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A tale of lust and passion

A youg man's desire for sex leads him astray...
Cursing himself for allowing his ownunder-fed sex drive and stupidity to force him into this, Koroko crept through the bushes while avoiding the skinny, thorn-laden branches, eager to get a view of a small drow outpost. For a lone human deep in the heart of drow controlled territory, this was an amazingly dangerous and foolish journey. Coupled with the fact that Koroko wasn’t a very capable fighter by any standard, and admittedly not the bravest of men, if he ran into trouble it wasn’t likely he’d fare well by any means.

His reason for being here was entirely an adult venture. While back at the Old Flask Tavern in Glendall he overheard Cyeus Vyn, a very renowned local hero, talking about some of his exploits with foreign girls. The warrior had talked about Dwarven women, who despite their stocky and muscular males counterparts, were quite petite. Often he repeated a few relations with Naga’s, the snake women. Repeatedly he had talked about elven women, who he often commented about their fair skin and how wonderfully delicious they tasted. Not hard to figure out what he meant by that.

However, it seemed his favorite of all the other women were the Dark elves, better known as Drows. Of all of the women he had talked about, drow women came up the most. Near endlessly he talked about their unbelievable soft gray skin, there almost invariably large and supple breasts, and their silky hair, which was normally a silver, black, or red. Apparently his favorite part about them was the fact they were so damn kinky. Dominative or submissive, either way they made for a fun-filled romp.

Because of Vyn’s ramblings, Koroko had come down with a near insatiable case of Drow Fever. This is not a disease mind you, but the unremorseful urge for Dark Elven women. After about a week of this near overpowering lust, he packed a few supplies and headed west towards the drow lands.

Koroko had just now reached the first drow encampment a week after his journey had begun. All his efforts would hopefully be paying off soon. But all that would depend if he could find one willing for something such as that. From Vyn’s tales, drow women could be extremely sexual and not stingy about the erotic arts in the least. He had even said the sex was integrated into many forms of their culture.

He didn’t believe any of his stories for a minute. Vyn was known to tell a tall tale over a tall glass of ale. However that did absolutely nothing to alleviate his drow fever. No matter what the cost, he would not go home without having cured his “ailment”.

As he neared the edge of the woods, Koroko knelt down and slowly edged his way through the tall grass towards the crest of the small grassy knoll. Now practically crawling, he neared the wooden wall of the outpost he began to smell their fire. His heart beating loudly in his chest, he managed to reach the palisade wall and scrunch himself against the barricade without being seen.

Curiously he peered between the cracks in the wall and took view of the empty looking outpost which was manned by only half a dozen sentries at any given time. However, it seemed there were only males in this camp, at least as sentries. Swearing a bit under his breath, he pressed gently pulled a bit on the walling and snapped away a small piece of wood with only a meager crack. With little thought he tossed the board over his shoulder and pulled away another piece which broke with a silent crack. For a few moments he continued this, pulling and tugging to break off the dry wood until the hole was big enough to push his body through.

Holding his breath, he slipped his hands through followed by his head and his shoulders. With a grunt of discomfort, he dug his fingertips into the soft moss-filled layer of earth and pulled the rest of is wiry body through the hole in the wall with a soft thud. Fortunately for Koroko, there weren’t any sentries around to spot him, yet.

Knowing full well that no shadow could hide him from a drow’s night vision, the young human quickly looked for a better place to hide. He decided upon a small building to his right, mainly since the window was open and made for an easier time getting inside.

Trying to mimic a ninja as closely as possible, Koroko peered into the window for a moment before grabbing the windowsill and heaving himself through with a loud thump on the wooden floor inside. Swearing in his head, the trespassing human scrambled to hide behind something in case someone had heard his awkward entrance. Fortunately, the ruckus went unheard throughout the building. Relieved, Koroko decided to take note of his surroundings.

The room he’d broken into seemed to be a bedroom, much to his happiness. However, there was no way to tell who this belong too. The decorations didn’t tell him much, only that a drow lived here since he knew almost nothing of their foreign culture. Feeling a tad depressed, Koroko moved towards the door, gritting his teeth as the floor creaked beneath him. The door on the far wall was closed, but on a whim Koroko slowly gripped the handle and pressed the door gently. Just as he hoped, it was unlocked.

Koroko found himself in a hallway, a very small one at that, large enough to only hold two doors, including the one he had just ventured through. Ignoring his heart beat, he crept towards the other door, feeling cold sweat on his brow.

