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A Simple Damascus Gold Band

A Simple Damascus Gold Band

A young wife learns the true power of love from her bereaved brother-in-law.
Philippa gently eased the suction on John’s big thick cock; it’s engorged mushroom head filled her mouth almost to gagging. She used her fingers to very lightly brush the tips of her husband’s nipples. He squirmed and she giggled. His big cock filling her stretched mouth muffled the soft feminine sound of her giggles. Simultaneously with brushing the tips of his nipples Philippa swirled her tongue on the sensitive underside of his cock.

Philippa reached over and got the tiny tube of travel toothpaste she had placed by the bed. She put a tiny dab of menthol paste on her tongue. The extra tingles would drive her husband crazy. John was at the edge, but she wanted to see how close she could take him without making him come. Teasing her husband to the very limit had become a challenge for her. John squirmed and pulled desperately on the cords. His body twisted and torqued, contorted by a pleasure so intense it verged on pain. The extra tingles from the toothpaste did not make it any easier.

Tonight was one of their sexy couple’s “play nights”. Philippa had tied John tightly to the bedposts with the secure knots she’d learned to tie in Brownies. She lifted her big brown eyes and looked up across the angled ridges of her husband’s taut abs and across his heaving chest. Philippa adored playing with her husband’s hard firm male body. She loved to bite it, lick it, suck it and tease it until her husband couldn’t take it anymore. When John was struggling to control himself like this she felt so happy.

Philippa looked to where John’s arms were flexed and straining against the neon-orange cords she’d used to secure him to the wooden bedposts. She giggled a youthful infectious giggle. The blind-fold she’d put over his eyes was a matching shade of neon-orange. Philippa mentally congratulated her self on her flirtatious boudoir fashion sense. She wanted to please her husband in the bedroom in the same way he satisfied her.

“Her husband?” Philippa rolled the words around in her brain and marvelled at her own audacity. It all sounded and felt so new. To be called a “wife” still sounded strange to her. Philippa was only twenty-five and she had married a man twenty-years her senior. John Langham was smart, successful and funny, everything she wanted in a man. Yet her impulsive decision to marry him so quickly had scandalized her more conservative parents, especially her father. Some of her friends had also been more than a little sceptical of the long-term prospects for the match.

The decision to marry had been hers and hers alone. John had been besotted she knew. Why not? She was young, gorgeous, intelligent, funny and conducted her self with class. Yet her decision to marry him had been impulsive and intuitive, it had come from her gut. The night she blurted it out they were having wild sex as usual. From the very beginning their sexual attraction had been intense. That night Philippa had John’s cock inside her, his big hard thick cock filling her as a woman. Suddenly riding his cock she had felt so feminine and complete. Their bodies were connected like one and Philippa had been close to coming in a huge orgasm. In that special moment Philippa’s connection with John had felt so intense and strong. Without thinking Philippa had blurted out that she loved him and wanted to be with him forever. John’s hips had stopped moving, his hands had stopped moving and their eyes had linked forming a deep bond that continued to this day.

Philippa had wanted this man and she loved being with him. Now she had him. The sexual chemistry between them was so intense she was amazed at how sexual she had become as a wife. She had never been this horny when she was single. In fact Philippa previously had no inkling that she loved sex so much. John and their marriage had brought out a whole other side of her. Their intimacy as a couple and the security of marriage had allowed her to become the “slut” she had always hidden deep inside.

As a bonus the couple were also best of friends. Philippa loved holding John’s hand and spending every minute of the day with him. She loved traveling with him, reading books with him, listening to music with him and sharing new experiences with him. Their current project was learning new recipes and cooking together. John was extremely proud of his Pavlova cake and Philippa had to admit it was excellent.

Philippa pulled her mouth off her husband’s big thick cock with a sharp “popping” sound. She heard him groan in frustration. Philippa pulled herself up off the bed and rose to her knees. She gazed down at her husband’s hard male body spread across the king size bed. Philippa’s own taut young five-foot-seven half-Asian body was naked tonight. No lingerie or superfluous decoration. She had even removed the internally flawless one-and-a-half carat diamond stud earrings John had given her as a wedding present.

Philippa’s pert 34B breasts were still young, firm and high. Her nipples were already hard from the foreplay and aching to be touched. She looked down at John’s slick saliva-covered cock sticking up in a hard arc of off his toned abdomen. She was amazed at how much pleasure a married woman could derive from those eight inches of hard flesh. A big thick cock was just so beautiful when it was your very own to play with as you wished. Philippa was even more amazed though by her second decision. Marriage okay; but a baby? Yes, she now wanted John’s baby.

Philippa swung her leg over John’s hip and straddled his hard male body. She used her hand to position his eight-inch rock hard cock at her tight entrance. Philippa was already slick and wet from the foreplay. Now she desperately wanted to be filled. Philippa never felt quite as fulfilled as a woman as when her husband’s hard cock was nestled tightly inside her pussy. Philippa eased her hips down and felt John’s hardness penetrate and fill the aching cavity inside her. Her vagina walls were stretched tightly by the thickness of his cock and she bit down on her bottom lip as the tingles built. Philippa shifted her hips again taking another inch or two.

“Oh my god baby. Every time you feel so big.”

John grunted and pushed up with his hips his wrists straining at the tight neon-orange cords.

“It’s not me baby. You’re so damn young and tight.”

Philippa giggled softly. She loved the feeling of the two of them joined like this. She slowly worked her hips back and forth until she was fully impaled on her husband’s eight inches of thick hardness. A soft throaty growling-purr escaped from deep down in Philippa’s throat. She closed her eyes tightly to savour the moment. Slowly Philippa began to move her hips more quickly and the sensations built in greater and greater intensity. As the horny sexual tingles built Philippa emitted a cacophony of feline sounds: groans, mews, high pitched squeals of delight and throaty grunts, almost like you’d imagine a feline tiger in heat. She looked down and realized her husband was close, perhaps too close

“Are you okay baby?”

Philippa asked as she gasped for air. Her breathing was getting more rapid and her heart was pounding. She wanted John to pinch her nipples, but his arms were tied to the bedposts by soft neon-orange cords. Philippa’s brain toyed with the idea of untying him, but her throbbing clitoris distracted her from that idea. She drove down harder on her husband’s thick hard cock. Philippa felt John’s hips push up off the bed to meet her thrusts as they developed a coital rhythm. The sensation of his cock driving into her made her loins burn with a growing need.

“I’m okay Philippa, but don’t go any faster. I might lose control baby.”

His wife giggled lightly and slowed her pace. She wanted them to come together tonight. Philippa loved watching her husband’s face contort at the same time as her own body was convulsed in ecstasy. She rested her palms on John’s muscular chest and dragged her long pink nails lightly across his nipples and muscular chest. She loved teasing him like that. She felt a shudder rock his body.

“Oops….sorry baby. Did I almost make you come?”

John chuckled. She knew his body so well, but that had been a near miss.

“Almost darling, so close. You’re awfully damn naughty you know. My nipples are the blast-off-switch so take care. But I thought of sheep at just the right moment. Next time I won’t be able to control it.”

Philippa giggled and leaned her body forward to give her husband a soft kiss on the lips. Her hard erect nipples brushed against his chest teasingly. He smelled a faint whiff of his wife’s delicate floral perfume and his head spun with desire. John ran his tongue teasingly across his wife’s soft lips. Blindfolded the kiss tasted extra-delicious. John could detect just a hint of the strawberry flavour from Philippa’s lip-gloss.

