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Adventures of Marcy, Darren and Me

A night out with my new friend turns into a hot, steamy session of sex, with a twist.
Bang. The sound of my apartment door closing behind me made my head throb. It had been a long night with lots of booze and my hangover was in full force. Thankfully, today was a Sunday, so I didn't have to work or go anywhere. I could just go to bed and try to make the rockets exploding in my head stop their constant battle. As I stumbled my way through the apartment, I noticed the message light was blinking on my machine. I crept over to it, knowing full well that the beep before the message would cause a few more rockets to explode in my head, but needing to know who had left me a message. Being new in town, I didn't have many friends and the only reason my mother would have called would have been if something was wrong at home.

I pushed the button, prepared for the beep, and let the message play as I feel into the nearby chair. As I was fighting a battle with my left shoe, one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard filled my apartment and my ears. I stopped what I was doing to listen. It was Marcy. She was calling to tell me what a wonderful time she had had last night and that she hoped we would be able to do it again. She told me to call her as soon as I could. The ending beep for that message played and I thought that was the end, but another message began to play almost instantly. This time, it was a mans low voice that filled my phone. He politely informed me that his name was Darren and that he hoped I remembered him. I did, of course, and I said as much to the answering machine. He continued by saying he hoped to see me again and left his number with the parting words of 'call me as soon as you can.' After that message ended, I walked over to the table that my machine sat on and wrote down his name and number very quickly. I didn't want to take the chance of lossing or forgetting it. As I continued my walk to my room to crawl into bed, I reflected on the last three months of my life and how Marcy had changed it, and me forever.

When I meet Marcy, I was a barista at a local coffee shop. I have been in town only a few months, so I don't know anyone. From what the other girls told me, Marcy is a regular and is always nice to everyone. I was thankful for that, since some of the regulars could be rather rude and mean. No one had prepared me for the beauty that she was though. When I saw her the first time, I thought a model or actress had somehow lost their wayand was stopping to ask for directions. Her shoulder length, black hair wasleft to it's own devices that day, which meant that it was framing her face perfectly.Her skin was milky white, an oddity in California, and was smooth and inviting. Her eyes, a mix of grey and blue, had a laugh in them and were looking straight at me. Her lips were full and round, with a subtle hint of pink as she turned them up in a smile. I was so struck by the sheer beauty of her face that my eyes didn't wander much that first day. She walked up confidently to the counter and looked at my co-worker. When she spoke, I thought I would faint.
"Hello, Sharon. Can I get my usual please and the name of your new co-worker as well please?"

"Of course," I heard Sharon say, breaking the trance I was in. "This is Aurora. She just started here a week ago. Aurora, this is Marcy," she said as she walked away to get Marcy's drink. I timidly looked her in the eyes and was struck dumb. I didn't know what to say and had lost all ability to move. I had never felt this way around another woman. As I stood there looking stupid, Marcy smiled at me.

"Hello Aurora. That is a lovely name. What brings you to our fine city," she asked as she extended her hand to me.

This broke me out of my trance and I slowly extended my hand to grab hers. As soon as we touched I felt a tingle and a warm sensation begin at my fingers and worm it's way through my whole body. I stood there squeezing her hand like it was my life line and didn't want to let her go. When Sharon walked up with Marcy's drink, I was forced to break my hold on her hand. I reluctantly pulled away from the counter to allow Sharon to complete the transaction. I watched Marcy's every move. I didn't want to take my eyes off her. I felt as if she had put a spell on me that I was unable to break. When she had paid for her drink, she walked to the end of the counter and beckoned me over. I slowly walked over to her as if I was in a trance. When I got there she looked me in the eyes and said "You know, I have never meet anyone quiet like you. I would love the chance to get to know you better. Would it be to forward of me to ask if we can hang out tonight after you get off work tonight?"

My voice finally came back and I hurriedly said "No. I would love to. Maybe you could show me around."

"Sounds perfect. I'll be here as soon as the place closes and I'll show you some of the finer things the city has to offer," she said as she turned and left the shop.

