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A Hudson Valley Sunday

A Couple Encounter Aliens, and Live to Enjoy it!
Living in the New York metropolitan area for many years, and attaining an age where we are comfortable enough to do as we please, my wife Tanya and I decided to find a place away from the smog, congestion, and hustle of the city.

We looked for a few years at homes and farms in the Hudson Valley of NY. This area is very old, being first settled by the colonial settlers from England in the 1600's. After a long tiresome search, we finally “hit” on a treasure. A small farm, about 25 acres of beautiful wooded ground, a small creek running through it, and a wonderful home that had been build in the early 1700's and rebuilt again in the mid 1800's. It was a 2 story home, built of stone block, about 1900 square feet, and although nice, it certainly needed some renovation to be “ours”. The price was not to be passed up on, we could not understand why it was so inexpensive, but not to look a gift horse in the mouth, we jumped at it.

After the closing, we decided to make our first trip to our new vacation home multi purpose. We elected to have our contractors come and survey the work to be done. We were going to walk the entire property to see if any part needed to be cleared, leveled, or filled. As part of our first weekend away. Our list of repairs and renovations was extensive. The house needed lots of updating; windows, insulation, a new kitchen and bath renovation, wall repairs, doors, new heat and air conditioning and hopefully, a large stand-by generator for those long winter ice storms that frequently hit the area.

Friday afternoon came and we were ready... Our van filled with the commodities we would need to start living in our new dream house. Tanya had fulfilled her list of food and goodies and we were finally off!

By the time we arrived at our new hideaway, our contractors were already there; measuring, checking and writing things down. We filled them in on our plans and went on to our own business at hand. By early evening, we had gotten rid of the horde of workers and we were at last alone. Tanya and I a chance to sit down and take a breather. Being quite hungry, we decided on an early dinner of the sandwiches that Tanya had brought for us. Fine dining, camping style!

I suppose that at this point, I should tell you all that we are both kinky fetishists, and the purchase of a secluded home was not an accident. We had hoped for a place to practice our kinks as we saw fit, without prying eyes and questions.

Very tight encasement, piss play, enemas, breath play, mock executions, mummification, BDSM, pony play, and lots of fetish dressing were our menu or kink. In particular, I wanted to be able to cross dress as I saw fit to do, which is my most sexual fetish, and to entertain my CD lover, Annie as well.

Before dinner, we had decided to dress for the occasion, Tanya had brought our matching black latex catsuits and hot pink thigh high boots with gauntlet gloves for us both were the wear for the day. Tanya had packed them along with our other necessities such as bondage straps, cuffs, collars, hoods, dildos, vibrators, and more...

After our intimate dinner by flashlight and camp lantern we decided to go for a walk; the moon was high and nearly bright as day so we figured that we would have a long, fun, walk. As an extra surprise, Tanya had packed dildo panties for herself and a 6 inch butt plug for me... Just to set the mood!

The catsuits fit us both wonderfully, they were custom made and fit like a glove. Zippers on the wrists and ankles made entry an ease, and the attached hoods left our mouths and eyes free. Attached feet insured that any leakage of fluids would be contained in the suits and not ruin our boots. My suit had moulded in breast forms to give me the profile every Grrl wants. Tanya picked out her favorite wig for me to wear, a long, shag black wig that reached well past my shoulders. She fixed my eyes with my favorite bright blue eye shadow, and Applied hot pink lip gloss to finish off the outfit.

“Now, Lynn my dear, you are ready to venture forth with Me.” she said.

Being late in the summer, it was still warm, and by dinner’s end we were both sweating nicely in our latex outfits. Taking flashlights in hand and securing blue rubber ball gags around our necks that could easily be inserted in our mouths if we decided to further bind ourselves, we left the house and started towards the wooded areas behind the house. Carefully navigating the unknown land was part of our fun, hand in hand we walked further and further away from the house. We had to stop a few times, Tanya’s dildo panties were working their magic, and she was orgasming nicely about every 15 minutes.

As she approached her climax, she would stop, grab onto me with both arms and hug as tightly as she could while she drifted into orgasmic bliss. Likewise, my butt plug was doing its job as well, it constantly reminded me of how it felt when Tanya donned her huge strap on dildo and penetrated my backside while we were switching roles.