“Next time I’m going to come with you baby.”

She whispered in a husky half-out-of-breath voice, her warm moist breath teasing his ear. Philippa built a rhythm, a steady cadence back-and-forth with her hips. She knew that so long as she kept to the rhythm John would be able to last longer. Philippa felt her pussy burning with a fire that extended deep into her belly. She used one of her hands to roll her left nipple and felt the sensations connect with her throbbing pussy. The walls of her pussy began to contract against John’s thick hardness.

“Oh god John, I’m so close….baby…..argh”

Her constricted throat cut off the words mangling the final syllables. Philippa’s long pink nails dug even more deeply into John’s chest as she got closer and closer to her release. John thrust his hips up off the mattress arching his body to penetrate his wife as deeply as possible. Philippa was now literally riding her husband’s cock. She was so close to an orgasm that controlling the pace would soon be impossible.

Looking down with her big brown eyes Philippa watched her husband’s face begin to contort. John gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw as he desperately tried to forestall the inevitable.

“OH FUCK….Philippa….slow down baby! Shit I can’t…..”

Philippa’s nails ripped into the skin on John’s chest drawing blood. Her pussy began to constrict in wild spasms. She was losing control and would soon be gone completely. John felt his wife’s pussy grabbing his cock in random spastic contractions. The tightness of the contractions combined with her long nails ripping into his chest sent him almost over the edge. Suddenly Philippa reached out and ripped the neon-orange blindfold off his eyes. It took seconds for John’s eyes to adjust to the subtle soft orange candlelight suffusing their bedroom. John gazed up adoringly at the gorgeous young woman straddling him. Her light-brown suntanned body was glowing with a slick sheen of sex-sweat.

Philippa’s young half-Asian body was perfection in her husband’s eyes, so taut, so firm; her heaving rounded young breasts were pert and perfect. Philippa’s areolas were a light coca brown that nicely matched the golden honey tone of her summer-tanned skin. His wife’s nipples had formed hard brown points in her aroused state. John watched as Philippa’s eyes rolled back into her head. She cried out, her mouth gaping open, and became lost in an all-consuming ecstasy.

His wife arched her back and her long straight dark hair draped down. The dangling tips touched him, teasing and tickling his sensitive skin. A deep guttural feline groan rose from deep down in her sternum. Philippa’s hips drove down urgently on John’s now steel-hard cock that was pulsing with engorged blood. Philippa’s young body was completely absorbed by her desperate drive for release. His own hard cock had become a burning rod and his balls had pulled up tightly into his body readying for an explosion of their own.

Philippa reached her left hand back and carefully placed her long slender fingers under her darling’s tightly constricted ball sack. She drove her hips down onto his cock letting it fill her completely. At the same time she lightly teased John’s balls with her manicured pink nails, tracing them teasingly over his tightly constricted sack. Having surrendered completely to her own urgent needs Philippa completely lost focus on any plan she may have had for a mutual orgasm. Now she only wanted her own orgasm to explode and her body could focus on nothing else.

John drove up with his legs digging his heels into the mattress to get leverage. He thrust his hips up harder and harder to meet his young wife’s franticly flailing hips. Philippa almost lost her balance and fell off as John arched his body up off the bed using his strong thighs to lift her body in the air. Philippa bit her lip at the suddenness of his thrust. She felt some salty blood in her mouth. John’s thrusting cock impaled her so deeply it almost hit her cervix. With that final deep powerful thrust her body finally exploded.

“HOLY FUCK BABY….Oh my god….I….I…..”

Philippa’s eyes connected with John’s in an unbreakable link of sexual passion. Behind her brown pupils there burned an orange kernel of passion that made her eyes seem to turn gold. The two lovers looked deeply into each other’s souls as their bodies merged and fused to become one. They were a mad tangle of thrashing limbs and throbbing nerve sensations as they became consumed by a mutual inferno of lust. Where one body began and the other ended no one could tell as a searing orgasmic heat fused them in a tangled ball of gripping fingers and grasping limbs. Philippa’s hips became a blur as she thrashed frantically on top of John’s hard male body.

“Shit baby it’s fucking huge. Philippa….I’m sorry baby….I’m coming….OH BABY!”

With that pathetic male apology John lost control. He spilled his gobs of creamy love-seed into his wife’s loins. His burning cock exploded and John felt a hot stream of molten sperm shoot up into his wife’s wildly convulsing vagina. Spasm after constricting spasm by her pussy sucked John’s shooting seed deeply into Philippa’s loins. John’s face contorted and his mouth gaped open. He clenched his eyes tightly closed and his fingers dug deeply into the tissue on his wife’s firm rounded ass. Philippa’s pussy contracted again and again on his hard cock in gradually diminishing love-spasms. She cried out in wild feline cries as her body shuddered in the agony of ecstasy.

“OH JOHN!! Baby! I love you baby! Oh god……my body…I…I…”

As Philippa gasped for oxygen her body convulsed and went rigid. She closed her eyes tightly and for a second was lost in the abyss of female release. Her brain was spinning in a dazed state and nothing existed except her total pleasure. Philippa entirety was possessed by a sexual rapture and euphoria so intense her identity as an individual disappeared. Her body? John’s body? No they were simply one entanglement. For that millisecond the very concept of two bodies disappeared and they were “one”.

Gradually Philippa’s body and brain drifted down into a gentle floating orgasmic after-glow. Her eyes opened tentatively taking in her surroundings. The room was suffused in a delicate orange hue from the dancing flame of the scented candle. Philippa’s body was hot, sweaty and sated. She slumped forward exhausted, resting onto John’s rising and falling chest. Philippa was panting for air her self and John’s skin felt hot against her own blood infused membrane. Philippa reached out her arms lethargically toward the bedpost. Her long slender fingers fumbled tiredly with the neon-orange cords and untied the tight orange knots at John’s wrists.

With his arms free swept his wife into a soft warm embrace. She felt so safe cuddled inside the warm sweaty cocoon of her husband’s big strong arms and his muscled chest. John delicately used one finger to stroke a strand of sweaty hair away from his wife’s left eye and off her forehead. His own hazel eyes softened into a besotted look of total love. John eased his face forward and lightly kissed the tip of his wife’s cute nose.

“That was beautiful darling.”

Philippa beamed like a woman fulfilled, her face flushed and glowing. She let her hand run along the slight stubble on John’s chin.

“You need to shave you brute.”

Philippa giggled. John smiled. The banter of lovers began.

“I’m going to miss you while you’re in Hong Kong darling.”

John looked at his wife with even softer eyes. It was painful when they parted.

“I’ll miss you too baby. We’ll Skype okay.”

“It’s not the same John.”

Philippa pouted pointedly. Then she grinned.

“I may be pregnant when you come back. It felt so intense tonight. I think I might be…”

Her voice drifted into soft contemplation. Philippa felt her husband give her body a soft loving squeeze. Her tight young body was too tempting for his free hands. John couldn’t resist letting them explore his young wife’s taut and firm young curves and mounds. Soon the couple were kissing again and their mouths were sucking and licking and taking nips and bites. John could taste the slight salty taste of his wife’s sweat when he nibbled on her shoulder. John slid a finger into his wife’s tight young pussy while using his thumb to lightly tease her clitoris. He grinned as she groaned. He wanted nothing more than to inveigle another round of play out of her tired body.

