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Your Naughty Little School Girl

This is for you.
All the breath in my body disappeared the instant your mouth covered mine. I can feel your hot breath against me, the sweet taste of your lips and tongue driving me wild. My body slides against yours, all the most sensitive places coming into contact instantly. Already, I can feel my wetness dripping down onto my legs.

You pull up my shirt and then my bra, so that you can reach my stiff, aching nipples. But it’s not until I feel your fingers caress my soft skin that I remember where we are. We’re standing in the middle of a deserted classroom engaging in activities that might just get me suspended if caught.

And yet, I still can’t convince myself to pull away from you. You use one hand to tease and squeeze one of my tits while the other slides low on my hip to pull me even closer. Your kisses are exhilarating, distracting, each so perfect that I can’t help but want more. I wiggle my hips against you, drawing an involuntary moan.

“We… can’t…” I gasp between kisses, “Do this… here.”

Your hand slides beneath my skirt and I can’t help but smirk at the expression on your face when you realize that I’m not wearing any panties. All you feel beneath your fingers is the smooth skin of my naked ass and if you weren’t ready to fuck me five seconds ago, well you definitely are now. Pressed against you, I can feel the tell-tale bulge of your cock beneath your pants and I’m dying to take it out and suck on it.

“Why not?” You whisper in my ear. “Come on, you know you like it.” I shiver as your fingers slide down my ass, getting teasingly close to my bare pussy. Any rational thought disappears with the touch of your fingers on my wet pussy lips.

“Um…” Suddenly I remembered. “The bell. When it rings, there’ll be students everywhere. We need to find somewhere we can be alone and fast.”

Somehow, our luck holds and we manage to avoid seeing anyone in the hallways. Eventually, we come across the deserted locker room and you guide me inside. Immediately, I notice that the room has a few benches and a whole row of showers that could provide hours of potentially delicious fun. The look in your eyes is so full of heat that I feel myself dripping already. All I can think about is your mouth against mine, your body surrounding me, your cock buried balls-deep inside my tight little cunt.

Your eyes rake over my disheveled appearance with a look of male satisfaction. I know I’m a mess already. My shirt is completely unbuttoned and my skirt is riding high on my hips, giving you a tantalizing view of my ass. My lips are red and swollen from your kisses and hair is definitely mussed.

“You know you shouldn’t wear outfits like that unless you want me tearing them off of you.” You tell me, adding that I look extremely sexy in that tiny black skirt.

“Ever think maybe that’s exactly what I want?” I retort with a grin.

I turn around so that my back is to you and bend forward, propping my hands on the bench in front of me and grinning over my shoulder at you. From your position, you can see the wetness of my slit and my inner thighs. You can also see the tight pink pucker of my asshole and you feel a sudden intense urge to lick me from clit to asshole and back again.

I wiggle my ass invitingly. “I’ve been such a naughty little girl,” I tease jokingly, dragging a finger around my dripping wet hole while you watch. “Don’t you want to spank me?”

Instead of responding, you simply get down and replace my finger on my pussy with your own. The next thing I know, you’re tonguing my clit and pussy and all I can do is moan. I thrust my ass back against your face, pushing your tongue deeper into me. I let out little whimpers of arousal as your tongue slides through my wet folds.

“You make the sexiest noises,” you pull away long enough to say. And just for good measure, you add, “I’m about to lick that tight little ass hole… as long as it’s clean.”

“Of course it…. Mmmmm!” I break off in the middle of my sentence as your mouth presses against my tight little pucker. “Taste okay?” I manage to gasp.

Your tongue darts out again to flick over my sensitive hole before I hear your muffled answer. “Actually, yeah. It tastes fine.”

You lick and suck me, savoring my juices with delicious sounding groans, alternating between flicking little licks over my wet asshole and sucking my clit hard enough to make me jerk against you. I’m letting out noises so loud that anyone outside the door is sure to hear us and it feels like takes only seconds before I’m ready to cum.

Just as my pussy starts to tighten with my orgasm, I moan for you to stop. I want to cum with your cock pounding in and out of me so hard I can barely think straight. I want to cum with you inside of me, emptying your delicious cum into my hungry little pussy. I switch us so that you’re the one on the bench and I’m the one kneeling before you. Only this time, we’re facing each other. I’m on the perfect level to free your straining dick from the confines of your pants.

