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Angel of Destruction;part 6

Angel of Destruction;part 6

He was like a god...born to be worshipped
Chapter Fourteen


Davariel stared at the icy fall of water, watching the image of his home in Sjoria faded away. He could still see Luciel’s screaming face in his mind. How happy they had been. How little it had lasted. At least his sons were safe. Now he needed to finish his task—kill the fallen angels that had traversed into this realm and finish closing the rift.

He turned to Abdiel. “We need to head out to the frozen ocean.”

Abdiel had cocooned himself with his wings. He shivered once and then nodded. “Climb my back Dava. I’ll fly us there.”

Abdiel turned and Dava hopped onto his back.

The boy was tall and well built like most young Seraph’s. Carrying Dava was no burden to him.

It was cold and Davariel had no clothing. He kept his head low to Abdiel’s shoulders, gripping him beneath his wings and arms, so that his arms hugged the young reapers chest. His legs wrapped around Abdiel’s hips.

The young reaper fly in haste to where Davariel had instructed.

“I don’t see the others,” Abdiel said over his shoulder, as he circled the funnel over Hell’s gate.

“They’ve crossed over. Land at the edge. Don’t go near the center.”

Abdiel obeyed, his wings fluttering rapidly as he landed toes first. Davariel slipped off his back and looked out toward the center.

“It smells bad here, Dava.”

Davariel looked at the boy. “Yes. It does.” He paused studying the young reapers face. Abdiel was maybe sixteen sun orbits. He had run away from Seraphia, aided by a group of Merulians. Davariel did not want the young boy to find his death here. “Abdy?”

The boy’s eyes lit up as he grinned, “yes, Dava?”

Davariel took a deep breath, and cupped his face between his palms. “I’m sorry little one.”

Abdiel pouted, his eyes searching Davariel’s. “W-what are you sorry about?” he asked in a small voice.

Davariel leaned in and kissed him softly—a sweet, chaste kiss on his petal-soft lips—and then he looked up to the sky.

Abdiel frowned and looked up also. Davariel took the opportunity to land his fist into the boys chin, rendering him unconscious. Abdiel went down. Dava, leaned over him, stroking his sweet face. “I’m sorry, little one, but this is for your own good. Ashriel will be here soon, and he’ll take you back home…where you belong, sweet child.”

He looked up and around. The devils wouldn’t come near the young reaper. They weren't that stupid. Abdiel could kill just as well as any reaper. Only a Demon could harm him and at the moment, the demons were busy trying to avoid the horde of reapers that had crossed the portal.

Davariel stood and began walking over the shimmering surface that covered the portal. When he felt he’d come in far enough, he whispered the incantation that allowed him to breech the portal and cross over to the other side.

The shimmering barrier bubbled beneath his feet, and he was submerged into darkness. Swimming downward until everything shifted, he came out on the other side—the caverns beneath the surface.

His body felt heavy, cumbersome. With a frown he looked at his back and gasped. His wings. His black wings were on his back again, making Dava scowl. With a frustrated huff, he dragged himself out of the pool of water. Had his divine sword been restored to him as well?

Davariel closed his eyes and called to his long lost sword, given to him by a Dominatio as his right as a reaper. The air sparkled before his face until the sword materialized.

Eyes wide, Dava wrapped his fingers around the jeweled hilt of the blade. Immediately he felt the rush of divine power infuse him.

His reflection glimmered back at him from the gleaming blade.

“Yes,” Davariel hissed with a grin. He began to run.

The corridors were empty, but after a while he began to hear the sound of clashing metal. He picked up speed.

The antechamber to Hell was full of reapers fighting fallen angels.

Davariel tried not to gaze upon the few reapers lying slain on the ground. Instead he focused on the fallen angels, trying to kill the ones still standing.

With three sweeps and hacks of his shimmering sword, he headed one angel and cut two others in half at their waist.

Three fallen angels came at him. He hacked, jabbed and swiped at them. They returned his blows with bone jarring force. When a fourth joined them, Dava began to fear he’d be overtaken. He managed to knock one away with a wing swipe, but two replaced that one. One was fool enough to come within reach of Dava. The fallen angel’s sword bashed Davariel’s and would have delivered a killing blow, but Davariel gripped his throat and the angel turned to ash. The tip of another angel’s sword pierced his side, and Dava hissed in pain. Five fallen angels. He hacked away, giving his all. The safety of his family depended on his surviving this.

Eriel was battling three fallen angels himself, and then he killed one as Davariel looked.

“Erie,” Davariel called out.

“A little busy here, Dava,” Eriel answered tersely cutting another angel, but unfortunately not seriously.


Eriel laughed. “No.”

Davariel swung his sword in wide sweeps, but could not catch any of the five angels left battling him. He needed to open the portal to the Realm of Shadows.

“Erie. You can out fly them.”

