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A Trick for A Treat

Giving into desirable cravings

Claire had been working at McAllister’s Club for 4 years. She knew all the regulars, and could distinctly tell anyone exactly what particular people would order, without the simplest request. She loved working late nights, it offered her golden opportunities like no other.

When Halloween finally came back around, she had decided to dress up for the main event. McAllister’s hosted one of the largest adult costume parties within a 50 mile radius. Best of all, it was the only night that the club offered their employees to participate, and mingle with the crowd. Claire was somewhat of an entertainer; When the club failed to hype up at night, staff would send her to get the party started.

She decided to wear her seductive, vampire showgirl costume. She put on her black fishnet thigh high stockings. Put on her black skirt, which was over-laid with dark red sheer trailing the very edges of the mini skirt which had attached jeweled bow garters. She decided on just wearing her black bra for the top, it had red outlining her breasts. She put on the long satin cape that had a high rise collar; black on the outside, and red on the inside. She let her long, golden blond hair flow down around her as it highlighted her very essence. She was beautifully fit, and the costume showed off her curvaceous body which would allure any man. She emphasized the costume by adding a black and red short, top hat. She finished it off with an added touch, her black and red jeweled pumps.

She walked out of the house as she headed for work. She smiled as she watched adults and kids alike, walking beneath the pre-lit street lights in their costumes. She grinned with amusement as she watched a small child walk, dressed as a vampire. His fake fangs overriding his bottom lip. She turned her head, as she realized she forgot the most important accessory, her fangs. She covered her mouth with her hand, as she let her fangs descend.

Alex had decided on attending McAllister’s Costume Party, it was something he had never done. However, he had gone there quite often, especially since the first time he had saw Claire. She was always stunning, arousing him every time he got around her. He had been too shy in the past, figuring she would never give him a chance. Halloween had to be the perfect night to get to know her.

He wore his Zoot Gangster Costume. His black pinstriped slacks matched his pull over jacket. His black tie gave extra flair on top of the white shirt he wore beneath the jacket. His white hat had black and white fabric wrapped against the base.

He walked into the club, seeing her. He swallowed hard, as he tried to keep his courage up.

Claire was dancing within the crowd as she laid eyes upon him, seeing him in the distance. She began to smile in thought as she started to walk towards him. As she got closer to him, she turned her head and looked away. She let her shoulder brush against his. She turned back to him, and smiled, "Oh I'm...Alex? Why Alex it is so good to see you again!" Her smile widened as her eyes gazed over him taking in every detail of his costume. “I’m so glad you were able to make it! Want to dance?” Her eyes fixated to his as she began to glowingly smile, radiating her beauty.

Alex realized her interest, as he took her hand and kissed it softy, "My pleasure..." He escorted her back to the dance floor. His left arm wrapped around her waist as he pulled her close. His hips met with hers as his right palm lifted her left arm, caressing the length of it. He then held her hand in his just as his hazel eyes looked down, into her blue ones, "So...Claire, how do you spend your days, and nights..?" Santana begins to play.

He hears the Latin rhythm, with Santana and Kroeger, his hips shifted side to side, meeting hers. He began to guide her through the dance floor, spreading the crowd aside. His thighs against hers, his long legs, steps her back, one step at a time as he circled the floor. Then 'Missionary Man', starts, he smiled. He took her hand and began to spin her out, and pulled her back against him. Her breasts pressed into his chest. His palms slid down her back, settles on the arch of her waist. His lips came close to her left temple, and he began to sway with her.

She followed his lead on the dance floor, slightly laughing and smiling, as her beauty shined through.

Claire’s height was pretty decent in comparison to Alex‘s. She had met the perfect match for a dancing partner, and she loved it! His body caressed against hers with every movement as it lured her closer to him.

The music blended to their every motion as their bodies moved gracefully across the dance floor. It was as if it were just the two of them, and no one else. She placed her hands around his neck as she arched her back feeling his warm hands trailing down, her smile widened as she swayed her hips close to his.

