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A Mage And His Vampire

The chirping of the cricket's melody and the resounding bellow of the frogs hidden within the marshy grove echoed out through the night as the moon began to rise. A cry from a distant wolf pierced the darkness of the new night sky. Moving sluggishly through the thick marsh, a cloaked being made his way through the soft earth. He snorted at the smells that came fom it. It smelled of rotting vegetation and something else.

Walking further into it's depths, he saw what the something else was. A ravaged carcasses of what looked like humans. Looking closer at them, he noticed their mouths held long canines. Vampires. Upon further examination of their bodies, he noticed they each had claw and teeth marks all over there bodies. His emerald hued eyes caught a small motion of movement within the group.

Quickly leaping over to where he caught the movement, he moved the body that covered whatever it was to find a woman who was badly wounded. Large gaping wounds from sharp claws had torn through her stomach and across her left breast. Blood was pouring from the wounds, so that she didn't die right there, he spoke.


Orbs and rings of light blue-green holoration pulsed around the small area. Moving quickly to heal her ravaged body, Dark watched as his magic began repairing her body. The wounds began cauterizing, though the lost flesh didn't come back. As the blood stopped coming out, he bent down to her, asking her.

"What happened here?"

His eyes gleaming as he stared at her.

The vampire gasped as she slowly regained conscienceness. Her vision slowly came back along with her instincts. The first of which was hearing the voice and remembering the ambush. Her first reaction was to lunge her clawed hand at Dark, who grabbed her wrist and pinned it just above her head, against the massive tree that supported her. Snapping out of it, she stared at Dark and blinked a few times in astonishment. She remembered than what he asked her and answered.

"We...we were Lycans. There were just too many."

Her eyes widened with fear as she flung herself against Dark's body and began crying. Her indigo eyes held such fear and pain, Dark wondered just how an entourage of at least thirty vamps got upperhanded by rabid beasts. He grabbed her by the shoulders and brought her forward and stared at her tear streaked face.

"How many were there?"

The question was a simple one, but the answer was more complicated than he had expected.

"There had to over fifty of them. The bastards flanked us in a circle. All of them wearing heavy, blackened armor that protected them from our arrows and swords. We didn't stand a chance, especially when she showed."

Dark's eyes widened as he shook her violently.

"Who!?! You have to tell me."

She stopped crying and her voice went into a whisper.

"The Queen of Shadows, Notura Nes'Sadu."

Dark's eyes changed from emerald green to a total and complete black. His student seems to have gained herself an army. As Dark stood up, an arrow came whistling through the air, aimed for the vampire's head. But, before it could try finding it's mark, undulating waves of electrical energy surged across his body. His cloak slowly ripped apart from the immense amount of energy that raged around Dark. The arrow was struck by one of the stray bolts of electricity, disentigrating the arrow instantaneously.

The vamp looked at him with a new found terror, one of what might happen to her now. Dark looked down at her and said one word.


The word was filled with such deep seeded hatred, it caused her to almost pass out. Dark pivoted on his right heel, turning in the direction of the arrow. That's when he spotted lycans as far as he could see. A smirk crossed his face as he spoke.

"Hmm, I thought this was gonna be hard. Come at me you rabid dogs."

At the remark, the lycans shot forth, blades, axes and other weapons in their grips. Despite the armor they all wore, they still moved as quickly as if it weren't there.


The pent up electrical energy surged forth. Massive bolts launched through the lycans, huge, gaping holes were created in the bodies of the Lycans as they made a futile attempt to come at him. Not a single drop of blood touched the earthy floor as the bolts made quick work of the Lycans. All that was left was blackened soot of what was once a formidable army.

The vampire stared at the man with awe inspired astonishment as she witnessed the massacre of the Lycan army who had slaughtered her team. Tears of joy now streamed from her eyes as she thought, Now they can rest in peace. Dark walked back to her and sat next to her. Wrapping a arm underneath her knees and the other just below her shoulders, he lifted her up. That's when he saw the other marks caused not by Lycans, but by his pupil. Most of the cloth that had covered her legs and hips were gone. Burned off with hot flames that had also burned her once soft flesh. This only fueled his anger towards his pupil.

