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A Ligurian Tale

A Ligurian Tale

a story has power to transport
The day had been long and he was far away. I lay drowsy and warm between soft sheets as we talked over a totally inadequate phone line. My body relaxed and I had no more energy to speak.

"Tell me a story."

Low and gravelly the words came. "Once upon a time there was a girl who loved the ocean. The air and the song of the tide nourished body and soul. Everything and everyone she loved met her there..."


What I noticed first was the difference in sound. There was that shushing roar of breaking waves that had always relaxed me to near bonelessness. A few seabirds spoke to one another in the distance. The air smelled like salt and sunshine. Even the feel of water lapping at my feet did not alarm me. My hands dug into warm silkiness beside my hips. I let the sand slide out between my fingers.

The touch of a hand on my ankle stilled me even further. The firm grasp was tender and warm. A thumb rubbed across the arch of one foot. This was followed by a barely felt brush of his mouth. Breath caressed my skin and sandy lips slowly kissed the length of my legs. My knees raised and the fold of my knee was softly explored by finger and mouth. Hands spread opened my hips as the intoxicating trail approached the lips of my pussy.

There was a deep moan in my throat and I raised my hands to my tilted head. Everywhere the mouth explored, sharp little nips stung my skin.

Juicy arousal streamed over the warm sand. Fingers opened my labia and slid inside me with total attention to every smoothly shaved inch. When a tongue flicked across my slit I nearly screamed but my body would not obey any command to motion. I was held completely in the thrall of extreme lust.

Would this delicious moment be over if I moved or spoke? There was no way to know so I just felt it like it was a part of me.

Fingers spread those lips wider as the lapping tongue increased its invasion. Occasional long, pulling sucks marked the juncture of thigh and mons. That mouth was fully on me now and my body pressed against total pleasure...

Wanting more.

Needing more.

The tongue explored and licked and fucked me over and over. The mouth lapped the saltiness of my body and left pure fire. Lips closed over my clitoris and sucked long and hard.

At that moment I did scream in a long wail of completion. Strong hands grasped my ass and pulled my wetness against the seeker. The tongue ravaged the inside of my spasming pussy. Sensation rolled across my shaking body. I could not breathe. Everything sensation was concentrated in a few square inches of flesh and it was glorious.

Stillness fell around me as I opened my eyes and looked into the sea green gaze of a complete stranger. He moved slowly up my body kissing as he came. Long, dark hair and a rough beard left wet sand on my skin.

Soon his torso rested between my still-spread legs. He kissed the valley between my breasts then each pierced nipple in turn. His cheek brushed my skin. I had the odd feeling he was listening to my heart, but of course that was silly.

His smile was sudden and blinding. It was like his whole face was suffused with joy. My smile answered automatically.

"Tell me what you want, little one. Your sweetness deserves a reward."

"Tell me a story."

He slid back into the sea and words of his story wafted back over the surf.


I roused in my own bed. The sheets were dusted with perfect white sand. My body was sticky from my own cum. I was slightly dazed and glanced around the room to check for any other changes.

The only real change was the phone resting on the other pillow. I could hear the voice of my beloved man still telling his magic story.

The breathtaking addition to my bed was a blue-tinged bottle containing one tiny white starfish and a perfect pearl.

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