Your Treat

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This is for you, Rob. Our kisses write never-ending novels.
You opened the front door softly, hoping to surprise me with your early arrival from work. You stepped through the entrance way slowly, making sure to shut the door behind you with care. You unbuckled your tool belt from the waist of your jeans, carefully setting it on the door mat. Around the corner, you see that the door to the study is open, and you can hear me click-clacking on the computer. You know that I have been extremely stressed lately, and you hope that what you have in mind will make me feel better. You tiptoe closer to the door of our office and peek in, loving what you see: I am sitting criss-crossed in your big desk chair, with only your work shirt from yesterday on and a pair of lace panties. My hair is twisted up into a bun, secured by the aid of a simple Number2 pencil. You smile, as I am still unaware of your presence.

Meanwhile, I am going crazy trying to perfectthe thesis for my research paper. I have been at this for hours now, my back aches from my improper stature and my eyes are continuosly slipping closed. I started the paper about a week ago, writing a few pages here and there, then completely going off track, only to find a new idea at the end of the road. We haven't had sex since then, which we both find strange, knowing that I am a sexual deviant at heart. Even though I know sex would make my stress temporaily go away, I just can't go one minute without analyzing the paper in my head, thinking of new ideas, outlining the introduction . . .

As my mind continues to ramble you step closer. You are now less than six inches away from the desk chair. My train of thought has hit a stop onceI feel your strong, calloused hand graze the sensitive spot between my neck and shoulder.I bite my lip, loving the shiversyour touchsends through out my body. My pussy is already tingling from that simple touch, most likely because she hasn't been taken care of in quite some time. I feel your warm breath on my neck as you begin to softly kiss up to my ear,lightly pressing your tonguebehind it. This never fails to release a soft moan from between my lips. I angle my head towards you, and instantly smile when our eyes meet. I see the desire aflame in the dark orifices of your brown eyes. Our lips meet and this amazing feeling washes over me, almost as if this was the first time our lips were introduced. I shove my tongue inside your mouth, hungry for the taste. As our lips are still interlocked, you pull your hand away from my hip and spin the desk chair so that I am completely facing you.

You take up the sight once you force yourself to release me from our deep kiss. You are now only less than a foot away, with your eyes still locked on mine, butI feel as if we are in entirely different worlds. My thirst for you must show, as you smile, then reach up to cradle my cheeck inside your rough palm. Your fingers crawl around to the nape of my neck, then inch themselves up. I feel a slight tug as you release the pencil from my bun, letting my long blonde hair fall around my shoulders. Now it's time for you to bite your lip. "You are so beautiful, babe." I smile. Even though you tell me this all the time, every time you say it, my heart flutters.

You lean down, so that our lips meet once again. Each of us are hungry for each others' lust. My hands crawl through your hair and your arms lace themselves around my body. I release my legs from their pretzel and immediately open them, ready to accept you. You curve onto my body so that we are now pressed against the back of the chair. The growing bulge in your jeans presses firmly against my thin panties and I am almost sure you can feel the wetness growing there. I moan as you slightly grind, causing the chair to squeak to the rhythm. I muffle a giggle as I feel your arms tighten around me, securing me for whatever you are about to do next.

With one arm wrapped around the small of my back, and the other under my round ass, your muscles flex as I feel you lift me off of the chair. I pull one hand away from your red hair and loop it around your neck. The remaining hand tightens its grip on your scalp, causing you to moan slightly. You now lift me completely off the chair and begin walking towards the door. You almost trip over the textbook that I had previously thrown in frustration, causing you to wobble and break our kiss. We both laugh softly and kiss each other's smile. You continue to walk, how, I don't know. But, you manage to carry me around to the mouth of the stairwell. You cautiously step onto the first step, and securely plant your foot. You continue this motion a few more times, but it feels as if you are going a mile a minute. My pussy is screaming for attention, it seems I have been wanting sex a lot more than I have realized. Anxious, I tug on your white tee, dirtied from a day of construction and thick with your musk. I drag my hands down and pull your shirt up. Realizing my goal, you pause on the steps and lean me against the banister. You lift your arms up, just as I pull the shirt up over your head. I fling the shirt below us and smile at the sight of you, shirtless. I run my hands over your soft chest hairs, loving the way your eyes close at the soft sensation. I can't resist but to kiss you, and we soon are once again in the manuver up the stairs.

