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Angel of Destruction;part 2

Angel of Destruction;part 2

He was like a god...born to be worshipped

She raised her eyes to his. Immediately, her pupils dilated more, until the black nearly obliterated the icy blue. Her nostrils flared, and a soft sigh escaped her lips. The tension in her legs abated, and she actually leaned back a little more, and widened them


“Touch yourself,” he hissed. “I want to see you pleasure yourself.”

Another breathy whimper passed through her plump lips, as her fingers dipped into her wet slit. Her back arched, and her eyes closed to glittering slits. Her feet rose to tiptoes, and her hips undulated slowly as she rubbed her pussy for him.

Davariel bit his lower lip and growled, her musky scent filling his lungs. “Yes, my Luci. Imagine it’s my hand that cherishes you.”

Her free hand reached up and caressed one taut, round breast. She pinched and rolled a pert little nipple making herself hiss.

Davariel clenched his teeth and growled, “harder. Tweak them harder.”

Luciel whimpered, but obeyed, pulling at her little teat until it grew cherry red. Davariel gripped his cock as he leaned forward, and licked her abused nipple and fingers. He squeezed his prick until the head grew purple, fearing he’d explode all over her. She began to tremble, her mewling cries causing more blood to surge into Dava’s rigid cock. He backed off panting, covering the head of his cock with his free hand. He was so close. The agony of holding back his release made him want to scream. One drop of semen on her flesh, one drop of his tainted demon’s seed would render her less potent for…

Sacrifice. I don’t want to sacrifice her. I want her. Mine.

Dava scowled, feeling anger stir within him.

Tears streamed down her flushed cheeks, the pants and whimpers of her approaching climax confusing themselves with sobs. She arched her sweet body, her head dropping back, thighs spread. Davariel’s mouth watered as he watched her glistening fingers slide within her slit, her hips jerking in counterpoint. Beautiful. How he longed to bury his face there, shove his tongue deep into her virgin hole and claim her.

Closing his eyes for a moment, he sucked in a deep breath. Her scent was driving him wild. His cock bucked in agony.

Davariel growled deep in his throat, opening his eyes again to contemplate the beauty before him.

Mine. I want her to be mine. Does she love me? Is it possible she can love me?

Pale blue eyes peered at him through lash-laced slits. “Dava…D-Dava…” she sobbed, lower lip trembling.

“Yes, my love. Tell me,” he begged, his heart about to pound out of his chest. “Tell me what my soul longs to hear.” Tell me you love me.

Davariel’s eyes glowed bright and blue, his lips and cheeks flushed rose as he stared earnestly into her eyes, expectantly. His blond locks streamed over his shoulders, ribbons of gold pouring over taut muscle and sinew, red wings held out and open behind his back. A creature of utter beauty that made her want to weep. Again, words stirred in her heart. She writhed, her panting turning into sobs. “I…I…” love him, but have to destroy him. Oh, God.

Her body convulsed before she betrayed herself. Wetness gushed onto her fingers and her back bowed with the force of her orgasm. She felt as if she couldn’t inhale deep enough while her entire body clenched, and then shook in spasms. Her ragged cries of ecstasy reverberated through the tiny room, as the golden-haired fallen angel watched. Through her tears, she thought she saw a look of disappointment flash in his eyes, but when she blinked, it was gone. He watched her the way prey watches its kill before descending upon it.

He took her hand and sucked each finger, his eyes never leaving her face. The feel of his tongue on her fingers had her gasping and toes curling. She watched, open mouthed and panting again as each digit disappeared into his mouth to be sucked clean. Lowering her gaze, she saw he was still rigid with need, balls drawn tight to his shaft. The sight of his arousal, pointing straight up between his meaty thighs, had her gut tightening, and a flutter shimmying up her empty hole. Luciel felt herself salivate.

“Please, Davariel. Please. Take me. Make me yours,” she pleaded, her need now like wild fire coursing through her body.

He frowned. “You would allow me to use you?”

“Yes,” Luciel cried, unable to stop herself. She felt she’d lose her mind if he didn’t, “fuck me. Please. I…”

His lashes lowered. “You would be my whore?”

“Yes. Please-please, Davariel. Fuck me. Make me yours,” she begged shamelessly.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Luciel’s heart thundered in her ears. “No,” he sighed.

Luciel flinched, her eyes going as round as her mouth.

Davariel stood and extended his hand to her. “I had a meal prepared for you. Come.”

It was like a slap in her face. The sensual spell around her lessened. She blinked in a daze, feeling as though she were waking from a dream. Confusion welled within her as she took his hand.

What the hell just happened?

She scratched her head, and looked at him askance, but he only smiled, leading her out of the room.

He led her out into an adjoining room, which was large. It had an enormous fireplace, with a welcoming blaze crackling within. Before the fireplace were two overstuffed chairs. There was also an old cupboard against the wall between two windows, and a long wooden table in the very center of the large room surrounded by eight chairs. The scent of wood, spices, and pleasant herbs gave the place a cozy homey feel. She felt as though she were living out a scene in a fairytale. Any minute Little Red Riding Hood or Goldie-locks would come knocking at the door.

Speaking of Goldie-locks, Davariel pulled out a chair for her at one end of the table, burying his nose in her hair as she sat.

She felt wet and swollen between her legs and detected the scent of her musk strong on herself.

“You pleasured yourself for me, my love,” Davariel whispered, his nose still in her hair sniffing. “You came all over your pretty fingers for me and then I sucked your cum off your fingers.” He purred. “So tasty, my Luci.”

The entire scene slammed back into her mind, including her offering to be his whore, and begging, begging, for him to fuck her.