I was amazed. Never once had I been so mesmerized by a woman, let alone asked out by one. I had some experience in the area of sex with women, but it was mostly drunk grooping at parties and the occasional masturbation sessions with my friends during sleep overs. I had no idea what I was doing and suddenly became nervous. Sharon must have noticed because she walked over and calmly said "Don't worry. Marcy knows what she's doing. She'll give you the best night of your life, I swear." From the way she was talking and the mischeivous grin on her face, I could tell she had had at least one night in the company of the gorgeous Marcy. The rest of the day seemed to drag on as I waited for closing time. When six o'clock finally came, Sharon told me to go ahead and she would close up without me. I thanked her relentlessly and promised to pay her half my tips for the next week. As I bolted from the door, I realised I had no idea what kind of car Marcy drove. I was a little let down when I noticed that the street was nearly full of cars. As I turned to go back in and ask Sharon about Marcy's car, I saw her standing down the street a short way. I began to slowly walk up to her. I took the opportunity to look at her body. She had a small frame that was round in all the right places.The shirt she had changed into brought attention to herperky D-cup breasts that had a slight up turn to them. Her waist was thin and lead to a perfect pair of hips that any woman would die to have and any man would die to caress. Her skirt was short and revealed long, tone pale legs. She had no need for heals, since she stood at least five foot seven without them. When I reached her,she smiled at me and reached up to embrace me. As our bodies meet, I felt her breasts gently push into mine. I could feel her slightly erect nipples rubbing against mine, which made them instantly stand at attention. When we broke the embrace, I looked at the car she was standing beside and only then noticed that she had come for me in a limo the size of my apartment. My jaw dropped and she laughed, a sound that made me think of angels.

"Come on then, Aurora. Let's get this party started, shall we," she said as she opened the door and motioned for me to get in.

As I went to slide in, I noticed there was a man sitting inside. I hesitated slightly before getting in, but I figured that Marcy knew what she was doing. After I was in and situated, Marcy fluidly slide in and shut the door. The car instantly pulled away from the curb and we were off. I had no idea what was in store for me, but I had a feeling it was going to be fun. My heart sank as I realised I was still in my work uniform. It certainly wouldn't be right for the night Marcy had planned. I began to fidget and squirm.

"Umm, Marcy, I don't think I am dressed appropriately. Can we go back to my place so I can change?"

"No need. I took the liberty of bringing a dress of mine for you to change into when we get to my place. We will go there first so I can pick up some things I forgot. And, may I introduce to you my brother, Darren. He insisted on meeting the woman that had me so flustered. I hope you don;t mind," she said as she waved to the man in the car. I looked at him and he was holding out his hand. I moved to shake his, but he took mine and turned it over to kiss the top. I felt my cheeks redden under his gaze and felt his lips turn up into a smile as he pulled away.

"I see what got my sister so flustered now. You are a very pretty woman Aurora. And such a beautiful name," he said as his eyes wandered my body. A weak thanks was all I could muster. He was just as beautiful as his sister. His hair, like hers, was black as coal and was currently cut to frame his face. He looked to be toned and fit under the suit he was wearing. His eyes, unlike his sisters, were a pale green and seemed to cause heat where ever they touched my body. His lips were also full, but without the hint of pink that his sisters had. He was also pale, which made him all the more handsome to me. I sat and watched his every move. I was jostled slightly when the car stopped. I looked around thinking we were stopped for traffic or a light, but soon realised we were at Marcy's. Marcy opened the door, slide out, and reached back for my hand to help me out. When I stepped out, I was shocked at the sheer size of the house. It wasn't really a house, but more a mansion. Marcy gently pulled me to the front door, which was being held open by a butler. As soon as we entered, I had to catch my breath. There was a giant staircase that lead up to the top floor. I imagined myself standing there in an elegant gown hosting a party. Marcy looked over at me and smiled, as if she had seen the same thing I had.

"Wow, Marcy. Your home is beautiful. Makes me glad we didn't go to my shabby apartment," I said as we approached the stairs.

"I am sure your apartment is lovely. Besides, this house is to big for just me and my brother. It gets lonely sometimes. Now, it's time to get you into that dress. I'm sure it's your size and you will be lovely."

She lead me into the first room. On the bed, there was a stunning, black, shimmery dress. Marcy lead me to it and picked it up, holding it up to my body. "A perfect fit," she said as she layed it back down on the bed.

"Oh Marcy, I can't. What if I spill something on it or something?"

