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Adele's Fairy Magic Chapter 1

The daughter of a wizard and a faerie learns about her magical fairy inheritance.
Adele had a special relationship with Agronius the ghost. He liked her a lot, she could tell.

She felt his presence often, floating beside her, whispering in her ear.

He was the ghost of a long dead man, who in life had been a lustful lady killer.

He was touchy for a ghost. Sometimes, as he whispered his long tales of love and drama and heroic deeds, she would feel a ghostly touch on her body. Ethereal remnants of hands would seem to caress her bosom. Sometimes she would just brush them away and he would stop. Sometimes, when the mood struck her she would let him have his way. His story would change to a tale of lust while his ghostly touch explored her living body.

One dark moonless evening, Adele lay naked on the lectus couch in the front hall,covered only by a single blanket, reading a tome by candlelight. She loved the front hall. It was the largest room in the house. The ceiling was two stories high and a grand stair ran up the east wall to a mezzanine on the second floor.

She was alone but for the slight glow of a fairy sprite who flitted far above, near the ceiling, playing with a moth.

She lay on her stomach with her tome in front of her when she felt a sudden draft and a chill. She looked at the fire but there were only a few small embers left and the heat was drawn away from her by the draft. She wrapped her blanket tighter around her body. The candle flame flickered.

Then she heard it and knew what it was; it sounded like whispering of the wind through a cracked window. If she payed close attention she knew she would hear words in some lost language, but somehow she would know, or maybe feel, what was being said even if she didn’t understand the words themselves. But, on this night she was too tired to concentrate.

“Who’s that?” she said without looking up.

The whispering wind sound picked up for a moment. She had a sudden feeling of yearning. She felt hunger, but not for food. It was a familiar feeling and it always came from a particular dead man.

“Agronius, I’m trying to learn this invisibility spell. Please don’t bother me.”

. . . shame . . . you should be . . . seen . . .

Adele flicked a hand across her ear as if she was batting an insect away. “I’ve been working on this for months. I almost have it. I can feel it. I just need to get this last bit.”

. . . hard work . . . will spoil your pretty face . . . you need rest . . . relax . . . I can help you . . .

She felt a cold touch, that was not a touch, on the back of her leg. He touched her right through the blanket as if it wasn’t there at all.

She sighed and lay her face on the vellum page. In truth, she was too tired to translate anymore from the dusty old book.

She felt fingers without weight or substance caress her thigh, upward and inward. She lifted her hips a little to accommodate and she felt fingers on her secret flower. It was a cold feeling without any real pleasure, but gave her a little thrill, the thrill of letting a dead man touch her where father said no man should be allowed to touch.

. . . old enough to marry . . . and you have no lovers but me . . . you deserve love at your age . . .

“If a real man wooed me, I wouldn’t waste my time with the likes of you, so you should be grateful.”

. . . grateful . . . yes . . .

“Try to make me feel it for real this time Argonius. I want to know what it feels like.”

. . . try . . .

Adele raised her hips even further, now on her knees and her face against her open tome. She felt the petals of her sex part, just a little. There was a feeling as if something had entered into her and yet she felt empty. Then there was a coming and going of the feeling with just a hint of pressure inside.

It was almost something but wasn’t. She felt his desire. Sensing what he felt, she knew he had no more real pleasure from the experience than her. He was beyond pleasure of any kind in his condition, but he still desired and he still had his habits.

Adele reached between her legs and touched herself. She gave herself a little pleasure while the long dead man went through the motions of making love to her.

The longer he went, the colder she felt inside. His ghostly member was a chill inside the warmest part of her body. It felt unnatural and soon the chill spread through her as if it was pulling the warmth right out of her. She began to feel numb from the cold in the place she most wished to feel heat and touch.

She was disappointed as was he. She could feel his disappointment emanating from his presence. There was no need to say anything. She would let him go through the motions of finishing as she had before. It would be the pantomime of a finish without a real climax for either of them.

But, this time, there was not even be a make believe finish. Without warning, there came a rhythmic knocking from above. It sounded as something hard clicking against one of the high windows.

Argonius was gone in an instant. One moment he was inside of her and the next he was dissipated as if blown away in a gust of wind, leaving Adele with her naked rump high in the air for no one at all. She felt silly and sat up. She looked up for the sprite but it was gone now.