“I’m not leaving you.”

Davariel cursed under his breath, and then hissed when one of the angels cut his thigh. There were too many against him. He needed to open the portal now.

A blur of black and gold sliced through the fallen angel that had cut Dava, and then rammed into one more, knocking him away.

"Nice try trying to keep me out of this, Dava," Abdiel shouted angrily over the deafening sound of clashing metal. 

The confusion startled the other three left, and Dava uttered the incantation to open the portal, only he opened a smaller one than he would have liked.

The air seemed to part, forming a small black hole that grew bigger. The sound it emitted was thunderous. Davariel used his powers again to create a gilded frame around it to contain it. Left unattended, the vortex would continue to grow, turning into a powerful black hole that would eventually swallow all of creation.

The three fallen angels left to him began to circle him, enraged. Abdiel, so far, appeared to be holding his own with the one he battled. Dava just needed to kill the three advancing on him now before Erie or Abdy were hurt. 

Davariel had the ability to slow down time. Not for long periods though, because it drained his strength, but just enough to tip the odds in his favor. He took a deep breath and concentrated. The three angels rushed him, their swords raised and ready to kill. 

The air distorted around Davariel when 

he let his power bloom out. The air became gooey like gel as he swiped his sword sideways toward the waist of the closest fallen angel. As his blade swept through the fallen angel’s flesh and bone, another sword appeared sailing out of nowhere to cut another one in half. Davariel spun and delivered a killing blow to the third one.

He looked across the bloodied cavern to stare in wonder at Luciel. She’d found him. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. All he needed to do was help Eriel and Abdiel kill the two remaining fallen angels and they could go home while he sealed the rift.


“Davariel...I love you, she screamed from the other side of the cavern.

His smile lit his breathtaking face. She suddenly realized he had his black wings once more as he opened them and flew straight toward her; such a beautiful sight, with his enigmatic blue eyes and blonde hair billowing behind him.

There was a rushing in her ears, like an approaching wave of immense magnitude. Davariel was engulfed in a horde of hundreds of thousands of devils, too many for Eriel and Abdiel to be able to dispose of with their reaper powers. They flew toward the portal, taking him with them to their deaths...or whatever lay beyond the portal. Luciel locked onto his life force and teleported herself behind him.

They were falling. She was trying to hang onto his waist, attempting to lock onto the familiar surroundings of the cave, but it was no longer there. There was nothing around them. Even the Devils had evaporated without a trace.

Somehow, Davariel managed to grip and haul her up into his arms. His beautiful black wings began to hum behind him, halting their fall.

He looked around the swirling dark purple mist, and then looked at her. “Luci. Why, my love? Why did you follow me in here? There’s no way out.”

She buried her face in his neck sobbing. “I can’t live without you, Dava. I just can’t.”

His hands caressed her back as he kissed her hair. “It’s alright, my love.” His kisses feathered across her cheek, licked the tears that flowed from her eyes. “I love you. Just hold me, baby.”

Luciel sighed when Davariel’s petal soft lips caressed hers. She touched her tongue to his upper lip when he bit down on her lower one. They both groaned in unison. Davariel kissed her as if sampling the sweetest fruit, the tip of his tongue delving repeatedly into the heart of her mouth. Luciel wrapped her arms tighter around his neck and braced her feet against the backs of his thighs. Her heart beat frantically as she angled her hips, and then pushed herself down onto him. Davariel arched his back in pleasure and broke the contact of their lips to look into her eyes.

Her eyes roved over his face as her fingers tangled in the wealth of gold that spilled down his back. “We go as one, Davariel.”

His bright eyes shimmered and a few tears spilled down his flushed cheeks. “Yes, my love.”

His wings stopped and his mouth fused to hers as they dropped. Luciel linked her mind deeply to his, experiencing his life and allowing him to experience hers. All the while their souls sang to each other an ancient song of eternal love.

Then there was nothing. Only darkness...silence.

A soft glow began illuminating, growing so bright, she felt blinded. She panicked until she felt the familiar warmth and texture of Davariel’s body still wrapped around hers. His wings pressed her tighter reassuring her that he could feel her too.

“My love,” he whispered.

Her eyes finally adjusted to the brightness and she realized that it was coming from Davariel. He glowed like golden fire, even his wings.

They were lying in the middle of a field. The tall grass shimmered with iridescent colors and strange orbs floated in the air around them.

“Where are we?”

He looked around, then back at her. “I don’t know, my love.” His hand caressed her cheek. “You’re glowing. Like fire, Luci.”

Raising her hand, she saw that she was surrounded by light also. Good-god. Were they dead?

He helped her stand. Now she saw a few trees and flowers. They shimmered in colors she couldn’t quite make out. They were colors she’d never seen. How could that be possible? In the distance there were hills and not far from where they stood was a river. It looked shallow and wound around some trees before disappearing into a bright blue-white light in the horizon. The color of the sky was indescribable with large planet-like objects floating high above. Part of the sky was covered with deep purple clouds that rumbled and flashed.

