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Amber Lamps

A mysterious set of amber lamps give 2 college roomies a path up the social ladder and many orgasms

( A Les Lumens Story )

Amber absently toyed with a lock of her strawberry blonde hair as she watched the streets pass by outside the bus window. Her stop was fast approaching, and she was psyched to finally spend some time in her new apartment.

She still couldn’t believe that Rachel had conned her parents into renting it for them and moving their things. No more parents rules, and no more dorm rules. They were free to live the college life to its full extent now.

With only a block or two left until her stop, she turned from the window to find a clear path to the front of the bus. She tapped the up volume button on her music player when she noticed a wild-eyed old man with a bushy white beard and some too-cool guy with cornrows arguing a little farther back on the bus.

Just ignore them, she thought as she saw the argument growing more heated. After what felt like an eternity, the bus finally rolled up toward her stop. She stood up and headed toward the door, glad to escape.

The whole incident vanished from her mind as she walked into her new apartment building and into the elevator.

As soon as she unlocked the door and stepped inside the apartment, she saw Rachel sitting on the couch, wearing a coy smile, and holding a drink. A bottle of booze sat on the table in front of her.

Amber shut the door and both women erupted into simultaneous squeals.

“Oh my god, this is so cool!” Rachel exclaimed, and then laughed.

Party time,” Amber agreed.

Rachel put down her drink and said, “My sister sent us a housewarming gift.” She then spun around with her knees on the couch and leaned over behind it.

Amber bit her lower lip and quietly moaned as she stared at her best friend’s gorgeous butt. They’d discovered long ago that helping each other was a lot better than masturbating. Having to curtail those urges was one of the reasons that they were both so excited about having the privacy of their own place.

“Ta da,” the brunette declared as she lifted a ridiculous inflatable man from its hiding place and sat him on the couch.

Amber broke out into laughter while tossing her backpack and purse on the table. She sat down on the couch, stroked her hand over the latex cock, and let out an exaggerated, sarcastic, “Ooo.”

Rachel laughed as well and acted like she was tonguing the sex toy’s ear. “The sad thing is that he’s probably more of a man than the losers we’ve been dating.”

The blonde groaned and said, “Don’t remind me. I’m on the verge of swearing off men altogether.”

“L.U.Gs,” the brunette agreed, using the acronym for lesbians until graduation and wiggling her tongue suggestively.

Too long denied the treat, and a week without even using her fingers for relief caused that gesture to light a fire of arousal in Amber. Her friend was wearing short-shorts, and a tight t-shirt that strained to contain her breasts – the lack of a bra allowing her nipples to poke provocatively at the cloth.

Amber picked up the air-filled man from between them and deposited him behind her, letting the desire she felt fill her eyes. Rachel moaned and scooted closer, and the two women engaged in a tongue-wrangling kiss.

“So whose bed are we going to break in first? Or do you just want to do me right here?” Rachel asked as their lips parted and she slipped a finger beneath the leg of the blonde’s shorts.

“Mine,” Amber answered.

Clothing fell to the floor all along the way to the blonde’s room.


A little over an hour later, Amber walked out of her room with a spring in her step and just the slightest tingles from uncountable orgasms still rippling through her body.

A slap on her panty-clad ass caused her to look back at Rachel following her back into the front room. “Ooo, don’t start that again.”

The brunette twitched her eyebrows. “God, you were a pussy-hungry little thing today, weren’t you?”

“Uh huh,” Amber answered, and then saw a package sitting on the table by the door that had somehow escaped her notice when she entered. “What’s that?”

“I forgot about that.” Rachel grinned and added, “I wonder why?”

Amber laughed and licked her lips before walking toward the package.

“There’s no to or from address,” Rachel said, “Were you expecting something?”

Amber shrugged. “No. Maybe the shipping label fell off. You?” When the brunette shook her head in the negative, Amber crossed the room to sit down on the couch with the package.

“Here,” Rachel offered, handing her friend a metal nail file from the table to break the tape on the box.

The file tore through the tape with ease, but opening the box revealed nothing but styrofoam at first. Amber raked away the packing peanuts and gasped when she revealed an ornately carved wooden box.

“Oh wow,” Rachel exclaimed, “That looks like an antique.”

The blonde sat back and said, “Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this. I mean, this must have ended up in our mail by mistake.”

“How are we supposed to find out who it belongs to if we don’t look?”

“I guess you’re right,” Amber conceded, and pulled out the wooden case. The whole thing was just as beautifully worked as the lid.

Rachel gave an impatient wave and said, “Well, open it.”

Amber turned the bolt on the simple latch, and opened the box. Her eyes widened as she beheld the twin Arabian style lamps. Always fascinated by her namesake, she immediately recognized that the lamps were made of the translucent yellow-gold material.

The brunette reached out to touch the box and said, “They look like Aladdin’s lamps.”

Amber pulled out one of the lamps to look at it, and sat down the box on the couch. She nodded toward the wooden case and Rachel took out the other one.

“These must be worth like a bazillion dollars,” Rachel mused as she carefully turned her lamp, letting it catch the light.

Amber sighed. “I wish we could keep them. They’re so perfect. We’d probably get arrested, though.”

Rachel bit her lower lip, an idea having apparently come to her. She held up the lamp that she’d been looking at, rubbed it, and said, “I wish that I had a girly-lust detector that could tell me who thinks I’m hot, so I wouldn’t have to waste time guessing who’s into me.”

“Hmm,” the blonde murmured as she decided to join in the game. She rubbed her lamp and began, “I wish I could find a hot guy with a ripped bod...”