"Do not worry. I have plenty of dresses. Besides, I am sure you will look better in it then I ever could."

I didn't buy the last part, but I reluctantly agreed to wear the dress. Marcy stepped out and I began to undress. As my top and bottoms came off, I looked around the room. It was decorated in a homey, sort of quaint way and I began to think how comfy it would be to live here instead of in my apartment. As I stepped into the dress, Marcy reentered the room. Instead of pulling the dress the rest of the way up, it slipped from my hands and I stood there naked. Marcy looked me up and down with longing in her eyes. Her eyes stopped at the heart shaped birth mark on my left hip that always fascinated everyone. After staring at it, and me, for a few more seconds she said "Oh Aurora. You are a beautiful creature. No wonder I was so taken by you. I am so glad you agreed to come out with me tonight. Now, let's get you into that dress so we can get going."

She sauntered over to me and helped me finish putting on the dress. It hugged my every curve perfectly and made my C-cup breasts look full and round. My blonde hair seemed to have more gold spun into it when I looked in the mirror. I felt more beautiful in that dress then I ever had in anything else I had ever worn.

When we got back into the car, Darren's eyes widened and he licked his lips, obviously happy with the dress choice Marcy had made. I realised I had forgotten to put my pantied back on when I put on the dress and decided to have a little fun. Every time we hit a bump or went around a curve, I would open my legs slightly and give Darren a peek at my cleanly shaven pussy. The farther we went, the bigger the bulge got in his pants. By the time the car pulled up outside a club, Darren was visibly uncomfortable with the pressure of his pants. Marcy stepped out, again helping me out, and Darren came out closely behind me, rubbing his throbbing cock against my ass. I was instantly moist at the feel of the size of his cock. It had been months since I had had sex and even longer since I had seen or felt a cock that big. I was half tempted to crawl back in the car with him and fuck him then and there. The tug of Marcy's hand brought me out of my fantasies of sliding up and down Darren's cock and I followed her to the front of the roped off line.

The man at the door looked at Marcy, nodded his head, and undid the rope, allowing us to enter. I was suddenly surrounded by the sound of loud techno music playing and people talking loudly over it. The scent of sex wafted faintly to my nostrils, and I was slightly aroused by it. I wondered what kind of club this was as I was pulled through the crowd to a flight of stairs. We mounted the stairs and walked down a short, slightly dark hallway and into a room that was bigger then my entire apartment. I stood in the doorway momentarily, taking in the room, and only moved when I felt Darren's hands on my hips gently pushing me into the room. Once I was in, Darren shut the door behind us and walked over to one of the three couches in the room. Marcy walked over to a panel on the wall I hadn't noticed and pressed a button. I heard a noise and saw that there was a simple partion that hid a window that ran the length of the room. We could look down at the crowd below and watch who ever and what ever we wanted. I was astonished by the sight of all the gyrating bodies below me and I could faintly hear the music.

I stood at the window for a while and only moved when Marcy spoke. "Now, Aurora, I feel the need to be honest with you. This club, which is called The succubus den belongs to Darren and myself. Our father started it many years ago and we took it over after his death. You see, Darren and I are more then just brother and sister. We are twins. We are also part of a long line of succubus and incubus. Our father was also an incubus, like Darren, and his twin sister was a succubus, like me. Our father started this club in the hope of finding the one girl wo would free our family from the curse that was laid upon us many centuries ago. He was unsuccessful. However, Darren and I believe we have found what we have been searching for in you." As she finished her story, she sauntered over and sat next to her brother on the couch. I stood with my mouth open. Did she actually think I would believe her story? I had always been told that stories like that were made up to keep women faithful and to cover up illicit affairs between siblings. How was I supposed to just suddenly believe that what she said was true? Yet, there was something in me that knew that what she was saying was the truth and that I was the one that was meant to save them and their family from the curse. I looked her dead in the eye. She seemed so sincere and honest that I found it hard not to just accept what she said.

"Well, is there anyway you can prove what you are saying? I am not one to just accept things that people tell me, especially when they are as outlandish as what you just told me. Can't you, like, change form or something?"