Not being country folk, every time we heard an animal cry out, it sent chills down our collective spines... Not exactly what you hear in a city; taxis, subways, busses, sirens, sure, but not the cry of a wild animal!

As we approached the crest of the hill that we had seen from our home, we stumbled onto two parallel stone walls; about one foot high, both about 10 feet long, and about 3 feet apart. Looking at them with our lights, we saw what appeared to be the remains of two stone steps declining from the ground level. Indeed, they were steps! Carefully bending down, we took our gloved hands and began to sweep away the leaves and sticks that covered them. Yes, this was some kind of staircase leading down from ground level. Thirty minutes later, we had cleared most of the debris from 12 steps, leading to a very old looking iron door covered with straps and rivets and two huge iron hinges some ten feet below the ground. Gathering our courage collectively, I took hold of the large iron handle and assuming that it was rusted closed, pulled as hard as I could on it. To my amazement, I nearly fell on my rear, as the door swung open easily, with little or no effort.

Tanya immediately came to my side as we looked into the darkened passageway. From what we could see, there was a long stone lined corridor about 50 feet long running from the doorway to some unseen point. At the end of the passageway we could see a dim, eerie glow. Lining the walls were a few sets of large, forged iron rings, about 6 inches in diameter and grouped in pairs about every 8 to 10 feet. The stonework of the passage was beautiful. Very professional and extremely clean looking. Moving our flashlights around we were amazed at what we saw. We decided to investigate further. Knowing that many battles of the American Revolution were fought in this area we guessed that this may have well been part of the battlements of General George Washington and his army of patriots. We were excited and hoped to find some artifacts to prove our conjecture.

As we entered the passageway, the heavy door swung slowly closed behind us, we gave it no thought. Carefully walking hand in hand to the end of the hallway, we turned to the left to see what was causing the glow of light that we had seen; never stopping to wonder what would glow below ground, and with no electricity. We had entered a second hallway, and decided to keep walking towards the light.

About 30 feet further and we encountered a doorway similar to an old fashioned jail. Large iron bars and straps with a spring loaded hinge. Tanya stepped ahead of me and pushed the latch and pulled the door open. We both walked through it and let it close behind us. A fast turn to the left again, and we entered the source of the glowing light.

We stood there dumbfounded; in front of us was a room, also totally encased in cobblestones, about 20 feet wide and 30 feet long. The ceiling was glowing softly at a few points from what looked like oil lamps hung on the walls, but there was no fire, just light coming from them. With our eyes adjusting to the low light, we were shocked to see that we had entered what looked like a mediaeval torture room or dungeon. The far wall was made up of three iron bar enclosed cells, also equipped w ith the same large iron rings on the wall that we had seen in the outer hallway.

There stood two huge wooden chairs, which looked like 20 th century electric chairs with rough iron straps on the arms, the upper back rest by where a neck would be rested, and across the chest area and legs of the chairs.

A wooden table with many rings, hooks, and a hand operated winch at one end stood front and center.

An iron maiden of heavy strap iron stood near the door, and another smaller one hung from a chain above our heads.

A large wooden barrel with a two part top hinged together allowing a 5 inch diameter hole to be open was filled with a solidified substance that looked like road tar.

A steel platform about 2 feet square was supported about 18 inches off the floor by four arms attached to another similar plate anchored to the floor. A screw mechanism seemed to allow the plate to be lowered to the floor in very small increments. Just above this setup was a large iron hook with a hangman’s rope still attached!

On a large wooden table was an assortment of implements of torture. A collection of iron cuffs, collars with spikes and attaching rings, several adjustable” pears”, chain of all sizes, manacles and branding irons, thumb screws, and things that we had never before seen, including a set of ivory carved dildos, ranging from “normal” size penises to huge length and width ones.

Sitting dead center of the room was about a 50 gallon iron pot, supported about a foot above the floor on three legs, under which it was clear that a fire had been placed some many years ago.