She looked up to him, their face within mere inches of one another as her eyes scanned his face, looking back, deep into his eyes, as she grinned thinking about his question, "I spend my days and nights..." she leaned in a little closer, as her arms wrapped a little more tighter against his neck as she pulled her body closer to his, "Hoping for moments like this." His hand was against her open back, as her chest pressed against his torso sending a warm sensation over her, one that she quite enjoyed.

Alex felt Claire begin to relax in his arms just as 'Cooler Than Me' kicks in. He started to guide her for a bit with his hips, then the synthesizer picked up the beat, and his right hand held her left. He pulled her away from his body, slightly, as he began to spin her. He walked a normal stride around the perimeter of the dance floor. His hand held hers firmly, her body spins, her blond hair waves around and around; her black and red mini skirt whipped around her perfect legs and thighs, lifted at moments, teasingly, exposes her 'barely there' lingerie. After he completed the walk, he pulled her hard, against his chest. His palm slid down from her waist, to her lower hips. His lips bend as he pushes them into her ear, briefly, "Enjoying yourself...darling..". He began to grin softly as he pulled back and continued to dance with her.

She smiled as she felt his warm breath against her skin as she pulled back, letting the music run though her as she began to twirl. She intentionally moved against him, placing her back at his chest. She rocked her body against his lightly as she moved his hand down in front over her stomach as she slowly began trailing it to her side. Her bare skin was almost like velvet to the touch as her arm brushed against it, she leaned back on him, as she turned her head and looked up to him as she softly whispered, "Very much so." She twirled back around, facing him as she released his hand and began to run her fingers against his cheek. She smiled as she moved a little closer to him, her body rubbed against his in a seductive manner. "So Alex," she placed her hands to his top button of his shirt, under his tie, and playfully unbuttoned it as her body swayed next to his, "Enjoying yourself?" She smiled as thoughts began racing through her mind.

Alex's eyes shifted down as he felt her fingers play with his shirt button, and watched as she unbuttoned the first one. He smiled to himself as he allowed her to feel relaxed in his arms, while her fingers played around the fabric. Her touch on his cheek was soothing. His eyes lifted to hers, as he answered, "I am... It's been awhile since I came here last." He felt her body shift against his as his palms settled at the lower arch of her back. His lips pushed into the side of her temple as he smelt her skin, his own arousal began to grow a bit. A slow jam began, his arms embraced her back as he pulled her close. Her breasts pushed against his chest, his chin bends to sit on her left shoulder; his hips against hers, guided her sway, to 'Under The Milky Way'.

She smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling his inviting embrace as she breathed in deeply, as she caught the scent of his manliness. She softly bites her lower lip as she rests her head against his left shoulder, almost mirroring his actions as she moved her hips with his. She swayed with the soft beat, as she felt his body against hers. Sweet scents trailed within the air as it sent a sense of thrills within her as she lifted her head and softly kissed the side of his neck. She whispered softly within his ear, "Alex, I must admit, I haven't had such a great time with anyone in a long time, it's almost as if I have awaited for this." The sweetness pulled at her, as her fangs descended a little more, just as her blue eyes deepened. She placed her face back within his neck, almost as if to hide away. Her fangs gently touch his skin as she breathed him in, her body still in stance with his as they circle together on the floor beneath them.

Alex felt her lips on his skin, just as he began to feel something different caress over the surface, his eyes widened. His voice came out a bit husky, "Good, I'm happy this night pleases you." He pulled back, to look at her face just as the corner of his lips curled into a grin. His eyes on her, as he danced a bit off to the corner, away from the crowd, and began to slow down.

Claire felt his heat radiate from his pores, wafting into her nostrils. Her back finds itself against a far wall, shaded by an over hang. He was in front of her as she almost felt pinned to the wall. His right hand released her, as he began to lean it against the wall.