As he nudged closer, Koroko could make out the sound of splattering water against a hard sounding stone. With the curiosity of a kid, he pressed his ear to the door and closed his eyes.

Straining his ear, Koroko could just barely make out a light humming beneath the incessant drizzling of water against the stone. From what he could make out, it seemed to be that of a woman.

The young human’s heart jumped as he realized this, his face grew warm as blood flowed close to his skin. As he tried to listen closely, he began to grow more than a bit shaky from the onrush of adrenaline into his veins. Koroko’s mouth had gone dry by this point.

His excitement caused him to lose focus. The falling water had stopped and so had the humming beneath it. Replacing them were soft footsteps coming towards him. Swearing in his mind, he half ran, half jumped towards the open door. In his stupor he neglected to close the bedroom door and instead darted behind a wardrobe.

Holding his hand over his mouth, his ears focused on the bathroom door opening and the light footsteps traveled towards him, soft and padded against the warm rug of the hallway.

Koroko’s heart stopped as he heard a voice, light and feminine, speak out, “Who’s in here? Speak now if you value your life.” Despite its feminine appeal, the drow woman’s voice was somehow commanding. By this point she had entered the room and begun to search, but for his sake she had yet to look behind herself.

Taking perhaps his only opportunity to escape, he darted around the wardrobe and silently escaped down the hall and into the bathroom. In his effort to get away, he had attempted to be silent. However, he failed miserably.

Much to his mistaken thought of thinking the bathroom led out to an exit, Koroko found himself staring at a dead end. This time there were no windows to escape through and nothing to even hide behind. He was trapped like a rat. Trembling he turned back towards the door, ice cold sweat dripping down his cheek.

The drow woman was already there to greet him before he had turned around. Taking a final moment to cast his gaze up her long legs and over the rest of her lithe, elven form, Koroko felt a rush of blood to his crotch and a flash of heat through his body. She was seductive to say the least, especially considering she was completely nude, from head to toe. Koroko swallowed hard, half grinning and half sweating.

“A human? In my room? Quite daring for a weak little human such as you to enter a dark elf's home, let alone enter mine.” The beautiful drow spoke down to him in a near teasing voice, “You must be a very capable warrior to dare such a feat.”

Stuttering, Koroko raised his hands and stepped back, “Bu…, I’m not a…. Ahhh!” The poor human found himself flat on his back as the drow woman flattened him with one lithe leg. She landed over him holding down his shoulder with her left foot and drew her nails over his neck.

“You’re foolish to come in here looking for a fight! Underestimating a drow woman has undone many warriors more foolish and far stronger than you.” The drow called down to him, prepared to defend herself at any given moment.

Koroko did his best to throw out what need to be said, hoping to save himself from a gruesome death from the hands of such a beautiful woman, “I didn’t come to fight!” He finally managed to stammer.

As he waited, his eyes clamped shut; he felt water slowly dropping onto him. She hadn’t taken the time to dry off after she had washed. The cloth beneath her foot has grown damp and several small drops had landed on his shirt. A few had sprinkled his face. Unconsciously moving, his mouth opened lightly as a few dripping onto his lips. It tasted delicious.

“You didn’t?” The drow asked curiously, cocking her head a bit to gaze down at the trapped human beneath her foot, “Then what would a human come doing so far from his homeland? Perhaps you’re a thief! In that case I’d have your hands, not your head.”

Glancing down a bit, Koroko’s eyes focused upon the drow’s exposed crotch hovering only inches above his chest. Biting his lip, he tried to fight the throbbing in his crotch as it seemed his pants grew ever tighter against his begging limb. Try as he might, his eyes danced over the smooth and shaven skin of her neither-region. In an instant his mouth had run dry.

“I’m not a thief! It’s just I uh…” the aroused human said while his squirmed to fight the sensation, “I heard stories about dark elven women… So I… I came to see if they were true.”

“Well, what did you hear?” she said with a slight smirk tone in her voice. By this point she had bent down to speak closer to his face, effectively positioning her round breasts only a foot away of his face.

Biting his lip, and feeling with the near painful throbbing of his crotch, Koroko spoke, “I heard dark elven woman were extremely beautiful and seductive and….” He stammered off, unable to keep his thought straight.

“And?” She asked, teasing him as she dragged her sharp nails over his tender cheek, “What else did you hear?”

