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Alyce and the Tea Party

Venturing deeper into the mysterious new land, Alyce attends a sexy tea party.
Alyce woke up feeling very refreshed and well rested. Looking around, she saw a plate of cake and some sort of liquid to drink. A little hesitant about eating and drinking stuff from this place, she was debating on whether or not to consume the rations, when Chet materialized before her.

His ability to pop in and out of view never ceased to amaze her, and she watched in amazement. First, his devastatingly handsome face colored itself in. From his shocking, slightly insane, green eyes to his chiseled chin, covered in a neat goatee, Chet went from invisible to opaque. His full lips, framed by a smart mustache, grinned at her.

“What a sexy psycho!” Alyce thought.

“Chicken? You would starve, rather than eat what a stranger left for you?” he taunted.

“Haven't you heard, you shouldn't take from strangers,” she said.

“But, we are not strangers, sweet Alyce. We’re friends. Remember?” he grinned.

Sighing, she sat back. What should she do? If she refuses the treat, then she is being rude. If she eats the treat, there is no telling what would happen. Chet was her only friend here. If she offended him, she would be totally alone.

Making her decision, she took a tiny bite of the cake, and lo and behold, Alyce felt herself growing. Up she went! When the growth spurt ceased, she looked down at Chet. Shaking her head, she felt so very stupid for trusting this nut case.

With a cocky grin, he looked up at her, and then looked directly ahead at the sight in front of him. It was then Alyce noticed that his face was in a direct line with her clit. Oh. My. God. At this height, everything was bigger, including her hidden bud.

Pulling her lips apart, Alyce looked down at her pussy. Not only did the cake make her grow taller, it made her clit swell to 3 times its normal size. Fascinated, she pulled the hood back to see it better.

Her nub stood out, proudly. A beam of sunlight highlighted the pulsing knob, and it glistened in the light. So absorbed in what she was doing, Alyce failed to notice that Chet had leaned forward to get a better look, as well.

“Hmm...Looks like you got a problem there,” he remarked, sounding almost bored.

“What do you mean?” she cried, suddenly alarmed.

“Don't you see? You have a swelling! You need to get that swelling down,” he said, “Need help?”

Then, Chet grinned wickedly, right before he reached up and caressed her clit. It fit nicely into the palm of his hand. He massaged it gently, causing it to quiver and jump. Dipping his hand into her soaked pussy, he wet his hand and slowly massaged the swelling lump.

Alyce moaned. She had never felt so many vibrations! Rotating her hips against his hand, she ground her over sized love button against his hand. Soon, his hand was covered in her milky wetness.

“Drink the liquid,” he told her.

Lost in the passionate haze, she did as he asked and returned to normal size. Frustrated, she glared at him.

“Why do you DO that? Why do you get me all worked up, only to leave me hanging?” Alyce demanded.

Chet grinned and said, “That is my charm. I work you up, so you can fulfill the requests given to you. Without doing the tasks that each person in this crazy land of ours asks of you, you would be hopelessly lost, with no direction. So, you see, I am helping you.”

“But, I hunger for you!” Alyce thought.

“Soon...very soon. I will taste you favors, but not right now,” Chet answered the unspoken plea.

Growling, she turned away, presenting her back to him. She heard him chuckle softly, right before he grabbed her shoulders and whirled her around to face him. Cupping her face, he brought her close to his face.

Ever so gently, his lips brushed hers, before crushing her mouth with his. Forcing her lips open with his tongue, he devoured her whole. His tongue plundered her mouth, darting in and out like a tiny cock fucking her.

Finally coming out the rampant shock, she responded to the mouth rape. Her tongue battled his in a struggle for dominance. Coming up for air, he nipped her bottom lip and pinched her on the ass.

“Patience, sweet Alyce. You will be mine, soon,” he said, as he vanished.

“Damn man! He is always vanishing before things are finished. I am beginning to think all men are fuckers,” she grumbled.

Looking to her right, she spied the path before her.

“Guess I go this way,” she said.

Taking the path, she walked for a time, until she came upon a very unusual party. Behind the gate, she saw one man. He was sitting at the end of a long table, talking to a 'thing' in his hand. Although he appeared to be alone, Alyce knew that there was someone else there. Not because she was psychic, but because she heard a distinctive slurping sound.

“Come in. Come in! It's 6 o'clock...tea time!” a deep voice called to her.

The man at the end of the table was hot. He had long brown hair, pulled back into a low ponytail. His eyes were covered by round, dark glasses. A deep purple, velvet jacket covered his bare torso, and his chest...oh my God...his sculpted chest was covered in thick hair. As the table was in the way, she could not see lower, but knew he either was not wearing any pants, or they were open. She stepped through the gate and into the courtyard.

