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A night with Cat

'Arthas' the vampire gets more then a bite to eat
As I walk into the club that night you spot me like a lion spots dinner. Little do you know that not only do I spot you, but that it's very much the other way around. I stand at 5'11'', with black hair with a hint of blue. Peircing Green eyes with a hint of gold near the pupil. I'm wearing blue jeans, a white dress shirt, with a couple of buttons undone, revealing my pendant of gold and lapis lazuli, and a black leather coat.

I slowly make my way to the bar, smelling the rush of blood in every dancing body that I pass on my way down, feeling the heat as my body grazes a few of them. I stand a few lengths down from at the other end of the bar, meeting your gaze with one of my own. Though you try to act nonchalant, I can see through it very easily. Being alive for close to 150 years has given me an uncanny ability to read people, and you, you want to be fucked, and fucked hard.

I order whiskey, straight, downing in a single go. I smile a little at you, having noticed your still watching me while toying with your cosmo, having downed almost your third since I walked in. I come closer, towering over you, as you stand at 5'3'', with peircing blue eyes, and C cup breasts that would drawn the attention very easily from most men.

Your wearing a white blouse with a few buttons undone, and a black lace bra underneath that I can see prominently underneath. I glance downwards, noticing you wearing black heals that match your very long skirt, cocking my head to one side and taking a long look shows me a very long that goes up almost all the way your though, and some almost hidden buttons that you've undone on purpose. I look back into your eyes, your having a hard time supressing a smile. I smile back as you ask
"Like what you see?"

"Oh most definitly" I reply in a casual tone, a small grin on my face. I order another drink, downing it to. Wanting to surpress my bloodlust, as I haven't eaten since that librarian this morning, both of having walked away happy at the end of it. I return my attention back to you.
"So what is it you do, from the way your dressed, I'd guess secretary?"

"Actually, your right" she replies, a smile still on her lips "and what to you do?"

I smile back, stepping a bit closer, I can feel the heat your body is giving off, noticing you shift your position often, I'm guessing it's been a while since you had sex.

"Oh, mostly travel a lot, I never usually stay in one place for too long, I haven't worked in a very long time" In my head I think about a 124 years to be exact.

"That must be fun, seeing the world and all it's wonders" You finish your drink playing with the glass nervously.

I reach over placing my hand on your hip "Oh, it's alright, but often lonely" I say as I let my hand travel downwards rubbing your thigh revealed by the slit in your skirt. "By the way, I haven't gotten your name yet"

"Call me Cat" she looks into my eyes, lust as pure as anything I've ever seen in them. "And yours?"

"You can call me Arthas" Giving her the current name I use, having changed it about 8 years ago, and I still not used to it, but then again when you change your name every decade or two I guess you never really do.

She turns to face the bar to order another drink and I step closer, my hand going across her the front of her thigh and over her panties, to rub her cunt. I can feel it's heat, and I can hear your heartbeat quicken, at the same time as you take a breathe in of surprise. You clearly weren't expecting me to be so forward in public.

"So..Cat..would you like to get out of here?" I ask as I very slowly and very methodically rub your cunt over your panties. Feeling how wet there becoming

You quickly down your drink before turning to me and utterly a barely audible "Yes"

I take your hand, seeing you frown a little as my hand is no longer pleasuring you, and lead you down the street to the garage I've stored my car in. It's a Lamborghini Reventon, painted jet black with almost jet black tinted windows. Amazing what you can get when you've got the cash, and the power to compel people to agree with you. You're clearly impressed with it.

"How'd you afford this?" You ask with a slightly shocked expression as I open the car door and help you in. I'm quickly at the drivers side and starting it up as I look deep into your eyes.

"I come from very old money." A playful grin once more upon my face as I each over, pulling your skirt open and playing with your cunt, watching you for a moment as you close your eyes and lick your lips. I pull out of the garage and onto the street, with my enhanced reflexes and sight I'm driving with one hand while using the other to pleasure you.

"Where is it you live?" I ask as I stroke your clit with through your panties. Between deep breaths and small moans you utter some directions which I follow easily enough. You live in a very tall apartment building with underground parking. As I pull the car to a stop and shut the engine off. I lean over and kiss you hard, you resist a little out of shock, but then eagerly massage my tounge with your own.

After we make out way through the parking garage to the elevator with a quick pace, I push you up against the elevator door while waiting, agressively kissing you, undoing another couple of buttons on your blouse. I open your shirt a bit to reveal more of your bra and your cleavage, which I cover in light kisses.

The elevator door opens, and to both our delight it is empty. We walk in and you hit the button to your floor as we continue to kiss. My hand trailing back to your thigh as I slide your panties off, you lifting one foot then the other to take them off. I inhale deeply enjoying the smell of your juices on your panties, and then pocked them before I kiss the inside of your thigh lightly before returning to your lips.

The elevator door opens and I pick you up by your thighs, letting them wrap around me. While you close your eyes to kiss me I use my speed to be in front of your apartment door in a blink of an eye. I let you down to unlock your door, and as you walk in I stand leaning against the outside of your door way, giving you a hynoptic and lustful look.

"Aren't you coming in?" You ask with a playful and lustful look on your face.

I return the grin "Oh, I prefer to be a gentlemen and wait until I am invited in." I say as I hide my true reason for not coming in already.