Shame was the first emotion to wash through her, like a tidal wave. Her eyes welled with tears, and she had to cover her mouth to stifle the sob that rose.

Rage was the next feeling that rolled through her body, after humiliation.

Luciel had to clench her fists to keep from slapping him. She felt her cheeks burn at the memory of her stupid behavior in the bedroom. She was certain he’d manipulated her the whole time, and she’d played right into it like an idiot.

She lowered her head, letting her hair veil her face.

With a loud sigh, he moved away to sit at the other end of the table, while she clenched her teeth in disgrace.

No. She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of knowing how mortified she felt that he hadn’t taken advantage of her blatant offer to be his sex toy.

Luciel grabbed a spoon by a bowl of stew and began wolfing it down.

She hadn’t realized how hungry she was. The stew was amazing. A piece of freshly baked bread sat on a smaller plate by a frosty glass of golden juice. The warmth of the nourishing meal soothed her.

Chewing, she risked a look at Davariel through the strands of her hair. He watched her eat in rapt attention.

She found that it was easier to resist his allure if she kept her focus on just one particular part of him, rather than the whole. For now, she just looked at his hands, the way they rested on the table before him as he gazed at her. He had such long fingers, delicate, like a musician’s or artist. Then, with a sigh, he folded his arms and rested his chin upon them. She lowered her eyes to the stew with a start, blushing.

Oh well, so much for not getting caught up in that pretty face. She felt herself bristling again. I’m such a weak dumb ass.

“Most people can’t keep their eyes off me. You make an effort not to look. Why?”

“I don’t like looking at ugly things,” she retorted, then stole a quick glance at him.

He looked shocked. His head snapped back up. “You think I’m ugly?” He said it softly, as if she’d hurt his feelings.

“Very.” She scowled into the bowl, not wanting to look back up, lest he catch her in her bald-faced lie. She was a lousy liar.

He was silent for a moment, his fingers thrumming upon the wooden table as he mulled over her words. “Then why are you attracted to me? I can smell your arousal from here.”

Fuck. What is it with him and that nose? She imagined herself giving him a good pop on that perfect snub nose and breaking it. Maybe then, he won’t be able to smell my arousal. Jerk.

Luciel slammed the spoon down on the table and pointed an accusatory finger at him. “You make me want you and you know it.” His eyes widened and his cheeks turned red. “You did it in the room and you did it last night in that crazy dream you projected into my head. You made me want you. Deny it.”

“I do deny it, Luci. I’d wanted to terrify you, but you were so...horny for me . . .” He let the words trail off with raised brows. She felt her face burn in embarrassment. “I don’t know about what happened in the room, but I’m not doing anything now, and you still want me...very much, if I must say so myself. I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone who’s desired me the way you do. I smell lust, but there’s also something else I’ve never scented before. It’s very pleasing to me.” He expressed the latter on a rapturous sigh, glowing, electric-blue eyes closing as he leaned in closer to sniff again.

She remembered what he had said during the fantasy fuck he’d given her, about smelling like love, and panicked. “You mesmerize people,” she accused, hitting the table with her hand.

He blinked, his mouth hanging open at a loss for words. Her remark had struck a sore spot. “I don’t do it on purpose,” he exclaimed in fervor. “You’ve mesmerized me too.”

He was upon the table, crawling on hands and knees, with a few golden tendrils of his hair dragging along the wooden surface. His body moved with slow, sensual grace. When he reached her, after having put her food to one side of the table, he sat perched on the very edge, swinging his long sinewy legs over to either side of her. He spread his mouth watering thighs and rested his feet against the legs of the table, leaning back on his hands.

The man could have been a porn star, knowing how to arrange himself in the most provocative poses. Her eyes dropped lower. He was huge, but then again, he was seven feet tall. It would have been ridiculous for him to have a penis the size of the average Edenian male, which was about six to seven inches. No. The spectacular phallus presented before her was closer to twice that size.

“Twelve,” he smiled with pride, flexing his hips.

“Don’t read my mind,” she snapped.

He made a show of looking taken aback. “I don’t read minds, Luci. I was a reaper not a Master Guardian. Besides, what you were thinking was written all over your pretty face.” He licked his lips, the black pupils within those big, glowing, blue orbs dilating wide. “Touch me, Luci. We’re allowed.”

The temptation was too great. Everything about the fallen angel lured her in; his face, his body, his mesmerizing voice begging her to stroke him. How could a girl resist.

Luciel wrapped her hand around him. His flesh was hot, and seemed to throb as if his heart beat there. She couldn’t get her fingers all the way around. Wow. He shuddered, obviously enjoying her exploratory touching. His hips bucked as she stared at the exquisite cock in her grip, twelve inches of smooth skin, sun-kissed gold, like the rest of him, except for the meaty tip. It was a rose blush, shaped like a big luscious strawberry. She licked her lips holding his glowing gaze. He groaned as if in pain, and then shook his head reluctantly from side to side, answering her silent question. No—but he didn’t seem pleased about it either.

She explored every inch of his velvety length, as his knuckles turned white from gripping the edges of the table.

“Oh, Luciel, that feels so good,” he groaned, as his red wings fluttered behind him, trying to cool his excited body.

How easy it would have been to plunge a knife into the beautiful fallen angel at that moment, while he panted with lust. Could she find the strength to destroy him? She could do it now...jump up, thrust her hand through his ribcage and rip his heart out. She had the ability to do it.

Her other hand came up, and rested on his thigh, the thought ruminating in her mind.

