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A Shy Guy’s Notebook Part Two: Following the Book’s Commands

After what Amy wrote in the notebook, James wonders what awaits him at Kirsty’s house…
James sat upright on his bed, with his legs crossed and hishands holding his head up. He just stared at the small, red notebook that lay in front of him, this mysterious gift that was granted to him. His own name was engraved on the front. It was almost like it was glowing, beckoning him to open it, to control reality even more.

His mind was racing, full of thoughts of Amy, Kirsty and the words written inside the book: ‘Kirsty is going to change her mind and ask me to come over to work on the presentation. But when I get to the door, she is going to suddenly feel uncontrollably horny.’ James was struggling to believe it, despite all that had happened earlier in the day. But things had already been set into motion.

Only moments after it was written in the diary he received a call from the beautiful Kirsty. He could remember the surprise of hearing her soft voice. She explained “her idea” of them meeting up to work on the presentation. She even almost sounded happy about it. But James could tell she didn’t want to spend too much time with him. People at school thought of him as the weird guy that never spoke, often making up jokes or whispering behind his back. At one time, people had joked about him being an alien that didn’t know how to talk and was just observing them all. Overall, people didn’t like to be near him.

Nevertheless, James was excited about coming over, almost as much as he was nervous. He tried to focus on the first section of the notepad’s words, but he couldn’t help but fill his vivid imagination with Kirsty.

He imagined the perfect scenario: Walking into a large, spotless bedroom, a magnificent heart-shaped double bed, neatly made with a stunning Kirstly laying seductively on top of it, awaiting his arrival. He imagined locking his eyes with her lovely, green ones; her teasingly nibbling on her brown hair as she approached the bed. He pictured himself embracing her and pulling her close; having his hands explore her back and peeling off her clothes with ease, revealing her bare naked flesh…

He lost the fantasy. The reality of the situation was dawning on him. Yes, one of his dream women was inviting him around, but yet it felt wrong, deceitful. It didn’t seem fair what he was doing. He considered not going, to ignore the notepad. But his curiosity was too strong, not to mention his sexual desire. He was eighteen and had never experienced anything until Amy. He found himself wanting to see what would happen at Kirsty’s place.

He checked his watch. Half past six. Damn! She was expecting him for seven and he wanted to make a good impression. He had been sat there immersed in a mixture of worrying and daydreams for so long, he had forgotten to get ready. He glanced at the notebook. ‘Anything written inside would happen right?’

He grabbed the book and a pen from his desk. ‘I’m clean, presentable and ready to visit Kirsty.’ He scribbled down. He held the book tightly in his grasp. Suddenly, in a strange red flash, he found himself in a new set of clothes – a nice new pair of trousers and a new buttoned, stylish shirt to match. He tapped his head. His hair was cut short, no longer long and scruffy. James looked in the mirror at his new appearance. He was freshly shaven, smelt good and was ready to go. He actually smiled for once at his reflection. It was a nice confidence boost. He grabbed his school bag, stuffed the notebook inside and headed out…

The confidence didn’t last. Upon reaching the door of Kirsty’s house, all his confidence jumped back out of him, got in a taxi and sped far away. He was shaking with nerves as he reached for the doorbell. He took a deep breath and pressed it. DING DONG! James awaited, unsure what to expect when she opened the door.

A few moments later, the door was swung open. Kirsty stood before him, still with a look of disinterest. She looked lovely in a light, blue tank top and a flowery skirt. James found it hard to resist gawking at her, not wanting to creep her out.

“Oh, it’s you…” She started to say. But as quick as a flash the notebook’s words started to take effect. James saw her green eyes go wide and her tongue slowly licked her bottom lip as it turned into a dazzling smile.

“Let’s get to work on that presentation,” she declared as she gripped hold of James by his arm and practically yanked him inside. He almost stumbled over. Kirsty slammed the door behind him and started to stride up her stairs.