"Arthas...would you please come in... and fuck me?" As you walk backwards towards the couch, pulling your blouse out of your skirt and undoing all the buttons, allowing the top to fall to the ground as you lean against the couch's arm rest.

I wordlessly enter your apartment sliding my jacket off and closing the door, followed quickly by undoing my dress shirt, revealing the light muscle tone that was hiding underneath it, as well as a tattoo on my chest just over my heart. A shield with the Japanese Kanji for 'Love'.

I come over to you kissing you hard and passionately. I feel your yearning for me as you eagerly return my kisses. I run my hands down your sides and down your legs as I undo the final buttons keeping your skirt on and let it fall to the ground next. I run my hands slowly up your back as you undo my belt and jeans and push them down, followed quickly by my boxers. I undo your bra as you stroke my cock, slowly and playfully as I kiss your neck lightly.

I pick you up, holding you close to me as I take us to your bedroom, and drop you onto your bed, playfully kissing my way down your stomach and then down each of your inner thighs. I notice how smooth your pussy is, guessing you got a wax about a day or two ago. I tease you by running my tounge around and around your pussy lips, before slowly running my tounge down your juicy slit. Going even slower over your clit.

"Uuuuugggghhhhh..." is all your able to mutter as I slowly lick your pussy.

I keep this up for a good few minutes before I run my hand around your leg and rub your clit with my thumb. All of this teasing as really made your blood flow and I'm aching for a taste. My fangs extend and the veins around my eyes darken as well as my eyes do. You are too distracted by pleasure to notice though, and as I lick you again pushing my tounge a little inside, I speed up the pace on your clit as I bite your inner thigh. I drink only for a few seconds to sate my initial blood lust, though you scream in pleasure for every one of those seconds.

I kiss my way back up, my face returning to normal as I slide my body against yours, licking your hard delicate nipples before giving each a quick sucking. I reach down as I look down at you, despite the utter darkness were in I can see you perfectly clear. Your breathing hard, your breasts heaving up and down. I reach down and take my hard 7 inch cock, and rub it up and down on your slit. Rubbing in little circles on your clit as you arch your back and moan a little, your hands slam down on the bed and tightly clutch the blanket in pleasure. I slide the head of my cock in, your so wet I slide easily in, and I continue to slide every inch of my cock in you slowly. Taking well over a minute before I'm fully inside you.

"Oh.... My..... God..." taking deep breaths before each word as you adjust to my size. I can feel little spasms your pussy is giving off.

After a moment I slowly slide in and out of you, but your own inner animal takes control and you quickly flip us over. You place your hands on my chest as you slowly ride my hard cock. I can feel your pussy get hotter and wetter as you ride me. You put your head straight up, moaning at
the ceiling as I move my hands from your hips over your breasts. Kneeding them slowly, even pushing them together before I playfull pull on your nipples.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" is the reaction I get from this, and I do it again, encouraged by the clear pleasure your getting from it.

As your breathing quickens, your pace of riding me does as well. It's not long before your riding me so hard that your headboard is hitting against the wall. Not that this stops either of us and you continue to quicken your pace and you scream in pure pleasure.
You lean down, kissing me so hard that if I were human, you may have dislocated my jaw slightly, but I eagerly return your kisses. Sliding my hand down your back, getting a small shudder of pleasure as your skin has become extremely senstive, and down to your ass where I squeeze and smack your ass.

You slide up and down me breathing harder on my lips. Feeling your pussy spasms increasing, I roll us back over, grabbing one leg and bending it, grabbing your ass as I get your leg under my arm. Kissing you hard before moving my way down to your neck. Feeling your orgasm coming, is bring mine closer as well. I fuck you harder still, picking up my pace as you roll your hips a little, my cock hitting your g-spot with each thrust.

"I-I-I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum!!" is all your able to scream in my ear. I thrust a little deeper, and feel your pussy spasm hard all over my cock, as a new flood of juices cover my cock and all over your bed.
"Ugggh.... baby I'm going to cum" I moan back into your ear and you wrap your legs around me hard, pushing me deeper into you.

"Cum inside me baby, do it hard... right there!" you groan into my ear, still in the middle of your own orgasm.

My fangs extend once more and as I cum hard and against your g-spot, I sink them deep into your neck. Drinking hard from you as I push my cock against your g-spot and hearing you scream. Whether it's from pain of the bite or pleasure from cumming I have no idea. I don't drink for too long, about 1 minute or two, and when I do you've come down from your orgasm, and I roll off of you.

I slide my finger over your cunt, letting it be covered in juices, and then quickly bring a finger to a fang, pricking it and letting it well up with blood, and let you suck on my fingers, which taste more like your juices then my blood. You suck on them eagerly before I take them away.
Knowing that your bites will be healed by morning, I clean us both off with a towel from your bathroom, and then after a few more softer kisses, I compel you to sleep, and to forget any specific details about me. All you will be able to remember is the intense sex we had, but never who it was with.

After you nod off I get dressed and take the bloody towel with me. Tossing it in a random garbage bin on my way to my car. I start up my car and drive into the sunrise.
Off to another town, and likely another woman.... or two.

Possibly more stories to come!

My first story, so any comments or criticism would be greatly appreciated
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