"So, tell me what's on your mind?" His eyes looked into hers, "I‘ll be honest with you, I am interested in one of those private rooms, right there. Would you like to join me? If you are satisfied, I understand... I am sure we'll catch up again."

Claire felt the coolness of the wall as it rub against her back. She looked deep into Alex's eyes. She grinned, lingering on his every word, she took her eyes away from his as she pondered his question. She looked over at the private rooms as her grin became more of a smile. She looked back to him, her eyes gaze over his body, almost as if in adornment. Her smile deepened, revealing the tips of her fangs. "Why Alex, what are we waiting for?" She placed her hand on his right arm as she caressed it, "My cravings are never satisfied," she kindly laughed as her eyes wander off to the distance, realizing Alex had put her in the darkest corner of the club. Her eyes focus back to his gorgeous eyes, as she began to glowingly smile, "Unless you truly have other plans?"

She grinned as she thought it over, "In that case," her hand trailed up his arm, and glided down to his side, "I'm sure we'll meet up again, even if it's here, at your favorite dive." She arched her eyebrow as she watched his expression, as she wondered what was truly on ‘his’ mind. He was a hard person to read, if she really needed higher powers, then, was defiantly the time.

Alex heard her words, just as the corner of his lips curl a bit, displaying a slight smile. "Never...satisfied.. I see.." His right palm on the wall; his lips lean into her left cheek bone, smells across her skin to her ear, "Yes, I feel like that some days..", his voice drops in octaves, "Actually...I am ...not waiting..", his lips caress around the soft skin below her ear, "Do...I have your consent?"

They are far from the crowd, unnoticeable. The over hang gave them their own sense of privacy, a dark shade in the remote corner of the club.

Alex’s fingers on his left hand combs Claire's blond hair away from her neck. He then slowly slid his palm down the outside of her right arm, past her elbow, to her fingers. His lips lay on her skin, as he waits for her consent.

His breath against her skin was enticing her, as it sent small thrills through her body. She tilted her head a little more to the side, as she pressed it up against the wall, revealing more of her neck to him as she closed her eyes and grinned. Her fingers brushes against his palm as she grabs his wrist in her hand and pulls his hand up to her hip, as her right hand moved up to his left shoulder, gripping, almost to brace herself for what was to come, "You do Alex, you have my consent." Her eyes open, deepening more in color as she inhaled deep, as she took in the scents around her, making her want more than just a smell, but a taste.

Alex's lips curled as he began to feel her arousal evaporate from her pores. His lips chaff, and began to cut form as his lips rake at her skin; the tip of his tongue slides down the length of her neck, across the curve of her left shoulder. His right palm pulled back from the wall, as he gently slipped the thin strap of her bra, just past her left shoulder cap, as it fell loosely.

His fingers were of his right palm laid on her left shoulder blade. He held her skin tight against his lips. His left arm secured around her waist as he pulled her lower torso against his firmly. His lips fasten at her shoulder caps first as he began to suck at her skin, tasting her sweet essence. His head tilted down as his chest folded her spine backwards, allowing his lips to slide south, his tongue left a wet trail against her soft, delicate skin. His lips placed in the fullness of her breast, as he softly spoke, "Claire..." He could taste her arousal as it moved in against the inside of his lips as he sucked.

He pulled her against him as he kicked open the door to a private room. His lips were still secure around her skin; his right hand finds a decorated table with crystal glassware and linens. He groans, and wiped the table clear, with one swipe of his arm. He lays her down on the table, his torso between her legs, as he still sucks at her soft breast as he begins to fondle the other within his hand. Soft moans began trailing from his lips. His lips pull back, as he looked into her eyes, seeing the pleasure running over her as he took her in his arms, and carried her to a nearby couch. He laid her down, holding her close to his chest. He looked down to her as he licked the corner of his lips, "Doing okay?" He began to softly smile.