“Welcome! We must meet! I am Matt Hatter, and this little gem here is my good friend, the white rabbit!” he said, as he introduced her to the vibrator in his hand.

“Uh...nice to meet you, I think. I am sorry to bother you, during time...whatever, but I was wondering if you could help me?” Alyce asked.

“No time for work! Tea time! Sit! Sit!” he told her, impatiently.

When Alyce hesitated longer than Matt deemed appropriate, he got out of his chair and walked to her. Alyce noted that he was, indeed, naked. Here was this tall, sexy man, wearing only a dark purple trench coat, ambling toward her.

All she could do was watch, open mouthed. His long, thick cock bobbed, as he strode toward her, and he was semi erect. It seemed like he was getting harder the closer he got to her. Grabbing her hands, Matt pulled her to the table. He wrapped his hands around her waist and lifted her onto the table, right in front of his seat. Then, he sat back down in his seat.

“That's...ugh...yes...better. Now, we...suck it,,” he groaned.

Alyce was confused. What the hell! Who was he talking to? She leaned forward and saw a petite, blonde head bobbing up and down on Matt's dick.

“Um...who is that?” she asked.

“Oh, yes! I forgot. This is my favorite tea time fuck buddy, Marsha Hare. Come, Marsha. Come meet...uh, what was your name?” he asked.

“Alyce,” she replied.

A stunning blonde with ice blue eyes and ruby red lips popped up from under the table. She wiped the drool from her chin and eyed Alyce.

“Nice to meet you! Would you like to help me suck this delicious pole? There is enough for both of us,” her tinkling voice twittered.

“Thanks, but all I really need is some information. I am trying to find my way home and was told to look for the party,” Alyce stammered.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t think very well when I’m horny. If you assist in emptying my balls of cum, then I most likely will assist you in choosing a path,” Matt leered.

“Oh goody, I have a super idea! How about I lie down on my back, here on this table, and let my Matty slide his super cock into my slit, while I feast on your tangy slit?” Marsha exclaimed.

Alyce shook her head. What kind of place is this? First, there was handsy ivy and flowers, followed by 2 horny idiots, 1 sexy lunatic with a teasing problem, and now a couple who act like they are as high as kites. What’s going to happen next, and why doesn't anyone ever fuck me? All these thoughts plagued Alyce, as she watched cute, little Marsha climb onto the table.

“Or better yet, come here, Alyce!” she said, yanking Alyce down on her back.

She pulled up her dress, revealing her bare cunt. Running her hands over Alyce's inner thighs, Marsha nudged her legs open wide.

“Look, Matt! Look how pretty it is. All pink and moist, but as you go lower, look at her puckered, brown star,” Marsha said, in awe.

“I know, my love, I see it. She has the most scrumptious ass that I have seen this side of the table,” Matt said.

Marsha climbed up on the table between Alyce's legs. Reaching around her body, she grabbed the White Rabbit. Switching it on, Marsha rubbed the bulbous head of the fake cock around the wide open portal between Alyce's thighs.

Spreading her silky wetness over the top of the toy, Marsha was able to ease it into Alyce's tight hole. Pushing at a snail's pace, you could almost hear the pop as the swollen head slid inside her. Alyce arched her back and pushed her hips up off the table. It had been way too long, since she was actually filled with something.

Pushing about 2 more inches of the thick toy inside Alyce, Marsha leaned down, resting on her forearms, with her ass high in the sky. Her own pussy was wide open and right in front of Matt's face. Unable to resist, Matt dove into her pussy, licking her slit up and down.

Marsha wiggled, pushing her ass back to allow his tongue deeper access to her cunt. Still using the rabbit on Alyce, she managed to get all 7 inches into her, before turning on its rotation. The hard pearl balls in the toy rotated around and around, stimulating the opening of her sensitive pussy. Alyce was in heaven!

Bucking against the toy, Alyce tried to get the vibrating ears of that torturing rabbit closer to her throbbing clit. God, she wanted to cum! Marsha was fucking her hard, using hard, deep strokes, causing Alyce to scream out with every thrust.

Marsha wanted to fuck her hard, and she was in ecstasy herself with Matt's tongue deep in her pussy and flicking over her own tight asshole. She was going to make this little bitch cum! She so wanted to pound Alyce's sweet slit until the bitch squirted her hot juice into Marsha's waiting mouth, but she remembered the oath. The pussy was out of bounds for now, and she would have to settle for that tight, brown asshole instead.