“And a big cock,” Rachel supplied.

“With a big cock that he knows how to use,” Amber agreed. “One that wouldn’t feel threatened by me getting hot for girls, but wouldn’t think it means that he can hit on any girl he wants to share her with me.” Sarcasm oozed from her voice as she said the last.

She continued, “He would treat me like a Princess, but not be all clingy when I want some time to myself. And he has to be funny, and love animals too.”

Rachel interrupted, “I’m changing my wish to ditto.”

Amber laughed, and then said, “Hey, I just thought of something,” as she sat her lamp down on the table. She closed the wooden case and pointed at the designs on the lid. “I think this is Arabic. I could ask Wendy to translate it for us. Maybe that will tell us something.”

“Oh yeah. She lived over there somewhere,” the brunette agreed, recalling what she knew about the bookish redhead who had a room not far from the one they’d just vacated in the dorm.

“I’ll call her.”

Rachel put the lamp she was holding back into its felt-lined niche in the wooden case, sighed, and stood up to say, “I’m going to go check out Facebook and see if there are any parties going on.”

Amber grabbed her cell from her purse and made the call. Only the briefest of descriptions of the box and lamps enticed Wendy to agree to come over first thing in the morning.

An odd flash of light drew her eyes toward the lamp in the case. After moving her head from side to side a bit, trying to match the angle that had caused the reflection, she pulled the lamp out for a closer look.

“Oh my god,” Rachel exclaimed from the other room.

“What is it?”

“Becky blew it! Helen’s status says ‘pissed because her birthday is ruined,’ and Becky is apologizing!”

Amber knew that this was their chance. She and Rachel had been making inroads into the group ever since arriving at school, but Becky had a one year jump on them. Helen was the recognized queen of the most popular clique on campus, and coming to the rescue would almost guarantee acceptance into the inner circle.

“The place where she was going to have it got busted,” the brunette further explained from the other room. “We could have the party here.”

Amber called back, “Do you think we can pull it off?”

“Of course we can. We’ve got to go for it. We’d be so in!”

“Do it.” Amber put down the lamp on the table next to its twin and hurried into the bedroom with her friend.

Rachel let out a quiet squeal of delight as soon as Amber stepped in the door. She pointed at her laptop screen, and Amber saw the reply from Helen saying the party was on.

“Oh god. We’ve got to do something mind-blowing,” Amber said in a rush.

“I can get the...” Rachel trailed off and her expression turned puzzled. She leaned sideways to look around her friend, back toward the doorway.

Amber turned and started when she saw the bright golden glow emerging from the front room. She snapped her gaze back to the brunette, and both women crept toward the door.

The light was emanating from the other side of the couch. More than a little frightened, the two friends cowered in the room, peeking around the doorway. The glow intensified, and little sparkles danced within it.

Amber couldn’t help her gasp when the head of the inflated man sitting on the couch moved. She shrank back from the door, and then pointed, trying to entice her friend to look.

Rachel emphatically shook her head no, pointed at her friend, and then at the door. After a few more frantic gestures, both women leaned back around the doorframe.

The glow was gone. After a second or two, Amber tentatively stepped farther into the portal and stood up on her tiptoes. Rachel had a hold on her shirt, and followed the blonde through the doorway.

Both women sucked in simultaneous gasps when he stood up.

Amber’s hand snapped to her mouth as he stepped around the couch and turned to face them. Muscles bulged as he stretched, and his strikingly handsome face broke into a smile. In her peripheral vision, she could see Rachel cradling her face in her hands, with her eyes and mouth both wide open. Her friend’s gaze seemed to be trained in exactly the same spot as Amber’s was – between the strange, sexy man’s legs.

His long, thick, magnificent cock swung hypnotically as he walked toward them. “Hello, my Princesses,” he said, his voice deep, sensual, and entrancing.

“Who... Who are y-you?” Amber stammered.

“I am the embodiment of your wishes, Amber,” he answered. “You may call me... Adam.”

He stopped just far enough away for both women to see his cock twitch, and then begin rising.

“Oh my god,” Rachel whispered.

Amber couldn’t even manage that as she watched his already incredible cock swell to hardness.

“Is there any way I could be of service?” he asked, and then closed the distance with a knowing smile.

Amber murmured, “This can’t be real.”

“See for yourself,” he suggested, holding his hands out to the side.

Before Amber could even process that, Rachel reached out and wrapped her hand around his cock. Her voice was half a moan and half a growl as she said, “Feels real to me.”

Arousal flooded through Amber’s body like a tidal wave, washing away everything else. She stroked her fingers over his rippled chest, and then down to the tip of his hard organ.

He let out a moan so sexy that it caused both women to break out in goose bumps.

Amber didn’t even register his hands sliding to the tail of her t-shirt until he asked, “May I?”

She lifted her arms, and he pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her clad in only her panties. She let out a whimper when she let her arms drop and he cupped her breasts in his hands.

“Magnificent,” he said as he let his thumbs tease her stiff nipples.

Rachel’s shirt dropped to the floor even as he said it.

Lost in a fog of desire, Amber couldn’t resist in the slightest when his hand cupped her bottom and pulled. He was guiding Rachel as well, and the pair came together in a hungry kiss when they faced each other.

Amber pulled away from the kiss when Adam ducked down, the crook of his arm replacing the hand on her ass. A second later, she let out a yelp of surprise when he lifted both of them from the floor and walked toward Rachel’s bedroom.