Claire’s eyes lightened as she looked him over, softly biting her lower lip as she felt the strong rush he had given her. Her skin began to give off a strong glow, almost making her look porcelain as her long, beautiful blond hair flowed against the sides of her face. She looked into Alex's eyes. "Mmm...I'm doing fantastic," she began to smile, as she placed her left hand on the back of his neck as she pulled him down more to her. She could feel the warmth of his chest against hers. Her cheek brushed against his face as she leaned down a bit as she kissed his neck, her soft lips delicately trace up to his ear, she lightly nibbled on his earlobe as she whispered once more, "However," she was trying to contain herself as drifting scents kept lingering, "I'm only an extent."

She kissed his cheek as she glided her left hand around his neck. She pulled her face lower to meet his, as she kept a little distance between them. She looked deep within his captivating eyes. She ran her fingers teasingly down to his shirt, and lightly tugged, as a bright smile trailed across her lips. The sound of music could be heard through the walls, as the darkened room was giving pure privacy to any occasion.

Alex smiled at her words, relieved. Just then, he began to feel her lips around his ear, her ’fake’ fangs trace his skin, he growled softly in his chest, in response; he pulled back as he looked into her blue eyes, his palm on the side of her face, “Want some more?” His palm caressed down her arm as he held her hand in his. "Or maybe you should rest..?" He watched as her eyes twinkled, his lips bent to her left jaw as it caressed along the edge to her ear. His lips curled in a soft smile.

His gentle words inveigled her as it placed a beautiful smile across her face. She slowly tossed her head to the right feeling his breath as his lips delicately traced along the very details of her skin. Her left hand trailed down to his upper back as she turned her head back to him, feeling his breathing luring her; managing her containment had become difficult with Alex as her right hand slipped within his, her fingers folded between his as she began to grin. Her eyes met with his as she lightly whispered, "The only thing on my mind right now…" she began to smile as her eyes traced over his face, "…is you." She looked back into his eyes, almost feeling as if he could see to the very depth of her as she gracefully kissed his lips and pulled back, as her smile widened, "Me...tired? Never..." The look on her face became more serious as she said, "I want everything you have to offer, Alex.” Her eyes sparkled with a hint of amusement as she glowingly smiled.

Alex’s hand moved down her side, caressing against her succulent, soft skin. He leaned into her, their lips mere inches apart as he brushes the fabric of her mini skirt. “Claire, I’ve waited for this moment for a while now,” he smiles as he watches the slight twinkle in her eyes. His palm rested on her upper thigh as his fingers felt the detail of the fishnet stockings against her skin. His hand drifted up, under her skirt as he felt the fishnet stockings end, and her soft, delicate skin began.

She was stunning, there was no other lady quite like her, and she turned him on with every subtle touch, move and look she made toward him. He wanted her more now than anything.

Claire grins as she takes her right hand and brushes her fingertips gently across his left cheek, feeling his hand snaking beneath her skirt. She arched her back slightly at his touch as she softly whispered, “I’ve longed for you, Alex.” She smiled as she revealed the tips of her fangs to him. She glides her hand behind his neck and pulls him down to her, kissing him ardently as she lowly moaned, feeling his touch beneath her skirt, moving up, closer to her dampening pussy.

His fingers had finally found the one spot he was yearning for. He moved her thong to the side as his fingers slid over her slit, up to her clit. He rubbed her swollen bead softly, as his dick began to rise more with arousal for her. Her sweet moans allured him as they kissed. He pulled back from her just as he rose his eyebrow, giving her a mischievous look. His lips moved against her chin as he kissed her softly. He trailed his kisses softly down to her breasts as he steadily rubbed at her clit. He could tell she enjoyed his touch because her hips had begun to sway, her chest was arched towards him, and her moans…still trailed from her preciously sweet lips.

He moved his finger down her slit, as he found her warm, wet, invitingly teasing opening as he slipped his finger within her twat. He started finger-fucking her as her moans began to grow. His other hand moved to her breast as he squeezed and softly sucked, fondling her.

