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A Simple Gift

A trip to the graveyard gives Annie more than she bargained for.
Annie Daniels sighed softly and paused at the large steel-and-stone gate, then accelerated to glide up the hill. Tall statues of cement cast spooky shadows on the ground, and she shivered as she killed the engine and stepped out into the slightly chilly air of early evening.

She made her way hesitantly to the fat gravestone a few yards away, a sunflower clutched in her hands, which she lovingly placed at the base of the marker. "I miss you, Matthew." Her soft words accompanied yet another sigh, in a small puff of her warm breath. "I can't believe it's been three years since we laid you here... life has seemed to drag since you've been gone."

Kneeling on the cold ground, she pressed her fingers to her lips before laying them on the photo of she and her husband embedded into the stone. Three years. Nearly as long as they'd been married, she thought.

Her tears leaked slowly down her cheeks as she rested a hand on her hollow stomach. For four years, they'd tried to conceive, to have a child of their own. Then, miraculously, two weeks before Father's Day, Annie learned that she was pregnant. Such joy! She decided to wait and tell him on that special day, only it never happened.

They'd been on their way to Matt's father's house for a small dinner, and a car came from out of nowhere, hitting the driver’s side--Matt’s side--at about sixty-eight miles per hour, the police said later. Matt had died a few minutes before the ambulance arrived, and she had lost their baby.

Annie shook herself, and brushed a few leaves from the body of the skirt that lay pooled around her. She wiped away a quiet tear and rose, smiling softly down at the block of granite under which her husband now lay at rest. "I just wish I could have kept him.... Then at least, I'd have had a part of you with me."

A cold breeze shook her, and she pulled her sweater tighter around her thin frame. She felt the hem of her skirt rising, and froze, unsure: her sister had warned her not to come out this late. "All sorts of creeps and weirdos spend time in the cemetery at night," Meredith had scolded. Going to the graveyard on Halloween wasn't exactly a smart move either, she'd said this morning. Lord only knows what types of crazy are out there then. She could be “raped or worse out there tonight."

Annie slowly turned, and gasped with shock. The face she recognized, as well as the voice that softly whispered, "Annie, my sweet, sweet, Annie."

She reached out a hand and tentatively touched his face with shaking fingers.

"Matthew?" Her whisper was hoarse, and at his shaky nod she cried out and launched herself into his arms, half afraid that she would find herself flat on the ground. To her delight, she found herself crushed against his chest, and pressed her cheek to him for a brief moment.

Fingers cupped Annie's jaw; soft fingers smoothing along her skin to tip her face up to him. His mouth took hers with powerful mastery, his hands clenching sweetly on her ass. "God, how I've missed you!" He muttered through the fevered kiss.

Leaning her back against the gravestone, he ran his hands along the length of her torso, tenderly grasping her hips in his strong hands.

"How I love you!" He pulled open her sweater and lifted her blouse to gaze at the twin mounds that stood proudly before him, his head dipping as he began to lave her flesh hungrily. She thrilled and moaned, arching in his grasp as the tender peaks of her sensitive breasts responded to the feel of his near-forgotten touch.

Annie moaned softly, gripping his head in her hands as she wrapped one leg around his hips. He muttered a short curse and she laughed, remembering how he'd swear when all he wanted was to have his sex buried inside her heat.

Her skirt was pushed up and up, and she felt his fingers at her core, tearing the crotch from her plain cotton panties, and then rocketing into her wetness in one fierce thrust that she could have sworn touched her womb. She cried out and shuddered as he bit her nipple, his thumb rubbing across her clit as his fingers searched for and found that most sensitive spot inside her and fluttered and flicked his fingertips against the rough patch of skin.

Body arching in response to his ministrations, his free hand soon busied itself with her clothing. Annie gasped upon feeling the cold stone against her ass, her skirt shoved around her waist, her sweater and blouse thrown to the dirt, and she whimpered and thrashed when his warm fingers suddenly withdrew. Her shapely form was quaking in her need; she was nearly breathless in her hunger for him, and she opened her eyes to watch him fumble with his clothing.

Matt swore ferociously as he again took his position, her body arching up in instinctive response, opening her legs wide as he gripped her flanks. She shuddered, writhing in his rough hands as he thrust hard into her body. He panted and leaned down catching her nipple in his teeth as he drew slowly out, setting her nerve endings tingling for more.

"Fuck, you feel so good wrapped around me, baby." His harsh groan was music to her ears, and she wound her legs around him, tangling her shaking fingers deep into his hair as he suckled at her breasts, rocking his hips into hers in little thrusts that made her whimper with hunger.

"Fuck me... Mmm yes! Harder!" She cried out as she gave herself over to his pleasure, shoving at his chest to get him to allow her more room, and locked her knees over his bent arms. Grinning ferally, he leaned down against the stone and braced his hands on the unforgiving surface; spreading her wider, he pushed deep into her welcoming sex. The position shift also drew her lips open, and he gazed down their bodies as he slowly pulled himself out, then slammed in to the hilt.