He lowered them both to the bed with the same effortless ease and stood up, leaving them with an eye-level view of his twitching manhood.

“So whose turn is it?” Rachel asked.

Amber turned toward her friend and pouted. She and Rachel had made an agreement long ago that when they shared a man between them, that they would take turns being first to have his cock inside them. It had only happened once with one of Amber’s fuck-buddies, and the brunette knew full well that it was her turn.

Rachel pulled her panties down, revealing her smooth-shaven sex, accentuated by a triangle of trimmed dark curls pointing toward it. Even as the cloth slipped down her legs to where she could kick them away, the brunette utilized the convenient handle of Adam’s cock in front of her and said, “Lie down. I’m not waiting.”

Amber moved out of the way when he lifted a knee, and followed his silent instruction when he slipped a finger beneath her panties to snap the elastic while climbing into the bed.

Adam reclined while the blonde pulled down her panties, and Rachel moved to straddle him before his head even settled to the pillow. The brunette moved into position over his hips and aimed his cock at the center of her need.

“Oh god,” Rachel groaned as the flared head slipped inside her. She took several rapid breaths, and then let her hips sink a little lower. “Fuck,” she squeaked as a little more of his thick shaft penetrated her.

Amber dropped her panties to the floor, her eyes locked on the sight of his erection slowly vanishing inside the brunette. She only pulled her gaze away when his hand curled around her thigh.

“Come, let me taste you,” he said.

Spurred on by his sexy voice, Amber had lifted one knee to straddle him almost before he finished. As he pulled her toward his mouth, Amber watched her friend’s nether lips settle at the base of his shaft.

“Fuck. So big. God, yeah,” Rachel exclaimed between deep breaths as she swivelled her hips in a tiny circle.

“Ooo!” Amber cried out in surprise as a broad stroke of his tongue caressed her folds, and then wiggled between them.

Rachel straightened over her knees, letting about half of his cock free of her clinging embrace before dropping down on it again and whimpering. “H-he... He any... Good at that?”

Amber’s voice warbled as she responded, “Ohh my god.” The tip of his tongue fluttered over her folds in a delightful dance, making her twitch from the rapid changes in sweet sensation.

The brunette moaned in response, increasing the pace of her hips a little.

Adam’s tongue found pleasure centers that even Amber had never discovered. It probed impossibly deep into her depths, swirling over her walls, only to dart to her swollen clit before she knew it. Primal sounds of delight tumbled from her lips in a steady stream as she unconsciously pressed her sex tighter against his face.

The bed springs squeaked as Rachel bounced harder on his cock and teased her clit with light slaps. Some tiny part of Amber that wasn’t lost in a fog of bliss recognized the rosy color creeping into her friend’s face, the first sign of orgasm swelling within her.

After that, Amber barely noticed anything except for the hot itch growing in her depths. The pressure grew tighter with every stroke of his tongue, until it verged on the edge of discomfort. The sharp sensation held her for what felt like an eternity, drawing a long, pained-sounding moan from her.

Then she came.

It hit her like a tidal wave, with absolutely no warning. A screech burst from her lips as her whole body tensed, snapping her back against the headboard of the bed. Her knuckles turned white from gripping the slats of the headboard, and spots danced before her eyes as every shallow breath she could manage to suck in erupted as a sharp cry of ecstasy.

By the time she managed to stop screaming long enough to take a full breath, her body was rocking from Rachel slamming her hips down on Adam’s cock. At the exact same moment as Amber forced her eyes open, the brunette loosed a shriek as she came.

Rachel squeezed her breasts and whimpered, her back arched and her body quivering. Amber only had a second to admire it before Adam pulled her back into position over his mouth.

She lurched to the side with the first touch of his tongue, straightening her right leg to lift her away. “N-not yet. Not yet,” she implored, and then summoned up the strength to lift her leg over him and sit down on the bed.

“As you wish, my Princess,” he responded, and licked her juices from his lips.

While Amber was shuddering from that, Rachel fell forward onto her hands and groaned. “Oh my fucking god, I love your cock.” A quiver shook her when he flexed his muscles, causing his erection to twitch inside her.

He grinned and bent his knees, sliding his hands down her body at the same time.

“Oh god,” Rachel whispered, and then grunted as he thrust his cock up into her.

Amber couldn’t resist stroking her friend’s jiggling butt. She could hear the squishy sound of his fast-thrusting cock sliding into the brunette with each and every stroke.

Rachel grunted and groaned through her clenched teeth. “Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Amber moved a little closer to the foot of the bed, and had no trouble finding abundant creamy wetness that had squirted out around his cock to moisten her finger. A moment later, she rubbed the digit over the puckered star of Rachel’s ass.

The brunette gasped, and then loosed a long moan that changed slightly in pitch with every thrust of Adam’s cock inside her. As soon as she took a breath, she began repeatedly saying, “Yes,” the words all running together at first, and then spacing out as she neared climax.

Rachel went silent for a few strokes as the moment came upon her, and then loosed a banshee’s wail of ecstasy.

Adam held her atop him, never relenting in the slightest, drawing out her orgasm until climax-fueled strength allowed her to lurch forward, and his cock slipped free.

The sight of his cock – still rock hard and throbbing – coated in her friend’s juices was too much to resist. Amber wormed in behind her panting friend’s behind, and lifted his cock to slip it into her mouth.

His thick organ stretched her lips, and the taste of Rachel’s bittersweet nectar prompted a moan. She’d had time to recover from her orgasm, and a void deep within her begged to be filled.