We reach the top of the flight and you steer us towards the bedroom. You push me against its closed door, deepening our kisses. I feel your tonguedivingdeeper into my throat. I am ready to break for air when you do first. Stopping to reach your hands undermy shirt (yesterday's work shirt, for you). Yourfingers graze higher and I release a moan, knowing what's coming and at the feeling of your hands on my soft skin. You reachmy breastsand another moan escapes my open mouth. Each hand grabs hold of one breast and you squeeze lightly. My back arches against the door and my mouth stretches wide, silently expressing my passion. You take your time torub the areas around my tender nipples. You pull your hands away and run them down to my belly and around my lower back. You then grab a hold of the shirt and pull upward. Myarms jump up excitedly, hitting the door. You lift thecotton tee around my belly, continuing up slowly, ensuring the soft material rubs each nipple tender. My eyes shut and a series of moans escapes me.The sensation iseuphoric. I feel the shirt continue its way up over my shoulders, my head, my arms. You fling it behind you and kiss me once more. As one hand brings our bodies closer, the other crawls up andfirmly tugs my left breast. You havealways loved the smallness of my breasts; enjoying how one little B cup seems to fill your entire palm. You tug and squueze a few more times, then stop. Then repeat. My moans are being pushed into your ear as you begin grinding our bodies together against the bedroom door.Your fingers trail the outer ring of my nipple, making it hard with the anticipation. You finally grab a hold of my little sensitive bud and pull tightly. You're rough at first, tugging, pulling, pinching. Then youloosen the tugs, and start rubbing in a clockwise motion. My hands are now interwined with your red locks. I pull harder as each sensation washes over me. My moans are growing louder, alerting you that it istime to enter the bedroom.

Our king bed awaits us as your steps quicken inits direction.I fall back onto the soft silk of our sheets and you huff a breath of triumph. You lean into me and the bed, only to tighten your grasp around me once more. You lift yourself uponto the bed, crawling towards the hill of pillows.I am attached to you as you reach the top of the bed and lower me down, making sure my head hits the softest pillow.You release your grip around me and lift yourself up above me slightly. With your toned arms holding your body up, you are now a good foot away from my lips. You can't resist but to bend back down to give mea quickpeck before continuing to do what you camehere to do.

You shift your weight onto your left elbow as your right hand reachesup topush the hair away from my eyes. I smile and kiss your palm as ittravels down my cheek. It continues going down to my neck, and it slows. My eyes close just asyour fingers seem to tiptoe to my nipple. You quickly swipe it, piercing me with a pang of pleasure, only to tease meby not continuing. Your index finger now travels alone, drawing pictures around each nipple, around each breast, aroung my navel, and along the line of my panties. My hands grab onto the sheets below me, so ready to scream withpleasurable frustraion.The pink lips between my thighs are so wet,I can feel my juices drip tothe crack of my ass.

As your fingers trace her upper body, your smile grows.You know how much teasing annoys her, but you also know how much she secretly loves it. You love the way your freckled hand looks against the soft porcelain of her stomach. You love the way her body jumps when you move your hand closer and closer towards her nether region. You love how often she bites her lowerlip during foreplay. You love the wayher blonde locks cascade around her face and onto the pillow. And with her eyes shut,you think she looks just like Sleeping Beauty. She's your own princess, and you are her Prince Charming. You can't resist but to touch your lips to hers, awaken her from the wicked witch's spell. She smiles and opens her eyes. Those beautiful baby blues look deep into your soul, you feel her love encase your heart and tug. Never breaking her gaze, you move closer to her body, directing your lips to her perky little tits. You softly lick one and her eyes close just as a moan releases. Her body arcs as you move your tongue over the nipple once more. You quicken the speed, and her moans pick up in volume and repetition. You reach your arm around to tug on her other pink nipple. You pinch and kiss, twist and suck, nibble and pull. She is ready to burst at any moment. All of her sexual tension has been pent up for about eight days now. You've been counting.