He closed his eyes in ecstasy, a soft sob escaping his lips, as he let his head fall back in surrender. His blond hair cascaded onto the surface of the dark brown table, as his abdominal muscles rippled. He held her spellbound. It dawned on her that, not only was his turning into a demon a shame, but his previous rank as a reaper, prohibited to pass his amazing genes forward, damn sacrilegious too. As for what she was contemplating....

“Luci… you’ve got to stop. I’m going to cum.” He clenched his teeth, obviously reining in his need to release.

“I want to see you cum, Davariel,” she whispered tenderly. “Feel you spill yourself on my hand...taste you.” Luciel visualized the beauty of that moment; the pearly fluid bathing her fingers, or spilling onto her breasts, her face, her mouth. She shuddered.

“Luci, no,” he pleaded. “Please. They’ll hurt you if I taint you.”

She paid no mind to what he said, mesmerized by the thought of seeing his magnificent cock erupt, unaware of the danger until it was too late.

The four demons she saw in the chamber the night before appeared, snatching him away from her. The clawed fingers of one of them held him by his hair. Davariel struggled to release the painful hold on his golden tresses, snarling at his captor. The demon only laughed at him, as did the others.

She tried to get to her feet to help him, but found herself in a tight power hold.

Davariel’s demon sword appeared in his hand and he plunged it with precision into the grey demon to his left, killing the creature in an instant.

The demons sprang away, sword appearing in their claws.

When Luciel tried to moved, she found herself power bound to her chair. All she could do was curse and wiggle, but to no avail.

The demons circled Davariel as he stood, wings extended and sword ready.

Metal clanged with deafening clarity, as they ganged up on him two at a time. Luciel held her breath, eyes wide as Davariel drove them away with hacking swings of his sword. The demons hissed and growled, threw scathing curses at him with each swing. Furniture was tossed around with each deadly sweep of wings from the fighting creatures. Luciel feared she would be beheaded by a flying piece of furniture or wing swipe any moment.

A chair shattered against the wall near her as the table spun in the air and fell in a shattered heap by the bedroom door. Two of its legs had broken off and it now looked like a ramp.

To Luciel’s horror, she began to see movement within the darkened corners of the room. Little by little, devils began crawling around the floor, hissing and snarling at her.

She screamed when they suddenly toppled her chair and dragged her to the table that now lay broken, to the side of the room. Davariel roared in rage, even as the devils pulled her arms out to her sides, so hard she thought they were going to rip them out of their sockets. They had her belly down, and pulled her legs apart with a vicious jerk making her shriek again.

Hot breath fanned her ear as a scorching body covered her back. Something cold pressed against her pussy, making her stiffen with a gasp.The demon cackled near her ear. Luciel fought the urge to scream, as she realized that his serpent-like cock was slithering around between her legs. His scorpion-like tail teased her lips, making Luci want to gag as it left sour smelling slime dripping down her chin.

“Leave her,” Davariel roared.

The demon behind her laughed. She struggled to free herself.

“Choose, dark prince,” one of the demons growled. “The girl or you?”

Luci blinked. What did they mean? They were going to hurt and kill her, that much was obvious to her.

“Me,” Davariel growled. “Take me.”

Luciel panted, her eyes darting to the shadows before her. With horror she saw Davariel’s sword fly away from him and the three demons take him to the floor.

The demons laughed. Her hair was gripped, making Luci scream again as she was pulled to her feet. Her hands flew up to disentangle the claws that were trying to rip it out of her scalp. The demon holding her tossed her into the room as if she were no more than a piece of fluff. She fell with a grunt as she heard the door slam with vicious brutality.

Take me— he’d said.

“No. No-no-no, Dava.” She scrambled from her sprawled position on the bed, and darted to the door.


Using her powers, she tried to unlock it, but found it useless. Her powers were being blocked.

Heart racing, she began kicking and pummeling the door with her fists, screaming for them to release him. He’d given them use of his body instead of hers. He’d sacrificed himself for her.

“Davariel,” she sobbed.

Chapter Four

He awakened to darkness, lying on the cold wooden floor where they had continued to fuck him, taking turns. He felt bewildered.

Night had fallen and the demons were long gone.

His stomach muscles clenched and he was able to raise himself up in time to spill the contents of his stomach on the floor. He hadn’t eaten for more than a day and only spewed up bile and the semen forced into him. His ass burned, and his wrist was a bloodied, swollen mess, adding to his misery.

He was the dark prince. Why had they done this to him?

Rage flared within him at his humiliation. They would pay. He’d make sure of that.

At least they hadn’t hurt her.

Luciel called through the locked door of the room she’d been thrown into as the demons had their fun with him.

He felt ashamed. Even though she hadn’t seen what they did, she’d heard it all. Would she think of him as less of a male?

“Why am I so cursed,” he whispered in misery to himself, as he pondered all of his downfalls?

Born into the slavery of a holy sect that denied him the right to love, he’d renounced his rank as reaper. Fancying himself in love, he’d accepted the task of guarding the gates of hell for a siglon, one hundred sun orbits, dreaming of returning to… what was that girl’s name again?

Davariel snorted in disgust. He didn’t even remember the female’s name he’d thought he’d been in love with. It was more like he was in love with the dream of having his own family and living a normal life like the white-winged Seraphs. Wasn’t that his right as a living, breathing, sentient being?

He’d been nothing more than an ignorant fool.

He still remembered the cursed day he’d fallen from grace. He had been sitting upon the same stone he always sat upon, day after day, high on a cliff overlooking a turbulent ocean. Thirty sun orbits had gone by since he’d accepted the task of guarding the gates of hell...alone, on the God-forsaken planet of Megdoluc.