The most intriguing objects we found were sitting next to the chairs; they were highly polished silver looking helmets. One with a very feminine looking face, one with a girlish- male look. They were made in two halves, hinged at the top and very detailed. The work was amazing and almost unbelievable. The hoods had small openings for eyes to allow for sight, and mouth openings with some form of attaching points on the each side of the mouth hole. Over each ear was a hole about one half inch in diameter with a threaded fastener welded to the helmet. Similar, but smaller diameter threaded fasteners were at the side of the eye openings as well. No matter how hard I tried, I could not take my eyes off these beautiful helmets.

The table also held two steel belts, also polished and gleaming. They were about 5 inches wide, hinged at a few points, and fitted with welded rings and a closure with a long thumbscrew and loop fastener to tighten the belt on its recipient.

Tanya, being the brave one, took one of the pears, placed it into her mouth and began to tighten the knob, expanding it against her jaws. The spring inside of it quickly expanded, forcing her jaws far apart, and to their limit of expansion. She could barely make a sound as she stood there, feeling the unrelenting pressure. I could see the tears in her eyes as she was obviously in pain, but not doing anything to relieve it. I simply stood and watched. As she tuned the knob one last turn. Tears flowed, and she started to moan, a combination of pain and orgasmic pleasure. Waiting a minute, she relieved the pressure and removed the devious device from her mouth. Her only words were “Wow”.

Tanya was visibly excited and flushed by her self imposed torture; she looked at the helmets too and asked me what I thought. I nodded “Yes” and motioned for her to sit down in the smaller of the wooden chairs. Once seated, I took the female looking helmet and carefully fitted it over her head; it fit like a glove to her face. Gently, I swung the rear half downward until it connected with the front half. The fit around her neck was perfect, just tight enough for mild constriction, and the fit to her head was marvelous. As I pressed the halves together the last inch, she said how tight it was becoming, pressing her face and head everywhere simultaneously. When the halves finally touched, there was an audible” CLICK”. Some hidden latch had closed, fastening the helmet to Tanya’s head. Looking over the helmet, I was unable to see the latch, but it wasn’t a concern right then, so I disregarded it.

Tanya then begged me to fasten the steel restraints that were part of the chair. In order, I closed the wrist, ankle, stomach and upper chest bands, each one closing with the same “CLICK” as the helmet had done. Tanya sat there, immobile, and apparently in some sort of sub space enjoying the moment to the fullest. Looking around at the table nearby, I saw the rest of the helmet’s parts. There was a steel plate that seemed to fit over the eyes, with attached screws that would fit to the helmet. There was also a pear, attached to a similar plate that would screw to the helmet over her mouth, and two large thumbscrews with rounded cone shaped ends that seemed to fit the holes over her ears. I brought them to her and showed them all to her. She said “YES” and asked me to install them all, leaving her eyes for last. Slowly, I started with the ears. Gently screwing the thumbscrews into the threaded holes in the helmet and twisting them gently inward until I felt the resistance of her ear against the steel probe. When I had them both installed, I asked her how they felt.

“Great,” was the answer.

She said it limited her hearing greatly, and the pressure was fine, but how about a turn or two more, just for fun?

I agreed and twisted them further in, her reaction was immediate, tightening her body against the obvious pain they were causing. As I stopped, I happened to see that behind the chair were crank like devices attached to the chest and abdomen straps that I had clicked closed. I asked Tanya how the straps felt on her, and told her about the cranks.

She immediately asked me to tighten them “the way she liked it”, which meant very tight to me.

As I started to crank away on the abdomen strap’s crank, I could see the strap closing against her catsuit, compressing her stomach as it closed. I closed it about 4 to 5 inches I guess, and then asked her opinion. Her reply was slow and breathy as the iron band was compressing her diaphragm making speech difficult.

“Wonderful, Lynn my dear,” was her reply.

Next, the chest band was tightened to what I felt was the safe limit for her,

“Tighter” she replied, and I responded by turning the crank several more revolutions.

“Tummy tighter” she managed to whisper to me.

Hesitantly, I cranked away 8 or 10 more turns until I saw the distress she was in, her breathing was shallow and the clenching of her fingers told the story.

“Pear” she managed to get out.