As Dark turned around, that's when he saw her, his pupil, gathering magic, readying it to destroy him and the vamp. Not even dropping her, he gave one word.


The energy his pupil was trying to charge vanished from around her. She tried doing it again, and Dark stared at her as she tried to build it up again.

"Just kill her!"

The young female vampire screamed. Dark stared down at her and smirked as his pupil screamed.


Just as she had spoke, Dark had as well.


A glimmering shield of bright rainbow colors surrounded the two as her ice attack was sent back. From underneath his pupil, massive shards of ice ripped forth. Bloody chunks of flesh, hair, and cloth covered the multiple fifteen foot shards of sharp ice. Dark released the shield, still holding the girl in his arms.

"We're safe now."

With that, he carried her through the marshland to a village that was only five miles away.

Entering the village, Dark walked towards the abandoned inn. From the looks of the place, the Lycans he'd killed had come here first. But it mattered not, for tonight, they would be safe. Walking up the stairs, he looked down at her and noticed she had passed out. The wounds from earlier were beginning to regenerate with the help of her Vampiric blood. Opening the door to a room that was untouched, he placed her on the bed and shut the door. After that, he pulled out several talismans for protection and placed them on all the walls, ceiling and floor.

After that, he got on the bed with her still asleep and began to slowly take the shredded clothing off her body. He noticed multiple scars along her chest, right breast, and just below her collarbone. He guessed they were from when she was human. He tossed the rags in a trashbin near the bed. The only thing she had on that wasn't in multiple pieces were her rawhide boots which he placed them on the floor.

As Dark had placed the boots on the floor, she had woke up. As she opened her eyes, the wounds on her healed faster. That was when she noticed she was nude. Not really minding all that much as she remembered the condition of the clothing, she saw Dark bent over the edge of the bed. The look in her eyes changed then as she sat up to get closer to his body. Her fangs growing a little longer as she heard his blood pulse through his warm veins. As Dark got back up and turned around, he noticed her face was now pressed against his pants as she had bent over to smell his scent. But as she had bent over, she opened her eyes to see his crotch less than an inch from her face which made her blush a little.

She took in a deep breath, moving her face up his crotch as she smelled his warm blood pulsing through his body. As she opened her eyes, they were no longer the indigo of before, but a luminescent yellow-orange. She bit the zipper on his pants and pulled it down, feeling something long, hard, and thick press down on her face. Looking up, her eyes widened with joy as she saw his throbbing member.

Grabbing it with both of her small hands, she began flicking the tip of her tongue across the tip of Dark's hard head. A moan escaped his lips as she swirled her tongue around his head before sucking it in her mouth. She thrusted her head forward, taking it all in her mouth, feeling as it hit the back of her throat. She swirled her tongue around Dark's shaft while lightly scraping her teeth across the tender flesh.

She let her hands go of his shaft to allow her to swallow all of his sex into her mouth. Dark moaned louder, his legs shaking hard as he came closer to climax. Before that happened, he pulled her off and threw her on her back. Ripping off his clothes, he flipped her on her stomach and grabbed his shaft, which ached for more. Placing the head against her heated core, Dark thrust it deep and hard inside her. Letting out a moan as her inner walls tightened around his thick member. She let out a loud, pleasurable moan as Dark thrusted deeper and harder inside her hole.

The ecstasy of him filling her womanhood up made her go insane, her eyes began to roll into the back of her head as she climaxed hard. As her body shook hard with climax, her inner walls tightened even harder around his shaft. Dark moaned louder as he climaxed as well, filling her core with his hot, sticky cum, feeling their juices mingle and mix. As the last drop was squeezed out of him, he pulled his member out and watched as she spun around on her back, sweat dripping down their bodies. She looked down and a shiver of pleasure spiked up her body as she saw he was still hard.