It had once been thriving and green, but over-building and over-population had almost killed the small planet nestled into the perfect spot between two binary blue stars. They were just far away enough to provide the planet with warmth and light, without burning it up. Still, all that remained of the once lush foliage were a few scraggly trees scattered about. The rest was all boulders, dried dirt, and the ruins of cities abandoned siglon’s before he’d ever been born. Even the ocean was black, poisoned and still polluted.

Davariel felt his soul resembled the planet. Still alive but barely, poisoned, choked.

In the distance, he could see one of the four super-volcanoes that existed on the planet. The one south of the equator had erupted, giving the sky a hazy look. The others constantly rumbled in warning.

The beings that had once populated the planet had long fled from the disease and pestilence that had abounded at the time, the ugly little planet forgotten. It was just as well. Once the volcanoes blew, the planet was going to go into a frozen hibernation for a few siglons, making the environment too harsh to sustain human life. All that remained were a few insignificant devils that lingered close to the hidden portal of hell, buried beneath miles of violent, churning seawater. There were many portals scattered throughout the universe, there was even one on Earth, but they were all hidden and well protected by death angels, like him.

He remembered how lost he felt, how each night he’d cry beneath the light of the multiple moons, wondering if anyone missed him. All he wanted was someone—anyone—to love and to love him. He wanted a home with a family to go back to, maybe even sire a few chicklings of his own. “My very own family unit,” he sighed with a smile.

Movement to his left had his whole body shifting into kill mode. He could see each individual molecule of air as it swirled around him, and spotted the black aura of the little devil that taunted him every day.

“Come closer,” Davariel invited, making his voice sound sweet.

The little devil snickered. It looked like a five-year-old child with thick gleaming ringlets on its head. Its skin was completely jet-black and it had glowing yellow eyes. Red markings flecked its little bat-like wings and sharp tipped tail, denoting that soon it would grow into a larger adult devil.

“Every day you invite me closer and every day I tell you that I still remember how you turned my sister into ash with the same sweetly intoned invitation,” the little creature answered him with the same melodious cadence.

Davariel smiled with a shrug. “I was bored.”

“No. You ache. Your soul weeps from solitude.”

Davariel frowned. “But I’ll be gone soon.”

The little devil cocked his head to the side, golden eyes blinking at Davariel. “When are you going to believe me?”

“Never,” Davariel sighed.

“Never is a long time, Da va riél.” The little devil sat on his haunches watching him with keen eyes as the ocean breeze toyed with his gleaming, black spirals. “Today the high priest will come to you with news that you will not like. Then he will want to console you by fucking you through the scantivale.”

Davariel winced. Since when had the games he played with father Gadriel caused him to feel this shame curling uncomfortably through his body. “Gadriel loves me.”

The little devil laughed. “Is that what it’s called? I thought it was just perversion.”

“Enough.” Davariel frowned.

“What he’s been doing to you is forbidden.”

“It’s just a game we play.”

“A game where he enjoys full sex with you while covering you with the scantivale, so that your aura and his don’t become tainted. Were that to happen, then everyone would know that he’s been fornicating with you since you were just a chickling. How old were you that first time? Seventeen...eighteen sun orbits?” The little devil scoffed again. “He smeared your tender ass with anesthetic ointment so you wouldn’t feel his cock ripping you. You bled for days after that. He told you it was because you’d overfed yourself forbidden fruit and you believed him. Such sweet...dim-witted innocence.”

In shock, Davariel remembered the long forgotten incident.

“He...he loves me.” He’s the only one who ever said so.

Nearby, the wind caused a few dead trees to topple over. Part of the cliff face crumbled and crashed into the churning sea below. Like the pieces of his breaking heart.

“He only loves himself, death angel. You’re only a convenient fuck for the high priest. A very gullible and obtuse one.”

A shadow passed overhead. Davariel watched the gleaming space pod float down from the sky. Gadriel arrived, landing a small transportation cruiser on the high cliff where Davariel sat. Exiting the cruiser, he carried a black cloth bag over his shoulder.

The little devil scrambled away behind a boulder.

When the high priest saw Davariel, he rushed over with a huge grin and embraced him.

“My sweet angel. When are you going to forget this nonsense of renouncement and come back home to me?”

He felt the dark haired reaper’s erection straining through his black leather pants as he pressed himself against Davariel’s scantily clad body. Black wings wrapped around Davariel, holding him even tighter. Gadriel tangled his fingers and hands in his blond hair, holding him prisoner as he plundered his mouth.

Davariel didn’t want the high priest to kiss him. He felt confused, and cursed the day he’d started listening to the little devil’s ramblings.

“Stop. Please.” He tried to disengage himself from the reaper. “The girl. Did you speak to the girl I told you about?” What was her name? Not that it mattered. She was pretty and would be overjoyed he’d chosen her to be the mother of his chicklings.

Gadriel drew back with an annoyed expression on his countenance, his dark brows drawn over his eyes. “Levinia. Always that slut Levinia.”

Shock and then anger filled Davariel. “Don’t fucking call her that.”

Davariel saw stars. It took him a while to realize that Gadriel had slapped him and he’d fallen to the ground like an idiot.

He blinked, dazed, the taste of blood in his mouth. Gadriel ripped off the black loincloth Davariel wore, exposing his bare ass to Gadriel’s groping hands. Then the cool transparent material of the scantivale covered him seconds before Gadriel fell upon Davariel’s back.

“She can never love you like I do, you ungrateful, spoiled chickling.”

Davariel felt furious.