“Did we fall from up there?” Luciel pointed toward the clouds, remembering the purple mist.

Davariel looked up and shrugged. Luciel felt captivated, watching his hair billow around him like flames. Reaching out, he caught one of the floating orbs. Holding it with both hands he looked at it.

Luciel forced her enthralled gaze from Davariel and turned around to survey her surroundings more. She tried to use her powers to get a feel of her surroundings, but it was as though her powers no longer existed.

A sound had her turning to Davariel again. Shock tore through her when she realized he was sobbing.

Luciel ran to him. “My love, what is it?”

He gasped, tearing his gaze from the glowing orb to look at her in alarm when she tried to embrace him. She could feel him trying to back away. What had he seen in that orb? His expression was one of horror. She reached out to take it from him, but he twisted his torso back and shattered it on the ground.


He gripped her shoulders, his eyes wild. “We’ve got to go back.”

Oh, God...the babies. Don’t let it be the babies. “What did you see? Are our sons safe?”

“Hold on to me.” His wings opened as he looked up.

She grabbed him and shook him. “Davariel, what did you see?”

He took a deep breath and looked into her eyes. “Time runs different here, than in our realm. Luci, if you ever want to see our boys alive you’ve got to hold onto me now. We must go.”

His words filled her with dread. She didn’t know how they were going to get back to their realm, but Davariel was not moving without her.

Moving around behind him, she jumped up to wrap her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

Her heart plummeted into her belly when Davariel’s wings gave their first jerk, making them soar into the heavens. She watched the strange world grow smaller beneath them as purple mists closed in. Hurricane-like winds buffeted against her, so hard, she felt her grip on Dava begin to slip.

“Davariel,” she cried out in alarm.

“Just a little more my love. Hold tight.”

She screamed when her legs slipped from his waist. His wings hummed around her as she struggled to keep herself tucked between them. She could feel him fighting the wind, trying to go forward.

There were voices, angry voices and yelling.

“No,” Davariel gasped.

Above the roar of the wind she heard another masculine voice. “Fuck. You ass-hole. Let me go. Think of Angel, you idiot.”

Did those quarreling voices belong to her sons?

Luciel gasped when she slipped down more, barely gripping Davariel’s waist in time, but the wind was too strong, and she continued to slip.

The two men argued. Davariel could clearly see the blond trying to pull himself free of the others grasp, but the raven-haired one held onto him with a death grip. Through the churning vortex of the portal, he saw the shadows of others, including a reaper. They were all trying to keep the two men from going through the portal and were failing at their task.

They were his sons. He could feel the certainty in his heart.

Davariel’s wings ached from the effort he made fighting against the power of the portal. He pushed harder, trying to reach his sons, stretching his hands out to touch them. Luciel’s grip around his waist loosened more and more. He caught her around the waist with his legs just as she slipped free. Agony ripped through him. Every muscle in his body strained to the breaking point.

The wind pushed him farther back until he could barely see his sons anymore.

No. I will not fail. I cannot fail.

Pain seared his back as he fanned his wings even faster. Once more, the twins came into view. Lucien’s cheek was bruised and his muscular body looked as though he’d seen allot of abuse. Davariel’s heart twisted in sorrow for his son. Devon looked up into Davariel’s face. It was like looking at himself with black hair. Devon’s eyes widened. They still glowed. Davariel strained harder until he placed one hand on Devon’s shoulder and the other on Lucien’s. Lucien’s head whipped around with a sneer that was quickly replaced by a stunned expression when he saw his father.

Davariel smiled at them and then turned to Luciel, who’d grabbed his hair and was using it like a rope to pull herself up higher on his body.

“Hold onto me, my love,” he told her. She reached around and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist.

Once again, he turned to Lucien and Devon, who were still gaping at him, and began pushing with all his might. Abba, please—he thought, offering a prayer to the Divine One—I’ll remain behind, but save those I love.

Light engulfed them. Hundreds of Dominatio appeared surrounding them. Their tiny hands grasped Devon and Lucien. Davariel felt his sons going back to the other side. The warmth of their skin no longer touched his palms. He wanted to cry at the loss.

“Luci too,” he begged the Dominatios.

Luci too what?” Her voice asked above the sound of the roaring wind.

A red-haired Dominatio came within inches of Davariel’s face. The scent of Edenian apples and cinnamon wrapped itself around him. “Would you truly sacrifice yourself? Stay behind so she may go through?”

“What? Davariel, no.”

“Yes,” Davariel answered with fervor, his eyes misting with tears. Anything for my love.

“Damn it. I won’t leave you behind.” Using her legs, she began trying to maneuver herself to his front. Reaching down, Davariel helped her up until she was in his arms.