“Come on! We can work in my room. My bed is oh so comfy! You’ll love it.” She called back. She was already halfway up the stairs. James watched, as her thighs swayed side to side as she walked. He could feel himself already getting aroused, but he tried to control it. He headed up the stairs after her.

When he reached the top of the stairs, Kirsty had already entered her room. It was the only open door in the hallway. James took a gulp and walked inside. The room was a bit of a mess with books and clothes scattered on the floor. She obviously had no intention of bringing him up here until the notebook had its way. In the centre of the room stood a double bed, which was relatively neat. Kirsty was sitting upright on it. Her hand was ever so slightly pulling her flowery skirt higher and higher up her thigh.

Her eyes were glued to James as he stood at the entrance, unsure what to do with himself. Her lust filled gaze focused on him. He found himself just looking at the ground. But he heard a soft patting noise. He looked up to see her tapping the space beside her for him to sit down. He cautiously did as she asked.

As he sat near her, she started to nudge herself closer to him. She moved until their skin was brushing against each other. With one hand she playfully ruffled her hair. Her eyes were taking in every aspect of him, especially the crotch area. James could feel his cock stirring and this was excelled when Kirsty placed her hand, oh so innocently, on his thigh. Her hand was so close to his growing bulge.

The act of her touching him made him jump. He was unsure how to act. He had never been in a situation like this before. He decided he should go with the old classic: ‘Pretend nothing out of the ordinary was happening’. He quickly and awkwardly pulled off his rucksack and started to riffle through it.

“I… Brought over some notes to help…. With… with the…” He struggled to finish his sentence. Kirsty was clearly not listening. Her tongue was now lightly licking the side of his face in one long stroke. Her hands grip was getting tighter on his thigh as well as making its way closer to the bulge.

Every urge in James’ body was begging him to seize the moment, to turn towards her and tear her clothes off, to embrace her in a mist of steamy, hot passion. He could get away with it too, with the spell Kirsty seemed to be under. But he still couldn’t bring himself to do it. It still felt wrong.

He now had some sheets of notes in his hands. He couldn’t keep them steady. His hands were shaking with nerves. His heartbeat was thumping faster as Kirsty started to stroke his thigh. Each stroke was getting closer and closer to his cock. It had now basically formed a tent in his trousers.

“I’ve written a few things down…” He stuttered out. Kirsty removed her hand from his thigh and gripped the top of the papers.

“It looks like you worked really HARD on this. Why don’t we have a break and relax?” She suggested in a seductive tone and with her final word, she launched the papers out of his hand. They proceeded to join the heaps of clothes scattered on the ground.

She also kicked his bag across to the other side of the room. The notebook almost slipped out of it and was now resting on top of the bag. In the same motion she pulled her leg over him, until she was on top of him, straddling his thighs. James could feel his bulge rubbing against her bare skin underneath the skirt and he knew she could feel it too. Blood was rushing to his head. He didn’t know how to react. He chose to just look to the floor, but Kirsty was having none of it. Her horniness was increasing more and more the longer he took to give in to her seductions. She placed her hands on each of his cheeks and pulled him to face her.

He looked into her green eyes. He started to kid himself. ‘Perhaps it was genuine. Maybe she really did want to fool around with me?’. Kirsty was licking her lips eyeing him up. She had grown impatient with his nervousness.

“Listen here James” She said sweetly but with a hint of sternness. “I’ve become overwhelmed with a certain hunger. A hunger that you, being the only bloke around, will need to help me with”

James tried to stammer out a response, but nothing was coming to mind. Kirsty soon leaned in, holding him close as she kissed him. It was more of a snog really, her mouth wide open. He felt her tongue playing with his. He felt amazing. A stunning woman coming onto him! Him of all people!