“Get off me,” he demanded, his black wings spreading out underneath the scantivale.

“Do you think that fucking whore can feel love for you? You’re nothing but a freak of nature. No one loves you, Davariel. Your unnatural beauty is a thing of evil. If it weren’t for me, the other reapers would have killed you the moment we found your writhing, bloody self at the gates of Angelos.”

“Y-you lie,” Davariel gasped.

“A demon child. That’s what you are. Born of a whore no doubt, fathered by an incubus most likely. How could you think some Seraphian girl would really want you. You spelled her with your incubus eyes and power Davariel. She probably doesn’t even remember having met you by now.” Gadriel laughed, using one finger to probe into Davariel’s ass. “Yes, my love. That girl is betrothed by now, her sweet ass full of another Seraph’s cock much like I’m going to fill you my boy. Fuck you long and hard and deep, just like you’ve always liked it, my love.” Gadriel licked up Dava’s neck, making Dava cringe and tighten his buttocks against the finger that plunged repeatedly into his squirming ass. “I’m sorry I hit you, my sweet. Just a moment of jealousy. You’re mine, Davariel. Mine alone to fuck and to have as I please. I’d kill you myself otherwise.”

His cold, insensitive words registered in Davariel’s mind.

“No,” he wailed, his tears streaming down his face as he felt his heart break.

“Don’t waste your tears, boy,” Gadriel whispered licking his ear, as his cock began to probe him gently. “This is what you were born to be. My own beautiful whore. I love you.”

Davariel stiffened, his sobs choking him. He didn’t want to be fucked. Not today...not ever.

“You can be dark prince, Davariel,” the little devil’s voice drifted over to them.

Gadriel jumped off him. He heard the high priest unsheathe his sword, and turned to see him opening his wings. Father Gadriel would have forced himself upon Davariel if the little devil hadn’t spoken.

He never loved me. No one ever really has.

“Vile creature,” the older reaper hissed, his eyes going black in kill mode.

Davariel remembered the sword the little devil had left for him a few moons ago. Lucifer’s sword—the legendary blade he’d used to battle Michael l in Heaven before being cast down into the prison that held him now.

Using the incantation he’d read inscribed on the blade, he summoned the power of the blade to him.

The weight of the sword felt good in Davariel’s hand as he held it up to glint in the dim sunlight. The blade emitted its own unholy glow and sent a jolt of power surging through Dava’s body.

The little devil scurried past Davariel leaving him standing before the high priest reaper who bore a look of shock on his face.

“What are you doing?” Gadriel frowned. “Where did you get that?”

“You used me, and lied to me.” His voice was still tremulous with tears.

“What?” Gadriel’s eyes widened. “B-but, you’re my special boy, my love.” He smiled, making Davariel feel the sickness of revulsion clawing at his gut.

“You’ve been defiling me since I was barely old enough to get a hard-on.”

Color drained from the high priests face. “It was our special game, Dava. I haven’t defiled you. You’re still a virgin...technically.”

“How about spiritually, reaper,” the little devil interjected behind them?

“Shut up,” Gadriel spat, clutching his sword tighter. “Davariel, kill that unholy thing,” he demanded pointing at the little devil with his blade.

“As you wish, father,” Davariel hissed.

Spreading his wings, he attacked the Seraph who had lied and used him like a whore since he was a teenager. The demon sword sparked fire with each hacking strike against Gadriel’s. They rose higher and higher in the sky over the raging sea.

Ear shattering blasts signaled that the four super volcanoes on the planet of Megdoluc had erupted. Soon, black clouds of ash choked the sky, which took on a reddish tinge as the twin blue suns disappeared from view.

It rained fire, but the warring holy warriors were oblivious to it. Blinded by fury, Davariel’s blade sliced through Gadriel’s chest and blood poured down into the churning sea below. Massive waves, about a hundred feet and more, seemed to reach up toward the fighting death angels, trying to drag them down into the violent, roiling, black depths. Where Gadriel’s blood fell, a funnel began to stir, the sound deafening. Lightning crashed and boomed, and the wind howled like a hellish soul in torment. Then the stench began...the fetid stench of death and decay. The funnel grew larger until devils began flying out of it in hordes of thousands. Despite the exploding volcanoes, it began to grow cold on the planet, the tomb-like chill emanating from the funnel.

Davariel’s blade caught the High Priest at his throat, nearly beheading him, and then plunged into his heart. Blood sprayed everywhere. Gadriel fell into the very center of the funnel, dead eyes wide with shock. The minute he disappeared, the sea froze over instantly, the massive waves looking like spiraling canyons.

The devils flew around Davariel chanting “Master” as he glided to land upon the shore. He looked down at himself. Blood covered his hands, arms, and torso. There was so much. He could feel it cooling on his face. His tears flowed.

The little devil approached him with trepidation.

“All your life you’ve been nothing but a prisoner. Your own mother cast you out like refuse. The only person who professed to love you used you to satisfy his lustful needs...even though you were just a naive boy. He took advantage and robbed you of your innocence, your freedom, and your chance at love.”

Davariel allowed those cruel words to fill the gaping, bleeding hole in his heart, to cover the intense pain of finally realizing no one ever loved him, not even his mother. Even the hordes of aliens that came to see him only saw him as a coveted object. The only time he’d allowed them to touch him through the barricade, two of his primary feathers were torn off his wings. Even seeing his tears and bloodied wing they still reached out for more feathers not caring that they had hurt him.

No more.

“They are the ones who are evil, Davariel. They torture and kill each other in the name of God and blame Lucifer for their woes, when they are the only ones to blame. They are beneath us, pretty angel. The other angels only wish to go home… to Heaven again.”

