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Angel's Surprise

The market was crowded today, perfect, that always made her job easier. Angel was, unlike her name suggested, not a good girl- she was a thief by trade. As Angel wondered through the crowd she spotted a target, he was wearing a cloak but Angel could see that on his right hand was a jeweled ring, a noble or someone wealthy who doesn’t want to be spotted.

Angel gradually worked her way ahead of the target so she could “casually” brush against him as they walked past each other. She had lived her whole life in this city, it was easy to blend in and look like everyone else which was essential in her line of work.

Angel took a long deep breath and slowly let it out as she brushed past and very gently slipped the ring off his finger and then froze… She couldn’t take a single step forward or move her body an inch.

Shit, Angel realized there was also a third group of people who would have money, Sorcerers. This was bad, Sorcerers never went anywhere without flaunting what they are, so why was this one hiding.

She heard a deep laughing voice echo in her head, “why indeed? That, my little lady is for me alone to know,” the mystery voice said.
“Now I want you to follow me,” the voice commanded and Angel’s body immediately started to follow the stranger without giving her a choice.

The stranger lead Angel down a series of twisting back allies until they reached what looked to be a dirty slum house, with a heavy looking steel door. He waved his hand in front of the steel door which then shuddered and opened, causing Angel to shiver in response, a sign of just what this sorcerer could do.

The open door revealed a dark staircase that lead down into a basement area, every step down raising the panic and worry about what the Sorcerer was going to do to her. Angel’s body came to an abrupt stop; she couldn’t see anything but then heard a sharp snap as the Sorcerer clicked his fingers.

Light suddenly overwhelmed Angel’s eyes so she had to squint until they gradually got used to the change. As her eyes got used to the sudden light she could see that they were in a large room, it contained only a few pieces of furniture- a closet in the corner, a trunk and a large 4 poster bed.

The Sorcerer spoke out loud for the first time with the same smooth deep voice “I have released your body back to you for the moment but please don’t do anything stupid.” Angel just nodded unable to think of what to say.

“You are very good with your hands- a thief I’m guessing, and a very good one at that,” He stated it as a fact not a question.

“I have a small proposition for you and if you are agreeable to it then you can keep the ring you stole from me.”
Angel looked at the Sorcerer waiting to hear his proposition.

“But first there is something I must know,” He raised one finger pointing at Angel. As he raised it she noticed that a line was moving up her dress until it reached the top where it stopped. Angel stood still not knowing what to do, when suddenly her dress and her underwear beneath it dissolved around her- revealing her curvy, womanly body with full sized breasts and trimmed pubic hair that matched the color of her shoulder length blonde curly hair.

Angel tried to cover up her sudden nudity with her hands.

“Mmmm very nice,” rumbled the Sorcerer, “you will do nicely indeed.”

“Now my proposal is that in exchange for the ring, you will give me your mind, body and soul to use any way I see fit for our, I would imagine, mutual pleasure until the run rises.”

Angel couldn’t believe what she was hearing, this man wanted to use her like some common hooker. She had always prided herself on the fact that she had never sunk as low as selling her body, but then again she had never dealt with a Sorcerer before.

“How do I know you will keep your word? I can’t even see your face,” responded Angel.

“Ah an excellent point,” cried the Sorcerer. He bowed and said “My name is Balthazar and so that you know exactly what you are dealing with, this is what I look like."

Balthazar rose his cloak and whatever clothes he was wearing under it also vanished in the same way Angel’s had.

Balthazar was a tall man, taller than she had been expecting, short jet black hair with stubble along is firm jaw. His body was lean and muscular.

Angel looked at Balthazar standing in front of her, naked. His desire for her was obvious from his arousal. Angel found herself reconsidering his proposal; she was attracted to him and the thought of how dangerous and powerful he was. It was having a substantial effect on her, so much so that she found herself getting wet.

Angel stood up straight and said “Deal”.

A ghost of a smile appeared on Balthazar’s face when he suddenly disappeared.

Angel was about to turn around when she felt hands wrap round her body and lips start to kiss across her shoulders and up her neck. A soft moan escaped from her mouth, as the hands slowly moved, exploring every part of her body but barely touching it at the same time.

Angel leaned her head back as the lips moved up the side of her neck until they reached her ear and began to bite them. At the same time she felt the hands move down to her legs, slowly spreading them, then something was teasing her nipples. It felt like air but firmer at the same time, Angel looked down and could see nothing touching her breasts. Suddenly she felt her nipples being pinched and pulled away from her, but there was still nothing touching them.

With a shiver of excitement Angel realized what was happening, he was using magic on her, to pleasure her. A louder moan escaped her lips as she relaxed into his body letting him know she wanted more. As Angel pushed her hips back she could feel his hot hard dick pressing against her back.

Balthazar moved one hand from Angel’s leg and gently cupped it over her pussy and started to slowly run his fingers over the top, teasing her and feeling how wet she had already become in anticipation. He used his fingers to ease open her pussy lips releasing more wetness that began to run down her thighs.

Angel curled her hips forward, trying to encourage Balthazar to finger her, which he did- first running one finger between her lips all the way up and down, then sliding it deep inside her. She pushed her hips down forcing his finger deeper inside her, then, as he slid his finger in and out of her, added another finger forcing her pussy open further.

