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A Gamer's Dream

Contributing Authors: GracieJames18 
Two girls have to find a way to get home
Giggles left the girls’ mouths as they quickly ran up the stairs to play their new video game. It had been a long time coming but finally it was here, in their own hands. As the girls sat down on their pink gaming chairs, their eager hands unwrapped the game and slipped the smooth, silver disk into the machine. The game started up, and the girls could feel the excitement rushing through their bodies. Their eyes widened as they heard the music of the main menu for the first time; they felt as though it was a dream. They each grabbed their control pad and clicked on the ‘Character customization’ setting.

Jasmine was the first to create her character. She had an unusual figure, a very petite and yet a perfect hourglass kind of figure. She always used to attract a lot of the males at school with it as well as her long, sparkling brown hair and her fabulous dark brown eyes. Nonetheless, she was able to make her character look exactly like her, even down to the bust and waist measurements. The settings didn’t really phase her; however, her cheeks began to turn a rosy red color as Gracie chuckled

Next up to make her character was Gracie. She had a Slender figure with legs that stretch for miles. Unlike Jasmine, Gracie used to chase the girls instead of the boys. Her long red hair hung down to her round, pert bum and her big green eyes sparkled like emeralds. The settings of the character matched the looks of gracie to perfection. Looking at the characters sitting on the screen made both girls stare and laugh at just how much they resembled their characters.

Their laughs were then interrupted by the loading screen music drawing them to a scene with a mythical, magical world. It was a beautiful image of waterfalls cascading onto a rocky canyon floor before it panned in to the characters that had just been created. Standing there on the hard rocky floor stood the silky, sexy characters ready to play. Quickly, the camera angle snapped to a first person perspective and text appeared at the bottom of the screen instructing them to their first objective.

Their first objective was to acquire some weapons from a gunsmith in the town ahead of them. As the characters walked into the town they could see it was set out like an old space port, the local market on the left, the tavern to the right and just ahead the gunsmith made with the finest steel and various metals. So now was the time to choose their weapons, as it was the beginning of the game the first weapons would always be free. Jasmine inspected each of the weapons carefully, looking at each of the stat bars. She was torn between two of the machine guns, one had better accuracy and the other had much more damage. She made a snap decision to go for more damage.

Gracie looked through the menu of guns and saw the most beautiful of shotguns double barrelled with a gold tint to it she just had to have it, she could imagine how good it would feel between her soft hands.

The girls noticed the small tavern to the right of the gunsmith’s. Intrigued by what they had heard from their favorite gaming magazine, being able to get drunk, they decided to go towards it. Gracie quickly pressed the action button to enter. The screen went a pitch black color and air began to rush past the girls’ faces. A hole started to open in the screen, sucking the girls inside. Pixels surrounded them as they rushed through space and time at an alarming rate. Jasmine was the first to see the wooden planks of the tavern floor as they came to the end of the portal. They crashed onto the floor in a heap.

As the girls picked themselves off the floor, they looked around scared of their new surroundings. The guns on the floor beside them started to magnetize to their hands, leaving them even more frightened of this place. Looking down, Gracie could see the clothes she had chosen for her character that she was now wearing, some tight blue hot pants, a pink corset that barely held her big boobs and some knee high black boots. She then looked at Jasmine, noticing her stood there in her all black attire. It was all there, her corset, her skirt and her luscious fishnet stockings topped off with lava red heels.

Jasmine standing there in the sexy outfit made Gracie just want to jump her and kiss her all over. In fact, Gracie could feel a slight damp patch forming at the front of her tight hot pants. However, Jasmine wasn’t as impressed with her new environment. She wanted to get back to reality, back to the normal world. Gracie noticed that Jasmine was slightly worried. Immediately, she put her arms around her, reassuring her with a soft hug. They faced one another, acknowledging that they had to find a way back to reality.

With that one goal in mind, they walked towards the door. As they opened it, they saw the cliffs of what had just been make believe. Gracie had an incline that in order for them to get out of this place, they would have to follow their given quests. She quickly approached the nearest person, noticing a bright red exclamation point above their head. Jasmine watched on as Gracie began to talk to the stranger like she had known him for years. He was tall, about six foot in height with long wavy black hair and sharp blue eyes. The attire he had on said he was from a military background. Jasmine was puzzled by the appearance, he wasn’t dressed like the rest of the people here. It was as though he himself didn’t belong here either. None the less Gracie continued talking to him until eventually he gave her a quest.

Gracie stormed off towards the woods, Jasmine following closely behind. She carried on walking swiftly into the trees, determined to complete this game so they both could go home. Suddenly, Gracie stopped in her tracks. She had found what she had been looking for. Jasmine watched as she approached an empty log cabin that had a distinct military insignia painted on the door. The same logo that the man at the market had on his arm. Gracie opened the cabin’s door, the hinges creaking as she did. Dust and cobwebs obscured her view as she poked her head inside.

“Hello?” she bellowed.

No answer came as the rest of her body moved inside. With her shotgun raised, she pulled the light switch. As the light flickered on, she was greeted by the view of a nice, comfortable double bed. On the centre of the bed was a scrap of folded paper. Gracie picked it up and immediately began to read it.