Adam whispered something into Rachel’s ear, and then helped the brunette to rise up onto her hands and knees. As soon as the trembling woman collapsed back to the mattress with one arm dangling limp over the side of the bed, he braced his arms behind him and sat up.

“I believe it is your turn?” He said as he pulled his knees under him.

Amber released his cock and moaned, needing him more desperately than she’d ever needed someone before. She rolled over, parting her legs, and then scooted closer to the center of the bed.

He moved between her legs, and she sat up to watch as he guided his cock toward her, held between two fingers and his thumb. The swollen tip touched her hot nether lips, and then slipped inside.

Amber’s head snapped back to the mattress and she yelped. Even the head felt enormous inside of her. She continued to yelp and gasp as he pushed his hips forward and slid inside her, inch by inch.

She’d only felt this full once in her life, when she and Rachel had decided to try fisting when they were heavily inebriated. She swore that she could feel every vein and contour of him as his cock throbbed inside her.

He gripped her thighs and withdrew until the base of his cock helmet popped free of her, and then thrust deep inside her again.

Amber had absolutely no control over the sounds that emerged from her with every slow thrust. Slight changes in his stance caused him to slide into her at a different angle each time. Her clit throbbed as his slick shaft brushed against it every so often, and she slowly relaxed to accommodate him.

The spikes of chilly pleasure shooting up through her dulled her other senses, leaving her with nothing more than the feeling of his cock filling her so full. He stroked her faster as her resistance decreased, the hot friction causing her involuntary cries to shoot up in volume.

Then Rachel’s fingers were on her clit.

“Do it. Come on that big cock,” the brunette said in demanding tones, her fingers flashing over the throbbing bud.

Adam chose to tighten his grip on her thighs at the same time, and drove his cock home with a powerful stroke.

A spasm rocked Amber, and she screamed to the ceiling above. His body crashed into her with loud smacks, sending shockwaves through her that caused her breasts to bounce. Rachel’s knowing fingers applied just the right pressure, at just the right speed, further tightening the coiled spring of orgasmic energy begging for release behind Amber’s mound.

Her head bounced up from the mattress with each hard, fast stroke. Loud cries with an almost weepy quality spilled from her lips until a momentary numbness spread throughout her body.

She lifted her head once more, murmured, “Oh,” and then screamed as climax took control of her body.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” she cried as his cock continued to pound into her. Her upper body thrashed on the bed, but he held her hips in place, preventing her from escaping the onslaught. Rachel’s fingers continued to tease her throbbing bud, and she just kept coming.

It was only when her voice turned hoarse and her breathing ragged that cool air kissed her hot, quivering sex. She fitfully sank down from the heights, shockwaves of almost painful pleasure continuing to assault her for what felt like an eternity.

Rachel leaned down to kiss her face and neck when she finally returned to regular – if rapid – breathing. “Wow, you came hard,” she whispered, still tracing kisses.

“Uh... Uh huh,” Amber squeaked, immediately followed by a warbling moan as her body quaked from an aftershock.

Adam’s hand stroked the opposite cheek from the one Rachel was kissing, and she heard him say, “Seeing you enjoying such rapture is such sweet bliss, my Princess.”

She looked over, and her eyes widened. “You... You’re still hard?”

“Of course,” he answered.

“Do you ever come?” Rachel asked.

“Only if you wish it, and it will not stop me from being hard for you again, whenever you so desire.”

“How about now?” Rachel suggested as she turned around and rose up onto her hands and knees.

A deep chuckle rumbled from him as he climbed back in the bed toward her.

Amber quivered, already feeling the void in her depths crying out for satisfaction, though she hadn’t even escaped the aftershocks of her last orgasm yet.


Amber sat up and rubbed her eyes, only to notice that her fingers were sticky. As soon as she moved her hands, she saw her reflection in the mirror across the room and scowled.

Her hair stuck out in every which direction. Her makeup looked like something out of a horror show. As she tried to move, she could feel her thighs sticking together. There was a wet, cold spot beneath the small of her back, and her sex throbbed uncomfortably.

Rachel lay next to her in the bed, looking no less frightful, and the brunette awakened with a groan while Amber was looking at her. She then mumbled, “God, my pussy’s sore. But, fuck, it was worth it.”

“Ah, good morning, my Princesses,” Adam said from the doorway.

He was still stark naked, and still looked absolutely perfect, despite driving both of them to more orgasms than they could ever hope to remember. Amber winced as the sight of him caused her body to react. A hot throbbing accompanied the chill of wetness flooding her sex.

“I have a bubble bath prepared for you.”

That brought a smile to Amber’s lips.

Not only had he prepared the bath, but when the two friends emerged, he was waiting with clothes for them to put on. Following him back to Rachel’s bedroom revealed that he’d changed the bedclothes, and breakfast was waiting for them there.

The whole thing was surreal to Amber; making her wonder if it was nothing more than a dream as she ate her breakfast. Adam seemed to know exactly what they wanted, and when they wanted it, right down to arriving to refill their coffee cups moments after the last sip.

Rachel nodded toward him walking away with the coffee pot and said, “I think we just found our secret weapon to make Helen’s party one that she’ll never forget.”

“Oh my god. I’d completely forgotten.”

“It will be just like that bachelorette party that she always talks about where they had the stripper. We are so in.”

A knock on the front door caught their attention, and then they heard Adam saying “Eat, my Princesses. I will answer it.”

Amber gasped when those words sank in.

The two friends scrambled to get out of the bed without upsetting their trays, but they were too late.