“I… I was told your kind were beautiful…. really beautiful… I wanted to find out first hand if it was true…” The young man spoke, barely over a whisper to the beautiful drow.

“Sooooo…. You’re really a filthy little pervert? You came to catch me in the shower? Steal my clothing? Masturbate over me in my sleep?” She cooed into his ear, toying with his carnal desires now, giggling in his ear, she slid her left hand behind her back and gripped her thin fingers around the large bulge that threatened to rip the threads of the human’s leggings.

“I wasn’t going to…. I mean…. Ahhh….. I was looking for fun yes…. But I had no intention of doing something like that…” he just barely managed to make audible over his erratic breathing and thumping heart.

Now whispering in his ear, her lips gentle tickling his soft cheek, the drow woman softly spoke, “Of course… you just wanted to come in here and fuck me didn’t you? You just want to violate me until you’re satisfied, foolish little boy…” She giggled in his ear as her lips brushed over his cheek until she was looking straight into Koroko’s face. “Tell me what your name is.”

“Kor… Koroko…My name is Koroko,” he said with a faint whisper of a voice before her lovely lips.

“Koroko? Sounds like a girl’s name,” The drow said, “Arora, Arora Tisilira.” She replied with a voice just barely louder than his. Still giggling, she licked her dark blue lips and purposely let her tongue drag over Koroko’s quivering cheek.

“I’ll leave if you want… I’ll leave and never bother you again. I promise!” Koroko stuttered, growing increasingly uncomfortable being in such a submissive situation.

“Let you leave and walk off without any punishment for trespassing into my room and even coming into my bathroom while I was washing? You have a lot to repay little boy…” Arora spoke to him as she traced her finger around his ear and along his jaw.

Smiling, she trailed her tongue over his cheek and over his quivering lips before removing her foot from his shoulder and stood up. She chuckled and spoke down to him, “Stand up little Koroko, Your life is mine until you’ve repaid your trespassing. It’s that clear?”

Following her command and slowly rising until he sat crouched in front of her, forcing his eyes away from her body; he spoke, “Yes ma’am.” While he tried to act calm, his heart was beating at a thunderous rate as his hormones raged inside. Was Vyn’s story just a lie? Was it really this easy? And what would be the consequence? Would she seduce him and then harm him? He could only think of an answer to the last one…. Who gives a fuck, I'm getting laid!

Fearful and horny, Koroko found himself tortured with a hellish combination. Fortunate Arora couldn’t see his anticipation. As she turned and left, she made sure he followed her within inches. He needed no coaxing for him to follow her like a frightened puppy.

Koroko stayed close to the wonderful ass that walked teasingly down the short hall ahead of him. He clenched his teeth as his manhood throbbed and hot blood ran through his veins. But despite this, he hid his excitement to encourage the lovely drow’s amorous yes threatening affections.

As they entered the room, she stepped aside and pushed him into the room before locking the door and stepping behind him. His ears could hear her chuckling behind him.

“See the bed over there?” Her seductive voice cooed, “Get on it, now.”

He hesitated, but only for a moment. Koroko had crossed the room and crawled onto the bed before she could chuckle again. The darkness hid his face, his expression a masque of anxiety, as he watched her dimly lit form encircle the bed and open up a wardrobe cabinet and demand his clothing. Hiding his manhood, he stripped down slowly as his eyes stayed trained on the drow woman that believed herself to be in complete control. With his shirt off, he tossed his clothing to her waiting hand for her to stuff into the wooden cabinet.

Smirking evilly, she locked the cabinet, turned, and approached the bed with a devious chuckle, shaking, Koroko crawled onto the drow woman’s sheets. To scared to even sweat, he stared at her silhouette; his heart beating in his chest like a drum.

A chuckle cut through the silence and a grin appeared on Arora’s lips. A second later, her foot collided with Koroko’s shoulder which slammed him down onto the bed while she sat crouched above his head. Her sex was positioned only inches above his head; he could see every bump on her flesh all the way to her breasts. He couldn’t help but be at least a bit aroused. He couldn’t hide it, not without any clothes on.

“You’re going to do exactly what I tell you.” Arora said, “Now, get licking.” She said before pressing her hips down and grinding her neither lips against his face.

Taken off guard by having her press her neither region against his face, He tried to pull his head back. He only managed in pressing his lips against her clit and burying the rest of his face between her thighs. Mumbling to himself, he opened his jaw and pressed the tip of his tongue against her clitoral hood. This position was a bit uncomfortable to say the least, but Koroko found it to be more than just a "little" arousing. His pride hovered a few inches above his abdomen, throbbing occasionally.