Marcy looked at Darren, who looked at her and nodded. "Well, normally,we can change form whenever we want. However,we have found that we can not around you. That's part of what makes us believe you are the one to end the curse. The curse stated that the one who would save us would see us for who we were, not what we were, and we would not be able to change form in front of them. So far, you have been the only person this has happened with. Also, the curse stated that our saviour would be bestowed with a birthmark of a heart, marking them as one who sees with the heart and not the eyes. You have that mark Aurora. I saw it myself. Please, would you at least give it a try?" They both looked at me pleadingly. With two wonderful, beautiful creatures like them looking at me like that, how could I say no?

"Alright, I'll try. If I remember my mythology right, you two are basically sex demons, right? You have to have sex to stay alive? So, let me guess, I have to have sex with both of you to break the curse," I said as I began to slowly walk closer to the couch.

Finally, Darren spoke. "Not exactly. We both have to have sex with you at the same time with several witnesses for the curse to be broken. We know it's a lot to ask, but we promise, we will make it worth your while and we both ensure you will enjoy yourself."

I looked him in the eyes and was instantly wet. I knew I wanted them both, but I wasn't sure about the whole witnesses part of the deal. I had never been one to 'show off my goody's', so to speak. I was nervous and anxious about that little bit. Darren must have seen my nervousness because he said "Don't worry. We will close the window. The viewing will be done with cameras, so you don't have to actually think about people staring at you. And, like I said, we will be keeping you busy enough that you won't be able to think about anyone watching you. Now, how about you come over here and sit down, and we can get this started," he said as he patted the couch between himself and his sister. With that, Marcy got up and closed the window. She went and poured us all a drink and brought them over to the couch. She handed me mine first, then Darren, and took the last glass herself. She sat on my other side and pulled her knees up under herself. She sat facing me and Darren and lazily ran her hand up and down my thigh. I was turned on by the gesture and took a drink to hide my reddening cheeks. I don't generally drink, so it didn't take long for me to feel warm and fuzzy. As soon as I did, Marcy took my drink from me, sat it on the table, and moved as close to me as she could. Her hand was no longer lazily rubbing my thigh. She had moved it to my waist and was slowly pulling me toward her. I took a deep breath just before our lips meet and boy am I glad I did. I was instantly meet with the feeling of electricity pulsing from my lips to my clit. I put my arms around her neck and pulled her in as tight as I could. I never wanted the feeling she was giving me to end.

I felt the hands she had placed on my hips begin to graze across my body, leaving a trail of fire in their wake. I felt more alive and aware of my body then I ever had before. She finally found my breasts that were held firm in the dress and began massaging them strongly. I could feel the need in her as she pulled the material of the dress away and exposed my breast to the world. She pulled her lips away from mine and moved her mouth to my left nipple. As soon as she had my nipple in her mouth, I felt my head fall back in ecstasy. Darren choose then to remind me that he was there and began kissing me with just as much passion as his sister had. I moved my hands from under Marcy and put one at the back of her head, and found Darren's crotch bulge with the other. As I ran my hand up the bulge, I noticed that he already had a wet spot from the pre-cum that had been oozing from his engorged cock. From what I was feeling, I couldn't wait to get my hands, mouth and pussy all over his cock. Marcy moved from one nipple to the other and slide her hands down my abdomen to rest gently in my crotch. I wondered momentarily if my freely flowing juices were staining the dress, but quickly decided not to care. I was enjoying what was happening to me way to much to care about the dress. After she got my second nipple hard enough to cut diamonds, she reached around me and undid the dress. I pulled away from Darren and stood up. The dress fell effortlessly to the floor and I stood in front of the two most gorgeous creatures I had seen fully naked.

At that moment, Darren and Marcy both stood up. They went to opposite sides of me and placed their hands on me. Darren's hands were on my left breast and ass check and Marcy's were in the same places on the right. I placed my arms around their necks and leaned against them both. I was suddenly struck by a thought that turned me on more then everything so far had. "OK, not that I am not enjoying what you two are doing, but I was wondering, have you two ever had sex with each other," I asked. They both stopped their attentions on me and looked at one another. The both blushed and looked at me.

"You know, Aurora, we never have," Darren said as he looked Marcy in the eyes.

"Yeah," Marcy said. "I will say though, I have wanted to."