Your mind wanders to the first time you saw her naked. The way her soft pink nipples looked, begging for your touch. You watched as the touch caused them to harden and change from a pale pink to a mild rouge. You remember that first of many of her moans. The way her lips parted and her eyes closed . . .

"Oh, yesss baby...." My recent moan alerts your focus and you give each breast a final play. You reach your hand up to my neck and pull me towards you. Our kiss writes never-ending novels. I bite your lip, telling you that I'm ready. My hands reach over to unbutton your work jeans. You lay back and allow me to feast on your prize.

I playfully pounce on top of you, directing my ass towards your face as I wrestle with the fly of your jeans. You have a wonderful view of my plump ass, beautifully secured inside a soft pink pair of nearly see-through panties. My cheeks jiggle slightly as I move my upper body, trying to release your member from its holding. With the fly open I begin pushing your jeans down to your ankles. I crawl towards the end of the bed, and you smile at the unintentional lap dance I am giving you. I push and pull the pants from around your feet, and my ass has been jiggling with every movement. I crawl back up to you, now facing you. My eyes interlock with yours and I soon reach my destination. I start planting soft kisses near your belly button, sporadically moving lower and lower with each touch. I deepen the kisses, opening my mouth to suck the skin around your lower waist, occasionally nibbling a little spot here and there. You moan and I smile to myself, then nibble another patch of skin for you. My kisses meet the pale blue of your briefs and my teeth plant themselves around the waistband. I begin crawling backwards, taking the cloth between my teeth with me. After the first step back, your cock flings itself out, hard with freedom and excitement. The tugging continues to your ankles as I release the cloth from my lips and fling it off of you and onto the bedroom floor. I am quick to get back up to you, so hungry for the taste of your seed.

This wasn't part of your plan, but you aren't about to complain. You didn't realize how hungry she'd be for you. You were planning to have the sex orbit around her needs. But, you forgot to note that a woman who really loves her man will always crave his taste. You watch her as her pupils seem to dialate with excitement. God, she's sexy, you think, as her mouth gets closer and closer to the head of your pulsing cock . . .

I press my moist lips to the very tip of your swelling cock head. My lips purse and give the head a soft kiss. A mild moan exhales from your parted lips. I pulse my tongue around the little hole on top, slurping up the globs or precum. "Mmmm, god, baby I have missed your taste," I say as I lick my lips, covering them with your juice, all the while glancing up at you. You smile and I can't resist but to crawl back up to you and plant my wet lips onto your softly chapped smile. You devour my lips, parting them with your tongue. You can taste yourself on my lips and we both moan softly in unison. I nibble your lower lip, then part from you to continue my feast. As soon as I get close to your penis again, my mouth opens and lowers itself onto your head. With the entire head now in my mouth, I begin to swirl my little tongue all over its pulsing mass. You exhale another moan and I swear I can almost feel my pussy drip onto the sheets below us. My tongue rolls clockwise, then counterclockwise. Meanwhile, my hands play with the rest of your sex. My left hand slips down to your balls, slowly proding and pinching each one. My right hand begins to pulse the rest of your cock. My fingers lace around the shaft and pump up, down, up, down. My speed increases, both on your shaft and inside my mouth. I slightly squeeze harder as I pulse your shaft. Your body has been twitching ever so slightly, your moans have been slightly rising in pitch. I halt the pumping or your shaft and the playing with your balls. I move my arms on either side of you, planting them onto the soft silken threads below your sexy butt. I let your cock head fling out of my mouth momentarily, only to push it back into my wet lips. I dip your cock deeper into my little hole, as deep as your length is. I ignore my struggling throat and force your cock all the way in. I release it and continue a few more times, each time letting your head momentarily rest between my parted lips. Now I take my time, sucking and nibbling every inch of your thick cock. I suck the head once more, then move my lips down slowly, so slowly as to tease you. An agonzing moan escapes your sweet lips and I smile to myself.