Philippa felt the tingles rising once again. It was different the second time. Less urgent, less frantic and they both had more control. She tried to playfully push her husband’s hands away, but to no avail. At some point the throbbing between her thighs was too much and she used her hands to push her husband’s head downwards toward her pussy. She wanted his tongue where it could do some good. No it’s perhaps more accurate to say she needed his tongue where she was now on fire.

“Okay… more time.” She giggled relenting.

John laid delicate kisses across Philippa’s breasts and teased each nipple as his head moved slowly lower. She was getting frustrated now and pushed on his head harder. He chuckled and resisted her pushing. He laid more delicate kisses across her flat abdomen feeling her tremors. His kisses were so teasing they almost tickled her stomach and she shivered. The tingles in her pussy were now driving her crazy. The throbbing ache was worse. Slowly following a trail of kisses John’s head arrived between her smooth thighs. The first stroke of his talented tongue made her body shudder. She moaned weakly.

John’s hands slid up across his wife’s toned body. His touch made her skin burn with sensations a woman dreamed of. He grazed his fingers lightly on the underside of each arm then trailing teasingly under each firm pert breast. Philippa felt her nipples harden a second time, but much harder this time.

“Please baby. My nipples….”

John let his fingers lightly pass close to each nipple, but not touch either one. He also loved to tease. John had learned that when it came to sex patience was power. The longer you made a woman wait, the bigger the pay-off. Patience was not the absence of action; it was the perfection of the timing of your action. John heard his wife groan in frustration and grinned. His tongue slowly split her pussy lips and he curled it acutely to drive it into her tight sweet pussy as deeply as possible.

“BABY….my nipples…..please…..”

Philippa was really frustrated now. Her voice had degenerated to a whiny plea. John used his tongue to flick lightly on the very tip of her clitoris. He stroked so lightly he knew it would not be enough. It would only be enough to make her want more. He would make her wait. Waiting hurt and John wanted his wife’s pussy to ache until the waiting was almost painful. John’s goal was a constantly throbbing horny hungry pussy. He wanted her on the edge of going berserk. He wanted her to almost hate him for making her wait. Only then would he let her come.

Philippa’s clitoris was now engorged and sticking out like a thick red cone of throbbing nerves. John pushed away the protective folds of skin with his flattened tongue. Next he flicked rapidly and lightly on the very tip of Philippa’s clit using a delicate technique he called the “hummingbird wing”. John felt his young wife’s body shudder. He winced as her nails dug sharply into his scalp. John’s wife was highly orgasmic and he loved nothing more than to tease her and prolong her release.


Philippa whined again begging for sexual mercy. This time John moved his hands to her firm plump breasts. Using a finger and thumb on each side he grasped both nipples and held them in a gentle grasp. Softly he squeezed while at the same time he used his tongue to flick with more force on her clit opening his tongue flatter. Philippa spread her legs wider and pushed John’s head down hard onto her wet pussy using both her hands. She wanted more! She wanted more friction badly since the throbbing from her loins was now almost unbearable.

“OH FUCK YES HONEY! That feels amazing!”

John rolled Philippa’s firm rubbery nipples harder, almost to the point of a pinch. Each time he squeezed his wife’s nipples he made a tongue stroke up or down with more force. Slowly and patiently John built up the cadence of the strokes of his tongue. He paired the strokes with the growing sensations from her nipples being squeezed harder and harder. His wife’s hips began to thrust up in an involuntary rhythm to meet his tongue strokes. Her nipples were now burning like her loins. John pulled his right hand down and slipped one finger inside Philippa’s tight young pussy. He flicked his finger side-to-side in a gentle stroke matching the speed of his tongue strokes. John felt Philippa’s nails dig into his head even deeper. Her damn nails hurt like hell, but he was too involved in bringing her to a huge orgasm to stop.

“OH GOD! Yes baby…..faster!”

John’s tongue was tiring and the speed of his strokes flagging. John knew he couldn’t keep up this pace much longer. Still he wanted to please his beautiful young wife. He gathered his strength and continued to stroke. John had too much pride in his bedroom talents to let fatigue disrupt his wife’s pleasure. John was rolling Philippa’s rubbery right nipple very hard now. His wife was very close now so John readied him self for the final push.

John could feel his wife’s stomach muscles tight as a drum. Her entire body was strained and taut with sexual tension. John knew she was ready to explode. Now it was time for his final tease. He eased off both his tongue and finger strokes and softened the pressure on her right nipple. John had taken her as close as he dared.


Philippa whimpered and pleaded for release, but John was patient and did not relent. He knew her release would be that much greater if he delayed it just a tiny bit longer. John felt his wife trying to drive his mouth onto her pussy using her hands to push on the back of his head. John resisted with his neck muscles straining against her desperate pushing. Philippa’s delicious pussy was now glistening with a coat of viscous creamy juices.

John loved the taste of his wife’s sweet young pussy. She had that tangy peachy sweet acidity of a young pussy. Philippa’s own sweet juices had mingled with some of John’s oozing seed. Occasionally as he sucked John could detect the subtle hints of his own salty grittiness mingled with the tangy pungent warm juices he was drinking in. Small bits of his come had dribbled down to his wife’s tight opening. John eagerly lapped the sexual concoction up as he drove his hot young wife higher and higher towards her release.

How many times had her husband taken her to the edge? Philippa had lost count. She was literally thrashing on the bed twisting her body in maddening frustration. Philippa thrust her hips up again and again as she frantically sought release from his tormenting mouth and his teasing fingers.

“Damn you! You’re a beast….I….I…..”

John grinned. He decided to take his young frustrated wife to the edge one last time. Philippa was readying her brain for her husband to pull back again. He always seemed to pull back and deny her what she wanted. She prepared her self for one more frustration, one more disappointment. When she wanted more pressure he applied less. When she wanted his tongue to go faster he slowed down. When she thought he would slow down, he sped up? Philippa was in total confusion and doubt. Her sexual frustration was at the very limit. She thought to her self that it was a very talented man indeed who could confuse a clitoris. Philippa smiled an inner self-satisfied smile and knew she had married the right man even though he infuriated her making her wait.

At that very moment of confusion and doubt John made his move. He slipped his right index finger up to the tiny spot directly behind Philippa’s clitoris. He began to make rapid circles at the special spot he knew drove her crazy. At the same time John’s exhausted mouth sucked down forming a tight vacuum around her clitoris. He sucked down hard onto her engorged red protrusion of pleasure. His tongue started making rapid fluttering circles around her pleasure button. Simultaneously John’s left hand rolled her right nipple harder than ever before squeezing it flat.


Philippa’s body shook violently with massive sexual spasms. John had a hard time holding on and keeping his mouth latched to his wife’s slick and slippery wet pussy as her body bucked beneath him. The orgasm was huge and seemed to go on forever. Philippa’s brain spun and the area between her legs became so sensitive that she tried to push John’s head away. Her loins were on fire and she felt like she had left her body and was floating somewhere above her physical self.

John knew that moment of female super-sensitivity when too much pressure could ruin the whole orgasm. Everything he had worked to achieve could be undone in a second. John stopped moving his tongue and finger to let his wife drift down gently. Philippa’s body stopped thrashing and thrusting and it was only her chest that heaved. His wife’s eyes were closed and she was replenishing her burned oxygen. John waited patiently.

