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A Visitor In The Night

Dylan is visited by a spirit with an insatiable appetite for sex
She entered the room where Dylan lay sleeping. She was a vision of beauty with her long blonde hair, bright green eyes, and smooth light-brown skin. She spoke his name just loud enough to wake him. Then she slipped off her white nightgown exposing her large, supple breasts along with the rest of her slender, yet curvy, body. Although he had never seen this woman before he was not afraid. He was very much at peace and, not to mention, very aroused at the sight filling his eyes. He sat up and stared at this gorgeous creature as he felt his cock begin to harden. She began moving toward him as if she were gliding across the floor. Dylan felt his heart race and his cock begin to throb. After what seemed an eternity the stranger now stood by the bed right next to him. As Dylan sat there mesmerized, the beautiful stranger wasted no time in taking control of the situation. 

She pulled the sheet back and climbed on the bed. She moved her lips toward Dylan's and gave him the most passionate, magical kiss he had ever experienced. She then kissed her way down his neck, chest, and stomach. She stopped once she reached the top of the gray sweatpants he was wearing. Seeing this as a barrier to the prize she was after she began to remove his pants slowly, as if to tease him and his rock-hard member. Once the sweatpants made it past the tip of his cock and it sprang to attention she stopped and licked her lips like a hungry lioness about to devour her prey. Devour is exactly what she did. She quickly took Dylan's manhood in her mouth and moved from tip to base in one feverish movement. She moved up and down his cock repeatedly while massaging his balls in her left hand. She ran her right hand up and down his shaft along with her luscious lips. Her hunger was growing more intense as she licked the sides and underneath of his shaft with her tongue, her hand still pleasuring his balls. The ecstacy building in Dylan, he finally became the aggressor.

He grabbed her, spun her around and laid her on the bed. He then grabbed her ankles and pushed her feet back toward the cheeks of her round bottom so that her knees were bent and then spread them apart to gain access to her bald and glistening pussy lips. As he massaged her ample breasts and pinched her pink nipples; his tongue danced up and down her sweet lips and then in and out of her wet pussy. After a few moments he turned around, with his cock dangling just above her wanton lips so they could continue both giving and receiving the pleasure they so enjoyed. The mutual oral satisfaction continued and the moaning and groaning in pleasure accelerated. First Dylan felt the juices flow from the stranger's sweet pussy and then he felt himself almost explode inside her warm mouth.

It was now time to move to the next bit of erotic pleasure. Dylan positioned himself on his knees in front of her. He grabbed her legs and pulled her closer to him. Once her butt cheeks were against his legs, and her legs were spread apart and pointing to the sky, he slowly slid his throbbing member inside her tight pussy. He began thrusting his hips back and forth and side to side, gently at first. As he sensed her pleasure increasing so did his thrusts until beads of sweat began rolling down his forehead. She was soon screaming, arching her back, and gripping the bedsheet so tight her knuckles were turning white. Even with as much excitement as Dylan's forcefulness brought, it would not last forever.

The temptress was able to sense, even through her own pleasure, that Dylan was close to cumming inside her. She, however, was not ready for this to end so quickly. So with all the strength she could muster, she pushed on his chiseled chest and Dylan stopped. She then laid him down and straddled him. Her wet pussy lips resting between his belly button and pelvis. She bent down and began kissing him again. Their tongues melded passionately into one another. As they kissed she ran her long, sharp nails down Dylan's chest sending shivers down his spine. Not wanting things to slow down too much, or go too cold, she slid back a bit and began stroking his cock as she wiggled her hips slowly. Once the hardness of Dylan's cock was once again at its maximum she slid her pussy lips over the tip of his cock and slid down the shaft taking every inch of him inside her. She then began moving her hips in a counter-clockwise motion, knowing that not only did this feel good to her but him as well. Dylan reached up and once again caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples. This sent a wave of pleasure through her such that she began riding his cock up and down. She was bouncing up and down on his throbbing manhood like she was riding a bucking bronco. Her large breasts bounced up and down as she arched her back and threw back her head. Dylan seemed to reach deeper and deeper inside her with every downward plunge. It wouldn't be long before this sensual night-time escapade would come to a climax.

The stranger was screaming as her body began writhing. Dylan could no longer hold back. He exploded inside her as within seconds her flood gates opened and the juices flowed from her pussy down his cock and balls onto the bed. She collapsed on top of him, her breasts on his chest. They lay there embracing for a few moments, him still inside her. Then she sat up and dismounted him like a horse she was done riding. She put her gown back on and said it was time for her to go.

Suddenly music began blaring. Startled, Dylan sat right up and looked around. His body was covered in sweat and he was very confused. He then looked to his right where his alarm clock rested on his bedside table. It was 6:00 am. He thought to himself that surely this vision, this wonderfully sexual experience wasn't all just a dream. Alas, as he looked down and saw the bulge in his pants and the wet spot, he knew that's exactly what it had been. The blonde stranger never visited Dylan again, but he never forgot her and that one magical night.
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