She sighed to herself. It would be days before he regained the strength to manifest as strongly. As she had many times before, she wondered what it would be like to be touched by a real man, to be made love to in earnest. She tried to imagine it. She touched herself lightly.

Then came a knocking again.

She sighed again. A bat perhaps. She picked up the candle walked naked up the stairs to the mezzanine. There were windows on both sides. It was a dark night and all she could see was her own reflection. She looked at her naked form. Would she be desired by a living man? She turned and looked at her profile. She thought there was a fairness to her nude form, but what would a man think?

Click, click, click.

It was the window in front of her. She walked up to it and held the candle to the pane. She could make out a dark form, just outside the window. It was too big to be a bat, maybe a large bird.


An owl. Could it be? She fiddled with the latch and had to yank at the window to get it open.


It was a large barred owl with one gray eye and one green. It was. It was the wizard, Amrys.

“Please come in, Sir Wizard. I am so sorry. I was alone and I did not know it was you.”

He jumped to the window sill. “Whooo.”

Remembering her natural condition, she quickly covered herself as best she could with her hands. “Please pardon me Sir, we seldom have visitors.” She ran down the grand stair and fetched her blanket, wrapping it around her like a robe.

Back on the mezzanine she found the wizard in his natural human form. He too was naked. Amrys was surely the oldest man she knew and he looked it too. His body was thin and slightly stooped. His hair was thin and pure white. A thin wispy beard draped down the front of his body, all the way to his withered genitals. He had a kind face with one gray eye and one green.

“I too must ask your pardon young Miss,” he said in a soft voice, “I cannot wear clothes when I take on an animal form. So, as we both find ourselves equally in the nude, I hope you do not find the moment to be a cause of shame.”

“Most certainly not Sir. I spend my days with fairies. It seems only natural to me, but Father says I need to learn to wear a dress like a proper lady.”

“Father? Eldwyn? So, you must indeed be the young Adelaide Craven. I’ve not seen you since you were knee high.”

“I remember you. I go by Adele and I am a woman now Sir.”

“So I see, and a lovely lady you are.”

Adele’s felt a flush of heat across her face. She could not decide whether it was more proper to cover herself or to offer her only covering to her naked guest. She finally asked, “Would you like my blanket Sir?” She disrobed, holding out her blanket, feeling uncharacteristically embarrassed by her body.

“No need Adele. You may put your blanket back on if you wish. I have my clothes here somewhere. And, please, you can call me Amrys.”

And so, she re-wrapped herself and watched curiously as the old wizard reached around the air in front of him as if he was feeling for something.

“Ah, there it is,” he said finally, pulling a purple robe out of thin air. After dressing himself, he pulled a long willow staff out of thin air in a like manner.

“I am here to see your father about a problem,” the old man said, turning to her.

“A problem?”

“Yes, a problem with a spirit that might have a magical solution. I think that your father just might be able to help me.”

“He is asleep in his chambers Sir--I mean, Amrys. He retires early these days. Would you like that I wake him?”

“If I might have your permission, as Lady of the Manor, to stay the night, there would be no need to wake him. My problem can wait til morning and surely he needs his rest. My needs are simple. I sleep but little and a chair will do for the evening.”

Adele opened her mouth and paused. No one had ever called her the Lady of the Manor nor had she realized she could make such decisions. “Well, I think so. Father wouldn’t mind. You are his friend.” She looked at him, uncertain.

“You have my thanks for your kind generosity. . . . So, perhaps you might want to show me where I will spend the evening.”

“Oh, I will see to a room for you. In the mean time, please follow me. You can warm by the fire with a bite to eat and something warm to drink.”

She led him down the stairs to the front hall. He sat on the old lectus couch where she had been made love to by the ghost of a man only moments before. She wondered if the old man had seen her through the window, and if so, if he knew what he saw. Few can actually see the ghosts, but he would have seen her with her naked bottom up. He might have seen her fingers between her legs giving herself pleasure. Having been raised by promiscuous fairies, self-pleasuring seemed a normal thing. Her father had never said anything to her about it, though their servant fairies engage in it all around them. Yet somehow she felt, she didn’t want to do such things in view of a man. She certainly never did such a thing in her father’s presence.

She put logs on the fire with one hand while holding her blanket together with the other. She held her breath a second, then uttered the words of the fire spell.