Philippa always said “no” at this point in their lovemaking. But John knew better. She thought she wasn’t capable of another orgasm, but he knew she was. Perhaps a small one, but still, one more: he waited for the right moment. John didn’t move his tongue or his finger. He let his wife catch her breath and calm her body. Just when Philippa thought he was going to pull his finger out and cuddle John started again.

John’s initial movements were very subtle and gentle; hardly movement at all as he gently wiggled his finger and tongue just slightly. Philippa resisted weakly. She claimed she was “too sensitive”. She always did. He was patient. John proceeded with care. Her attempts to push him away were feeble and not convincing. She giggled half out of breath.

“John I’ve had enough.”

John’s face was covered in their mingled juices. As Philippa looked down across her own lithe young body she could see her husband’s face glistening in the warm orange flickers of the candle. The rubbing of his slight stubble was very arousing on her thighs. She loved how his stubble teased her skin.

“Just one more baby. Relax. Lay back and relax. This is for you baby.”

Philippa giggled softly. John always said the same thing, to lay back and relax. So that’s what she did. She let her head fall back onto the goose down pillow and she let her husband’s mouth take her to one final orgasm. It wasn’t big. It wasn’t huge. But it was one of those very satisfying “I love you too” kind of small orgasms that a man gives a woman expecting nothing back in return. They cuddled after her final release. Philippa felt her husband’s hardness pressing into her and was surprised.

“Baby you’re hard again?”

He blushed and felt his wife’s hand gently holding his hard cock.

“I don’t know. Eating your pussy made me hard again. You taste so beautiful.”

Philippa grinned and pushed her baby back on the bed. She straddled him a second time feeling him fill her sopping wet pussy. Without any desire to have a release her self, Philippa rode her husband cowgirl. She watched his face intently loving to see it contort in pleasure. As John was about to come Philippa wet her fingers with her saliva and gently teased his nipples brushing across their tips. She knew that touching his nipples just before he had his orgasm drove him wild. It wasn’t a huge release since his balls had already been drained once, but it was soft spurts that filled his wife with more seed. Later they lay comfortably in each other’s arms, their legs crossed like scissors, their bodies entwined.

“So if I wasn’t pregnant before I must be now. You filled me twice darling.”

John grinned. He loved pleasing his sexy young wife in bed.

“So if you’re pregnant does that mean you’ll stop tying me to the bed and taking advantage of me?”

Philippa giggled playfully and laughed. She poked her husband in the ribs. She loved watching him jump. John was very ticklish.

“So you don’t like sex with your hot young wife? Is that it? Well I think other men will take care of me if you’ve lost interest.”

They continued with their playful lover’s banter until Philippa became more reflective. A new mood struck her and John noted the change in his wife. The room was quiet and they just felt the warmth of each other’s bodies and the rhythm of their breathing.

“What is it baby? I know you’re thinking about something.”

Philippa looked at her husband with soft quiet eyes.

“No it’s nothing baby.”

She didn’t want to trouble him before he left on a business trip. John had enough worries with all his business deals. She didn’t feel it was right adding to it.

“No darling. I know you’ve got something on your mind.”

John used his crooked index finger to tip her chin. He lifted her chin gently and compelled his wife to look him in the eyes. She could never lie to him when he did that.

“Well…’s just….”

Her voice faltered. John became more concerned.

“It’s just what darling?”

“Well when I married you it isn’t all just fun and happiness you know.”

John nodded.

“I know darling. But I’m still in the dark. What exactly are you talking about?”

Philippa looked down and batted her eyelashes. It wasn’t intentional, but still she looked adorable. John kissed her softly on the lips. He placed a second even softer kiss on the very tip of her nose. He loved her nose so much.

“Oh my god I’m so lucky you’re my wife. I love you so much!”

John’s hand stroked possessively across his young wife’s firm ass, stroking it softly as he marvelled at the physical beauty of her athletic young body; Philippa looked up beaming with a glowing smile.

“Well I’m your wife now. I feel some responsibility too you know.”

John was still lost. Sometimes Philippa was so obtuse. He chuckled, well not just Philippa, most women he thought to him self.

“Yes darling. Feel free to continue. Some men may have mastered the art of mind reading, but I’m afraid I got a rather poor mark in that course.”

She giggled and poked him again making him jump.

“Oh I hate you sometimes. Be serious for once. It’s your brother stupid!”

John grabbed his wife’s wrist before she could poke him again.

“Okay which brother and what about him?”

“Your older brother silly. Rob.”

“Okay. He’s grieving. That’s to be expected.”

Philippa looked at John with a concerned look on her face.

“Its not normal grieving John. I talked to Kiara. She thinks her dad’s gone more than a bit crazy. The doctor you got for him doesn’t seem to be helping.”

John’s face looked concerned.

“I think you may be over-reacting. Don’t rely on what Kiara says. She’s just a normal eighteen-year-old girl. Probably spends most of her time chasing boys. I doubt she thinks much about her dad. I mean, I don’t blame her, she’s young.”

Philippa let out a light giggle.


Philippa looked at her husband like he was such a pathetic dunce of a creature.

“Sometimes I don’t know about you. So wrapped up in your business deals you are oblivious to your own family.”

John’s face registered non-comprehension. Philippa decided that in some matters her husband was a dunce.

“More likely chasing girls honey. Don’t you know?”

John looked perplexed.

“Know what exactly darling? You are so difficult to understand sometimes.”

“Kiara is lesbian. Okay well maybe she’s bisexual. She did go out with that basketball player Craig last year.”

John looked surprised.

“Oh really?” He smirked a goofy guilty smirk.

“Sorry baby. I guess sometimes I’m clueless. I feel like an idiot.”

Philippa laughed a wife’s soft forgiving laugh.

“Haven’t you noticed that blond girl she is always with? Britney?”

John’s face lit up with that sudden “the light bulb has gone on” moment of recognition.

“Oh that’s why that girl is always around. Well at least Kiara has good taste. That girl is incredibly hot and very polite. I like her.”

Philippa twisted her wrist away from John’s grip and gave him a provocative poke in the ribs. Her poke was much harder this time.

“Looking at hot younger women are you? ‘Incredibly hot’ is quite an endorsement coming from my husband. When I ask you what you think about my hot girlfriends you’re never that enthusiastic.”

John jumped and scurried further away on the bed to get away from his wife’s dangerously fast fingers.

“Stop tickling me you witch. Haha…..”

John and Philippa laughed as they began a loving play fight. Later they got more serious again. They moved back into a soft couple’s post-coital embrace. Philippa’s mood darkened.

“I’m serious John. I want to do something to help your brother. I’m worried.”

John stroked his wife’s hair gently.

“Okay baby I’ll talk to him. Perhaps you should talk to the doctor and see what he says. See if there is anything we can do to help.”

Philippa’s face brightened.

“Now I know why I love you so much. You always support me.”

She kissed her husband softly on the lips.

“What about you John. Do you believe there is anything after…..”

Her voice trailed away and died in a faintly whispered uncertainty.

“You mean after we die darling?”

John saw how serious his wife’s face looked and realized now was not the moment to be flippant.

“No I don’t. You know that baby. I never have. I mean I watched both my parents die of cancer. I took care of them for the last few months at the end. I am quite certain our bodies become a shell, an empty husk darling.”