"For a virgin, he has good technique," Arora thought to herself as she laid a hand on the bed frame to rest; all the while scanning the several trinkets that hung from the wooden post. Her eyes caught on a small white gem on a silver chain and with a grin she removed it from its home and held it in her hand.

Unaware of what she was doing, Koroko pressed his tongue up and down her slit, letting it probe into her whenever his tongue let him. She was already considerably moist within. Obviously she was enjoying this as much as he was. Her clit had grown hard and had emerged from its protective hood. Koroko's tongue lapped over the little nub with each pass, much to Arora's delight. Each time his tongue passed over her, her body shuddered in response.

"Nya..." a light moan escaped her lips, “I'm going to have a lot of fun with this..." Grinning mischievously, she pressed down, forcing his lips around her sensitive nub, making him focus his attention on only that spot. "Stop fooling around and suck my clit before I lose my temper." she commanded as she pressed her palms against his wrists.

Obediently, Koroko alternated between sucking against the nub and flicking his tongue against her. He could feel her body shudder from his touch as well as feel her juices began to flow onto his bottom lip and drip down his cheeks. Although he only managed a small taste, he decided she was delicious. In his effort to taste more, he opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around her clit and the top of her slit.

Enjoying herself, Arora failed to hold her moans between her lips. Her erotic song echoed into Koroko's ears like a serenade; to him, nothing sounded better. Bucking against his tongue, she began chanting between her moans. Yellow light glowed from her palms and left a golden band around Koroko's wrist. Her chant continued for only a few moments, afterwards she removed her hands and let his arms go free.

Koroko found he could not move his wrists. They seemed to be bound the bed with heavy chains. Normally this would've worried him, but he was too concerned with the beautiful drow's womanhood on the tip of his tongue to care. But his own needs nagged in the back of his mind as his manhood craved relief. He hoped that, if he pleased her enough, she'd give him his reward soon enough.

"You’re going to make me cum if you keep that up." She cooed, "Not that I'd mind." Her seductive voice called out to him, driving him to wrap his tongue over her clit and pressing the tip inside her nether lips. She could feel her climax approaching quickly as the pressure within her womanhood spread from her clit to her womb. Arora's already erotic moaning turned into gasps of pleasure and moans of sheer delight. Her legs shuddered and she arched her back. Pleasure washed over her body as the tension in her body fell away.

Hot juice flowed out from Arora's nether lips, flooding into his awaiting mouth as well as overflowing onto his cheeks and chin. Arora's hands grasped Koroko's scalp as she let him lap her through her orgasm. She pressed her lips against him while her climax washed over her.

An eternity seemed to pass before she moved from him. She laid out flat next to him as she panted gently. "That was good." she complimented to him, "Now to return the favor." With a smile, she rolled over him, letting her leg drape across his chest and nuzzling his cheek with the tips of her toes. Chuckling lightly, she gently grasped the base of his throbbing manhood with her soft hand.

After having been denied anything since she'd began, even just a minute touch, he felt relief. Gently, she tugged her hand up his shaft while letting his head brush against her soft lips. In response his body shuddered and he pulled his knees up. Scornfully, Arora extended her arm and placed her palm on his ankle. A moment later his leg shot out straight and bound itself to the bed just as his wrists had done earlier. A moment later she repeated the spell on his other leg, forcing him into submission. Despite this, Koroko made little effort to resist. His focus was on Arora and his cock.

"Be good." she commanded as she pressed his jaw shut with the arch of her foot. Almost giggling at his helplessness, she dragged her wet tongue across the head of his shaft. Hearing him groan, she grinned evilly and took his head of his shaft into her mouth. Firmly, yet gently she sucked on the head of his cock, causing him to shutter and groan beneath her. She chuckled in enjoyment, which sent light vibration down his shaft. Teasingly, she pressed the tip of her tongue against the head of his cock. Wickedly she pressed her tongue against it harder, causing his body to tighten up below her. To her surprise, she was beginning to lust for him. She began to crave having his cock down her throat or deep within her sugary walls. Arora wanted to curse herself for lusting for a human as badly was she was now.