"Ooookay then," I said as Darren moved his hand to my pussy and began to lightly flick my clit back and forth. "I think it's about time the two of you kissed and see what it feels like. If we are going to do this, I want everyone to enjoy it." With that, they both moved away from me and stepped closer to each other. I could see they were both a little nervous, so I touched them both on their lower backs to let them know it was ok. I watched in awe as they slowly leaned into each other and pressed their lips together. I could see from both of their reactions that they liked what they were feeling. Marcy moved her hands around Darren's neck and he placed both of his hands on her ass. He began to massage her checks and I heard a moan escape her. When I heard it, I decided it was time for me to get in on the action. I kneeled down and crawled in between them. I took the top of Darren's pants in my hand, undid the belt, button and zipper, and pulled them and his underwear down in one smooth motion. As soon as it was free, his cock sprang out and smacked me lightly in the face. I felt Darren laugh lightly and couldn't help but smile.

"Oh my. This looks wonderfully tasty. Whatever will I do with it," I teased as I slowly ran my tongue around the tip. I felt him quiver as I ran my tongue down the underside of him and I knew Marcy felt it too. I suddenly felt hands just above my head and realised that Marcy must have been removing Darren's shirt. I choose the exact moment when she slide the shirt off his shoulders to take as much of him as I could quickly into my mouth. I began to suck him and bob my head up and down like a woman possessed. At that moment, I was concerned with nothing else then making this enormous cock explode in my mouth. Suddenly, Darren gabbed my head and shoved me off.

"No Aurora. The curse states that it can only be broken when all three of us climax together. I would love to cum in your mouth, but I don't want to waste this chance to end this curse."

"He's right Aurora. Besides, if this works, we will definitely want to experience this again. So, there is no need to rush through this. Now, I think we all need a few more sips of wine and then we can really begin to enjoy ourselves."

We all separated and went to our respective glasses. I picked mine up and swigged what was left of it down, watching the other two do the same. I felt a sudden rush of heat flow down my body and knew that the alcohol was wiping away what was left of my inhibitions. I sat my glass back down and walked over to Marcy. As soon as she had sat her cup down, I grabbed her by the hand, lead her to the couch, and sat her down square in the middle, with her ass hanging off the edge just slightly. I lend over her and kissed her with as much passion as I could muster. I felt her body respond and arch up to me. I made short work of kissing my way down her body, slowing only to pay a little attention to her nipples. My hands proceeded my mouth by only inches, so I knew before I saw that Marcy was clean shaved, like me. I was excited by the idea of eating her out and was pleased by her aroma that reached my nose before my mouth actually touched her. I pulled my mouth away from her skin just as I meet her mound and sat back to look at her beautiful pussy. She was already wet, and her pussy glistened at me as I looked at her. She had small lips that barely concealed her engorged clit. In this position, I could tell that she wasn't very loose, and I wondered momentarily how that was possible. It took only a minute for my mouth to be drawn to her lovely pussy. I kissed her lips gently, sucking each one into my mouth before moving to the other. My fingers danced just outside her opening. I was teasing her and I knew she would be begging me to eat her soon. I continued the assault with my fingers, but moved my tongue between her lips and ever so lightly ran it along her swollen clit. I heard her gasp and knew she was in ecstasy.

I pulled back and asked "Well, Marcy. What do yo want me to do?"

"Oh Aurora. I want you to lick and suck on my clit while you shove your fingers in and out of my pussy. Please, fuck me now," she almost screamed as I applied a little more pressure to my fingers.

With her words, I dove back to her pussy and sucked her whole clit into my mouth as I shoved two fingers into her as far as they would go. Marcy loudly moaned, which caused me to moan against her clit. It took me only a few seconds to find her g-spot, and I began rubbing my fingers back and forth across it while flicking her clit back and forth with my tongue. At that moment, I felt hands on my hips that were sticking in the air. I had almost forgotten that Darren was there, but he was sure to remind me quickly when he rammed his entire cock into me in one long, smooth stroke. I was forced to release Marcy's clit so I could moan.

"Oh god Darren. Your cock feels amazing! Now, fuck me with all you've got. I want to feel you explode in me!"