John smiled a soft smile hoping to soften the impact of his harsh but honest words.

“So enjoy every minute of your life Philippa. There is no second ticket.”

Philippa was lost in thought. Her mind was drifting and it was almost like she hadn’t heard what her husband said.

“Did you hear me baby?”

She turned and their eyes reconnected. His wife was back with him from wherever she had drifted.


John chuckled.

“Well what? I don’t think it’s well anything. That’s just the way it is.”

Philippa averted her eyes for a second seeming to ponder what he’d said.

“Well it’s just that from what Kiara says your brother is very certain that you’re wrong.”

John reflected on his statement.

“Like I said baby. My brother and his wife were very close. VERY! They met when they were sixteen. They held hands on the damn school bus for god’s sake. They’ve hardly spent a day apart in their entire lives.”

He paused. Philippa looked back listening carefully.

“It’s normal Philippa. He’s grieving. Breast cancer is a total bitch, but that’s life. I’m sorry, he needs to move on; Rob just needs to move on.”

Philippa listened to her husband. He was so smart and she was sure he was right. There was nothing after you died.

“I’m sure you’re right honey. I’ll talk to doctor Nelson and see if there is anything we can do. We are his family after all. We’ll discuss it when you get back from Hong Kong.”


Britney stroked Kiara’s pussy gently with her long slender fingers. All those years of piano training under the rigorous Royal Academy curriculum meant Britney’s fingers were more than a little talented. Knowing how to play the piano made playing a pussy so simple. You develop a rhythm, a progression of strokes and you build up towards a crescendo. Then you suddenly retreat and tease the audience and break the progression down. You start again, only now you have their full attention.

Britney was a fan of jazz so she knew how to tease in an exquisite way. It was the same with a piano or a pussy. You fluster and confuse the audience by abandoning your theme. Then you gently begin your progression again, but with a decidedly lighter touch this time. One section might be played flirtatiously flat with the next section racing towards rapture. Some strokes could be ponderous, others eerily delicate. The point of every stroke was to cajole your audience, or your sex partner, to where you wanted them to be, not where they wanted to go.

In a piano piece or sex each stroke needed to be perfectly placed and struck with just the right amount of force. In both situations you were creating a mood and it was the tempo and cadence of the build-up that would dictate the success of the climax. Tonight Britney was playing Keith Jarrett’s “Koln Concert” as the background music for her planned tryst with her girlfriend.

Kiara sighed a heavy sigh. Not even Jarrett’s amazing piano music could relax her. She was even distracted from the delicious sensations coming from between her thighs. Her big hazel eyes seemed sad. Britney wondered what was bothering her best friend. She leaned forward and used her tongue to try to distract Kiara, but without success. Finally she raised her head in resignation, abandoning her carefully planned assault on her girlfriend’s pussy.

“What’s wrong Key?”

“Oh it’s my dad again.”

Britney slowly inserted a long slender finger into Kiara’s tight eighteen-year-old pussy. She inserted it carefully making sure not scratch anything inside with her long nail. Britney was still not quite willing to totally give up on sex. She pondered what Kiara had said while teasingly sliding her finger in and out slowly.

“What about your dad?”

Kiara put her hand on her girlfriend’s head letting it rest softly on her blond hair. She could not be easily distracted from her more serious thoughts. Britney rested her blond head on Kiara’s smooth tanned thigh. With her head positioned on Kiara’s thigh Britney’s eyes were looking directly and hungrily at Kiara’s slick pussy lips only inches away.

“Well ever since my mom died he’s been weird. You know. Same stuff.”

Britney giggled and leaned her head forward. Stray strands of her long blond hair tickled Kiara’s silky smooth thighs. Kiara shivered in delight at the tickles. Britney’s hands pushed Kiara’s legs wider apart. She moved her face forward and sniffed the delicious sweet aroma of Key’s tight young pussy. Britney tentatively stuck out her pretty pink tongue and stroked Kiara’s puffy pinkish pussy lips with a soft lick. Kiara sucked in a gulp of air and her muscles tightened.

“Well I don’t think he’s so weird baby. I’d come back from the dead if I could lick your pussy again and ride your tongue.”

The two girls giggled.

“Well I’m going to see dad’s doctor again with my Aunt. Dad has to stop this shit and get on with his life.”

“Oh my god, you mean the Aunt who threw the Christmas party?”

“Yup. Aunt Philippa. She’s really been a big help.”

“Holy shit Key. No one has a hot twenty-five year old Aunt except you. Did you see how sexy she looked in that red mini skirt? Shit do you think she’s bi?”

Kiara laughed at her friend’s silly comment, her spirits rising.

“I don’t know but she does look pretty hot, right?”

“Yeah your uncle John sure knows how to pick them. He’s pretty ripped for his age too.”

Their mutual giggles and playful banter was soon mixed with kisses, touches, bites and licks. The two eighteen-year-old girls were like frisky colts when they frolicked in bed like this. They both had a devilish and impish sense of humour. The two girls were more than simply lovers they were best friends. Like all best friends they could pester, irritate and annoy each other; but at the end of the day they would fall into each other’s arms. Their sex was wild, beautiful, unbridled and all consuming. No man had come close to giving either one of them an orgasm like they could give each other. They liked cock, but they loved pussy.

Britney reached out for the pink vibrator lying on the bed. Both girls loved pink so all their sex toys were pink. Soon a soft electric humming sound was mingling with Kiara’s moans and whimpers as Britney stroked her to a huge orgasm. After Kiara had come in a huge release Britney pulled her self up and straddled her girlfriend’s face. Kiara’s tongue began to reciprocate. Britney held on tightly to Kiara’s pink headboard as she shifted her hips back and forth riding Kiara’s mischievous mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah. Shit that feels awesome.”

Kiara was driving Britney wild with her rapidly flicking tongue. Viscous creamy secretions were cascading out of Britney’s aroused throbbing pussy. Kiara’s face was now covered in slick teenage love juice. Kiara used her left hand to insert two fingers into Britney’s tight pussy. She flicked and played with her friend’s pussy. Her right hand reached up and squeezed Britney’s left nipple softly.

Kiara was using two fingers of her left hand to stroke sideways in slow strokes from one side of Britney’s snug pussy to the other. She knew Britney loved that the best. Kiara knew just how to drive Britney to the edge. Kiara felt Britney’s body tensing and she knew her girlfriend was close to coming. Just as Britney was on the very edge of her release Kiara removed her now slick wet fingers from the vice-like grip of Britney’s tingling pussy. Britney groaned in despair.

“Oh fuck Key! What are you doing babes? I was so…..”

Before Britney could finish her sentence Kiara had moved her wet fingers to Britney’s tight anus. She was now making soft circles at the little tight light-brown entrance to Britney’s backdoor. Kiara felt Britney’s body jerk and tense and she giggled in playful delight. She loved surprising her lover.

“OH God….are you….”

The words were strangled in Britney’s throat as Kiara pushed a slick juice covered finger one inch up her tightly constricted sphincter. Then Kiara slowly pulled her finger out and reapplied more juice. The second time she inserted her long slender finger even further. The third time even further. Britney was now groaning and whimpering and pushing her pussy down hard onto Kiara’s mouth.