A spectacular blue-green fire sputtered into existence and then settled into normalcy. Adele smiled to herself. She would have been embarrassed to have failed such a simple spell in front of a great wizard.

She rang the fairy bell on the mantle.

Dil the fairy butler appeared before her almost instantly. He was the largest fairy sprite in the manor, over a foot tall with long quadruple dragonfly wings that buzzed as he hovered before her. His face was beautiful, almost feminine, and his sinuous body was equally beautiful, devoid of any body hair and free of clothing as was the fairy habit.

“What are your wishes Mistress Adele?” he asked in his high pitched musical fairy voice.

“Please bring our guest a morsel from the kitchen, and something to drink that will warm him.” She turned to Amrys, “Would it please you to have a glass of warm milk mixed with wine? I bring a glass to Father every evening before he retires. He says it helps him sleep.”

“Wine will do. I am not fond of milk,” the wizard replied.

“Please Dil, bring us both a glass of warm mulled wine and whatever morsels you might find in the kitchen. No need to wake the cook.”

“As you wish Mistress.”

Adele settled into the high backed chair facing the couch. She looked at the floor and tried to think of something to say.

The wizard looked at her. It felt as if his gaze penetrated her into her very soul. She wondered if he could read her thoughts.

“You have grown into a very beautiful woman Adele. You must have many suitors. High born men of realm would consider themselves lucky to marry one so fair.”

She fidgeted. “I have no suitors, there are no men in these woods. Only fay and gnomes and the like.”

“Yes. Faemor Manor is lost to the mundane world and men do not remember it. It is far from their roads and ways. Long ago, it was the seat of the lords of Estrum and beholden to the Emperor of Velyressia. Before them, there was the elfin tower. It was a waystop on the ancient elf-road. Before the elves, it was a place of power where the fay danced in the starlight. Now the Fairy Wood has taken it back.”

“It’s all I’ve known. Father has very few visitors.”

“And you? Does the Mistress Adele ever entertain visitors?”

“Oh, but I am not acquainted with the human world. The sprites are my friends.”

“I fear your father may have forgotten the needs of a young lady.”

“I am fine Sir Wizard. I like my life here in the manor in the wood.”

“And yet, you do not know what you might be missing.”

Adele shrugged and smiled. There was a buzzing and fluttering as small parade of sprites flew in with two large pewter goblets, taking two sprites apiece to be carried, and a small tray of scones, flown in by no less than four sprites. Dil oversaw as the items were gently landed on the table between Adele and the Amrys.

Dil took his leave and the smaller sprites dispersed, some flying high toward the ceiling in play.

“How did my father come to live here in the manor in the Fairy Wood?” Adele asked bashfully.

“Many years ago he did a great service to the Lady of the Wood, and in turn, she gave him the manor for his home. Not only that, she was so grateful to him, she welcomed him into her bed, and so you came to be, Mistress Adele, the love child of your father, a great wizard, and your mother the Queen of the Fairy Wood. That makes you a faerie princess of sorts.”

“Not so much,” Adele said bashfully, “My mother, the Lady of the Woods, has many children. I am her 49th child and I hardly ever see her.”

“That is the way of the fay. So, you are half fay, you must have some fay powers of your own.”

“I don’t know Sir Wizard, I know many spritely little fairies, but I never see the fay. No fay has taught me any powers.”

“Every fay is an empath. Do you feel other’s thoughts emotions?”

“I don’t think I have that power, Sir Wizard. I am my father’s daughter. I learn my magic from Father, but I didn’t learn any faerie magic from my mother.”

“Perhaps you have it and you don’t yet know it. It is in your blood.”

“I surely am not blessed with fay magic. I can’t feel what you are thinking Sir Wizard.”

“You shouldn’t expect to. My thoughts are far too . . . diffuse.”

“I would love to learn how to transform into an owl like you,” Adele blurted. “Some day, I mean.”

“Some day, perhaps you will, but metamorphosis is a difficult discipline indeed. It took me well over a century to learn an animal form. There are simpler changes, one can learn more easily.” Amrys looked at her and his eyes seemed to smile. A movement. She realized his beard was shrinking before her eyes and growing darker too. Her eyes grew wide as she watched his transformation. His wrinkles disappeared into smooth young skin.