Inserting the pear into her jaws I screwed the plate to the helmet and slowly cranked the knob to open the torture device into her mouth. Quickly, I could feel the resistance as it was pressing her jaws apart and into the confines of the helmet. As I finished, I could see her body shaking against the confines that held her. She was obviously in the throws of a crashing orgasm from her self induced tortures. Being the devious type, I got the idea to further her “fun”. I unzipped the crotch of her catsuit a few inches, exposing her soaking wet crotch. I gently pulled the dildo out from her pussy and being a pervert myself, stuck it into my mouth and savored her love juices.

She watched me and enjoyed it as she was seemingly entering another orgasm. I took the second of four pears that were on the table and showed it to her. She immediately knew its resting place. This one was much longer then the one fitted to her helmet, being about 7 inches long. I inserted it into her dripping wet pussy and while pressing it to its fullest length inside of her, began to twist the knob to open it. Her reaction was instantaneous. Behind the closed helmet I could hear her moan and cry. I had opened it quite a lot, and I was sure that it was pressing her to her limit as I could see the bulge in her crotch from the jaws of the pear expanding her like when I had fisted her pussy.

Standing back, I admired my work as I tried to think what to do next. I greatly wanted to join her in her tortures, but them, how would either of us escape?

Tossing caution to the wind, I decided to try a sample of what I had given to Tanya. Standing in front of her, so that she could appreciate and enjoy my self imposed torments, I took the pear from the table that matched the one that I had so generously inserted into her soaking wet pussy and as I bent over in front of her, I pushed it deep into my behind. The pear itself was large for me, even without benefit of it being expanded. I could only imagine what she was feeling in her pussy as the implement stretched her so wide. Taking a deep breath, I twisted the knob on it a few quick turns, I could feel my anus being stretched and lower rectum being filled with the relentlessly enlarging steel jaws. I continued to enlarger it until I cloud no longer stand the pressures. Looking into Tanya’s eyes, I could see her approval of my plight, and the resultant pleasure it brought to her. My feelings were quickly transforming, the pain and pressure were now a source of pleasure and sexual gratification. If only I cloud make it larger, I thought to myself.

I walked to the table once again, and took up the matching helmet that I had fitted to Tanya’s head. I examined it quickly and found no trace of a latch on the neck or anywhere else. I could not understand how Tanya’s had locked, but I was sure this one was OK. Taking the helmet in my right hand, I pressed it to my face as I had done with hers. With my left hand, I took the rear half of the helmet and swung it against the front part, as the halves neared, I could feel the same pressure on my face that Tanya had felt, it was like it was made for me. As the parts touched, a heard the same loud “CLICK” as the parts now were somehow stuck together. For a second I was lost in the wonderful feeling of my head being cradled in a tight, form fitted steel prison that was so gently pressing on every square inch of my head. It was like large hands were holding my head so tightly in a lovers embrace. I turned to face Tanya, so as to show her my self imposed plight.

The reaction I received was predictable. She was visibly excited, even though she was nearly immobile herself. Pointing to the table, I asked her if she wanted to see more, she made a faint noise that seemed to say “Yes”. With that, I grabbed the pear that was attached to the steel plate for the helmet. Placing it carefully into my mouth, I fastened the thumbscrews on the plate, locking it in place. I then picked up the large steel bondage belt and placed it around my waist. I took the clasp and fastened it tight. Then, I took hold of the knob attached to the clasp and began to turn it; quickly the belt shrank to constrict my waist. It was a relentless steel corset, pulling my waist smaller and smaller as I turned the knob. With every inch smaller, I could see the approval in Tanya’s eyes. My own torture was so pleasing to her that I found it difficult to stop. I cranked the belt as small as I could go without cracking a rib, I was nearly unable to breath, and was getting terribly aroused as well. Then I took the knob for the mouth pear and turned it tight. My jaw was at once forced towards the bottom of the helmet, any movement was impossible. It was not terribly painful, but breathing from my mouth was out of the question. I then decided to turn it further. A few turns more and the pain was beginning to impact me, but I found it hard to stop. Reaching my limit, I relented and stood there before my lovely, tortured wife.

We were sharing our lust for pain together at last. I walked towards her, and outstretching my hands I placed them on her helmeted head and tried to say that I loved her, but no speech was possible.