I know why you’re here, and I have the answer that will get you home. I didn’t send you on this quest for any real reason other than to give you comfort whilst you do this. Both of you have come from the same place, and in order to get back to that place, you need to do one thing. That thing is make love to one another, to show that you really do want to go back.

Gracie read it aloud, letting Jasmine hear each word clearly. Clearing her throat, Gracie sat on the bed and beckoned Jasmine with her index finger. Reluctantly, Jasmine shuffled over to Gracie and the bed. As Jasmine sat on the bed, they both looked at each other and both knew this was probably the only choice they had at getting back home. Deep down, Gracie knew that she had always wanted to make love to Jasmine and now this was her chance. She couldn't wait.

Gracie threw the paper over her head and began to slyly move her hands over the covers to Jasmine’s legs. Jasmine blushed slightly as her hand made contact for the first time. Unsure about all of this, Jasmine kept her legs firmly shut. Gracie carried on playfully rubbing her hand up and down whilst whispering in her ear.

“Think of home, Jaz,” she whispered.

Her hand rubbed up her thigh once more before Jasmine began to slowly open them.

“Good girl,” Gracie whispered as her hand crept inside her thighs.

She began to kiss Jasmine’s neck as her hand started to rub the insides of her thigh, just missing her bare, shaven pussy lips. Gracie could feel the warmth radiating from Jasmine as she stroked closer to her pussy. She began to push Jasmine back onto the bed, her lips moving to hers. For the first time Jasmine began to make out with Gracie. Her heart pounded with excitement as their tongues slid into each other’s mouth. Gracie’s hand slid up fully, feeling Jasmine’s wetness for the first time. Her fingers started pressing around Jasmine’s clit as her tongue overpowered hers.

In between the smacking of lips, Jasmine’s soft moans could be heard as finally Gracie began to rub her delicate pearl of a clitoris. Gracie quickly broke the kiss.

“Someone’s a bit wet,” she moaned as her lips went back to Jasmine’s.

Their tongues continued to wrestle one another until eventually Gracie broke the kiss again. A wicked little grin began to form on her face as she started to untie Jasmine’s corset and pull it down.

Her eyes lit up as she saw the tops of Jasmine’s nipples come into view. She had been waiting so long for this, and finally there they were, standing fully erect in front of her. Gracie’s hands clasped around Jasmine’s beautiful brown nipples and began to roll them slightly. This made Jasmine let out a little moan. Jasmine couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying Gracie play with her nipples. Without warning, Gracie put her mouth to Jasmine’s chest and started to suck hard on her tits. As she did this, Jasmine let out a loud but pleasurable moan.

Gracie’s finger stroked down Jasmine’s tight slit as her tongue circled the light, coco colored areola of her breast. Jasmine couldn’t take it any longer and begged Gracie to taste her. However, Gracie was determined to tease her a little longer. Her tongue glazed each nipple in saliva as Jasmine begged her for more. Gracie’s finger continued to stroke up and down slowly, occasionally spreading the lips playfully. Gracie could feel how wet Jasmine was becoming and slowly she began to kiss down her torso until she reached the top of her skirt.

Looking up into Jasmine’s eyes, Gracie started to pull down on her skirt without breaking eye contact with her the whole time. She licked her lips as Jasmine’s succulent, little pussy came into view. She pulled the skirt down the rest of her legs before starting to kiss back up the fishnet stockings. Each kiss was planted delicately and precisely as Gracie began to get closer to her tight, wet hole. Jasmine closed her eyes in anticipation, waiting for Gracie’s lips to meet her lower lips for the first time.

With a swift movement, Gracie kissed Jasmine’s slit passionately. She was daring herself to slip her tongue in whilst she kissed it gracefully. Jasmine squirmed a little as she felt Gracie’s lips press around her pussy repeatedly. Without hesitation, Gracie slipped her tongue inside Jasmine’s tight, wet hole. A loud moan left Jasmine’s mouth as Gracie’s tongue made one full rotation of her sweet, nectar-lined pussy. Her hands started to move down her body, grasping Gracie’s long, red hair. She quickly pushed Gracie’s face into her mound making her lick deeper.

Jasmine moaned as Gracie started to lick her quickly, her tongue circling the wet, salmon pink interior of Jasmine’s body. Each circle of Gracie’s tongue made Jasmine wail in pleasure as her hips began to grind in rhythm with it. Gracie looked deeply into Jasmine’s eyes as her tongue continued to slither around deep inside of her. Jasmine closed her eyes as she felt Gracie’s hands begin to move up her body to her chest. Immediately, her breasts began to get squeezed and rubbed by Gracie’s menacing hands as her tongue carried on swirling around Jasmine’s tight, little hole.

Soft moans and the sounds of lips slapping filled the hut. Each moan was like music to Gracie’s ears as they became louder with each thrash of her tongue.

“I’m cumming,” Jasmine screamed playfully.