Without thinking, she threw him on his back, a dominating look in her eyes that burned with lust and passion. Before she did anything further, Dark asked one question.

"What's your name?"

She stopped and thought for a little while. She'd forgotten that she had not once spoke her name to him, her savior.

"My name is Scarlett Vitoria."

A smirk gripped Dark's lips in a nice curvature as he let her continue. She slowly turned around before grabbing his long, hard member. Slowly moving her hips down, she felt as he pierced her very core again. As she got his head inside her tight, dripping wet hole, she thrust her hips down hard and fast and deep. A moan escaped both their lips as she swallowed him whole, her juices dripping down his shaft and balls.

Scarlett launched her handsdown behind her, slapping Dark's chest hard before digging her sharp talons and scratching down, leaving thin lines of blood. Dark groaned out in painful ecstasy with the sex, pain, and the sweet, intoxicating scents of their mingling aroma. She thrusted deeper and harder on his member, moving her hand up to feel her breasts. Squeezing, pinching and pulling on her hard, throbbing nipples that ached painfully for attention.

Dark gripped her cheeks and slammed them harder and faster against his hips, feeling as her inner walls tightened harder around his thick shaft. Both Scarlett and Dark climaxed at the same time, their mingling juices mixing together before running down her lips and his shaft and balls. Her body shook hard from the intense feelings of ecstasy and his seed being poured into her core.

Slowly, shakily, she got off his still hard member, letting out a gasp as she saw he was still hard. She bent down to lick and suck their juices off his member, feeling it throbb against her lips and inside her mouth. As she licked the last of their mixed juices off his long, thick shaft, she sat up. Staring hungrily at it, she grabbed it with one of her petite hands and began stroking it in a tight grip. Dark let out a series of pants and moans as she stroked his member, feeling some pain as it grew larger.

As Scarlett saw it get even bigger, she couldn't help what she did next. She positioned herself over his now, eleven inch shaft, and gripped it. Using her free hand, she spread her cheeks before slowly pushing down. Feeling as the tip pressed against her super tight asshole, she let out a gasp as she felt it slowly push in. The sheer size of it entering her ass causing her to climax already. Her sweet, warm juices gushed out, dripping in small streams down her slit and down his shaft before she thrust him deeper in her.

Dark moaned louder at how tight she was, trying hard not to cum already. As she got him in an inch past the head, she thrust the remaining nine inches deep and fast inside her ass. This motion caused her to scream in painful ecstasy. She wasn't sure if she needed to cry in pain or pleasure or both, but tears of something slowly streamed down her cheeks as she thrusted him in and out. As she began thrusting her ass against his shaft, the tightness of her made him cum hard and long. As he filled her ass with his hot sticky cum, it made her cum as well in a multiple orgasm that rocked her body hard with tremors.

His fingers wrapped around the covers of the bed, digging his nails deep into the bedding. She continued to thrust his shaft harder and faster inside her until every last drop of his seed was squeezed out. Then she slowly pulled off of him, finally satisfied with how she repaid her hero with a very passionate and lustful night of sensual embraces. She then collapsed on his chest, whispering in his ear.

"How was that for repaying what you did for me earlier?"

Dark stared at her with a glazed look before answering.

"Incredible. If you wish, you can repay me even more in the morning."

She kissed him before whispering in his ear.

"Sure. Maybe I'll repay you for a year."

With that, they both grinned with devious looks before they both passed out, naked for all to see. The sun then came up as a small sliver. Just before Dark closed his eyes, he saw her skin slowly burning from the intangible touch of the searing light that shined off the sliver of sun. So as to not have her die in such a disgraceful manner, he used fire magic to scorch and tinge the glass of the window so no light would pierce it's protective emplacement. With that one last act, he passed out, knowing she would still be there when he woke.

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