My touch had to say it all, and I was sure that it did by the look in her eyes. I kneeled down in front of her and placed my head in her lap as a sign of love. Getting up, I decided to sit down next to her for a minute as I was getting very dizzy from the lack of air and the pain. Turning my back to the chair next to Tanya’s, I sat down. Within a few seconds, I felt the steel manacles on the chair snap closed, all at once. Wrists, ankles, stomach, chest and neck... I was now trapped like she was! The steel bands had fully tightened by themselves, I was absolutely immobile, no escape seemed possible. I’m not exactly sure why, but the combination of the bondage, the pain, and the seemingly impossible situation we were in drove me to a wonderful, crashing orgasm. I could feel the rush of cum as it shot from my steel caged cock and fill the crotch of my catsuit.

With that, we both simultaneously heard the sound of footsteps approaching! We were saved!

Unable to turn my head, I could hear them getting closer, and then the sound of the steel cell door opening. I was embarrassed, but the idea of being here until we died of thirst was not a good option. The footsteps stopped. I looked around as much as I could, and was finally able to see our rescuers...or at least we thought that they were. Shock was not the word to describe what I saw. Standing in front of us were two people...but they were certainly not human!

The forms I saw were enough to cause me to scream, if I had been able to speak. They were about six feet tall; both very thin almost stick like with absolutely no hair at all anywhere on their bodies.

They both had exaggeratedly large heads, tiny feet with four toes each and long, pointed hands.

Their faces reminded me of a Japanese female cartoon character doll.

Their skin was nearly white, and smooth, like latex rubber. Neither a wrinkle, nor stretch mark was anywhere to be seen. The most prominent part of their bodies was their penises. They were thick, nearly two inches or more wide, and at least a foot and a half long! They stood straight upright, and nearly reached their mouths.

The shorter of the two figures pointed at us, and made some sort of noise that the taller recognized. Their language possibly? I thought.

Then, out of the blue, the taller one spoke to us in near perfect English...

”Unfortunately, you have entered our lair; we cannot afford to have you go forth and reveal our presence to your people.”

With that, he reached to me and uncranked the pear that was in my mouth and removed it from my helmet very carefully. I must have asked a hundred questions in the first minute while shaking inside.

“Who is seated next to you?” was the next question I received.

I explained that it was my wife and that we bought the house above and were out exploring, etc. The shorter figure then removed her mouth pear and allowed her to speak. She was as frightened as I was, and showed it to a greater extent than I had. The figures raised their hands and motioned for us to be quiet. They went on in length to explain that they mean us no harm, but were frightened for their safety. They had come here many years before and were to explore and report back to their people, but due to their odd appearance, they were stymied and could not venture out to do their jobs...

They had come across this hiding place much as we had. Their ship had left them here and they were unable to get away until their people sent another ship for them.

“We don’t understand the concept of “wife”, so we will treat you both the same as you both have the same physical appearance”.

I guess they never saw a cross dresser before...

They then began to feel us all over, touching, probing, and feeling every inch of our bodies. When the discovered that my breasts were rubber and that my genitals were different, they huddled together for some time and talked in their native tongue. They came back to us and told us that there was nothing to worry about, they were going to fix everything, and make us their emissaries.

They took our hoods and helmets off; and standing before me, the taller one approached me, and with his penis fully engorged, he made me open my mouth and stuck it deep into my throat. I thought that I would choke, as the huge cock was about 10 inches into my throat, blocking my air. He then took his hand and rubbed his cock wildly, a few seconds later, I felt a huge deposit of cum shoot into my throat. It was extremely sweet, like apple juice. I did my best to swallow it, as it seemed to be about a glass full or more. He pulled away from me, and smiled. Saying” Soon it will all be well”.

Looking at my wife as I caught my breath, I saw that she was also receiving the same treatment, but she was eagerly taking every inch of the huge cock that the alien was giving her.

Soon, I heard her moan and tighten her body as she was being filled with the sweet alien juices.

I quickly felt something very odd taking place in my body. My chest was swelling, my abdomen was expanding and contracting, and I could see Tanya behaving similarly.