Claire felt the delicacy of his touch as she tossed her head to the side, as she began to moan loudly. Her hands moved up, within his hair as she lightly tugged. Her eyes blazed with lust as she looked down to him. She watched his every move, as her pussy began burning for him as she felt his finger pumping deeper into her. Her inner-walls flexing to the contours of his finger. Her want of him growing as his arousal wafted up her nostrils as it teased at her.

Her hunger began growing, as her fangs descended more. Her eyes turned startlingly black, darker than night. The only thing that saved her noticeable change, was the darkened room.

Alex slipped his finger out, only to teasingly slip two within her tight pussy. Pushing his hand back and forth, harder, and harder. His lips caressed down her stomach as he stopped, looked up to Claire and devilishly grinned. He took the bottom tip of her skirt into his mouth, and lifted it up, and over, covering her navel. His lips kissed at her nice, clean shaved pussy as his fingers remained thrusting into her. He licked her clit, and sucked profoundly on it as he watched her expression changing. He pulled his fingers from her slippery wet pussy as he moved his tongue down, and into her. His tongue exploring her every crevice as her body quivered beneath him.

He was thoroughly enjoyed himself as he listened to her, watched her, and felt her pull at his hair. This girl was delectable. Her taste was beyond comparison!

Claire’s fingers gripped tightly within his hair as she felt, and watched him move down her. His warm breath against her bare bottom skin attracted her more than ever. The edges of her lips curled a bit, revealing a beautiful grin on her face.

She moved her hands down against the sides of his face as she placed her back against the sofa. She felt him comply as he pulled away, his body sliding up against hers. She began to barely lean up as she ran her fingertips down his shirt, unbuttoning it, one button at a time until she had unraveled it revealing his highly detailed torso. She moved her fingers across his chest, as she watched him slightly close his eyes to her delicate touch. She moved her hand down, his eyes opened back up as he met her gaze, she smiled. Her hands met down at the center of his slacks, she unbuttoned them, and pulled the zipper down. She reached in, and grabbed his dick as she stroked it lightly. She pulled her hand out as she tugged, his pants pushed down as his large bulge came out. She bit her lower lip as she grabbed his hard, thick shaft in her hand and began pumping back and forth, as she felt his dick thicken in her hand.

Alex grit his teeth as he felt her touch his already hardening member. He moaned softly as he looked into her captivating eyes, almost entranced as he noticed a slight change. He disregarded, he didn’t think much of it due to the darken lit room.

His hand moved down as he lifted up slightly, as he pulled her thong down and away. He was ready, and even willing to take this sexy lady for a ride. He had waited long enough. His body was heated, and he needed some relief! He leaned back down as he propped up on the palm of his hands, as he kept his weight off of her. He could feel his dick growing with her every stroke as he leaned down and kissed her, feeling her pronounced fangs against his lips. He smiled, he had become quite amused by her fangs, and he couldn’t wait for her to remove them, but then again, having them in, matched her costume fittingly.

Claire moved his dick against her slit as she moaned out between their lips. The touch of his cock had put her on the edge. Her hips rose slightly off the couch as she teased herself, moving his dick over her aching pussy until she ‘assisted’ in positioning him. Her hand slipped up on his ass as she pulled him down, his dick penetrated her as she gasped, taking his dick, inch-by-inch into her warm, wet pussy. She pulled her lips from his, sucking his bottom lip, and gently biting at the same time. She trailed her sweet kisses over his check, and down to the side as she nudged her nose into his neck. The alluring aroma pulling at her as she dragged her fangs against his delicately soft skin.

Her hips pushed back, placing her pussy hard against his dick as she felt it probe deep into her. She softly growled into his neck as her chest purred lowly. Her back arched off the couch as her free hand glided up his back. She rested it at the side of his neck, as her other hand pulled at his ass, making his dick drive deeper into her pussy as it explored unknown depths.

Her fingers tightened at his ass as she felt herself giving into him. Sensations began coursing through her as she moaned out loudly.

