off the pressure very gently and your mouth trails back up to my mouth and you kiss me deep and hard your tongue playing with mine I am still gasping and panting my muscles still contracting around your fingers, you taste and smell of my juices, I can barely stand, my legs are like jelly and shaking uncontrollably from the earth shattering orgasm I have just experienced, but I know your not finished yet and I am glad your not I grab your cock and wank you as hard and as fast as I can, you push me up against the wall and again move my hands away, with one hand you grasp my hands and pin them against the wall whilst your other hand grabs my leg and places it around your waist your cock has found my pussy and nudges against my very tender clit I moan and push against it and bring my other leg up around your waist, then your cock is in me you still have me pinned against the wall your other hand is now grabbing my arse and you are thrusting into me deeper and deeper, and i'm thrusting with you perfectly in sync never wanting it to end but wanting your thick juicy come in me, your mouth clamps back onto my nipple we are in perfect union my finger nails digging into your back, clenching you to me hard, harder and harder you thrust into me and the pressure of the base of your cock is hitting my clit and it feels amazing, I am begging you to come and you do in great shuddering jolts your mouth on mine and I am coming again our thrusting gets gentler but we are still writhing against one another, breathing hard, your cock still spurting deep inside me as we slowly sink to the floor, completely exhausted, we look at each other and grin, you wink and say 'sorry I was late'...................................
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