After my kisses have completely covered your cock, I can feel how close you are to shooting your sweet seed. Now so wet with my saliva, I begin to continue pumping your thick 6 inch length. I pump hard and fast, harder and faster with each swipe of my hand. Your moans have grown thunderous, when all of the sudden there is a moment of silence, and I know that you are on the edge of exploding. I give your member a final tug and direct the tip towards my chest. Your body lifts as you utter a loud moan. A straight line of creamy fluid releases from your cock and runs itself down my chest. I close my eyes and bite my lip, loving the sensation of your warm milk dripping down my belly, dripping closer and closer to my sweet pussy. Another load releases, coupled with your final moan. This load reached lower than the last, almost hitting my pussy straight on. I release my grip on your cock, and it falls slightly back towards your belly. It is still thick and rigid, erect and ready for more play. You open your eyes and call me towards you with them. I crawl up to you and sit atop your chest, allowing you a closer look as I begin rubbing your seed all over my upper body. You glance at the thin fabric between my legs and smile when you see a dark wet spot continuing to grow. My hair sways around my shoulders as my fingers lightly trace the outline of my torso. I scoop up little globs of your cum and rub it onto my pink nipples. I pinch them a bit, and soon the soft buds have bloomed into rigid, dark bumps. Your hands begin to trail the line of my hips, occasionally dropping between my mid-thigh. You now reach them higher, smoothing out the mass of white cum and then grabbing hold of my soft breasts. You rub the cum around them,and with each round of your hand, you move them closer and closer to my rigid nipples. You finally reach them and tug lightly. I softly moan and you tug again, harder this time. You tug harder once more, but this time your tugging acts like pulling, drawing them closer to your face. I lower them near your mouth and your chin lifts to fill the space, securing your mouth to one of my little buds. You are rougher now, biting hard, making me squeal.

You aren't usually this rough with her, but she knows that when the two of you haven't had sex in a while, both of you become hungry for each other. Annoyed almost. Though, you know she loves the occasional pain thrown into the play. Her hands reach your scalp, pulling harder with the escalation of her soft sounds. You love when she laces her delicate fingers through your hair, sending a chillling sensation through your scalp. Your tongue and teeth act as one, taking advantage of her sensitive niblet inside your mouth. You soon direct your mouth towards the neglected nipple once you noticed that it had become soft and light again. You quickly bite into the soft flesh, making her body tense and allowing her to utter a soft scream. With your teeth still wrapped around the bud, you smile. You suck the nipple to aid the pain, and then reach up to her head and pull her towards you for a passionate kiss. The kiss deepens as you run your arms along her back, tracing the lace outline of her delicate panties. You dip one finger in, curling it against her crack. You reach the other hand in, then softly grab each cheek, scooping up their mass in your hands. Her nipples are rubbing against the hairs on your chest, no doubt sending pleasure throughout her body. You begin pulling her underwear down, and she sits up a little to help you with the manuever. With them to her knees, her sex is now fully exposed and so ready for your care. It glistens in the soft light coming through the cracked shades on the window alongside the bed. She quickly whips the panties off of the rest of her legs and moves to cuddle alongside you. You kiss her. Again, and again. Running your hands all over her body. You push your tongue deep, causing her head to fall into a pillow. You take advantage of her position and move your body on top of hers. Your erection hits her stomach and now it is your turn to grab her hair. You bite her lip. She bites yours back. Both of you are ready for the real game to begin.