Wendy stood in the doorway, her eyes wide behind her thick-rimmed glasses, locked on what dangled between Adam’s legs.

Rachel reached the door first and said, “Adam, I need you back here.”

“Of course,” he answered, and followed her back to the bedroom.

Wendy’s eyes continued to follow him until he vanished within the bedroom. Almost immediately, her face turned as red as her hair, and she finally took notice of Amber.

“Uhm, hey,” Amber said, at a loss to explain the rather surprising greeting that Wendy had just experienced. “Thanks for coming. The box is over here.”

“Huh?” the redhead said, looking confused as her eyes darted back toward the bedroom door for a fraction of a second. “Oh, the... Right. Who was that?”

“Just a friend,” Amber answered, and tugged on the still-stunned redhead’s hand to lead her toward the lamps and the wooden case. “I think the writing is Arabic, but I’m not sure.”

The sight of the amber lamps and the ornate box finally snapped Wendy out of her trance. She gasped and said, “They’re absolutely beautiful.” Her pace quickened and she asked, “Can I touch them?”


Wendy sat down on the couch and carefully picked up one of the lamps. “I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve never even heard of anything like this. They have to be unique.”

The excitement in the redhead’s voice pulled Amber in. “Are they old?”

“I’m not sure, but they’re hand worked. Amazing.” She sat down the lamp and stared at it for a second before turning her attention to the box. “Now this is definitely old, and it was obviously made for the lamps.”

“What’s the writing say?”

“This isn’t Arabic. I think it’s something older. I recognize a few of the words, though. This is lamps,” she noted, pointing at the word. “This one is wish.” She looked up and asked, “Where did you get these?”

“They were left for me,” Amber fibbed.

“You should take them to a museum. I just... Wow. I feel like Howard Carter looking into Tutankhamun’s tomb for the first time.”

That went right over Amber’s head.

It must have showed in her expression, because Wendy elaborated, “King Tut.”

“Oh, okay. Do you think they’re that old?”

“They could be. Some of these characters almost look like a transition between Arabic and Hieroglyphs. Can I take some pictures?”

Amber bit her lip, not sure if that was a good idea. “I don’t know.”

“I only want to show them to someone at the museum. He’s an old friend of the family, and I promise that he won’t harass you or tell anyone else. He might be able to tell us something about them, though.”

“Okay, I guess.”

Wendy reached into her purse and pulled out her cell. “I wish I’d brought a real camera.”

The redhead snapped pictures while Amber fidgeted, thinking that this may have been a bad idea.

Wendy put away her phone and stood up. “I’m going to head over to the museum right now. I’ll call you as soon as I find out anything, okay?”

Amber nodded, and then stood up to walk the redhead to the door.

Wendy took one last glance toward the bedroom where Adam had vanished before stepping out the door.

Adam and Rachel walked back into the room. He was now dressed in a pair of shorts and a tight t-shirt that showed off his muscles and bulge so well that it was little different than him walking around naked.

“Some stuff I stole from Brian while I was dating him,” Rachel explained.

“I don’t know if that was a good idea,” Amber said, and glanced at the door.

Rachel scoffed. “Forget it. We’ve got a party to plan.”

Adam interjected, “She finds you both quite arousing.”

Amber’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Huh? Who? Wendy?”

He nodded, and Rachel asked, “What makes you think that?”

“Not think – know. As I said, I am an embodiment of your wishes. Was not your wish to know when a woman found you desirable?”

The brunette moaned. “I’ve seen her in a nightgown before. She’s got a nice bod under those frumpy clothes she wears.”

The thought of the bespectacled redhead between her legs made Amber shiver. She pushed the mental image away and said, “Okay, you’re right. We just need to plan this party. We’ve only got two days.”

“As if anything else will matter once we whip this big boy out,” Rachel said while cupping Adam’s bulge in her hand.

It was a little hard to argue with that.


The two roommates joined in the cheering as Helen leaned over the birthday cake that Rachel had made for the party. Amid flashes from cellphone cameras, she lapped up a whipped cream cum-spatter from the chocolate cock. A couple of suggestions from the other member’s of Helen’s inner circle then prompted the blonde to suck up the cherry clit from the pink-iced pussy next to the cock.

The party was already a hit. The two had made sure to get everything to make the group’s favorite drinks, which had flowed liberally ever since the start of the party. Their gift had gone over well, though that was hardly a surprise when Helen had more or less told everyone exactly what she wanted from each. The music was pumping, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Rachel moved in close to her friend and said, “Time to blow their minds.”

Amber nodded in agreement, and her friend slipped off to her bedroom.

Only Helen’s inner circle of four, and two other girls from the group had received invitations from their Queen. The gifts were far more numerous than the guests, as everyone trying to jockey for position had sent presents to the party.

Despite three days of incredible sex with Adam and her roommate, Amber was soaking wet in anticipation. The girly-kisses and naughty embraces flowed just as freely as the liquor, all captured on cameras. The girls had welcomed Amber and Rachel into that ritual as well, yet another sign that they were succeeding in their mission.

Rachel walked back out of the bedroom and said, “I know there weren’t supposed to be any guys at the party, but I hope this is okay.”

Screams and squeals erupted as the brunette flung the door wide open, revealing Adam dressed in a pizza delivery outfit. Rachel had set up the next few tracks of music perfectly.

He danced around the room, every move designed to show off his physique. His mesmerizing eyes trapped any woman that fell into them. The already raucous crowd went wild when he unbuttoned his red and blue vest to toss it aside, revealing the tight muscle shirt beneath.