The wind dried his tears. His soul seemed to shrivel up and die, leaving him empty, except for the hatred that ran through his veins like bitter poison.

“Cut your wings. Be our master. Be our dark prince. Once you let Lucifer out, you’ll see what a grateful father he can be.”

Davariel lifted the demon sword and sliced through his black wings. The pain had been excruciating, causing him to lose consciousness. He awakened to find himself transformed into a demon, red wings and sharp fangs, in the midst of a celebratory orgy, in a fiery pit deep within the planet’s crust.

Energy filled him, making him feel alive again. They dragged him, eyes wide in surprise, into the writhing melee of demons and devils copulating like frenzied beasts. For the first time in his young, one hundred and ninety sun orbits, he experienced the sensation of being embedded in a female. A she-devil straddled his quivering loins, impaling herself upon his inexperienced cock. He gasped in shock at the wondrous sensation as she rode him.

The demons created these creatures with perfect human anatomies and faces. They had long whip-like tails and small horns on their heads, aside from the bat-like wings. Sweat gleamed on their skin, a sea of writhing colors, as their golden eyes rolled in ecstasy.

He was their master, the dark prince, his new task: to find a powerful virgin Master Guardian.

Davariel had killed without remorse, letting his hatred fuel his bloody rampage until his name became synonymous with death and destruction. All beings feared Davariel more than any other demon that existed before him. Even so, he found humanoids willing to kneel before him and let him fuck them, shivering in lust and terror at his feet.

“The dark prince,” he sneered, coming out of his black musings of the past, looking down at himself; bloodied, dirty, full of cum, even in his hair. He was a joke.

Again, Luciel called to him. The absurd woman was crying...for him. It made no sense, yet touched his black heart. Though he had no hope of escaping his demon masters, he’d help her escape, but not before fucking her. That was the only way to ensure her safety, otherwise they’d only find a replacement for him who would hunt her down and use her as the sacrifice.

He tried to convince himself the only reason he wanted to do this was to spite the demons, but....

He crawled to the door. His legs were still shaking. She was leaning against it on the other side, crying. He could still smell her delightful scent. It made his heart race, his skin tingle, and his face feel warm. It made him...happy.

What an absurd emotion.

He smiled in spite of the throbbing ache in his battered body.

Davariel pressed his bruised face and hands against the door, desiring to hold her close and drown in that heavenly scent.

I’ve never scented that before. I know what hatred and lust and fear smell like, so this must be love.

Closing his eyes, he sighed. Love smells beautiful…but…

How was he ever going to get her to safety?

Rubbing a finger on the battered wood of the bedroom door, as he listened to her cry his name with soft sobs, he thought. A pair of dragon shifters lived in the mountains nearby. They had been quietly evacuating the elves that inhabited the planet to another world, to keep them safe from the devils and demons pouring into this planet now.

He would get them to take Luci to a safer place; perhaps her own planet, Earth, which the devils and demons had failed to destroy due to the protection of the Seraphian Master Guardians and reapers guarding it.

“Yes,” he sighed, pressing a kiss to the door. “That is what I will do.”

He imagined his lips touching Luci’s and closed his eyes. Soon—he would do more than just kiss the virgin.

Standing on trembling legs, he summoned the two wolves that he’d assigned to keep watch over the cottage when he wasn’t around, and charged them with guarding Luciel. The beautiful creatures, one black, the other white, cowered in terror at his feet. They would do his bidding or suffer for it.

Davariel took to the night sky, his nose wrinkling at the stench in the air warning that the beautiful planet swarmed with demons. He flew for a while over dense, ancient forests, until he came upon a mountain. Despite the gloom of doom that hung in the air, he heard the merry singing of two inebriated individuals.

Near the mouth of a cavern, in the side of the snow-capped mountain, he found what he was looking for.

Remuel and Zakreel were two were-dragons, humans with the ability to transform into dragons, who were once mortal enemies. Having come from different clans, the blood dragon and the golden dragon had fought against each other for centuries, until they found themselves fighting against a greater common enemy...the Grei hunters that captured their kind to enslave them into sexual service.

When the two men noticed Davariel’s presence in the cave, they transformed into their bestial form and blasted him with their fire.

After a long moment they ceased, exhausted.

Davariel stood with his arms folded over his chest tapping his foot in impatience. “That was very stupid. You should be grateful that I’ve come to request a favor, otherwise I’d kill you both.”

“We’re not afraid of…” the red dragon began with a roar, then gasped in shock. “What the fuck say you?” The other dragon also stared dumbfound.

“I need your help.”

They both gawked at him for so long, for a moment, he thought they were either too drunk, or just plain stupid, to understand him. He opened his mouth to repeat what he said when both dragons began laughing their heads off.

“Holy dragon-pook. We are really pook-faced this time, Zak.”

“So you’re having the same hallucination as I am right now? Fuck me.”

Davariel didn’t have time for this nonsense. He raised his hands high and began closing his fists, letting his telekinetic energy grip the dragons’ throats in a tight power hold, making them choke until their eyes bulged.

“Silence,” he snapped. “I need for you to find a space transport to get an Edenian Master Guardian back to her home world. Do you understand?” The dragons gurgled their replies. “But before you take her away, I also need for you to shield us as I...take her.” He released them and they fell to the ground coughing as they transformed back into human form.

A pair of bright green eyes and shimmering blue ones glared at him.

“You want us to protect you while you force yourself on some poor woman,” the blonde haired one rasped, while the one with the blood-red mane struggled to inhale.