Your kisses are tender, then pleading. My bite tells you that I want you right now, as bad as you want me. You break the kiss and gaze into my needy eyes. You kiss each of their lids, each of my cheeks, then trace the line of my jaw with your tongue. Meanwhile, your hips slightly rise and the space between my legs widens immediately. The tip of your cock rubs the top of my pussy lips ever so slightly. I feel your grip tighten around my golden locks. You are teasing the both of us, but you can't handle it any longer. I feel the head lower itself towards my tight hole. A slight pressure builds as you utter a precious moan, no doubt due to my excessive wetness. I echo your moan, remebering how much you love how wet I always get. The pressure intensifies as I feel your head enter my hole. I moan, louder this time, and your hand moves from hair, planting itself on the side of my head for support. My legs are now spread wide, welcoming your cock inside me. You dip closer to my body and I moan intensely as your cock deepens its dive. Your cock reaches the end of its length inside me, lightly tapping my womb. I moan, grabbing onto the pillow below my head. I want to hold onto you, run my hands through your hair. You know this, so you lower yourself on top of me. You kiss my neck tenderly as you create a slow pulsing with your shaft. A soft squishing noise begins, the sound of your cock pulsing iside my dripping pussy. You nibble my neck, just as your cock increases rythym. My hands are clawing onto your back, your scalp, anything I can grab a hold of. My favortie vein on your cock presses against my g-spot. The thick line continues to rub itself, up and down, up and down, onto that hidden bud. You breathing has become heavier. My moans have become louder.

Her pussy is so fucking wet, you think to yourself. Even when you took her virginity, she was this sopping. It blew your mind how wet this one woman could get. Her never-ending juices allowed you to plow into her deeper and faster, for longer times than you've ever been able to last. You thought back to the first time you took her: as your cock pushed itself in and out of her lips, her cream began to drip from her tight hole. You had never seen a woman so wet before. You loved it. Almsot as much as you loved her.

Your cock pulsed itself inside me. I began to feel the tighteness in my pussy, which coupled with a building orgasm. My breathing quickened and my body began to rise and tighten. You sped up, faster and faster, plunging into me as hard as you could. My legs stretched father open as the tightness inside my pussy grew stronger. "Yes, yes!" I was on the edge. Keep going, you thought to yourself, teasing her will only frustrate her orgasm.You resisted the urge to slow down. You thrust your hips harder, practically slamming them against my open pussy. My hips bucked and I screamed. "Uhhh, yess, ohhh...fuuuuck!" You uttered a wild moan, just as we came together. Your milk filled my insides, the liquid licking evey inch of me. I felt its warmth slip outside of my gaping hole and drip down to my ass hole, soothing it softly. I moaned again, softly. Your body collapsed on top of me, encasing me, allowing our orgasms to settle. My body shook a while longer beneath you. I panted as the orgasm finished, and a slight tingle was left inside of me. "Oh, baby..." I whispered against your hair. You slid next to me and nibbled my neck once more. You moved your hand up to my face and directed my lips towards yours. We kissed.

Oh, we're not done yet, babe.You grinned to yourself, breaking the kiss and moving away from her sexy face, her cheeks now flushed from her orgasm. Her eyes meet yours, questioning your leave. You ignore her quizzical look, drawing yourself near her pussy. Her legs had closed themsleves, tired from the previous orgasmic convulsions. You sweep your palms between her thighs and spread her legs wide. Even from this light touch, she moans. Her arms lift behind her and her fingers cling to the edges of a pillow. She knows what's coming, and she wants it so fucking bad. She bites her lip as she lifts her hips ever so slightly into the air. Her pussy awaits your hungry mouth.You slide the rest of your body between the open space on the bed, lay down, and open your mouth.

Your eyes have smoldered dark with hungry passion. There is nothing you love doing more than making me orgasm and squirt with just your tongue. I remember the first time you did this to me. It was before we even had sex. You had surprised me, actually. We were on your couch, deep in a lip-locked kiss, when I felt your hands crawl between my legs. "Have you ever had a man make you orgasm with just his mouth?" you asked, already knowing the answer. I bit my lip and you smiled deviantly. "Well, babe, let me be the one to show you." I had never orgasmed like I did that night. I had actually screamed. And the best part was: you were so into it, ensuring that every need of mine was met. I had almost expected you to want me to blow you when you finished, but you didn't. After I had orgasmed, you cradled me against your chest. My body was so weak after that night.