Within a brief span, the ancient wizened man had transformed into a young upright man with dark hair and a piercing eyes, one gray and one green. His long wispy white beard had shrank into a short dark goatee, and then it was gone altogether.

He was now a young man of her own age. His face was fair to her eyes. Adele squirmed in her seat and pulled her blanket closer around her naked body.

“Very long ago, this was my form,” he told her. “It is easier to take on an earlier form than to metamorphose into new form altogether.”

“Is it an illusion? If I touched your face, would I feel wrinkles.”

“See for yourself. You may feel my face if you please.”

Adele stood and walked to him. She gripped her blanket with one hand and reached out with the other, but hesitated. He was young now. He gazed at her intensely. His now young eyes seemed to peer through her.

She had to be brave. She didn’t want this great wizard, her father’s friend, to think she is afraid.

She gripped her blanket tightly and and caressed his cheek with her other hand. His skin was taught and smooth. A shock went through her as she touched him. She felt vast depth in him. There was a power too, and a yearning. But as she sought him out he retreated and she could not find his thoughts.

She pulled back her hand, breaking the contact and immediately collapsed to the floor.

She woke on the couch, the now-young wizard sat next to her looking over her.

“You are safe. It will pass.”

Adele was naked. She felt embarrassed again, conscious of the wizard’s gaze on her body. She felt for her blanket but could not find it.

“Leave the blanket for now young mistress. You are hot and flushed.”

She saw that the wizard was still in the form of a young man. He looked handsome almost beautiful to her. She shyly place a hand over her naked sex and tried to sit up but she felt faint.

“Lay back and rest. You’ll feel better in a moment.”

The now young wizard gently brushed hair away from her eyes. The instant he touched her, she saw a vision of the young Amrys in a strange land. He kissed a dark haired girl and she disrobed. The young couple lay naked together. Then the vision was gone as soon as the wizard’s hand pulled away from her forehead.

Adele’s heart beat rapidly in her chest. She realized she was clutching her naked breast in one hand and with her other hand she was rubbing her sex without even realizing it. Her vagina made a wet slurping noise and she thought she heard the faint tinkling of little bells for a moment. She suddenly stopped rubbing herself, now more self conscious than ever.

“You are fay young Adele. You are indeed. It is proven,” said the unnaturally handsome wizard youth. “I can smell your sweet faerie nectar as you rub your carnal blossom with your fingers. A faerie maiden’s magic emanates from her flowery sex. The sex of a mortal maiden tastes of salt, but the magical nectar of a faerie’s sex tastes sweet as honey. May I taste your anointed finger young Adele?”

Adele lifted her hand from her naked pussy lips and held it up sheepishly. The young looking wizard took her finger in his mouth and suckled on her vaginal nectar.

“You do indeed taste sweet as the sweetest sugar. Your sweetness foretells a powerful faerie magic that you surely inherited from your mother the magical fay queen of this woodland. Taste your nectar for yourself young Adele.”

At his direction, Adele brought her fingers to her own mouth as the wizard watched. She licked her own pussy nectar and she knew then she was fay in truth for her her pussy wetness was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted before. She looked up wide eyed at the wizard and continued to lick her fingers clean of her weirdly sweet pussy nectar.

“You are also an empath, for I know you visioned my distant past when I touched you. The lady you saw me making love to your vision is the crux of the problem that brought me to see your father.”

“Will you teach me how to use my faerie pussy magic Sir Wizard? Will you please?”

“If only I could. I am not fay. You must play and experiment to learn yourself and your powers. Know only that the source of your faerie magic is found between your legs. Learn what lies there and what it can do and you may learn what powers you have. Some day you must call upon your fay mother and mayhaps she will teach you everything you desire to learn of your magical faerie pussy.”

Adele sat up. She didn’t feel faint anymore; she felt exhilarated and excited. She wanted to know more but the wizard seemed to be done talking about her faerie pussy. No longer bashful, she sat naked with him and they ate scones together, then when it was time for bed, she rang the bell for the little fairy sprites to show the wizard to his room.

Adele retired to her own room, still as naked as any sprite. There she played with her pussy wondering what powers it harbored in it’s mysterious wet folds. She found a little nub of flesh where her pussy lips meet. She rubbed herself there and every time she rubbed she heard the faint tinkling of fairy bells. Then at last, Adele, naked and sticky, fell asleep.
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