“Luci, please. You can be with our sons.”

“Not without you.” She turned to the cherubs, brows drawn. “I won’t leave him.”

“Only one can pass,” the red-haired cherub said looking from Davariel to Luciel.

“Take her,” Davariel pleaded. “She shouldn’t have been here in the first place. This punishment was meant for me and only me.”


She began to cry, breaking his heart. He didn’t want her to suffer. “My love, no more tears. I’ll always love you. I’ll visit you in your dreams.”

“Davariel.” She sobbed against his chest, then lifted tortured eyes to him. “Please don’t make me go.”

“I cannot allow you to suffer a destiny that was mine alone. You’ll have our sons. They need you.”

Her arms tightened around his neck and her mouth slanted across his. Their tongues touched and mated. Davariel’s loins burned with desire for her. “Dava,” she sighed against his mouth, “make love to”

Davariel moaned as he gripped her waist and entered her. He trembled from the emotion of being one flesh with Luciel for the last time. She tightened her grip around his waist with her thighs as he began to thrust, taking her before the eyes of hundreds of Dominatios.

“My woman, my love,” he moaned. My heart, my soul. He felt no shame in reveling in the joy of being one flesh with his soul-mate...his Luciel. Sex was the most beautiful gift the Divine One had bestowed upon mortals.

Hands touched them, pushed. He felt his body smothered by hundreds of tiny bodies and wings. He could no longer move his wings, but he continued to thrust himself into Luciel, feeling on the verge of spilling. He wanted the love-making to last forever, but knew each second he savored the ecstasy of being buried in her lush depths years were going by for their sons.

Suddenly, Davariel fell with a thud on the ground of the cave in Megdoluc with Luciel beneath him.

Luciel gazed up at him wide eyed.

Davariel looked around, stunned. The cave was empty; the portal gone. He looked back down at her and the realization hit him. Imbedded deep within her, they were one.


Joy filled him like never before. He began to rock harder into her.

She rolled her eyes in bliss with a ragged moan. “W-we’re back?”

“Yes, my love. After I fuck you to within an inch of your life, we’ll go find our boys.”

“Oh, God, Dava.”

Her breasts bounced with each thrust. He watched her face, saw how her body contorted beneath his, so close to the edge of ecstasy, the scent of it perfumed the air around them. He tortured himself with the pleasure of holding back his release, and teased and taunted her with the promise of it, keeping her climax just out of her reach until she was sobbing and begging beneath him.

“Yes, my love…now.”

Luciel exploded beneath him, her muscles gripping and releasing him until he thought he’d die from rapture.

“I love you, Davariel.”

The words sent him over the edge. He thrust to the hilt and spilled. He bucked again with a roar, his tresses falling all around them like a veil. Fire still licked up his spine, and he bit his lip, fighting the urge to growl in lust and resume pounding into her. She was Edenian; he needed to pace himself.

“Oh, well, Dava,” she sighed contentedly from somewhere beneath his mane of hair.

Panting, he shook back his unruly locks and gazed down into her sweet face. She had a smug smile. Silly girl. She should know by now. Davariel smiled back at her before giving her a light kiss on her plump lips. “But, my love, I’m not done yet.”

She gaped at him, “Seriously?”

Davariel bit his lip and then sighed. “Okay. Maybe later after we find the boys.”



A little more than three hundred years before Davariel and Luciel’s return:

Ashriel’s black boots echoed in the pale grey corridor of the Master Guardians’ space station, Alpha 7. Aria led him into a white room occupied by twenty Seraphian Master Guardians. They sat around a long black table with a wall of thick glass at the far end showing the beauty of space. His scowl deepened as he looked into their faces. They were protecting Davariel’s successor, his demon son.

“Where’s the other one? There were two.”

The White winged Seraphs looked guilty for a moment.

“The other child disappeared. It doesn’t matter because the one who can really cause devastation is with us,” a raven haired Seraph said from the far end of the table.

Ashriel leaned over, placing his hands on the gleaming black table. “Why haven’t you destroyed the demon child?”

“His soul is pure innocence, Ashriel.” Aria looked at him in alarm.

Ashriel snapped upright with a snort. “With the incredible capacity of becoming unholy.”

“We won’t kill him.” The raven-haired Seraph stood striking the table with his fist.

Ashriel glared at him.

“Besides,” Aria interjected, “he’s under the protection of a Dominatio.”

Ashriel gasped in disbelief. “What? Impossible. He’s just an infant.”

“Ashriel, if another dark prince ever rises to throne, this child will be our only chance at salvation,” another Seraph argued.

“And if he’s the one that his father?”

Aria shivered. “Then God help us all.”


Alpha Angels series continues with:

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The Witch and the Dragon
*Dark Angel

*work in progress

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