Kiara knew Britney wouldn’t last long. A finger up the ass worked like magic on Britney. She drove her finger as far up Britney’s ass as it would go and began to apply soft side-to-side movements. At the same time she increased the speed and pressure of her tongue strokes on Britney’s pussy. Kiara got a thrill feeling her girlfriend’s sexy body squirm above her.

Kiara’s tongue could feel Britney’s clitoris fully engorged and erect. The protective folds of tissue could no longer hide the sensitive tip of the little red nub. She felt Britney’s body start to let go. Kiara made her tongue go as fast as possible. She pushed her finger even harder up Britney’s tight forbidden ass. The slick coating of viscous juice made her finger’s deep penetration smooth and easy.


Britney’s moans, mews, whimpers and female cries evolved into a much more primal guttural groan of total sexual release. Britney’s body was rocked by a massive spasm. Her hips slammed forward with her hard rounded pubic mound driving down onto Kiara’s poor defenceless chin. The sudden thrust of Britney’s hips almost jarred Kiara’s teeth loose it was so sudden and strong. The sexual release was explosive. A fireball of intense sexual stimulation consumed Britney’s body. For a short moment Britney almost lost consciousness her orgasm was so intense. Her head felt slightly dizzy from the misallocation of blood from her brain to her pussy.

Later the two bi-sexual lovers lay in each other arms, their bodies entwined in a tangle of tenderness. Their lover’s bodies were coated in thin sheen of sex-sweat. As they lay quietly on the soft quilt covered bed their hearts were pounding. The firm pert breasts of the two teenagers were rising and falling heavily as their young sex-sated bodies sought to replenish the burned oxygen. Britney looked at her best friend with the endearing intensity that only young eighteen-year-olds can muster.

“Well I hope your dad gets better. He’s always been so nice to me. Do you think he knows about us?”

Kiara turned to look into Britney’s turquoise blue eyes. She thought Britney was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. Kiara wished her mom were still alive so she could tell her how much in love she was.

“Nah. My dad’s a bit old-fashioned and clueless. I don’t think he suspects yet. I was thinking of having Auntie Philippa tell him.”

Britney blushed. Her heart beat a little faster.

“Really? You would tell your dad about me?”

Kiara giggled and squeezed her best friend softly.

“Sure. Of course, I love you. I mean like whatever. He needs to get used to it, right?”

Britney’s turquoise eyes glinted with a playful kernel of flame as the happiness suffused her body with a soft velvety female glow.

“Oh my god Key. You say the most amazing things a girl could ever say.”

With that the two precocious teenagers kissed, their soft pink tongues darting and tangling in a reawakened smouldering passion. Their kiss was long and slow, very slow and very passionate. As the dreamy slow kiss built in intensity their hearts beat faster and faster. Each girl reached down with one hand and slid a finger gently into the other girl’s wet pussy. The two girls began slow mutual finger strokes and teasing touches. Their mouths were still latched. Their mixed whimpers and mewing were muffled by the unending kiss. The vibrations from their sex sounds could be felt as tingles in each other’s mouth.

They came together in soft mutual shudders with tiny love orgasms shaking each of their bodies at the same time. They ended the kiss that had seemed to be never-ending. New sounds, airy feminine giggles, began floating softly about the room coming from their freed lips. They were both young and in love and breezily happy. Still Kiara had a lingering sadness-- her father.


Kiara and Philippa looked at Dr. Nelson with concern. He looked perfect for the part of a psychiatrist: thin pinched body, dark rimmed glasses, severe nose, receding forehead, long fingers clasping an expensive pen and notebook. Still they both had their doubts. Could this man help Robert Langham escape his desperate loss and depression? Could anyone help when your life’s mate was lost?

“Well ladies I’m glad you’re here. Normally you understand I cannot discuss a patient’s treatment.”

The doctor went on to explain the rules of patient confidentiality; his professional ethics, his training at Harvard and the two women were becoming decidedly frustrated by his medical gibberish.

“But in this case doctor…..”

Philippa tried to intervene and stop Dr. Nelson’s endless erudite blathering.

“Yes. Yes. You’re quite right Mrs. Langham. Or shall I call you Philippa? You’re married to Robert’s younger brother if I’m not mistaken.”

“Yes. I’m John’s wife.”

Philippa felt her self blush slightly. She still got flushed and heated thinking of her self as “John’s wife”.

“Well as I was about to say. In this case the patient has given me consent to divulge some of what we have discussed in his treatment. If you let me go on….”

Kiara looked at her Aunt with relief that the doctor was finally moving on. The two women exchanged supportive glances allowing the doctor to continue. What followed was more than a little strange. As far as tales go it is bizarre I suppose, but then Philippa was sure psychiatrists dealt with much stranger stuff than this. They had to deal with truly crazy people, people who were bonkers; Rob just sounded like he couldn’t let go. Philippa thought half way through that it even sounded romantic.

Dr. Nelson explained that Kiara’s father had a disassociation disorder. It was a disorder that prevented him from letting go of his dead wife memory. This was not common, but on the other hand it was not highly “uncommon” either. The doctor seemed to imply it was not a condition they should worry too much about. He suggested that with proper treatment Rob could fully recover.

“You see Kiara your father had a very close and intense relationship with your mother. He regards this in his own mind as very special.”

The two women nodded respectfully.

“He says in our sessions that none of you can understand because you have never ‘had a love like ours’. He describes it like that, ‘a love like ours’.”

Dr. Nelson lowered his dark glasses on his nose and looked over their rims at the two women. He then checked his notes.

“This feeling, this way of thinking about his relationship with is wife, makes him feel different or superior to others. It is something that seems to give him a feeling of self-worth. I think your father fears if he lets this rock go then his ship will be cast lose and he will lose his moorings.”

The two women tried their best to understand Dr. Nelson’s medical gibberish.

“In fact he has even taken this fantasy a step further. He associates your mother with his physical wedding band. He says his own father brought this band from Damascus, in Syria. He brought one set for each child. Supposedly these rings were crafted by some mythical goldsmith with special holy powers; a very ritualistic and typical fantasy of this kind of disorder.”

Philippa looked down and fingered the simple gold wedding band she was wearing. John had placed it on her finger on the beach in Bali while the orange sun was setting on the horizon. Philippa had never removed it for one second since. The doctor gazed at her enquiringly.

“I believe you also now have one of these gold bands Mrs. Langham?”

Philippa looked up startled by the doctor’s direct question.

“Uh….well….call me Philippa. Please.”

The doctor nodded. Philippa continued.

“Yes actually. John also got this band from his father years ago.”

Philippa held out her left hand displaying a simple gold band on her wedding finger.

“John kept it all these years and….well…..yes he gave it to me on our wedding day.”

The doctor nodded. Philippa prattled on nervously.

“But it’s just a simple gold band. Nothing really special about it I don’t think.”

She blushed at what she had just said. Of course the simple gold band was incredibly “special” to her. She’d die before she ever removed it, but how do you say that to some stranger you hardly know?

“Well you see for Robert it’s not like that. It’s not just a simple band. It has become a connection, a physical manifestation if you will, of his wife Julie.”

Kiara looked nervously at the doctor and then at her aunt.

“But doctor what does that mean? Are you saying my dad is crazy?”

Dr Nelson chuckled a soft superior sort of chuckle.

“Not at all young lady. But this ring is not at all helpful at this time. When he wears it he gets these terrible dreams.”