Annie screamed, and dug her nails into his upper arms, her head lolling from side to side, the sensations coalescing as he drove into her over and over. Matthew had always been gentle with her, drawing her orgasm from her with utmost care and attention before seeking his own release deep within her body.

His breath escaped in harsh gasps and groans, punctuated by the occasional "Goddamn!" and "Fuck!" as he'd slide into her hot, tight slit. He dipped his head and sharply bit her nipple, roughly thrusting one of her hands down to where their bodies met in an unspoken demand to massage her clit.

Sharply whimpering, she obeyed, her fingers moving, and he reared up, staring down at her working fingers and the bright pink nub she was manipulating, glistening with her creamy wetness. Her body bowed as she watched him push into her, watched herself open wide, and she wept, sobbing, begging for the orgasm that was building like a firestorm in her body.

"Let it out, baby!" He grunted, angling in, rocketing repeatedly against the spot that made her catch fire. He pushed his hand against hers to join her in fingering the taut nubbin of flesh. He thrust his hips harder, faster, feeling heat engulf his body as she began spasming around him.

Lifting his hand, he brought it down in a slap against her clit before thrusting roughly, spanking her flesh and making the groan grow until a scream erupted from Annie's throat as an orgasm ripped through her body, becoming a kaleidoscope of pure, unadulterated pleasure. The force of it had her bowing upwards, tightening her muscles around his shaft again and again and again. Then, feeling the intense heat flow into her as he bellowed his own climax, she felt everything fade away into blackness.

When Annie awoke, it was pitch-dark outside, and she lay half-naked on the ground, tingling and achy all over. Crying softly with happiness and grief, she got dressed and headed back to her car, yearning to go home and embrace the memories of her wonderful night.

She sat there, looking out into the swirling leaves that dotted the cemetery grounds, and she shifted her seat forward, releasing a sigh.

Starting the car with it's usual sputter, she began the long drive home, drawing a cigarette from her pocket to light it one-handed before puffing a long plume of smoke out the cracked window. She turned on the radio, singing quietly along as her body continued to hum in pleasure as the miles passed beneath her wheels.

She'd only gone about ten or so miles down the road when she had the sudden urge to go, and pulled off the highway into a deserted rest area. She shivered as she drove down the poorly-lit road, noting that there was really nobody about. 'Better make this fast!' she thought.

Hopping from the car, she dashed into the small building, shivering as she perched in the chilly stall, hearing the wind outside whistling through the trees. She tingled everywhere, and cleaned herself quickly, shudders wracking her body as she drew the rough paper towel over her sensitive flesh. Her eyes involuntarily closed at the rasp against her clit, and felt the damp heat return.

Sliding a finger against herself, she leaned against the wall, and braced herself as she gave in to the sweet temptation, strumming the sensitive button slowly. Annie panted, her hips beginning to arch sensuously from her own touch when suddenly she jumped at the sound of a long-hauler's air horn blasting the silence, breaking the spell of arousal woven around her . She shook herself, tossed the towel in the trash, and ran for her car.

Fumbling for her keys, she bent down and drew on her cigarette, using the pale orange glow from the burning ember to see the keyhole, and she gasped as she felt a cool hand slide along her bare bottom, her panties having already been ripped into uselessness by Matthew's eager hands.

Damp again from the few moments of play in the bathroom stall, her skin sensitive, she shuddered as the cold fingers worked against her mound. Feeling a thick erection pressing against her bottom, she prepared to whirl around and jab with her keys, when Matthew's voice poured over her.

"Once wasn't enough." His voice was a low rasp, and he slid two fingers deep inside her.

She groaned helplessly and fell limp against the cold metal of her car, spreading her legs further, feeling his wide knuckle move against her clit in a caress that made her gasp.

"Mmmm, you're so hot for me...." His fingers left her body, making her keen sharply until she felt his warm palm cover her mound, and felt the pressure of his hard-on against the crease of her ass.

"Oh, Matt!" Her groan was harsh, and she spread her legs, thrusting back at him; rubbing her free hand over his, their entwined fingers slid into her moist, silky heat just seconds before his blunt cockhead pressed into her puckered star. She gasped, her breath fogging in the dark as he continued his sensuous assault with tiny thrusts, his ridged tip finally popping past the tight ring.

Their groans rose in the air, little puffs of steam, and Annie sighed, then grunted as his other hand pressed into her stomach and he thrust slowly into her tight channel. Her heartbeat thundered and her hips shook as he slid deeper, and she rubbed her fingers harder against her clit.

She lifted her hands, placing them on the hood, and crawled forward a little, resting her knees on the cool metal of the bumper. With a slow moan, she pressed her hot, aching breasts onto the hood as Matt began to move faster, his hands white-knuckled on the soft flesh of her ass as he fucked faster into her.

Annie's eyes rolled back into her head as the heat suffused her body; her breath stuttered in rough pants and groans when he shifted, making her clit bump against the cool metal of the car with each spearing thrust into her body.

Annie's head dropped as his fingers shoved deep inside her weeping pussy, meeting with his cock inside her and massaging her inner flesh. She arched her back, and forced her hips up, and circled them even as lights flickered behind her eyes.