Frustrated, she pressed her head down and spread her lips around his shaft. Kuroko's cock hit the back of her mouth and pressed its way into her throat. Her excited moans vibrating his shaft while she feverously moved to swallow him whole. She was loosing control of her lust, letting her sex drive take her better judgment away. Without pause or hesitation, she pulled his rock hard member out of her throat and stroked it from head to base in her palm. Chuckling wickedly, she bent her head down and ran her tongue along his knotted scrotum. In response his testicles hugged themselves up against his body. Undeterred, she opened her jaw and wrapped her dark blue lips around one of his cum-filled testicles. Koroko's shallow and quivering breath echoed down into her ears. Arora loved the sound, knowing he was defeated and helpless. Although her "victory" was slightly less rewarding knowing he'd been willing from the beginning. But she had ways of revenge...

With an evil yet seductive smile, she rose from the bed slightly and pulled from the bed post a long purple ribbon. Normally she'd use this in her hair, but today she had something much better in store. She cast a gaze up into Koroko's eyes before wrapping the ribbon tightly around the base of his throbbing manhood. Tightly she wound the silky thread around the base of his shaft; finishing it with a bow that’s loose ends draped over his testicles. His already hard member bulged at the restraint, the blood vessels throughout his manhood defined themselves through his skin and his head flared atop his shaft. While it was slightly painful for Koroko, at the same time it was also a bit kinky.

Arora was impressed at the size of Koroko's manhood, to say the least. For a human, he was fairly well endowed, even by drow standards. While not the biggest she had seen, he would be the biggest she had ever taken before. Anxiously, she laid down atop him and pressed her body against his. His manhood, strained and throbbing, was pressed between her lips and up between her ass cheeks. Slowly she ground herself down, rubbing his shaft against her most treasure of spots, the one place Koroko wanted most of all. Arora knew he was going crazy for her; he continually pressed his hips against her.

She laughed at him as she cruelly teased him. Koroko’s forehead beaded with sweat. He strained to stimulate his throbbing erection, but to little avail. Until she decided, he would not be enjoying himself.

“Not what you were hoping for now is it?” Arora asked, her lips lightly brushing his earlobe, “Maybe if you beg, I’d let you have your pleasure.” She cooed lightly.

“I… ahhh…” he muttered, hardly able to form words in his mind.

“C’mon, if you don’t do it I’ll have to tease you all night” She iterated as she teasingly licked his cheek. Koroko shivered in response.

“P-please…” he forced, his hips wiggling in discomfort.

“Please what?" her voice echoed as she encircled the head of his shaft with her finger.

"...Please d-do me..." he forced out, his voice strained and filled with flustration.

With an evil smile, Arora lifted her hips and pressed the head of Koroko's shaft against her soft lips. Beneath her he jumped, his body shaking in anticipation. Arching her back, she lined herself up to lower herself perfectly onto his manhood. She closed her eyes, and let her body take his shaft deep inside. A gasp of pleasure escaped her lips, followed by an arousing chuckle coming from the lust-filled drow. With a slight smile she leaned forward and pressed her body against his while forcing his manhood against the back of her vaginal wall.

She could feel him twitching inside her, his muscles rhythmically contracting inside. Teasingly she matched his contractions with ones of her own; causing him to jerk beneath her while she gripped his manhood. Time didn't matter to her right now. No matter how much she rode him, he wouldn't cum. Then again, keeping him on the edge of a climax the entire night seemed cruel, even by her standards. He had managed to make her cum once. But she was far from satisfied yet.

Arora lifted her hips up a few inches, letting Koroko's glans rub again the back of her passage; a moment later she thrust down, thrusting his manhood deep inside of herself again and causing him to bite his lip to keep from shouting in pleasure. Pleased, she did it again, and again, and then once more. Each time he bit harder to keep from shouting out.

She sat herself up and let herself come to a rest on his manhood. Using her legs she thrust herself up and off of his manhood. Maneuvering herself around, she let her nether lips slip along the bottom side of his manhood. Both her and her submissive lover shivered in response.

“You like being dominated by a woman?” she whispered as she bent down near Koroko’s face. Her soft lips pressed against the bottom of his ear as she struggled to contain her own lust.

Still unable to speak, Koroko only starred at the lovely drow’s lust-filled eyes while she pressed his manhood against his body and slid her soft nether lips along the fleshy shaft. A soft moan escaped her lips as his glans pressed against her clit. Her shoulders trembled as the pleasure shot up her spine.