Despite his many fantasies of this moment, he found himself unsure how to act. He decided to just keep his arms to his sides, instead of embracing her. Kirsty continued to lean forward as she kissed him until he was laying his back on the soft quilt of the bed. Kirsty broke the kiss and started to focus on unbuttoning his shirt. James was breathing heavily. She started slow, but by the time she had got the first three buttons off, she grew impatient. She decided to tear his shirt open, the buttons going flying. He lay there bare chested below her.

She soon followed him, rushing to peel off her tank top and the straps of the white bra underneath. James looked in fascination as the bra was tossed to one side. For the first time in his life, an actual woman’s naked breasts were just an arm’s length away. They were lovely and pert, with her small nipples nice and hard. She started to play with them. Massaging them, her thumbs circled the nipples, flicking them lightly.

James watched her play. His mouth was wide open, dumbstruck. She was already enjoying the motion immensely. Her eyes closed, she flicked her head back and let out some soft moans. James could feel his cock wanting to burst out of the restricting trousers he had it in.

Still massaging her tits, she stood up and repositioned herself. She now stood directly above his head. Her bare feet positioned either side of him. He could see right up her skirt. He had a clear view of her damp white panties. He soon got a closer look as Kirsty dropped her last remaining clothes onto him. She let her panties rest on his face for a moment. James couldn’t see a thing. Then his vision was cleared again, but only long enough to watch KIrsty’s dripping pussy plummet down on top of him. He could taste her juices dripping into his mouth. Kirsty started to thrust her hips. Her glistening pussy was rubbing across James’ face at a slow pace. Still pleasuring herself with her breasts, Kirsty called out to him.

“Mmmmmm James! Do It! I’m going mad here!” she screamed. James had a rough idea of what he had to do. Hesitant at first, he slowly stuck his tongue out and slipped it inside her. He started to lick her out.

“Mmmmm OH YES!” Kirsty screamed out. Her thrusts were getting faster as her hands continued to grip onto her breasts. She took hold of one James’ idle hands, leading it up to her bare smooth arse cheeks. She held it there. James was unsure what he could get away with, opting to just keep still.

“Uhh YES! Squeeze them!” She commanded, still thrusting her hips as James continued to stimulate her. He gave a light squeeze on her left bottom cheek before moving away. His cock was raging under his trousers. Pre-cum was oozing out. Kirsty grabbed hold of his hand again and slapped it against her arse once more.

“NO! Give me more!” She squealed in-between her groans of pleasure. James had a brief surge of confidence, his primal urges taking control. He firmly clasped both hands onto her arse, pulling her in closer so he could delve deeper into her slit. Kirsty’s cries were getting louder as he gripped firmly on her cheeks. He even dared a little slap.

“Oh, you filthy boy! Just keep going. Don’t stop!” she commanded. Her dirty talk, the smell and taste of her drenched pussy, the whole entire experience was getting too much for James to handle. His cock erupted in his trousers. A wet patch formed as streams of spunk flowed out of him. The smell of Jizz filled the air, But Kirsty was still going. She was now holding her left breast closer to her head and was leaning down, attempting to lick her own nipple. James kept pleasing her. He was starting to get the hang of it, using Kirsty’s moans as a guide.

“Ahhh! Yes! Yes! YESSSSS! Faster! Faster! Slap my arse! Mmmmmm!”

She was overcome with pleasure. Starting to shake, she became immersed in an orgasm. James stopped and let go of her. She became numb and slipped down beside him, catching her breath. James was quite overwhelmed by the whole experience.

Kirsty caught her breath back. Her eyes filled with lust once again. She tip toed her hand down his chest and into his trousers. James couldn’t believe it. ‘She already wanted more?” He felt her hand rub around his cock before reappearing back out of his trousers. Her fingers covered with his spunk, she raised them to her mouth and slowly sucked each one individually. She kept eye contact with him throughout.

James started to sit upright, but Kirsty reacted fast, pinning his hands down by his wrists. She straddled him once more. James tried to break free. He was slowly returning to his guilty feelings. Kirsty wouldn’t let go. She smiled mischievously at him.