Helen strutted toward him, and Adam focused his attention on her, continuing to dance. The other girls called out encouragement.

“Woo! Get some, birthday girl!”

“Go Helen! Go Helen!”

The brunette queen of the party ran her fingers down his chest to his pants, glancing at her friends and nodding her head in approval. Flashes went off all around the room as the other women snapped pictures with cameras and cell phones.

Adam bumped his hips toward her. “Happy birthday.”

Amber and Rachel shared a private squeal of delight, knowing that things were going exactly as planned.

Helen grabbed the tail of Adam’s shirt and pulled it up to expose his rock-hard abs. While she traced her fingers over his bare skin, he pulled the shirt over his head and whipped it behind her neck, drawing her closer to his swivelling hips.

She leaned in and gave his nipple a flick of her tongue, drawing whoops of approval from the other girls.

Adam let out an, “Ah,” of surprise when Helen suddenly dug her fingers into his butt and pressed her body against him to join in the gyrating dance.

“Unwrap the package!”

“Show us that cock!”

Helen stepped back to unbutton the jeans that Rachel had acquired somewhere. At the same time, a blonde snatched Adam’s shirt from his hand and looped it around his neck. She tugged until he leaned his head back to relieve the pressure, at the same time as Helen popped open the button.

“Oh yeah,” Helen called out as she opened Adam’s zipper and got a peek at the bulge in his briefs.

Yet another of the queen’s court jumped onto the couch behind Adam and took advantage of his tilted back head to jiggle her tits in his face with a loud laugh. The other girl holding the shirt grabbed the front of the first blonde’s blouse, exposing her breasts.

The flash of cameras nearly blinded Amber as she danced to the music and squeezed Rachel’s butt. When the spots in front of her eyes cleared enough, she saw Helen pulling Adam’s jeans down to bunch at his knees.

Rachel laughed and went to join the action. She knelt down to work Adam’s pants down the rest of the way while Helen ran her hands over his bulge. Rachel had barely wrestled the jeans past Adam’s knees when Helen pulled out his cock.

The resulting chorus of screams and squeals completely drowned out the music.

The shirt slipped from around Adam’s neck as the girl holding it engaged in a tongue wrangling kiss with the other blonde whom she’d exposed, while yet another recorded with a camcorder.

Others took the opportunity to move in for their own feel, and Amber joined the calls of encouragement.

“Make it hard!”

“Get some of that dick!”

“Suck it!”

The shouted suggestions rolled in while Helen bounced his flaccid member on her palm, pointed at it, and glanced around at everyone, wearing a look of amused surprise.

The girl with the camcorder turned it on Amber. “I think she deserves a kiss for getting us this hunk of man meat.”

Amber moaned as another woman moved in. They embraced, their tongues slipping over each other. A hand squeezed her right breast, and then moved down to the tail of her blouse.

“Boobies!” someone shouted as Amber’s blouse rose up above her breasts. She arched her back and gasped as the other girl’s lips wrapped around a nipple.

“Yeah, get it hard! Woo!”

Amber shuddered as the other girl turned to watch the show of Helen stroking Adam’s rising cock.

Rachel, always the more aggressive of the two friends, finally tossed aside Adam’s jeans. “Where’s my kiss?”

Without letting go of Adam’s now half-hard cock, Helen turned toward Rachel and pulled her into a kiss.

Amber tugged her blouse back down. “Woo Yeah!”

As soon as she leaned back from the aggressive kiss, Helen pulled down on Adam’s cock, and then let it pop back up. She slapped it a few times – hard enough to be barely audible over the noise in the room.

“Suck it!”

“Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!” The girls chanted after the first call. Only Helen and another girl who was kissing Adam while she held one of his hands between her legs didn’t join in.

The chant broke off into a cheer as Helen dropped to her knees. Amber looked up to see that although Adam’s hand still worked beneath the one girl’s skirt, his lips were now occupied with a nipple on the opposite side.

Amidst the smacks of other girls slapping Adam’s muscular ass, Helen lapped him from tip to root, making him groan around the nipple in his mouth. The girl with the camcorder moved in close, capturing the action.

Helen worked about half of Adam’s length with fast strokes of her mouth, pulling back every so often to smack his erection and laugh. The strobe of cellphone flashes continued unabated, and the music pounded.

“No, you can’t look,” someone called out, and covered Adam’s eyes with her hands.

“Yeah, this isn’t for you,” another laughed.

Helen pulled back from his cock and gasped, strands of saliva trailing from her lips to his twitching organ. He stiffened as she squeezed his balls hard and let out a growl. She then tilted her head to lick and suck the orbs.

Rachel took advantage of the opening to wrap her hand around Adam’s cock. She stroked it with one hand and pulled her skirt up with the other to let the girl slapping her ass hit bare skin.

Amber was drunk on far more than the liquor she’d consumed. Everywhere there were bared breasts and bottoms. She took off her own top and tossed it aside, making her way into the tangle of bodies around Adam to join the fun. She’d barely reached around to cup another girl’s breasts in her hands when someone jerked her skirt down, revealing that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Ooo! Dirty girl!” A voice rang out behind her, followed by a hard smack on her ass.

Helen sucked one of Adam’s balls hard, pulling back until it slipped from her lips with a slurp. She then stood up to pull her panties down.

“Go Helen! It’s your birthday!”

“Fuck that big dick!”

“Get that cock, birthday girl!”

