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An Invitation

An invitation from an unknown hand, should you respond?
An Invitation

She stepped down from the carriage; the time was getting closer to midnight by the second.

The invite she held in her hand was written in crimson ink.” Who was it from?” she wondered as she continued reading.

"Join me at midnight for this a special night, tonight the masquerade ball.
Meet me on the steps outside Westmall Hall.
A carriage will be waiting."

She was early with no one in sight, the building was dark and silent. “Was it a joke?” she pondered as she waited for the phantom writer.

‘Boom’ a local clock started chiming midnight. The sound made her jump out of her skin but she felt warmth on her neck. She turned and there stood a handsome man dressed in a black suit. Over his left shoulder was draped a black cloak; he removed it and draped it over the young woman. “You're cold; let me help you.” He walked her into the house, an amazing light flashed, and there was warmth, music and people all dressed in long dresses and smart suits.

“Where did they come from?” she asked.

He turned and replied “They was always there didn’t you hear them?"

It became hazy; she knew that she couldn’t hear them before, but now she thought she could.

He pulled her to the dance floor and took her into his arms. Straight away she felt at ease like she had known him forever, but they had only just met. The other dancers cleared the floor and allowed them to dance alone to some slow music. He whispered into her ear as they danced “Do you want to belong to me?”

Her heart was telling her something was wrong but her mind said different. She had always been the bridesmaid and never the bride and now she felt like the one in the spotlight, she felt like the bride. She nodded and they continued dancing this time getting quicker and quicker. She felt as though she had left her feet her eyes closed, she still felt as though she was dancing she opened them again and saw that they were floating up the grand staircase in the hall, the music still as loud as it was in the ball room.

They stopped dancing and he removed his mask. His face was pale yet she found it mesmerising she wanted to kiss him but as she moved to he stopped her. “Not now my love, soon,” he said under his breath.

He started walking and she followed. he opened a door and walked in, he took of his jacket revealing a fitted shirt. he had an athletic figure which appealed to her. he moved to the bed and stood next to it.“Lie on the bed and remove your clothes,” he said. She did as he commanded; a warmth starting to come from between her legs, she was getting turned on a feeling which she longed for.

She stripped and lay back on the bed her naked body writhing with temptation; she was about to lose her virginity. The gentleman looked at her body and examined it, he looked into her eyes. He kissed her and moved down her body to her vagina; he examined it and started to lick slowly. Her juices were flowing and he liked the taste. He looked up at her, her back arching with every one of his touches, and said in a stern voice, “I am now going to make you mine.” 

As he spoke he removed his shirt and trousers and moved his already erect cock into place, she begged him to take her. He moved slowly as he thrust into her; he felt her break on the tip. She moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure; there was now no going back; she was his but as of yet she wasn’t completely. He continued thrusting in and out, she couldn’t control herself any more and she became closer to cumming,. She screamed at him that she was about to cum; he calmly told her "Not yet." She held on only to feel his cock tremble; he looked at her and said "When I cum you can cum, then you are mine." She felt his hot cum shoot into her, she let go and started squirting over his cock.

He started to nuzzle into her neck. She writhed as it started to turn her on again, and her juices started flowing until she felt a pain. He sunk his teeth into her neck, she finally became his.

She awoke to find him watching her sleep; she felt strange and felt no pain anymore. She was now a vampire and now a member of the undead.

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