About an hour later, our captors began to undo us from our chairs and proceeded to remove our catsuits. Standing there naked, I looked down at my body and was shocked beyond belief. All the hair on my body was gone, except for my head which now had shoulder length black flowing hair. My chest had grown beautiful breasts, and my cock was about a foot long! Tanya had fared a bit better, her breasts were now larger and firm, but she had grown a foot long cock just above her pussy!

Quickly looking down at myself, I too had grown a pussy, below my cock. We were now both the same sexual creatures.

“We hope that you are both happy, we fixed the differences in you, so that you will not have the shame of being so unusual”.

I guess that since they were both the same, they thought that we were oddities and fixed the differences. Oh Boy...

We were both placed back in our chairs and given some concoction to drink; the next thing I remember we were waking from a sound sleep in our beds, dressed in our catsuits, hoods, and the rest of our attire. Awakening with a start, I thought that we had experienced a weird, convoluted dream. I saw that Tanya was still sleeping, so I got up and went into the bathroom to straighten myself up. I unzipped my catsuit, and looking down at myself, I saw that to my amazement and shock, it had not been a dream at all! My face was now definitely feminine, and the rest of me was altered as well! My waist was now smaller, my hips more pronounced, and my skin was soft and clear.

I heard Tanya awaken, she shrieked out loud, apparently seeing her changes as well. She came running into the bathroom, and grabbed onto my, hugging me tightly.

“What are we to do now?” she cried.

“How about sharing your wardrobe until I can get a new one for me?” I asked.

Looking into my eyes, after a long pause she sighed and said, “Well, I guess you got your dream, you are Lynn for real now!”

She took me by the hand and brought me back to bed. We were both very turned on, and for the first time, we got to fuck each other with our new found bodies. We both orgasmed wildly, and came like race horses.

Our new friends had also given us the ability to climax over and over, and after five orgasms in a row we settled down to hug and drift off to sleep once again.

Next morning, I awoke to find that Tanya had made us both breakfast, and laid out clothes for me. A very short pink mini skirt, a white satin tie top, crotchless panty hose, and over the knee boots along with a black studded collar. I quickly dressed, did my makeup and lips, brushed out my new shoulder length black hair and walked down stairs to the kitchen where Tanya was awaiting with our food. She was dressed in a black leather micro mini that barely covered her behind, a matching studded black leather bustierre top and over the knee platform boots and matching studded wrist bands and collar.

I was immediately turned on by just looking at her.

With a huge smile she said, “Good morning, Lynn, what new exploring are we going to do today?”

“I’ve already thrown out all your guy clothes, so I guess we need to go shopping first.”

I took it upon myself to call your friend Annie, she is going to join us for the day out, and besides, I think she will really love your new look.

As I was finishing my breakfast, the door bell rang. Tanya let Annie in, and as soon as she saw me, her mouth dropped.

“WOW’ was all she could say.

Tanya and I proceeded to explain everything to her. It was obvious that she was taking it all in, and getting hotter and hotter as we recounted our experiences. Just to dispel her disbelief, Tanya and I both undressed to show Annie the results of our adventures. Obviously excited, Annie dropped to her knees and without hesitation began to alternate between Tanya and me, licking and sucking on our huge, newly found cocks. In only minutes, we were both fully pleasured by her wonderful ministrations, and we settled down to finish our recalling of the adventure.

Annie had a gleam in her eyes,” Since you both are so wonderfully equipped now, I feel slighted!”

I assured her that it was not the case, but Annie mused,” How about inseminating me too, maybe I can change also?”

I mentioned that I was not sure that we had that ability to reproduce our new found selves, but I was certainly willing if she was.

“Absolutely,” she said, “let’s go for it!”

Annie knelt on the floor awaiting us. Instinctively, we seemed to know what to do.

Tanya posed herself in front of Annie, and as Annie opened her mouth wide, Tanya slid her cock deep into her throat.

I positioned myself behind Annie, and gently parting her cheeks, I slid my engorged cock deep into her awaiting rear. She moaned in throws of passion, as I pumped away inside of her. In minutes, Tanya and I were spent, and had finished our jobs.

We withdrew, and as Annie sat down to await her metamorphosis, we all joined hands as we kissed each other and hugged, not knowing what the future would bring.

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