Rachel let go of Adam’s cock as Helen turned around to face away from him and backed up. Amber let out a whoop when the girl that had been slapping her friend’s ass beckoned Rachel into a kiss. The other girl started a little when Rachel’s hand slid up her skirt, but then she smiled for someone recording it on a cell and bucked her hips against Rachel’s fingers.

“Oh yeah!” two voices shouted in unison, drawing Amber’s attention back to the birthday queen.

Helen reached behind her to guide Adam’s cock, and cried out, “Ah yeah,” as the thick organ penetrated her. He started to reach for her hips, but two girls pulled his hands behind his back. Helen bent over and put her hands on her knees while someone flipped her skirt back up to show off her ass.

The queen thrust back at Adam, and he picked up the rhythm after only a couple of strokes. His eyes still covered and his wrists held behind him, he pushed his cock into Helen, making her cry out with every stroke.

“Oh my god! Look at that!”

Someone started singing happy birthday as Adam and Helen’s hips worked faster. Everyone else joined in, while a redhead from the queen’s inner circle picked up Helen’s panties and rubbed them over Adam’s nose. She stuffed them in his mouth as the song culminated.

“Damn, are you wet or what?” the girl next to Amber asked when Helen straightened, letting Adam’s cock slip from her.

“All covered in pussy juice,” someone else laughed.

Helen grabbed Rachel’s hand and pulled her close. As soon as Helen followed the guiding tug, Helen pushed down on her head and said, “You want a suck?”

“Yeah, suck that dick!”

“Get some Rachel!” Amber called out.

Rachel hardly needed encouraging. She dropped to her knees amidst squeals directed at her and Helen as the queen pulled off her bra to jiggle her tits with a laugh.

“Taste her pussy, nasty girl! You like that?”

“Suck it clean, Rachel!”

Amber knelt down next to her friend. “I want some.”

The rest of the women whooped and hollered as the two friends took turns sucking his pussy-slick cock.

“Okay, enough,” Helen declared, pushing both Rachel and Amber away. “My turn again.” She pushed on Adam’s chest hard. “Sit down.”

Between her push and others pulling on his arms, Adam sat down hard on the couch. Helen stepped up on it while he was still bouncing back up from the cushions.

“Yeah! Make him taste his dick, too!”

Helen grabbed Adam’s hair and pulled his face into her pussy. “Oh fuck!” she squeaked as his talented tongue went to work on her.

The girl who had the camcorder handed it to Amber, and pulled off her top. Amber dutifully aimed the camera as the blonde knelt down in front of Adam to wrap his cock in her breasts. She stroked it between the globes a few times, and then released her tits to take him in her mouth.

Helen’s cries grew louder and sharper, prompting Amber to step to the side and aim the camera at where Adam was causing those sounds with his tongue.

“Aww, you gonna come?”

Amber barely heard it over the cacophony. She aimed the camera up to see Helen’s expression growing tight. The queen leaned away from Adam’s tongue a moment later with a loud, “Ah!”

The girl sucking Adam’s cock gave Helen’s bottom a swat and said, “Get it on his dick.”

“Yeah, come on his cock!”

A few seconds later, Amber was filming his cock vanishing into Helen’s saturated pussy again. She rode him hard, her breasts bouncing and whimpers escaping her every time she dropped down on his hips.

Applause, whistles, and more wishes of “Happy birthday,” accompanied Helen screaming in orgasm and falling forward against Adam’s chest.

Hands roamed all over the still joined couple as Helen twitched on his cock. Finally, she levered up from his chest and shuddered once more. She grabbed a handful of his hair, pulled her panties out of his mouth, and kissed him hard before sliding off his erection.

“Lay him down!”

That shouted suggestion prompted Helen to use the handle of his hair to jerk him toward a reclined position. She nodded and laughed when a blonde poured her drink on Adam’s chest. Girls took turns lapping it up, while another smeared frosting from the cake on his face.

Amber and Rachel’s eyes met, revealing that they both thought things were turning a little strange. A few kisses, fondles, and turns lapping up frosting and liquor chased away the moment of disconcerting feelings, though.

In short order, one of Helen’s inner circle held a fistful of Adam’s hair while she ground her pussy in his face. A blonde bounced on his cock, while yet another rubbed the blonde’s clit. Helen made sure that her favorites got their turn first, anticipating that Adam would run out of steel for them eventually.

Only Amber and Rachel knew that there was more than enough of his hard cock and cum to go around, but everyone else soon found out as the fucking, camera flashes, squealing, and loud music continued late into the night.


Amber and Rachel sat on the couch, nursing awful headaches; sipping some tea that Adam swore would make them feel better. Though skeptical at first, Amber had to admit that she no longer wanted to die to stop the pounding in her head, and every sip seemed to dull the throbbing just a little.

She was at least glad to see that the apartment was spotless. Some time between when the guests had stumbled out and she’d awakened, Adam had picked up all the empty bottles, wrappers, and other assorted leavings of the party. He’d even somehow managed to get the cum stains out of the carpet and the couch.

“Do you remember anything after midnight?” Rachel mumbled.

Amber winced as the sound of her friend’s voice breaking the silence stabbed into her brain like a knife. She took a long drink of the tea and answered, “Not really.”

“Guess it was a good party,” Rachel remarked, and then chuckled. She followed up the chuckle with an, “Ow,” though.

Adam walked in from the kitchen, bare-chested and wearing a pair of tight shorts scavenged from the assorted things Rachel had borrowed from old boyfriends and never gotten rid of. He carried a plate with celery sticks on one side, and soda crackers on the other. “When you feel up to it, my Princesses,” he whispered.

