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You've Been on My Mind

Indulging myself with another fantasy of my online lover.

   Since meeting you I can't seem to get you out of my head, but I certainly don't mind. I like thinking about you and how it would feel to be in your arms. Lying alone in my bed, with the lights dimmed, I let my mind wander through all my fantasies of you and create new ones. I want you here with me so badly, to touch your face, smell your scent, taste your skin. Closing my eyes, I can feel you lying down next to me, your warm body close against mine. Your hand slides along my side, brushing my breast, lightly tickling my stomach, down to my hip and you kind of grab my ass a little before retracing the path back up. You press nibbling kisses to my shoulder and my neck. Turning my head a little, our eyes meet, and you find my mouth with yours.

   I open for you, allowing your tongue to dance with mine. You run your hand over my tits and roll my nipples between your fingertips as we kiss. Turning a little more I adjust until I am almost underneath you. Your hand moves lower on my body as our kiss turns carnal with want, need, desire. My hands move over your shoulders and across your back as your mouth leaves mine to follow the path of your hand. You begin kissing my neck, over my collar bone, down to my breast. You suck on one nipple, twirling your tongue around it until I moan and then pulling it between your teeth a little until you move to share your skill with the other nipple. My back arches and my breathing deepens as you trail kisses in the valley of my breasts, down my stomach, to my hip bone.

   I enjoy feeling your hands on my hips as you kiss and lick the delicate skin of my thighs and all around my pussy. Warmth radiates from between my legs; I know you can feel the heat. I raise my hips toward you, but you don't touch my pussy. Teasing me with your lips, with your tongue, until I'm panting, begging you. Finally you place your lips on my clit, sending a shiver of delight through my entire body. You lick my pussy up and down a few times before gliding your tongue back up to my clit tracing slow circles around it. My hips in motion, my hands running through your hair. I begin to moan as you take my ring in your teeth and tug gently. You suck my clit into your mouth, flicking it lightly with the tip of your tongue. My whole body begins to shake.

   Bringing one of your hands back up to my tits, you squeeze them as your other hand moves to my pussy and you press a finger inside as your tongue continues to work it's magic on my clit. It feels so amazing to have you touching me. As your pace increases, the pressure builds up and my pussy walls start to convulse around your fingers but your tongue doesn't let up. My back arches sharply, my hands on your shoulders to push you away. The hand that's been playing with my tits moves up towards my throat and back down over my stomach, down to my hip to hold me closer to you as you continue licking and sucking me while I cum.

   Lifting your head up from between my legs, you kiss your way up my body until you find my lips. Kissing me passionately, I taste my own pleasure on your lips and feel your hard cock pressed against me. Moving to position myself under you, I push my hips up to meet your body. Reading in your eyes a need as great as my own, I whisper "fuck me... now... please... I want you inside me". A slightly wicked grin for an answer, you settle between my legs. My pussy hot and wet against your cock. We continue our kissing as your body joins mine. I moan my desire into your mouth as you slide into me, inch by amazing inch. Fucking me slowly at first, you pull almost all the way out and then all the way back in, each thrust a little faster than the last. My legs wrap around you, one of my hands gripping tightly at your shoulder as the other rakes your back. You lower your mouth to my neck and my tits, sucking and biting, marking me as your own. I'm moaning more now and louder, saying your name. You kiss me again, our tongues fighting for dominance as our hips thrust at each other. Our pleasure noises mingling with the sound of flesh meeting flesh, the smell of our sex fueling our lust.

   You roll us over so now I'm on top of you. Straddling you in this position allowing you deeper inside of me and we both moan with the intensity of it. You feel so damn incredible as I rock back and forth. Holding my hips with your strong hands, you lie back against the pillows to watch. Your eyes meet mine briefly before lowering to my breasts, my belly. You watch your cock slide in and out of me. You watch me grab the wall for leverage and throw my head back in ecstasy. You watch me fuck you. Then you slide one of your hands up and squeeze and rub my tits as your other moves between us to find my clit. You rub at it bringing me to that glorious edge again. As I start to shudder around you, you sit up to wrap your arm around my lower back, pulling me tight against you. You kiss me hard, thrusting your hips up to me, holding me close as I cum. A few final, slow, gentle thrusts, my soft whimpers subsiding, my shudders pass and I relax into your chest. "Your turn now, Love."

   You lie back down, your head sinking into the pillows you close your eyes. Moving over you I begin licking your nipples, but what I really hunger for is down lower. I continue down your body until my hands and mouth find your cock. Taking you into my mouth, my tongue twirls around, loving the taste of our bodies mixed up together, and begin to suck and lick and work my mouth in ways you have never felt before. You begin to moan as my tongue caresses your entire cock, I suck you sending you into a state of ecstasy.

   My mouth keeps you in a constant zone of pleasure, my tongue, teeth and jaw never letting it stop. Then I start sucking you harder, my head bobbing up and down, and before long I feel you tense. One of your hands moves to my hair and you pull it a little and then press my head down urging me lower. I take you completely, willingly, as you bury yourself deeply and cum, filling my mouth. I swallow it all, making sure I do not miss a drop, as I have been hungering for this.

   I crawl back up your body to tuck myself along your side, my head on your chest, closing my eyes to dream of you.

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