I ease the zipper down and lift it out of your boxers almost reverently. You’re completely hard already and the sight of you fully aroused makes me ache to feel you inside of me. I kiss the tip and then grip you with my hand, moving up and down rhythmically, starting to jerk you off.

You have no idea how much I enjoy touching you. I love the feel of your hard, throbbing cock in my hands, aching for a release that only I can give you. I’m delighted at the sight of little drops of pre-cum dripping from your spongy looking head. My favorite part, though, are the sensitive little sacs of skin hidden right at the base of your cock.

I run my tongue from base to tip, stopping at the top to flick my tongue over the bead of pre-cum leaking from the tiny slit at the top before sucking you into my mouth. I press forward, taking as much of you as I can manage before sliding off and then taking you down again. I keep my eyes locked on yours the entire time, humming a little because I know that the vibration of my throat makes your cock throb harder.

I bob up and down as rapidly as I can, trying to get you to cum in my mouth. Just as I feel your balls start to tighten and your cock throb harder, you pull me off. “I want to cum inside you,” you remind me. “I want to fill all of your tight little holes, starting with that beautiful pussy.” You quickly rid yourself of your remaining clothes and reach for my curvy little body.

Until now, I had completely forgotten that we were doing this in my school. Here I was, on my knees, sucking you off in the middle of the boy’s locker room. In a tiny black skirt and nothing else. The thought made me feel a little nervous but even more devious. “I’m your naughty little girl.” I whisper in your ear as I move to straddle you and slide down on your fully erect cock. “Extremely naughty. And only yours.”

I drop my hips a tad bit to let the tip of your dick into my warm wet hole. “I love you.” I whisper as I sink the rest of the way down.

You let out a long low noise of satisfaction and can barely resist thrusting up into my dripping wet hole. “Love you too,” You groan. “I love your perfect pink pussy and your sexy body. And most of all, I love you.”

You thrust upward into my pussy and I let out a small whimper of pleasure and a tiny bit of pain. Your thick cock is stretching my tight young pussy so that I fit you like a glove. The sensations are amazing and just like that, I feel like I could cum again. I bury my face in your neck and hold on tight as we bounce together, my hips grinding hard against you as you lift your own hips to meet them. A wet sucking sound comes as your cock slips free of my depths. I let out a squeal as you fill me once more and then slip out. I can feel every inch of your cock, every throb and every vein and the feeling is absolutely amazing.

“Your dick feels so good!” I mumble. “Mmmm, it’s so big. Fuck me, please. Make me cum so hard!”

Your only response is to move faster, taking me hard and fast but somehow still managing to be gentle. Completely forgetting that we should be quiet, I moan and whimper and whisper naughty words in your ear, encouraging you to take me harder, faster, or any way you want me.

You flex your hips upward repeatedly, urging me to keep bouncing on top of you. My small perky tits are bouncing with each thrust. Each time you thrust into me, the nipples grow tighter and my pretty pink pussy sucks at your cock. You feel yourself start to throb harder as the need to cum makes your balls tighten.

“Cum for me,” you whisper in my ear suddenly.

Our eyes lock and I stroke my clit once, twice, before I feel the first tingles of an approaching orgasm deep inside my pussy. Those tingles build rapidly into white hot sparks and before I know it, cumming so hard around your throbbing dick that it triggers your orgasm as well. I can feel you pulsing, throbbing inside of me as my body clenches repeatedly around your thick cock and sparks rush from my clit to the rest of my body. You pound into me three more times before pumping my little pussy full of your cum.

We slump down together, exhausted from cumming so hard. After your soft cock slips out, I can still feel your release inside of me, filling me up, slowly dripping down, decorating the school’s bench with tiny splatters of cum…

Suddenly full of energy, I cross the room and turn the whole row of showers on. I can still feel your cum between my legs, mixed with mine. Turning to find you watching me, I rub a finger over my still sensitive pussy and bring the mix of juices to my lips with a grin. Already, the heat is returning to your eyes.

I step into the shower, daring you to follow me. “Care to join me?” I tease.

So far, so good. No one’s caught us yet. Not that it mattered. Hell and high water couldn’t keep you from crossing the room, taking me into your arms, and covering my mouth with yours.

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