Kiara looked at Philippa with a concerned daughter’s look and then back at the doctor.

“Well I don’t know how far I should go in describing this? However, since your father has consented I’ll go on. He feels your mother visits him in bed at night. She is young again in these visions he has. They…..”

The doctor seemed to be struggling with his words. Philippa took Kiara’s hand to steady her young niece and then prodded the doctor.

“They what doctor? Please continue.”

“Yes. Well Philippa, he says they engage in sex. He is insistent that his wife is physically present. I mean he no longer understands that these are just dreams, or figments of his imagination.”

The two women could see the academic concern painted on the doctor’s face.

“So you’re saying my dad thinks my mom comes back and fucks him at night?”

The doctor sat sharply back in his chair and looked to Philippa with an alarmed look.

“Well that might not be how Professor Dilbert at Harvard would have diagnosed it, but yes, in essence you have described it correctly.”

Philippa let out a soft “whew” sound. She looked at Kiara’s bewildered face.

“So doctor you’re saying Robert thinks Julie is still alive in some other realm and visits him at night. Well not just visits him, but they engage in….”

The doctor’s face flushed slightly.

“Yes well it’s even more than that. He becomes quite detailed and specific about what they do. The sex ‘acts’ shall we say. What your mother wears. He describes elaborate lingerie outfits. It’s quite a fantasy world he lives in.”

Both women looked stunned.

“And….well……I’m sort of confused doctor. Do you think….”

Philippa looked at her niece for support.

“Do you think we….I mean Robert’s daughter and I….is there anything we could do to help?”

Dr. Nelson nodded and pondered Philippa’s sentence.

“Well my professional conclusion is that much of Robert’s disorder revolves around the ring, the Damascus wedding band. It is my conclusion that Robert associates Julie and his connection to his dead wife with this physical band of gold. The wedding band has become his connection to a disassociated state of fantasy. A state of non-reality where his wife is still alive and still has sex with him.”

Philippa looks over at Kiara with a worried look. Kiara is rubbing her two hands together anxiously and jiggling her knees up and down with a nervous twitch. In a squeaky high nervous voice Kiara spoke up.

“But doctor how did this all originate? How did my dad start thinking of all this weird stuff? Like I mean fucking a dead woman is just totally not cool. I mean I love my mom and all, but I’m really upset, okay.”

The doctor smiled a professional self-satisfied grin. His Harvard diploma hung imposingly behind him. No one could be quite as self-satisfied and pompous as a Harvard graduate. Empathy was in short supply, but professional gibberish Dr. Nelson could dispense in generous quantities. The doctor spun a number of long technical words together that even Philippa and Kiara with the combined resources of two highly intelligent brains could not come close to deciphering. He blathered on about this clinical conclusion and that clinical conclusion.

“But in the end Kiara it really comes down to this. When your father and Julie were young and in love your mother used to do something very silly.”

Kiara looked quizzically at the physician.

“Yes doctor?”

“Well they were young and in love. Your mother would take their fingers with the wedding bands. They would hook their fingers together and look deeply into each other’s eyes.”

Kiara and Philippa looked at each other and then back at Dr. Nelson.

“Your mother would make your father promise that if he died first he would come back and……”

Dr. Nelson stumbled on his words, his Harvard training failing him for once.

“Yes doctor, my mom made dad promise what?”

The doctor cleared his throat nervously.

“Well, that he would come back and make love to her. And then she would promise that if she died first, so long as your father wore the wedding band, then she would come back and make love to him.”

The doctor looked from one woman to the other. They both had tiny tears in their eyes.

“I know it’s hard to believe. But that is really the source of this problem. This promise made years ago in the midst of foolish young love. It was long before you were even born Miss Langham. Kiara I mean.”

Philippa rubbed away her tears not wanting to embarrass her self.

“So what exactly can Kiara and I do? Is there anything?”

The doctor looked at them with a determined focus.

“You need to get the ring and lock it away. Lock it where your father has no access to it. This is the only way to break his disorder.”


Philippa had driven Kiara home. They were in her house talking. They were both determined to help Robert the best way they could.

“So can you get the ring?”

Kiara still looked flustered from the session with the doctor. As far as she was concerned her father was totally fucked-up. He was seeing ghosts and shit.

“I don’t know. I’ll try. Maybe.”

“Where could we hide it if you get it?”

Kiara looked at her aunt bewildered by everything that had occurred over the day.

“Well we have a safe. Dad taught me the combination. I could change the combination so he doesn’t know. That would work. I’ll put the ring in the safe.”

“Good idea.”

Philippa reached out and held Kiara’s hand to comfort her. The two women went on discussing their plans. Robert would be home from work soon, so they needed to come up with a plan fast. That night and over the next few days Kiara pressed her father to give her his wedding band. Robert would not budge. There was no way he was removing his wedding band, the special Damascus ring his father had given him. Philippa Skyped with John and told him all the developments.

“Okay I’ll call my brother and see if I can convince him. I’ll do my best.”

Philippa smiled. She’d married the most perfect man. The next day when they were Skyping again John told Philippa that Robert had agreed. It was not easy, but he had relented.

“My brother doesn’t want to give it up. Our father brought these rings from Damascus. A special goldsmith crafted them in the old gold souk. He was Christian goldsmith, but revered by the Muslims. He traced his lineage back centuries. He was like a mystic of some sort. Dad thought he had some kind of special powers. He actually repaired the Tomb of Fatima when robbers attacked it. Can you imagine the honour of a Christian goldsmith being asked to repair the Tomb of Fatima?”

Philippa was just relieved. She didn’t care about mystical goldsmiths and Damascus and old stories.

“So how did you get Robert to agree?”

“Well it was easy darling. I just told him how crazy you and his own daughter were going thinking he was off his rocker. The only thing Robert loves more than Julie is his daughter Kiara. That is what did it.”

Philippa smiled. Her husband was too direct sometimes.

“And what did he say after he agreed?”

John paused.

“Well honey he said you would understand one day.”

Philippa looked perplexed.

“What does that mean John?”

“Well Robert said if you and I ever had a love like his and Julie’s then we’d understand one day.”

Philippa was a bit offended.

“Well you just tell your brother that I love you completely. In fact I love you so much I even take care of your brother. So there! Robert can take that and shove it up his ungrateful….”

John chuckled. His wife was so cute when she got all worked up and fumed. A woman with smoke coming out her ears was just so sexy.

“Don’t get so worked up darling. I love you. He didn’t mean it like that. Anyways I’m coming back tomorrow so I’ll be able to help you.”

Philippa gave a “yip” of delight.

“Really? You’re going to be home?”

Philippa giggled a mischievous giggle.

“My pussy will be so happy to hear that.”

John laughed. He was horny too.

“Yes you tell Miss Pussy to get ready. John will be home and he will be very, very, horny.”

They laughed an easy lover’s laugh.

“And call Kiara. Robert is going to give her the ring tonight. Maybe you can go over and referee in case he gets upset. He’s pretty wound up about this. I don’t know. This fucking ring means an awful lot to him.”

Philippa smiled.

“Okay baby. I’ll call Kiara now. I’ll go over after dinner and sit with them to just make sure it goes smoothly.”


Philippa gave Kiara a soft hug at the door.

“Where’s your dad?”

Kiara had a conspiratorial look on her face. She lowered her voice to a soft whisper.