“It won’t be force. I must divest her of her maidenhood in order for her to remain safe. She won’t refuse me. She truly desires me.”

“Why should we believe you?” the redhead finally croaked.

“Because you have no choice. Obey or die.” Davariel summoned his demon sword.

“We’re not afraid of you or death, demon,” the red haired one named Remuel spoke again.

Davariel huffed in impatience. He didn’t want to kill them. If they were dead, they couldn’t help him help Luci.

“Then be afraid for the continued existence of this universe. The woman is the prophesied virginal sacrifice of the abyss. All of creation in this physical realm will be no more once the sacrifice is completed.” They didn’t look convinced, only suspicious. “Think of your families. They’re all going to die. Your children.” If he had children, he give his life to protect them.

The dragons looked at each other.

“I’ve got hundreds of little ones,” the gold admitted grudgingly.

The red snorted. “I’ve got thousands,” but then his smug grin faded as he turned back to Davariel. “Hey, wait a moment…why should you care?” Green and blue eyes narrowed once more.

“I’ve had a change of heart,” Davariel said in a quiet voice, his eyes holding theirs as he lifted his chin.

“We’ll help you save the girl, but you get yourself out of your own mess. Don’t count on us standing by you to fight the demons once they discover your treachery.”

“So be it,” Davariel answered in a low voice.

Chapter Five

Davariel soared into the sky once more, after having secured safe passage for Luciel to her home planet, Earth. Over the ancient forests of the planet he flew, looking for a reflective surface. All was dark and quiet below. Still, he could feel eyes upon him, staring in stark terror at the angel of destruction.

He spotted a lake nestled between a cluster of hills. The big, golden moon reflected upon its surface. He circled once, whispering an incantation that would allow him to open a gateway back to Megdoluc, then plunged head first into the black waters. Through the chill depths, he breeched the portal, resurfacing in the frozen hell that was Megdoluc. The biting cold stung his naked flesh, as he walked out of the small pool of a thermal spring that bubbled up between two boulders.

Ice and ash covered the surface of the demon planet. The few trees that remained were now devoid of the little greenery they once possessed, their blackened limbs twisting up toward the smoke choked sky as if in agony. The roiling sulfurous clouds the four super-volcanoes spewed into the atmosphere had long ago smothered the life-giving rays of the twin suns.

He found a cave and began his descent into the bowels of Megdoluc. Davariel circled around vents of heat coming from the deadly rivers of magma beneath the planet’s crust, a stark contrast to the frozen surface. The deeper he descended, the more lakes of fire and liquid rock he encountered; a descent into the antechamber to Hell.

He finally arrived at one of the main chambers. Glowing rocks illuminated the cathedral-like cavern, creating strange wavering shadows upon everything. Slumbering devils clung upside down, wrapped in their multicolored bat-like wings from the cavern’s vaulted ceiling. A few others, that skulked around on the ground, snarled and whipped their long tails at each other, only to wrestle for a brief moment, and then end up fornicating in unrestrained violence. They weren’t accustomed to being trapped in physical bodies and their weak natures made them succumb to the body’s basic instinct...fight for survival, eat, and fuck.

He had once thought they were beautiful creatures, created by the fallen angels to serve. Now he saw them for what they were—vile, ugly, disgusting things.

He felt an ache in his chest when he wondered if this was how Luciel saw him. With a dejected sigh, he leaned against a large boulder, rubbing at the bothersome ache in his heart.

She thinks I’m ugly.

Tears burned his eyes and nose.

“Why haven’t you sacrificed the girl and opened the gates? Lucifer is waiting.”

Davariel turned with a start to stare at the burgundy demon that had defiled him in the cottage. The memories of what they did to him came rushing back.

Davariel had to bite his tongue to keep from snarling at the demon. Still, he bared his fangs, wanting nothing more than to rip the creature’s throat out. “Her monthly bleeding is upon her. She’ll be sacrificed when she finishes and goes into heat,” he answered, thinking up a quick lie.

The Demon’s eyes narrowed.

“Lie to me, and I’ll torture the bitch before your very eyes, till she begs for death.”

Bile rose up in Davariel’s throat. He would never let them hurt his Luci. Davariel never knew he was capable of feeling so much hatred. He knew the demon would follow through on his threat. This one influenced the others more. It had to die.

He couldn’t allow them to hurt Luci, couldn’t let them know how he felt for her, or what he was planning to do—fuck her and ruin her for the sacrifice. Davariel needed to act if he didn’t give a damn about Luciel.

He shrugged with a sneer. “Do whatever you want, but know this… it took nearly half a siglon to find one as worthy as she. I guarantee you that powerful virginal Master Guardians don’t abound in this realm.”

The demon continued to growl, but made no movement. Instead, he studied Davariel’s face with narrowed eyes. “You want to fuck her.”

“Why wouldn’t I, imbecile? She’s beautiful.”

The hideous creature grinned, showing razor sharp teeth. “Perhaps we’ll give you her carcass so you can divert yourself once we’ve slaughtered her,” he taunted.

“I prefer them kicking and screaming when I fuck them.” Davariel barely kept himself from hissing.

The demon now snickered in amusement. “No one has ever kicked and screamed when you fuck them. Well, maybe screamed, but from gratification…even when you use your whip upon their flesh…they writhe in ecstatic delight.”

The demon’s glowing yellow eyes lowered to gaze with open lust at Davariel’s body, his slit-like pupils dilating.

Davariel realized the opportunity for revenge had been handed to him on a golden platter. Narrowing his eyes with a grin, he did what he did best. He licked his lips and allowed his gaze to turn seductive. “How’d you like to feel the sting of my whip on you? You fucked me, turnabout is only fair play.”