Darren took me at my word and began immediately pounding into me. I went back to Marcy's clit and feasted like it was to be my last meal. I licked, sucked and nibbled my way to her hole, where I removed my fingers and replaced them with my tongue. Marcy began to buck against my face. I moved my fingers to her clit and began to rub it back and forth while still thrusting my tongue in and out of her sweet, juicy hole.Suddenly, I felt something cool and wet on my ass and knew that he wanted anal. I had never had anal with a cock that size, so I was a little worried. Darren took his time, and after much work and slow going, he finally slide all the way in. He held still for a moment, giving me a chance to get used to his size. Once I was, he picked up the same pace he had had when pounding my pussy. I moved my free had to my clit and began to stimulate myself while having my ass pounded and eating out the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Darren was occasionally sending sharp raps onto my ass check which in turn sent a shock wave of pleasure through me. Marcy spoke up from her position under me with news that would be important to this sex session being successful.

"I am gonna cum. Are you ready Darren?"

"Oh yeah. This is one of the best asses I have ever fucked. What about you Aurora?"

"Oh hell yeah," I said as I pulled away from Marcy. "Just keep pounding my ass like that and you'll have me cumming in no time." With that, I went back to Marcy's pussy. We all began to moan loudly. Marcy went first, by only a few seconds. As soon as I felt her pussy constrict on my tongue, my own orgasm released which in turn sent Darren over the edge. When Darren released his first rope of cum in my ass, I felt a magnetic draw of my tongue to Marcy's hole. I felt light and full. I knew that something had happened. I proceeded to have the last orgasm I had ever had. When I was finished, I crawled up onto the couch next to Marcy and Darren soon plopped on my other side.

After I had caught my breath, I asked "Well, do you two feel any different?"

They looked at each other, as if questioning each other. Darren was the first to speak. "Well, there is really only one way to test it. We have to try our powers out with someone else. Thankfully, we were ready for this and we have a woman who has never seen me waiting to test it." With that, a tall, skinny brunette was escorted into the room by the bodyguard that had been by the front door. The girl was still fully clothed and was obviously shocked to be brought into a room with three naked people. She stood there and looked at us with a question in her eyes. Darren rose from the couch and slowly walked toward her. At first, she just stood there, but as Darren got closer, her eyes grew wide and she began to back away to the door she had just come in. Darren stopped his pursuit and nodded to the guard, who took the obviously confused girl by the arm and walked her back out the door. As Darren turned around, I noticed that his cock had partially come back to life and was bobbing out in front of him. I raised an eyebrow at him and he grinned at me.

"Well, I can say with certainty that the curse is broken," he exclaimed as his grin spread out into a full smile. Marcy leapt from the couch and ran to hug her brother. I found the sight of his semi-hard penis pressed against her body very erotic. I allowed the hug to continue for a while before speaking up.

"Hey now. Don't I get a thanks? After all, without me, you two would still be cursed, remember?" As soon as the words were out of my mouth, Marcy ran over to me and lunged out my lap. She grabbed my head and pulled me in for a hard, quick kiss.

"Thank you ever so much. You have saved us. If there is anything at all you want, just say the words and it will be yours."

"Well, I can think of one thing I want, and it's over there attached to your brother." Marcy slide off my lap. I got up from the couch and walked over to Darren, taking his cock in my hands when I reached him. "So, big boy. How do YOU plan to help me," I asked as I slide my hands up and down his ever hardening shaft.

"Well," he said as his body gave an involuntary jerk,"you did act like you wanted to suck me off. Give me a second to clean him off and I would be more then happy to let you finish what you started."I released my grip on him and he went to yet another door that turned out tobe a bathroom. As he stepped in, I walked back over to the couch and sat next to Marcy.

"So, do you plan on joining us," I asked her as I laid my hand on her thigh.

"Of course. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Besides, I wanted a chance to use the new dildo I got today.," she said as she stood up. I watched her saunter over to the bar. Just as she bent down behind it, Darren excited the bathroom.

"So, you ready to taste my cum," he asked as he looked at me.

"Of course."From there, the rest of the night was a blur of moans, cum and things being slide in and out of every one of my holes. As I lay on my bed thinking over the nights events, I got the vague memory of Darren asking me to move into the mansion with them and Marcy gleefully agreeing with him. I wasn't sure I had remembered correctly, but I made a mental note to ask him when I called him later. Since my headache had subsided drastically (there were no longer rockets, just an occasional sparkler or two) I decided to get up, shower and call Darren and Marcy. I had no idea where this one night would take me, but I was certainly excited to find out.
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