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A Lone Wolf Howls at Midnight

Laura must make a choice as to which Alpha male will be hers
A Lone Wolf Howls at Midnight

Laura stood on the porch of the Kimball cabin deep in thought. Tonight she would make a choice that would change her life forever and a decision that would affect the Bowler Pack for generations. She pulled her white silk robe closer to her pale body. Her platinum blonde hair hung loosely around her shoulders reaching to the top of her ample breasts. Her sky blue eyes sparkled in the bright moonlight, completing her ethereal beauty!

The Pack leaders had selected two Alpha males from two different clans.

Daniel was from the Whitehall clan. He was tall and athletically built. He must work out often as he muscles seemed to come from the gym. His profession as an attorney allowed him to live in a nearby city. He was tall, at least six feet with brown hair in several different shades with deep chocolate, brown eyes.

When they had met yesterday afternoon she had remembered him immediately as one of her childhood playmates. He seemed to vaguely remember her but really never acknowledged that he had met her. Yet moments before when he first saw her he had gasped! Taking her hand in his warm one he had told her of the wonderful life that they could share in the city. They would be returning to the mountains every full moon to handle all of the Packs problems and issues as they would be the Alpha reigning pair.

They had walked the meadow path that led to the old caves that were believed to be the home of their ancestors. They had lived there for generations until they had formed into four clans. The warmth of the sun felt so relaxing that Laura thought nothing of Daniel slipping his arm around her shoulder and squeezing her tight. She smiled into his handsome face and he grinned back at her.

It had been thirteen years since she had seen Daniel and her other playmates. She had been twelve years old on her last visit to Gran’s cabin. Since that fall when her first menses had begun she had been forbidden to return for the next summer. After all they were all werewolves who relied on scent to choose their mates. At the age of twenty-five Laura was more than ready to settled down and start a family so she wasn’t making a sacrifice for the Pack.

Before Laura and Daniel had parted he had pulled her close to him in a tender embrace and sweetly kissed her soft lips. She had swayed in his arms and he had laughed when he had steadied her.

“Laura, darling I hope to see you here in the meadow tomorrow night. I’m so sure that we would be wonderful together” Laura had said her goodbyes and left Daniel to return to the cabin.

Last night Laura had met Joshua from the Franklin clan. He was 6’2” and also muscular from hard work felling trees, chopping wood and clearing brush. His jet black hair framed a very handsome face with stunning green eyes. As soon as he saw Laura, he had rushed to give her a hug!

“I can’t believe it! It’s little, skinny Laura turned into a magnicifant beauty!”

He remembered skipping stones across the pond, climbing trees and playing tag in the meadow. He even remembered saving her from drowning in the pond the summer she was nine and he was twelve. They had walked to the pond and sat down on the large flat rock by the water’s edge. He told her that he was so glad that she was to be the Alpha female. They exchanged information back and forth. Joshua was the Sheriff of Statesville a small town of 7,800 people. Laura told him that she was a paramedic for a small squad in her home town. They had never run out of things to talk about! He walked her to the front porch and kissed her softly. He smiled at her telling her that he hoped to see her at the rock the next evening.

Last night had been difficult for her. Her mind wandered as she thought about the two men that she had met that day! Finally, around 2:30 she had fallen asleep! She began to dream. In that dream Laura had met Daniel and Joshua in the forest near an outcropping of wild flowers! All three of them were naked and she stood there staring at both men in shock!

Daniel walked to her and took her hand in his as he moved her towards the beautiful bed that had suddenly appeared! She sat on the edge of the bed until Joshua picked her up and moved her into the center. Both men climbed in with her, one on each side. What is happening here, she asked herself. Have I selected both of them? Her thoughts were interrupted as Daniel leaned over her and kissed her deeply! He explored her mouth with his tongue. Then he began to move it in and out mimicking the sex act.

Joshua was kissing her body, slowly licking as he moved closer to her core! She was hot and very wet as the two men worked their magic. He moved to her pussy and licked her from bottom to top. Her body reacted and came up off the bed, her back arching! His tongue danced along her folds then disappeared into her hot, wet core.

Daniel circled his tongue around one taut, coral nipple eliciting a desperate moan escaping from her lips as he moved to the other breast. Joshua folded his tongue and pushed it further into her weeping pussy, gathering her thick, sweet cream.

“Fuck, Laura. You taste like honey! I can’t get enough of you,” Joshua exclaimed. It felt so incredible! She felt like she was no longer on the bed but hovering above it. Her body shaking, she fisted his hair pulling his mouth tightly against the pulsating flesh of her pussy. Laura was so close to coming that it was driving her crazy with need.

“Please,” she begged.

“Please, what?” Joshua looked up at Laura, his lips wet and glistening from her juices.

“Please make me come! Please!” Laura’s body jerked as Daniel traced the soft roundness of her breast. He pulled her nipple into his mouth clamping down on it. His bite started a fire that shot straight to her pussy just as Joshua sucked on her sensitive clit. Laura flew apart into a million pieces that shot into a million different directions. She floated in her own little heaven, her body humming and pulsing until she heard a soft voice calling to her.

“Laura, sweetheart, it’s time to get up!” It was Gran’s voice that she heard.