Amber’s stomach rumbled. The tea seemed to have already stopped it from doing flip-flops, so she reached for a cracker. Adam winked, and returned to the kitchen. Soon enough, after finishing the tea and having a few crackers, she actually felt human again.

The text alert on Rachel’s phone went off, and she picked it up. As soon as she read the message, she immediately turned the screen toward Amber and said, “We’re in!”

The message was an invitation to go to a sorority party that more or less sealed their place on the social ladder, as long as they didn’t screw up too badly.

Adam walked back in the room, revealing what he was doing in the kitchen as they recovered, bearing two plates of pancakes. He had no more than sat the plates down when Amber’s phone signaled an incoming message.

“It’s from Wendy. She wants to come over and tell us what she found out from the museum guy,” Amber said as she flipped the phone shut.

“We’ve got more important things to do,” Rachel said, and then scooted over to make room on the couch. She patted the spot and told Adam, “Sit down.”

Once he settled between them, Rachel asked, “Okay, now who had the hots for us here last night?”

“Are you sure you want to know the answer to that?”

Rachel rolled her eyes. “Duh.”

“Very well. None of them.”

Amber’s shoulders slumped. “God, that sucks.”

“Ah, but it is not you, my Princesses. Did you not notice that never did any of them want to kiss or touch each other unless someone was taking a picture?”

“Come to think of it...” Amber muttered, realizing that it was true.

“They’re Wanna-Bi’s?” Rachel spat out and threw her hands up.

“I fear so. Their attraction to the fairer sex goes only so far as it can be used to their advantage in shocking and impressing others.”

“Way to dash our hopes and dreams,” Amber said, though her tone didn’t really sound disappointed, but rather slightly sarcastic. She pursed her lips in thought. “I wasn’t really thinking about it last night, because I was so turned on, but they were really mean to you.”

He shrugged, “It is of no moment.”

“Yeah, it’s just like – ugh.” Rachel shook her hands in an exaggerated gesture of aversion. “They’re total fakes, and such bitches. I don’t know how we fell for it. This really sucks.”

Adam grinned and said, “But, you do have a foot in the door now, my Princesses. Make your own way, and outshine them. Oust the queen, and take the throne for yourselves.”

Amber laughed. “I don’t know about that. The whole point was to get into the really good parties, and I guess we’ve got that.”

“And to find more girls to play with.” Rachel leaned in next to Adam’s ear and asked in a soft, sensual voice, “You’ll take care of that for us, won’t you?” Then she gave a little nibble on his earlobe.

Adam’s eyes suddenly widened, and he sank back against the couch, his jaw slack.

“What happened? What did you do?” Amber asked in a panic.

“I don’t know.” She then noticed a puff of air against her cheek, and understood what had happened, as incredulous as it was. Air was escaping from Adam’s ear where she had nibbled on it. “Oh my god! He’s leaking!”

“What do we do?”

“Uhh... Bring the amber lamps!”

Amber nodded and hurried to the closet, where they’d stored the lamps and the wooden case. By the time she returned to the couch, Adam had slumped, his body flattening in odd places as the air rushed out. She opened the box, and Rachel quickly grabbed one of the lamps.

Amber took out the other lamp and said, “What do we do?”

“I don’t know. Make a wish.”

“Uhm, I wish that he was just like he was before he started leaking, and that he stays that way, no matter what.”

Both women gasped when the lamps began to glow, and they had to avert their eyes when the brilliance was too much for even closed eyelids. When the light finally dimmed, they opened their eyes to see Adam whole once more, and flipping his earlobe with his finger.

“Well, that was rather disconcerting, to say the least,” he said, and then smiled.

Amber and her friend both gasped in relief.

“That’s three I’m afraid, my Princesses.”

Amber forgot about her pounding heart for a moment. “What? You mean wishes?” It was only then that she realized the lamp was no longer in her hands. A quick glance at Rachel and the table revealed that the other lamp and the box were gone as well.

“The lamps must find their way into another’s hands.”

Amber pointed at him. “But you’re still here?”

“And I can still tell you when any woman finds you desirable. And your last wish means that I will be as you see me forever. I must thank you. I find this existence quite pleasant.” He gestured for them to sit down again.

Amber moaned as he ran his fingers through her hair while caressing Rachel’s thigh. She couldn’t help thinking that they should have wished for money, fame, or super-smarts to get through college without trying. Adam’s sensual touch did dull those ruminations a bit, though.

Her phone rang, and she bent down to pick it up from where she’d dropped it during the earlier panic. She looked at the screen and saw Wendy’s number.

Adam said, “Take advantage of the social status you have gained, but do not fall into the same trap, my Princesses. Few prefer the status quo, and even fewer still share Helen’s harsh nature. Show them true enjoyment of life, and you will reap the rewards of many friends and lovers.” He pointed at the phone just as it rang again. “And perhaps find other pursuits along the way – both intellectual and sensual?”

“Wendy?” Rachel asked, and licked her lips.

“Uh huh,” Amber answered, liking the idea of taking the queen down a few pegs. Her immediate thoughts were on the bespectacled redhead on the other end of the phone, though.

“Mmm. Let’s see if we can’t make the party tonight a letdown after getting her out of her shell – and her clothes.”

Amber put the phone to her ear, tingling in anticipation of fulfilling several wishes for Wendy.

No amber lamps required.


Hope you enjoyed this silly little romp. I’m sure some recognize the meme that inspired the title and a few inside jokes in this one. This gives you an idea of how my twisted mind works when I see something LOL

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