Alex could feel the allurement drift over him as she scrapped her fake fangs across his skin. She was exciting him even more as he pulled up from her. His eyes shifted down as he watched her breasts sway wildly under him with every pounce he made. She felt so damn good!!

He shoved his big, thick dick even further into her soaked pussy. His thrusts became more rhythmic as he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her pussy up, driving his shaft into her depths as he felt her pussy begin tightening, wrapping around his dick. He grit his teeth, as he felt his cock begin to throb. His hands gripped her waist, portraying handles, as he pulled her into his every thrusts. Her pussy contracting, as if milking his dick.

He leaned down as he began to kiss her titties, sucking and biting softly as he began to moan, feeling his body become orgasmic as his thrusts became harder.

Claire let out a low growl as she felt his warm hands grab at her waist firmly, exciting her more as she arched her back even more. Her hands wrapped around his neck as her fingers began to tug at his hair. She grinned, feeling him comply as she moved his body up her as her chest presses back into his as she kissed his cheek, trailing down to his neck. She softly kissed his neck as her hunger became more of a craving.

Her hips were still meeting his with as she wrapped her legs around him, forcing his body tightly against hers as she felt his dick tease at her sweet spot. She moaned, her warm breath drifted against his smooth skin as she became even more tempted of him. She let out a high pitch moan, feeling her body begin to shake lightly at the orgasmic wave that was taking her over.

She moved her lips as if she were going to keep kissing him, and when he least expected it, her fangs pierced against his skin, her hand tightened at the right side of his neck, as she began to feel his blood tantalizingly trace down her throat, she pulled closer to him, rubbing her body against his, sucking hard at his skin as more blood pulled from him and into her aching mouth. She pulled back slightly, releasing him as her tongue slowly licked up the blood that was at the top of his skin.

Her pussy began to throb as the warmth of her juices seeped out around his dick, and traced down her ass crack.

Her fangs dragged down lower as she trailed sweet kisses down to his chest, her hand pulled away from his neck as her movements became very clear, she wasn't done. She bit down, sinking her teeth into his upper chest, her tongue pushed at his skin, forcing more blood through his veins and straight into her mouth as she began to lowly moan as she fed off of him, tasting him, fulfilling her thirst.

Alex moaned loudly, almost in pain as he felt her ‘absolutely real’ fangs sink deep into his neck. His fingers clenched at the cushion beneath her as his pain became quickly subdued with pleasure. He tilted his head as he revealed more of his neck to her. He had never been so damn turned on in all his life! Her breath against his skin, the scraping of her fangs. He let out a gentle sigh feeling her fangs retrieve from his skin.

His thrusts had slowed, just as at that very moment, she sank her fangs into his chest as he forced his dick deeply into her as he felt her body tremble, he wailed out, feeling his orgasm trailing right behind hers. His hips shifted as he squirted a hot load into her tight pussy. Within seconds, a mixture of both of their fluids were oozing out, and around his shaft.

He leaned up, pulling her with him as he embraced her. Both heaving exhaustively from the exciting rush they had experienced. He kissed softly again as he began to smile, looking into her beautiful blue eyes, “Claire…” He let out a pleasurable sigh as his eyes flashed over her face, “…My imagination could have never dream up anything comparable to you.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck as she felt him pull her up, holding her close to him. She found comfort in him as her fangs ascended, giving her a normal human look. She smiled warmly to him as she kissed him ardently, feeling the heated passion still linger between them.

Her skin began to give off a faint glow as she looked deeply into his eyes. “Happy Halloween, Alex,” she winked as she pulled back from him, getting off the couch. She pulled her thong back up, positioning it like it was, chuckled as she straightened her skirt, and fixed her bra.

She looked over to him, knowing she had got the one thing she had wanted in months. She grinned devilishly towards him as she vanished.

He couldn’t believe it, had this really, and truly happened? He looked around the room, “Claire?” He stood up as he buttoned his shirt, straightened his tie, and readjusted his slacks. “Damn…” he sighed to himself.
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