“Haa… look what you’ve done to me.” Arora said through her lust-filled gaze down at her lover, “I never thought doing a human would feel so good.” Her womanhood felt hot, and within the deepest reaches of her sex she could feel pressure building. She felt as if she would go crazy if she didn’t satisfy herself soon, she reached behind her and guided Koroko’s manhood past her nether lips and deep into her vaginal walls. Unlike before, she didn’t hold back for the sake of teasing him, now she was focused on pleasuring herself. Her hips rocked back and forth, letting her sex take his throbbing shaft. A muffled gasp escaped her lips, causing her to fall forward and lay her head next to his ear.

“I-It feels great you know.” She lightly moaned in his ear as her pelvis slapped against Koroko’s body; causing lewd sounds to fill the room. Lightly she dragged her fingertips along lovers neck and across his cheek. Another moan escaped her lips, the sweet sound floating into Koroko’s ears before she pressed her lips against his.

Arora’s passage was heaven to Koroko, warm, tight, wet, and almost a perfect glove to his shaft. The sensation was absolutely amazing; his body was racked with pleasure from each of her trembling thrusts. He wished however, she would remove the ribbon from the base of his manhood, as it was beginning to get quite painful.

“Haa... ahh...gahhh I’m cumming” she screamed in a blissful voice. Her body tensed up as the pressure and warmth in her womanhood spread throughout her body. Arora’s body pressed against Koroko’s trembling body. In her powerful climax, her walls had gripped his shaft, driving him to the edge of pleasure however due to the ribbon around his manhood; release was just out of his grasp.

In desperation, he moved his hips against her, his body begging for release, “Please, I… I can’t take it any longer, I-I’m going to go insane!”

With an evil grin, she brought her lips to his for a moment. Retracting her lips from him, she softly cooed, “Beg me.” Arora placed her hand on his throbbing member and wrapped the ribbon’s end around her finger as she awaited his response.

“P-please,” he panted, “I need it.”

“Not good enough…” she teased, “You have to say it properly if you want me to grant it.”

“Please let me cum.” Koroko forced out, his entire body shaking in frustration.

“Only if you agree to do whatever I tell you afterwards, deal?” she cooed into his ear.

“Anything!” he gasped.

“Good.” Arora pulled on the ribbons end, undoing the knot and unraveling all the kept him from the pleasure he craved. A moment later the ribbon was free and entwined in her fingers. She had sat herself and had begun grinding her hips against him.

Koroko’s arms still bound, Arora raised and lowered her hips for him. His manhood forced itself through her tight passage. She smiled down on him, watching him squirm as his climax approached. Arora wanted to see him cum, she was curious to see just how much it would affect him. Wetting her lips in anticipation, she bounced on his shaft, feeling it throb within her walls.

Straining against his bonds, Koroko felt pressure spread from the base of his manhood to the tip of his glans, followed by a white-hot eruption of pleasure. His body tensed up as his hot seed erupted inside Arora’s awaiting sex. The pleasure flowed throughout his body, causing his body to go limp.

Arora leaned forward, letting Koroko’s still erect shaft slip out of her, followed by a small amount of his seed. Curious, she slipped her finger along her slit to gather his seed. Grinning softly, she wrapped her lips around her finger, tasting the fluid that now filled her innards.

“You taste pretty good. That was your first time, correct?” She cooed as she stirred her fingers inside of herself to bring out his seed.

“Yeah…” he breathed, his eyes closed and a large grin on his lips. All things considered, he couldn’t have asked for a better ending. He couldn’t wait to tell the guys back in Glendall what all had happened.

“Good, because in accordance with drow tradition, not to mention your word, you now belong to me.” She said in a very fact-of-the-matter tone.

“…What was that?” he said, not believing what he had just heard.

“Any man, drow or otherwise, who loses his virginity to a drow female, belongs to her until she says otherwise. That means you’re mine.” Arora said with a brimming smile on her face.

Koroko was a bit stunned upon hearing this. Although in reality it wasn’t mind blowing, this had been too good to be true to begin with. He wouldn’t really mind “belonging” to her, but one question still stuck in his mind, “Do we get to do this again?”

“If you behave.” Arora cooed as she sat herself on the edge of her bed, “I almost forgot…” She flicked her finger, causing the golden bar around his wrists to vanish, and allowing him to once again move.

With a sigh, Koroko closed his eyes and was asleep in just a few minutes. “Why do men always fall asleep after sex…?” Arora thought as she dragged her wet tongue over her fingers once again.

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