The Demon’s eyes widened in surprise, but he couldn’t hide the little shiver that went through him. He looked Davariel over once more and almost swayed forward. He brought himself to an abrupt halt and stared at Davariel with narrowed eyes.

“Come-on, fucker,” Davariel laughed, stroking his shaft slowly from root to tip. “You know you want me again. Stop playing hard to get.”

The demon growled, but this time it sounded like a growl of arousal instead of anger.

Davariel cocked his head to the side, and licked his lips. “Let me see what you really look like, demon. I know you’re an angel hiding underneath that...hideous exterior,” he coaxed.

The creature hesitated for a moment, then began to glow, bathing the rocks around them in a soft pink hue. The burgundy faded to a creamier tone as he transformed into a man virtually as beautiful as Davariel.

Davariel stared flabbergasted at the newly transformed being before him. The face was delicate and androgynous, with silvery blue eyes, a straight, pert nose, and plump, rose-kissed lips. Hair, white as snow, cascaded down in a shimmering fall to mid thigh, like an iridescent cape around a delicately muscled body that was obviously male, from the huge erection that rose up between creamy thighs. Still, the fallen angel’s ghost-like aura was black.

“Tell me your name.” Davariel masked his voice with a sweetness he did not feel.

The stunning male angel smiled. “If I did, then I’d have to kill you.” The soft, melodious voice could have been from either a man or woman.

Davariel shrugged, projecting all the charm he possessed into one captivating smile. The angel’s gaze heated up a few degrees at Davariel’s flirtatiousness. “So, I guess I’ll just have to call you Pretty-boy since you won’t tell me your name.” Rising to his full seven-foot stature, Davariel’s smile disappeared from his face. His red wings opened as he squared his shoulders and stared at the angel with narrowed eyes. “Kneel, slave,” he snarled.

The shock and rage on the fallen angel’s face almost made Davariel smile again.

“H-how d-dare you,” Pretty-boy stammered.

Davariel summoned his flogger and cracked it. The sound echoed throughout the chamber; making the angel flinch, then hiss like an enraged vampire.

“I said kneel, slave. If you want me to fuck you, then you’ll obey me,” Davariel roared.

The fallen angel blinked, his sneer turning into a little pout of anxiety.

“Fucking rot then,” Davariel snorted and turned to leave.

“Wait,” the angel implored.

Davariel turned to see the fallen angel wringing his fingers before finally going down on his knees.

What a stupid weak creature. No wonder they were cast out from the realm of light.

Davariel walked around the trembling fallen angel.

Ah, sweet angel... he mused, the hatred within him making him smile. You tremble in terror at my feet while your loins burn with lust for me.

“Put your hands on the floor,” Davariel commanded. The angel obeyed quickly. Gleaming white hair poured down to the dirty ash-covered ground, like water, covering half of that exotic, angelic face. “Nice.” He stroked the angel’s smooth, pale body with the tassels of his flogger. ‘Pretty boy’ moaned with pleasure before gasping in shock when Davariel struck him with the flogger, leaving red marks on his once flawless flesh. He leaned back and lashed the fallen angel a second time. ‘Pretty-boy’ took it and groaned in rapture, tilting his ass higher for more.

Davariel knelt behind him and let his tongue lave at the hurt he’d inflicted.

“Davariel,” the angel moaned, spreading his lithe legs wider in invitation. “Did you know Lucifer envies your beauty? Fuck me.”

Davariel’s heart pounded with rage. Feelings of revenge ate away at him. Time for retribution, Pretty-boy. He bared his fangs, and sank them deep. Fuck him indeed.

The angel’s sharp scream of pain echoed throughout the cavern, making the devils above them shift in irritation. The other two demons, slumbering a few feet away, looked with bored indifference. Typical demons. They couldn’t care less.

Davariel held the angel with his telekinetic power, sneering down at the shivering creature before him. He opened his arms feeling the angel’s blood dribbling down his chin and chest. Slowly, Davariel used his power to bring him up with a simple wave of his fingers. He pressed the fallen angel to his chest.

“Mmmm,” Davariel groaned behind the angel, squeezing his power hold so that the angel teetered on the razor sharp edge of pleasure and pain. “You’re such a pretty angel. Too bad.”

“W-why do you say too bad?”

“Do you know what’s so special about me, Pretty-boy? What’s so special about reapers in general?” He nuzzled the delicate ear beneath the curtain of iridescent white hair.

“Holy warriors.” The angel whimpered when Davariel’s hands came down to caress him, teasing his erect flesh, then slowly dragging up his torso to his candy-pink nipples.

“That’s right.” He licked the angel’s neck and pinched the pert little nipples hard, making Pretty-boy groan and tremble in exquisite bliss. “The Divine One created us special.” Davariel’s voice dropped down to a whisper. He could see each molecule of air swirling around them and knew he’d gone into kill mode. His hands tingled with deadly power. “We’re the only beings of this physical world left who can kill an immortal angel without use of a sword.”

The air around Davariel distorted, making the angel lose all color, turning grey and still like a lovely sculpture. The angel dissolved, like burned paper, turning into ash in Davariel’s arms and drifting to the ground in a cloud of dust.

The devils screeched in terror, flitting around in wild disorder. With the flick of a wrist, Davariel grabbed one hapless fool that flew too close, also turning him to ash.

His eyes darted to the two remaining demons eyeing him warily now. “Come closer,” he called sweetly to them, opening his arms, but the need to kill had his face contorting into a mask of rage as he snarled, “let me love you too.”

To be continued...

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