Gracie’s eyes lit up, and her hands moved down Jasmine’s body to her ass. Quickly, she pulled her crotch closer into her face, wanting to taste Jasmine’s warm juices on her tongue. As Gracie’s face was in Jasmine’s crotch, she could feel the juices trickling onto her chin. Jasmine giggled as she looked down at Gracie feasting upon her cum. Heavy breaths and soft moans were now the only thing to be heard around the cabin. Jasmine continued to squirm as Gracie swallowed all of her sweet juices.

“You taste just how I imagined,” Gracie laughed as she wiped the cum from her chin and sucked her finger.

Jasmine laid there for a few moments panting as Gracie stood up in front of her. She watched as her best friend, her lover, began to strip before her eyes. Gracie threw her corset and hotpants on the floor recklessly before climbing on top of Jasmine once more. Their erect nipples rubbed against each other creating a beautiful contrast of pink and brown. They rolled slightly, leaving Jasmine on top. She sat up, squeezing Gracie’s tits just like hers had been. Gracie gasped sharply as she felt Jasmine’s soft, small hands on her breasts. Their pussies rubbed slowly against one another as Jasmine continued to squeeze and play with her boobs.

“Shush,” Jasmine said as her finger gradually moved to Gracie’s lips.

Jasmine started to move down Grace's body and off of the bed. Her fingers danced delicately on Gracie’s mound before moving to her clitoris. She rubbed it quickly before introducing her tongue to Gracie’s hood. Ever so slightly, Jasmine’s tongue stroked upwards making Gracie’s hips jerk. Gracie’s knees bent upwards and her hand stroked through Jasmine’s soft brown hair. Jasmine’s tongue took another stroke up, making a loud moan escape Gracie’s lips. Jasmine began to separate her pussy lips and lick the matching pink interior of her vagina. As Jasmine did this, Gracie’s back arched up as she had never felt pleasure like this before.

Jasmine couldn’t believe how good her first pussy tasted, it was unimaginably delicious to her. Her tongue continued to lap up Gracie’s wetness, wanting more of her nectar to flood her mouth. More moans began to leave Gracie’s mouth, loving the feeling of Jasmine’s spongy tongue press into her anatomy. Jasmine began to push her finger into the hole along with her tongue, sending a shiver down Gracie’s spine as she did it. Deeper her finger went until her knuckle was pressing against Gracie’s skin. Just as quickly, Jasmine removed her finger from Gracie’s now dripping wet pussy. The juices from Gracie’s vagina twinkled in the cabin’s light before they disappeared back inside her along with Jasmine’s finger.

Gracie looked up at the ceiling in awe as her hips ground against Jasmine’s face. Her moans grew louder with each rub and each thrust of Jasmine’s finger. Gracie could feel herself about to cum all over Jasmine’s face. Delighted by the sounds of Gracie’s moans, Jasmine’s tongue began to lick faster and her finger began to pump hard. Gracie began to tensen and her body became overwhelmed with a sensational feeling. Adrenaline pumped through her veins as she orgasmed.

“I’m cumming,” she screamed with a high pitched whimper.

Jasmine moved her tongue to Gracie’s entrance in anticipation for her rushing juices. She wasn’t disappointed as warm, sweet cum hit her taste buds for the first time. Gracie laid frozen as Jasmine quickly slurped every last drop of cum around her pussy. As her orgasm began to finish, Gracie became puzzled. The piece of paper had said that they would have been home after this, yet they were still there in the dirty old hut.

The girls pondered for a few moments before Gracie snapped her fingers with an idea. She looked at Jasmine, her eyes piercing into hers before she sat up. Jasmine begun to lunge in, her lips meeting Gracie’s as they began to kiss passionately. Their tongues whisked the sweet flavors of their cum around their mouths. Gracie broke the kiss suddenly.

“We need to scissor, Jasmine,” she said as Jasmine began to kiss her neck and collarbone.

Jasmine stopped kissing for a moment, a bewildered look starting to form on her face. Gracie went quiet and began to pull Jasmine up onto the bed with her. She took control of Jasmine’s small frame, powerfully pushing her back on to the bed. Jasmine giggled as Gracie pinned her down slightly.

“Open your legs,” Gracie commanded.

Jasmine did as she was told, opening her legs and allowing easy access to her tight pussy. Gracie released her from her clutches and slid down her body. She leaned back and positioned her pussy in between Jasmine’s legs.

“On the count of three,” she said. “one… two… three.”

They immediately began to push their pussies together, their clits rubbing alongside each other. Gracie began to make circular motions with her hips causing exquisite pleasure to both of them. Their moans filled the air and as they continued to rub their pussies, the walls began to spin around them. The pixels started to engulf them and a rush of cold air started to pass them. They continued scissoring as they travelled through the portal.

Their bodies crashed onto the bed, their soaking wet pussies still rubbing together as loud moans left their mouths. In time with one another, they began to cum on Jasmine’s bed. Their juices started to mix and their breathing began to deepen. Each of them moaned once more as their orgasm reached its climax.

“Oh my god,” Gracie yelled as she stopped cumming.

Jasmine laid back against the soft pillows, her eyes moving to the TV screen where the hut’s interior was still displayed. She then noticed the shadowy figure of the man in the corner before static formed.
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