“He’s in the kitchen.”

Everything went smoothly until it came time for Robert to actually remove the Damascus wedding band. Robert totally lost control and collapsed into sobs and unrestrained crying. His body was wracked with uncontrollable convulsions as he embraced a seemingly bottomless sadness.

“Neither of you understand!”

Robert wailed and wrung his hands as tears streamed down his face. His eyes were puffy and red. Kiara held one hand and Philippa the other.

“We do understand dad. This is for your own good. The doctor said so, right auntie Philippa?”

Philippa nodded.

“Yes Robert. This is for the best. It is no disrespect to your wife. Everyone loved Julie.”

Hearing his wife’s name mentioned brought new wails of anger and despair.

“She’s GONE! She’s fucking GONE. The world is so unfair. FUCK! FUCK!”

Philippa squeezed Robert’s hand and nodded to Kiara.

“Please Robert, let your daughter take the ring. It’s for the best.”

Slowly Kiara worked the simple gold band off her father’s hand. Luckily his fingers were wet with tears and mucus and the ring slid off easily. After calming her father Kiara hid the ring in the safe and changed the combination. Later Kiara got her dad two aspirin and she and Philippa finally got him to sleep.

“Can you stay over auntie Philippa? I’m a bit worried dad might wake-up and…”

Philippa smiled a reassuring smile.

“Sure. Is Britney going to sleep over with you?”

Kiara blushed. It was the first time her love for Britney had been so openly acknowledged inside the family. It made Kiara’s tummy turn with butterflies. On the one had she felt shy, but on the other Kiara was proud that finally someone knew she had a beautiful lover who loved her more than anyone else in the world.

“No we thought it was best if I just focus on dad tonight.”

Philippa nodded.

“Well if she wants to come over that’s okay with me. You know I did some pretty wild stuff in university too.”

Philippa winked at Kiara and that broke the strain of the past hours dealing with Robert. The two women held hands and laughed, the tightness in their chests finally easing. Later that night after some “girl talk” they both went to bed. During the night Philippa had the strangest sleep. A beautiful young woman appeared in her dreams.

The woman who appeared resembled Julie, but was far more beautiful. Her dream had sounds; the sounds of crazed young sex. A man appeared and the woman and the man had wild sex. The man looked like Robert. Was it Robert? The grunting, the groaning, the way he hammered her pussy with his huge cock; it all made Philippa toss and turn in her sleep. Philippa woke unsettled and unrested. She went to the kitchen and saw Kiara also looking rather dishevelled and tired.

“How was your sleep?”

“I had the weirdest dreams auntie Philippa. It was so weird.”

Philippa nodded.

“Me too. Very strange; I dreamed of your mom and dad?”

Kiara giggled.

“Yeah, me too.”

“Is your dad up yet?”

“Not yet. He usually is. Shall we go check on him?”

The two women went to Robert’s bedroom door and eased it open a crack to look. The room was dim and they could see his body resting in bed.

“You okay dad?”

Kiara spoke softly.

“Sure. C’mon in you two. I’m awake.”

Kiara and Philippa moved slowly towards the bed and Robert sat up. Kiara pulled open the drapes letting in the early morning sun. Philippa sat on the end of the bed while Kiara sat on the edge near her father. Robert reached out to take his daughter’s hand. That’s when it hit both of them.


“Kiara what did you do with it?”

Kiara looked bewildered and confused.

“Like I said I put it in the safe.”

“And you changed the combination?”

“Yeah to Britney’s birthday. I mean dad doesn’t even know her birthday.”

“Then how the fuck does your dad have the ring back on his finger?”

They both looked at each other with the strangest looks on their face. Philippa looked down at her own gold band and fingered it with new respect.


The next day John was back home jet lagged. He did his best to stay up, but fell asleep in the afternoon. Philippa let him rest, but woke him for dinner. After dinner they both checked emails and John caught up on the news. It was ten-thirty when John reached for the TV remote. Philippa ran over and grabbed it away. They both chuckled.

“Just this once honey? I have jet lag baby.”

Philippa smiled.

“We agreed. Only reading a book or sex after ten o’clock darling. You remember?”

Yes that was one of the rules of their marriage. They were only allowed a good book or sex after ten. As a couple they weren’t going to let a TV into their bedroom or to let one take over their lives. They wanted to talk to each other and touch each other every night. They weren’t going to give that up.

“If you really need something to occupy you then you can pay some attention to my pussy. It’s feeling very ignored and lonely.”

John chuckled and let his sexy young wife pull him into the bedroom. They made love and Philippa made up for all the time John was away by getting several orgasms from his tongue, his fingers and, of course, his hard cock. Later they lay in each other’s arms.

“Darling I have something to tell you.”

John kissed his wife’s forehead softly.

“Yes honey.”

“I didn’t get my period.”

She looked nervously to see her husband’s reaction. The glow on his face was just perfect and she embraced him in a huge hug.

“It’s still not confirmed. I need to see the doctor. But I think so.”

John kissed his wife with a passionate kiss. They touched and let their eyes play lovingly while their fingers clasped intertwined. John was getting hard again, but before they made love a second time Philippa had something to say.

“Honey can you promise me something?”

Philippa paused thoughtfully.

“I mean as a husband to a wife. A solemn promise.”

John saw his wife was serious and stopped trying to be playful.

“Of course darling. Anything you wish.”

She smiled and held out her left hand.

“Give me your wedding ring finger.”

John held out his left hand with the simple gold band. The ring was the matching ring from the pair his father had brought from Damascus many years ago. Philippa curled her wedding ring finger into John’s. She locked her big brown eyes onto her husband’s and gazed deeply.

“I love you John. I promise if I die first that I will come back and sleep with you at night and make love with you so long as you still wear our ring. I promise you with all my heart.”

John looked at his wife astonished. He didn’t know she believed in all this gibberish that Robert had been going on about? First his brother went bonkers and now his wife? His wife was always so smart and sensible.

“Darling….I don’t know what….”


Philippa put a finger to her husband’s lips quieting his protestations.

“John. Promise me okay. You said you would. Please. Just humour me, but say it will all your heart.”

She looked at her husband with a very serious intense look.

“But only say it if you really love me.”

That was all it took. John realized now that Philippa was serious. He tugged her slender ring finger with his thicker male ring finger hooking onto her finger snugly.

“Philippa I love you. I promise if I die first that I will come back and sleep with you at night and make love with you so long as you still wear our ring. I promise you with all my heart.”

Philippa broke into a big smile as a tiny drop of glycerine formed in the corner of each eye. Her girlfriends already thought her sex tales were pretty wild. Philippa got to travel the world and have wild sex in all kinds of crazy places. But this would take the cake. If John died first they’d think she’d gone truly bonkers. I mean, really, sex with a ghost?

Philippa giggled and pulled her husband into a soft hug. She rolled him onto his back and straddled him. She wanted to fuck him again and again. As John’s cock filled her tight young pussy she could feel something unique, something special, something entirely theirs, growing inside her. Philippa was so in love with John and now she wasn’t even afraid of dying. She reached over with her right hand and gently rubbed the simple gold band from Damascus. The feel of the soft smooth gold comforted her. She knew John would always be with her now.

Silently in Philippa’s brain she sent a “thank you” to her brother-in-law Robert for showing her what the power of love could truly achieve.

The End

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