“Matt, pull your tongue out of my pussy, baby. I need your cock! Slam that thick pole all the way in me,” Marsha demanded, in a commanding voice.

“With pleasure, my sweet! Tea time in your cunt is the best!” he said, slamming his rock hard dick all the way to the balls in one stroke.

Marsha screeched. Her muscles contracted around him, as he pounded away. He knew that the goal was to have the best orgasm or die trying.

Marsha pulled the white rabbit out of Alyce. Hooking her arms under Alyce's legs, she pulled her forward and pushed her legs back far.

“If you want any help from us, you WILL hold your legs back. I want you wide open! If you let them down, no help,” Marsha growled at her, harshly.

Alyce pulled her own legs back. Her wet slit glistened in the evening sun. She was so open. Her clit throbbed, and she could actually feel it twitching. Horny beyond belief, she didn't care about the directions at the moment. She just wanted this orgasm.

Marsha reached for a new toy. Alyce's eyes widened at the sight of the anal beads, and then rolled back into her head when Marsha dipped them into her sopping bush. Pulling them out, she eased the smallest bead into Alyce's virgin rear hole.

Having never had anything in her ass before, Alyce squirmed with the new sensations. Another larger bead entered, and Alyce gasped. Twisting the toy, Marsha screwed the next two larger beads inside, leaving only the final huge one hanging out. By this time, Alyce was yelping and moaning.

Letting go of her legs, but keeping them up in the air, Alyce reached down and pulled her pussy wide open. Sliding 2 fingers into her wet cunt, she could feel the beads in her ass.

The size of a large golf ball, this last bead was more resistant. Marsha licked around the bead, brushing her tongue around Alyce's impossibly wide ass hole. When she managed to pop it in, the stretched ring of muscle snapped closed around the flared base of the toy. Alyce screamed her pleasure.

Hovering on the brink of oblivion, she had never felt pleasure like this. She could only focus on the pressure in her ass. It was like a sharp pain, mingled with super pleasure. Every nerve ending was on fire, as was her ass. So much pressure!

“Finger fuck your pussy, Alyce! Do it! I want to hear the sopping sounds of your cunt, every time you push your fingers in,” Marsha demanded, groaning as Matt continued to pound her.

Wet, slapping sounds merged with moans and groans, as Marsha tugged the beads gently. Pulling them until they almost came out, and then letting them bounce back into place. Alyce, furiously, frigged her pussy. Her thick cream coated her fingers.

“Put another in! Another! I want to see four of your slutty fingers in your pussy,” Marsha told her.

Alyce squeezed two more fingers inside herself. God! It felt like a really thick, knobby cock fucking her pussy. She could feel her muscle rhythmically contracting around her fingers. She was so very close.

“Use your other hand to pinch your clit. Put a lot of pressure on it,” she told Alyce, in a breathless voice.

Alyce was not the only one close. Matt was groaning in the background. His pace was picking up and becoming more erratic. He had a tight grasp on Marsha's hips, and the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh filled the air.

Alyce pinched her clit between her finger and thumb, as she nearly fisted herself. Rubbing her fingers back and forth, her clit exploded. Her sopping pussy, twitching violently, was almost sucking her fingers.

Screaming out, Alyce said, “OH GOD! I am gonna CUM!”

As Alyce came hard, Marsha pulled the beads out of her ass, one at a time. This intensified her already overwhelming pulses. Screaming, she pushed down hard, helping the beads out and squirting her pussy juice out. Marsha lapped the thick nectar, as it gushed from her cunt.

Pulling her fingers out of her pussy, Alyce let her legs drop open. Breathing heavily, Alyce laid there trying to catch her breath. Her body was weak, but all she could thing was how amazing that was. She had never played with her ass before, and promised herself that she would explore this area thoroughly in the future.

Sliding off the table, she wobbled to the nearest chair and sat down. Looking over at Matt and Marsha, she said, “Will you help me?”

Matt looked up. Bleary eyed, he glanced at the broken clock.

“No! No's tea time. 6 O'clock. Tea time. Come in! Come in!” he said, as he sat back down at the head of the table.

Marsha slid back under the table, and the sound of slurping began, again. Matt started a conversation with the White Rabbit.

“Tea time. No time for work. The queen would agree. Yes. Yes. The Queen of Sluts would agree. Just ask her. She lives over there,” he said, pointing to the clearing past the forest.

Now forgotten, Alyce sighed and shrugged her shoulders. Part of her was sad about leaving this couple, but she needed to get home. And so, leaving the courtyard through the back gate, she proceeded down the path to her next destination.

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