Angel bit her bottom lip in pleasure as Balthazar whispered into her ear “Mmm tight, this is going to be fun”. He then moved his thumb over her clit and rubbed it in tiny circles in time with his fingers sliding into her pussy.
As Balthazar continued to finger Angel’s pussy he gradually increased the speed of his fingers thrusting inside her. Each time he inserted them all the way Balthazar released a tiny amount of magic inside her, to Angel it felt like a small explosion inside of her that set every nerve inside on fire.

Soon the combination of being fingered, kissed, teased and magic pushed Angel over the edge. As she climaxed a loud moan escaped her lips and her pussy began to gush even more than before.

“You seem to have made a bit of a mess down there,” murmured Balthazar into Angel’s ear, “Perhaps I should help you clean it up.” and with that Angel felt something lift her whole body up and flip her upside down and turned around. Now her pussy was level with Balthazar’s face and her legs spread apart as far as they would go.

Angel could feel his breath on her wet pussy, causing goose bumps all over her body. As he leaned in very slowly, Angel wanted to push her pussy closer to his mouth but couldn’t move her body. Then she felt Balthazar’s tongue sliding up and down the inside of her legs, collecting every drop of juice that was there.

As Balthazar slowly licked up all of Angel’s juices from her pussy she relaxed and noticed what was in front of her- Balthazar’s dick standing straight and hard, so she decided to play with it. She reached out and used one hand to cup his balls and the other to grab his shaft firmly and began to slide it all the way up and down it. Balthazar moved his lips to Angel’s clit and moaned into her pussy as she pumped his dick.

Pre-cum appeared on the tip of Balthazar’s dick so Angel used her thumb to spread it around the head, then when her hand moved back down his shaft she leaned in and swirled her tongue around it, tasting the sweet saltiness of it. Next she worked her tongue all the way around and down his dick until it was covered in her saliva. Then she moved her mouth back around the end, gradually working her mouth down every inch of it until she had all of it in her.

The feeling of having Angel’s warm moist mouth, wrapped around his whole dick sent Balthazar wild. He used his mouth to devour Angel’s pussy, sliding his tongue deep inside her, sucking on her pussy lips, biting her clit. Doing anything and everything he could to make Angel cum before he did.

Angel was in ecstasy, she had never known anyone as talented with their tongue as Balthazar. Her orgasm was building fast and she didn’t know how much longer she could hold it. She felt a sharp pain as he slapped her ass- that was it, the mixture if pain and pleasure forced her to release her orgasm. Angel climaxed like never before, with her mouth full she wasn’t able to scream and blood rushing to her head made her dizzy. All of this combined meant that she couldn’t release it properly so it caused wave after wave of pleasure to course through her body.

Finally as Angel’s orgasm began to subside Balthazar used his magic to flip her back up the right way and let her relax for a moment. He could see that she was starting to get tired and so he decided to do one more thing before finishing. At a wave of his hand Angel was sent back and pinned to one of the large wooden bed posts, arms and legs wrapped backwards round it.

Balthazar walked up to Angel and held her chin in his hand and as slowly kissed her, then let her slide down the bedpost until her pussy sat on the tip of his dick, still wet with her saliva.

“Do you want it?” asked Balthazar.

“P… please, please Balthazar, give it to me,” gasped Angel, “I want you in me so bad, please fuck me.”

And with that he let her body drop down onto his dick, forcing her all the way down it in one motion. Angel scream out in pleasure of being so full, and pain as her pussy was being torn open by his size.

He gave her a moment to relax and get used to him being inside her. Then he started to fuck her, slowly at first but soon getting faster and faster, his need for her consuming all other thoughts. He leaned in and kissed her again, biting her lip as a growl escaped his own.

The raw animal desire that was radiating from Balthazar made Angel feel like she was on fire. The pain from the wooden post made her body tingle in pleasure, his nails clawing down her breasts and nipples leaving fiery trails in their wake. His big hard dick throbbing and pounding inside her pussy making her beg for more. Again she felt it; her climax was building once more, ready to crash through her like a tsunami.

“Please cum inside me, I want to feel your seed in me,” screamed Angel, “I want it now.”

Balthazar pounded even harder into Angel, so hard that he thought he might break her, but didn’t care- his desire blocked out everything. Soon Angel screamed again, her back trying to arch but unable, her pussy tightening around his dick as she climaxed. He couldn’t take it anymore and let go, cumming deep inside her, load after load of cum released inside of her.

As they both finished Balthazar let go of his magic, letting Angel fall to the floor. She looked up and saw that his dick was covered in a combination of their juices. She kneeled in front of him licking him clean, enjoying the taste of them together. Once she had finished Balthazar picked up Angel and carried her to the bed and laid her down to sleep.

When she awoke, many hours later, it was still light inside the room and there was no sign of Balthazar. A note lay on a table next to the bed.

“I am glad you enjoyed last night as much as I did. There are new clothes in the closet for you and the door will open at your touch.


Once she was dressed Angel left the room wondering if she would ever meet Balthazar again.

She hopped she would.

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