Matt rolled suddenly, nearly laying himself over the hood, and Annie growled, leaning forward to rest her hands on his knees, her hips pistoning up and down in mere inches, teasing him with the small strokes of her tight ass along his greedy shaft.

He swore, tugging on her nether lips, and she smiled hotly over her shoulder as she paused and shoved herself down. Reaching up with both hands to grip her hips, he moved her, angling to meet her with every thrust. Within moments of his cock seating fully inside her, jarring her every sensitive nerve, she was crying out as she came around him yet again.

"Happy Halloween, sexy baby... " In one quick move, he pulled her from his throbbing length and climbed from the hood, moving to the side. He laid her on her stomach, hooking one leg up high, settling her foot over the side-view mirror as he spanked her ass sharply.

Bending, he ran his tongue over the light crimson mark and squeezed her thigh as he straightened. His thumb rubbed her swollen pussy lips and he tugged one, opening her to his gaze as his cock pressed into the heated pink slit that was seeping a thin trail of his cum.

With a grin, his free hand snaked up and he gripped a handful of her hair, pulling as he rammed his cock home again into her wet cunt, fucking her fast and hard. Whimpers burst from her lips and her hands gripped at the top of the hood for purchase as her body shook with the force of his passion.

Her groan echoed in the quiet night as she began to come again, his cock still driving strongly in and out of her body, his hand twisting, gathering more of her hair to tug her head sharply back to add another layer to her orgasm. Reaching around her heaving body to pinch a nipple, he pulled her head back, his mouth opening to nip his teeth at her ears and throat, sliding his hand down to press on her stomach, making her buck and groan.

Breathless cries tore from her throat as he rode her harder and faster, her nipples so erect they hurt. She whimpered brokenly from the pleasure as he pushed her to the edge and retreated, letting her fall back in her wanting. Her body jerked as he slapped her clit, then massaged it roughly, edging her toward some deep abyss.

Her mouth dropped open as he did it repeatedly, and a darker sort of pleasure grew, making her breath come out in rasps. He slapped three times, and slid his fingers around her clit and rubbed, flicking, playing the bundle of nerves until she erupted with a feral scream, pulsating and rocking around him, giving him no choice but to empty himself into her. Whimpering and shuddering, she collapsed into a heap on the head, his body quaking over hers as they relaxed in the afterglow.


Annie rolled over and yawned, nuzzling her face into the pillow gripped to her front. Sitting up with a jerk, she gasped and looked around at her home; her things, tucked neatly into their places. Not the car in that parking lot, but her home.

She couldn’t remember coming home at all. All she recalled was the astonishing passion that she’d felt in Matt’s arms, and looked down at herself. Clean pink pajamas rather than torn, dirty clothing. Smooth hands, neatly trimmed nails rather than scuffed knuckles and ragged edges from gripping desperately at rough stone and unforgiving steel.

Had it all been a dream? Some cruel twist of her mind?

Throwing herself face-down into the pillows, she cried and sobbed out her pain. Dammit! She wanted to rage and scream at the old fact of reality. She thought that Fate had given her a second chance, that maybe she could love him again.

She lay in bed for a long time before she shook herself from the delusional dream: no matter how pleasurable an illusion it had been, she needed to move on. Go about her life. She couldn’t hold on to Matt’s memory as a crutch any longer.

Strengthening herself, she resolved that it was time to get on with living.


She still visited the gravesites, but rather than going on holidays and the anniversary of the burial, she only visited the graves for Memorial Day. It was easier that way. It had been several years since his passing, and almost three more since that day she decided grief would no longer rule her.

Annie slowly approached the grave, weaving through the maze of headstones, her eyes light, and she touched one sunflower to her lips, and laid it over the top of the new stone that had been placed there.

Sunlight filtered through the trees, and the breeze played loose strands of hair against her face as laughter and soft words filtered to her through the soft memories. She turned, and waved, and the new arrivals headed towards her.

Kneeling, she kissed the second sunflower and laid it on the ground beside the rose-colored marve, and stood, smiling at the new etches there, and headed towards her mother and the impatient toddler tugging at his grandmother’s hand.

Her delusion hadn’t been such the delusion after all, it seemed.

The breeze light around her, a smiling Annie p icked up her happy son. Laughing together as the wind tangled the branches above them, they headed back to the car together.

Sunlight gleamed off of the rosy stone, and the breeze blew the sunflower from the top of the stone to fall across the other small yellow petals brushing the front.

Forever in our hearts 
Loving Husband 
Selfless Giver

This is the first erotic story that I ever wrote, back when inspiration first struck in 2006. I cleaned it up last night, with the help of a very dear friend, and much better writer than myself. Thanks, Van. Without your unfailing support and encouragement (not to mention help in editing!), I don't know if I could have brought this story back to life. You're a true friend.

The emotions are raw in the beginning, and meant to be that way. This story has a personal significance to me that only a few know about. I wrote it this way, so that at the culmination, you would further be able to share Annie's joy, and experience her pleasure all the more.

Thanks for reading.

Mabry Michaels Copyright© 2013 USA All Rights Reserved 
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