I smile to myself, just as you press your lips ever so softly onto my awaiting pussy. You stick your tongue out ever so slightly, lightly hitting my clit. My fingers tighten around the edges of the pillow, my hips rise to greet your mouth. Your tongue widens its movements, swirling its wetness around my tingling bud. My breath quickens and my hands fall from the pillow, encasing around my breasts. I push them together, wind my fingers around each nipple. Your tongue slips under my clit, sliding towards my hole. You swipe my lips gently with your tongue. You nibble each lip tenderly, causing me to grip my breasts tighter. All of the sudden, I feel your tongeue push its way into my hole. I moan and my body arcs. I have never been able to focus on my breasts when you devour me like this, so I release them from my grip. My hands now find their way to your scalp, graciously tugging around your thick locks. You reach your tongue in as far as it will go, moving it back and forth inside of me. It pulls out, only to stab into me once more. You lower it out of my gaping hole, following the trail down to my little star. You prick my ass hole lightly, loving the way it tenses from your touch. You suck around its opening, slowly stabbing your wet tongue around it. Now, you move your tongue into it. I moan again, gripping your hair with more force. My hips have now risen higher, hungry for your feasting. You pulse your mouth around that little hole, making my body convulse slightly. You hands now grip my ass, grabbing it roughly, pulling my open sex closer to your hungry mouth.

You finish toying my ass hole with your tongue, only to lift your tongue back up to my swollen bead. You start fast, making sure to hit and rub the left side of my clit, knowing it is the most sensitive part. With this move, I can already begin to feel another orgasm building itself up again. Both of my hands lace between your hair, pulling harder with each swirl of your tongue. I have begun squirming against your mouth. The orgasm build has become so instense, I am desperate for a release. You swirl your tongue around to the other side of my bud, then to the whitish middle. You pull back your sopping tongue and open your mouth wider, baring your teeth. You trace the outline of my pulsing clit with the edge of your teeth. I scream, contuing to squirm against you. You struggle to keep me still, now pulling your hands from my ass and pushing my legs down against the bed.

My body wants to lift itself away from the intense pleasure, but you won't let it. My moans have become so loud, I am sure the neighbors can hear me. Your grip around my legs is so tight that I know I'll have a sprinkle of bruises on them come tomorrow morning. You nibble my clit gently. Then your mouth moves away momentarily, to nibble the rest of my pussy. Your tongue has come out to play again, licking all around my pulsing sex. It flicks itself speedily against my clit and my hips manage to lift themselves against your chin. They buck wildly as I feel my second orgasm coming, much more intense than the first. I scream, "Holy fuu-ck. Ohh, Rob!" My hips continue to lift off of the bed once you loosen your grip. The orgasm peaks and I feel that familiar urge to pee. But instead, a milky liquid is released, covering your lips and speckling the rest of your face. My breathing shallows and my eyes close. You give my pussy a last kiss, then move up towards me. I open my eyes and smile, excited to see my juice all over you. I race to get my hands around your neck and my lips onto yours, kissing you deeper than ever. My juice is so sweet, and I am hungry to rid you of it.

Wow. That's all you can think to say. Her breath is warm against your lips. You love how hungry she is for her own juices. You manage to get a quick sip of her cream, just before she devours the rest from your lips, cheeks, and around your lower jaw. "I love you." You say to her, breathing it into her mouth. "I love you, too, Rob." She smiles and craddles her head into your neck. You release a soft breath, and inhale the next, catching a wift of your sex and her lavender shampoo. You comb your fingers through her hair, just as you feel her eyeashes flutter against your neck. Her breaths soften and you hear her moan slightly. She looks up to you, her blue ocean eyes looking straight into your soul.

"Thanks for my treat, baby." I smile and kiss you. Your lips part and curl into a soft smile, mirroring my happiness. "Anything for you, my sweet." You kiss my forehead and I dip my head back into your neck. I capture the smell of our sex and your musk, a mix of sweat and ivory soap. I smile into your warm flesh, planting my lips onto you once more. I burry my head closer into you, just as I feel your arms lace around me. I shiver slightly, then my eyes soon drift closed. My breathing slows. Your breaths soon become one with mine.

Before long, we are both asleep. The light has now drifted from outside the window. The sun has completely disappeared from the horizon. Our chests lift in unison. We both dream sweetly that night.