“Ah ah ahh! I’m not done with you.” She giggled. She leant down towards him until her breasts were covering up his face. She kept pressing them into him and James stopped resisting. He began to suck on the closest nipple, his tongue swirling around it. Kirsty was breathing heavily once again, but his stimulation wasn’t enough for her. She guided his hand to her shaved pussy. Controlling his hand she started to make him rub her clit. James did not resist and soon continued the pattern she had shown him.

“Oh… OH!” she screamed out as James got faster. His mouth now alternating between each breast, his saliva was making them all wet and slippery. It wasn’t long before another orgasm was erupted. James felt her juices leak onto his belly. She went numb once again. James was unsure what to do as she just lay on top of him. James lightly touched her by the waist. But, seconds away from removing her from on top of him, Kirsty came to life once again. She started to kiss him on his chin, then his neck, then making her way lower down his chest.

This was the moment it finally dawned on him. The notebook said she would become uncontrollably horny…. It never said that this horniness would end. She was never going to be satisfied. ‘Especially with someone as inexperienced as me’ he thought to himself. He had to get that book. He had taken advantage of this long enough and although, if he was being honest, he didn’t regret what had just happened, he still felt quite guilty.

Kirsty was hurriedly unbuttoning his sticky trousers. He could feel his cock stirring again, but he started to sit up. It was quite the struggle, Kirsty was doing all she could to keep him pinned down, giggling childishly. For the most part she was succeeding. James was not very strong. Kirsty now had his cock free. Her eyes did not look anywhere else. She gripped firmly onto the organ, using the spunk to make it all slippery. Her hand kept thrusting up and down on his penis.

James was certainly conflicted. The feeling was amazing and would certainly lead to his virginity being lost. But he knew he had to resist. Placing both hands on her cheeks, he pulled her in close for a kiss. He used the snog as a distraction, allowing himself to overpower Kirsty and turn the tables. With her now lying on her back, he ended the kiss and stood up.

He could see the notebook sticking out of his school bag, across the room. He slipped kirsty’s hand off his cock quickly. She looked aggravated, but kept her wicked smile. James looked down at her, naked below him, begging him to fuck her. His primal instincts were demanding him to give in. But he couldn’t do it. He turned back to the book and stepped towards it.

THUD! He tripped over a pile of clothes on the ground. He started to scramble back up. Kirsty giggled and jumped down after him. She grabbed his legs and tried to pull him back towards her. James stretched his arm out, the book almost in reach. Kirsty managed to flip him over. He was now laying on his back, his cock pointing to the ceiling. He reached out and grabbed the book, flicking it open.

Kirsty was at his balls, her mouth starting to submerge the head of his cock. She was going for a deep throat whilst she stuck a finger or two deep into her pussy.. James frantically wrote into the book: ‘Kirsty has finished feeling horny for today. This experience has satisfied her for now’. His handwriting was barely legible, but the notebook seemed to understand.

Kirsty suddenly stopped fingering herself. She removed her lips from James’ cock and started to sit up, wiping her mouth. James feared she would have no memory of the incident or something and would wonder why he was butt naked in her room. But fortunately, she still believed it was all her idea. This didn’t stop the awkwardness of the situation though.

“Ahem… Uhh, thanks for that. I don’t really know what came over me” she said as she grabbed her discarded clothes from the bed. James went to grab his clothes as well, choosing to remain quiet.

“I don’t ever do this” she tried to explain. They were soon both fully dressed, with James’ trousers still with an obvious stain and his shirt torn.

“I think we should work on the presentation another day, yeah?” she asked. James knew this was rhetorical. He nodded quickly and grabbed his school bag. He started to head out the room.

“and James?” She called out to him. He looked back towards her.

“You won’t tell anyone about this will you?” she asked anxiously. James shook his head and left the room. As he walked down the stairs he looked at his notebook that he had gripped firmly in his hand. What he had earlier looked at in awe, he now looked at with a bit of fear…


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