“Give me ten minutes and I’ll be right down.” When Laura threw back the covers she saw a large wet spot on her sheet and her panties were gone! Looking down she found them carelessly hanging on the bottom of the bed. She ran to the bathroom and cleaned herself before pulling on a clean pair from her dresser.

Now what, she thought. That dream did not help matters at all. If anything she was even more confused! Her nipples hardened and he pussy tingled from just the thoughts of the dream!

Now she had to make a decision. Every luxury she could ever want, married to a famous attorney or a Sheriff here with family close by and the mountains that she loved and missed so much.

She picked up her cell to see the time. It was 11:27. She had until midnight to make her choice and complete the bonding. Maybe, she thought, if I take a short walk it will help! Laura opened the cabin door and told Gran that she was leaving.

“Choose well, Sweetheart!” Gran called from the kitchen.

Laura started to walk down a path, her robe snagging on bushes and branches, pulling it back to reveal her nakedness. Laura and the Alpha male that she selected would make love tonight in human form. During the next full moon they would consummate their union in wolf form and officially become Pack leaders.

Laura’s eyes began to tear when she realized where the path had led her. There in the full moonlight stood the man she had chosen with her heart! A silver pathway led to the flat rock of the pond.

He must have heard her approach as he turned toward her, hope and desire in his eyes.

“Are you here to tell me that I am your chosen or that you will be moving on to the meadow”, Joshua asked his voice husky but unsure.

“I’m here to tell you that I have chosen you to be my Alpha male. My mate for life.”

Joshua’s sigh of relief was audible from where Laura stood. He stepped down from the rock to take her hand. His touch was like an electrical storm, sending jolts of sensation downwards. He helped her up onto the rock and pulled her body close to his.

“Laura, I promise you a lifetime of happiness, love, joy and passion. I’ve waited thirteen years hoping that the little blonde girl who fell out of an apple tree and broke her arm would one day be mine.”

She pulled back from him and untied the sash and let her robe drop to the rock at her feet. Her body and hair shimmered in the moonlight with a silver glow. Glancing down Laura could see the outline of his erection straining against his pants. Joshua quickly removed his clothing and stood naked before her. He moved in to hold her in his arms. She hissed as his fiery-hot body met hers, savoring the sensation of being skin-to-skin.

Leaning down Joshua captured her lips in a deep passionate kiss. His mouth seeking, his tongue conquering. A low reverberating growl came from deep in his throat. Every nerve in Laura’s body caught fire. She burned and ached for him. Her pussy pulsed of its own accord.

“Laura, we have to complete this by midnight. We don’t have much time. I’m sorry,” Joshua said reaching down to the side of the rock and pulling up a large folded blanket and placing it on the rock. He put his arms around her and lowered her to the blanket. He kissed her deeply, his need evident in the throbbing of his rock hard cock. He lowered his head to her creamy white breast that was topped by a pale coral nipple. Taking it into his mouth, he sucked and licked as Laura moaned in pleasure. Need surged through her, an elemental, pure desire to feel him fill her.

Joshua pushed her legs apart gently and slowly separated her pussy lips. He started at her in lust and whispered ”beautiful!” He ran his finger over the hot, wet, swollen flesh. Laura gasped as his finger entered her. He moved his finger back and forth adding a second finger.

“Damn, you are so tight and so wet. I have to taste you!” His tongue quickly replaced his fingers as he licked at her sweet entrance. He moved back to her lips, sharing her love lube with her. As he kissed her lips some more he moved to her neck and shoulders, biting that sensitive spot between the two places. Laura reached down and kissed the top of his head moving her hands over every body part within her reach.

As he continued to kiss her he circled her wrist and brought her hand to his groin, wrapping her fingers around his aching engorged cock! Laura began to move her hand up and down. She ran her fingers over the head of his cock and found a small stream of pre-cum that had gathered there just for her!

“Take me, Joshua! Please take me now!

Kissing her again he slowly entered her inch by inch. She gasped in his ear as he pushed a little deeper. “Fuck! You feel so good,” he whispered in her ear. He began to move inside her slowly at first, then increasing his speed going yet deeper. He rolled his hips, Laura moaned in pleasure. She wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him even closer. She begged him to satiate her, to satisfy the violent need that was clawing at her relentlessly!

Joshua reached down and took her left leg and placing it over his shoulder. They both moaned as they felt his cock go deeper! His hard cock was beginning to swell. “Laura, soon sweetheart, very soon.” Her pussy caressed his cock with rhythmic undulations. Both cried out as they reached their climaxes together. Laura could feel the heat of his release deep inside her. He collapsed on top of her pulling her tight in his arms.

“Just think how this will feel when we take our time.” He reached down to her now sensitive pussy and inserted his finger inside her. With his finger he placed their combined juices across her lips. He kissed her and shared their love. He held her in his arms for a few minutes caressing her hair and skin until their heartbeats slowed.

“Laura, I love you! Are you ready for our first run together?” he asked pulling Laura to her feet. She felt his cum running down her leg in a slow stream!

“I love you too. I think that I always have! You were always my guardian and protector! Yes, let’s run free as the wind!”

Moments later standing on the rock was a jet black, green- eyed wolf and a shimmering pure white wolf with sapphire eyes. They rubbed their muzzles together and took off running around the pond together.

In the distance, in the meadow a lone wolf howls at midnight.

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