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At The Crossroads

At The Crossroads

When you've got nowhere else to turn, what would you do... at the crossroads?
Krystal stood on the road, burying a box in the middle of the intersection. It might have seemed dangerous, if not for the fact that the road was an old, rarely-used limerock one. And if not for the fact that it was midnight. The only light Krystal had to see by was her electric lantern and the light from the moon and stars.

Evening out the last of the earth with her shovel, she stood and wiped the sweat off her brow and moved closer to the light. She wasn't really sure what to expect next, assuming anything actually happened. She had read about the ancient ritual online, but was now doubting it would work.

That is, until someone spoke from behind her.

"Well, well, well..." A smooth voice spoke.

Krystal spun around to see a woman standing in the very center of the crossroad, directly over the spot where she had buried the box. She wore a black leather jacket, biker boots and tight blue jeans with a tight tank-top; her dark hair was long and voluminous. She was taller than Krystal with soft features; full red lips and smooth pale skin.

Of course, all of that was secondary to the glowing red eyes staring at her from the woman's face. There were no whites to be seen; only that piercing crimson glare. The woman smiled.

"So, you must want to make a deal. Tell me... what it is that you desire most." She smiled an unnerving smile and stepped closer to Krystal, her eyes changing to appear completely normal. "Money? Power? Talent? Whatever it is, I have the power to make it yours, Krystal."

Krystal flinched. "H-how do you know my name?"

"Why, you told me. It's in the box, isn't it? With the spell you used to summon me here." The strange woman smiled again. "My name is Abbadon. I'm a demon. And I'm hear to make you a deal."

Krystal could hardly believed it had actually worked. But now that it had, she hesitated. The idea of trying to summon a demon had seemed great at the time, but now that the thing had appeared, she was beginning to regret that decision.

"Why don't you tell me what it is you want?" Abbadon held her hands up in a peaceful manner. "I won't bite."

"I... I want you to save my mom. Please. She's been very sick for a long time and... and she's in so much pain. Can you... heal her? Get rid of the cancer?"

"Of course I can, honey," the demon crooned. "That's what I do. But first..." she took another step toward Krystal. "You have to do something for me."

"What? What do I have to do? Tell me." Krystal began to feel some hope. Maybe this would work. However, her hopes plummeted and her blood felt like ice in her veins at the demon's next words.

"You have to sell me your soul."

"My..." Krystal was paralyzed with shock and fear. "I can't..."

"Sure you can," Abbadon insisted smoothly. "It's easy. And what good has your soul ever done you? You don't even know, do you? Nothing is what. It's like your appendix. You don't even need it."

Suddenly, a noise caught Krystal's attention. And apparently Abbadon's, as well. The demon stepped back with a look of fear or anger; Krystal couldn't tell which. It sounded like a huge bird flapping its wings, followed by a crunch of something landing in the gravel behind Krystal.

Turning, she saw not a bird, but a man. He had long, dark hair that hung around his broad shoulders. He wore a long-sleeved thermal top, the sleeves pushed up to his elbows and what appeared to be dark-colored military cargo pants and combat boots. The wind had shifted and seemed to curve around the man, moving his hair and rustling the trees near the road.

The wind did not seem to touch Abbadon, however. The demon stood stock-still and looked at the newcomer. "What are you doing here, Balthazar?" She hissed, her eyes regaining their red glow.

The man spoke to Krystal, rather than answer the demon. "She is lying to you, Krystal Briggs. If you give this creature right to your soul, you will suffer for eternity."

"Suffer for eternity? What are you-"

"Stay out of this!" Abbadon snapped, interrupting Krystal. "The girl and I are discussing business. And speaking of business, you don't have any here. This is of no concern to angels."

"Angels??" Krystal felt like the world was spinning. First demons, now angels. What next?

"Yes, Krystal. I am an angel of the Lord. And I can not allow you to sell your soul to this evil creature. If your mother's life is so important to you, why have you not prayed for her to be healed?"

"I've been praying! Nobody answered me!" Krystal screamed.

Abbadon snickered at the girl's frustration. Her eyes never left Balthazar, though. All too aware was the demon of how quickly the angel standing before her could snuff out her very existence. And honestly... the idea was turning her on. Call her a masochist, but Abbadon loved the idea of being dominated and fucked by a being more powerful than her.

And since there are no other powerful demons around... she pondered how best to seduce the angel, not even listening to the conversation anymore.

Then it occurred to her: possession. If she possessed the girl, a goody-goody angel like Balthazar would do anything she said, if she promised to free the girl's soul. Abbadon smiled and vanished and Krystal suddenly shuddered and gasped, stopping mid sentence.

Damn it! Balthazar rebuked himself for not realizing the demon's intentions. "Let her go, demon!"

"Relax, halo boy." Krystal spoke, but with a new tone to her voice. Her eyes glowed like embers. "I'll spare the girl; I'll even heal her mother. You just have to do something for me first." She licked her lips, looking the angel up and down.

The angel regarded her warily.

"I want you to fuck me."

Balthazar blinked. "What?"

"You heard me. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me like you hate me, Balthazar. Invite your wrath upon me. She won't feel a thing," Abbadon added, running her hands up her newly acquired body and squeezing Krystal's sizable breasts. "But I will. Or..." she added, sensing Balthazar's trepidation, "I can just drag the girl's soul back down to Hell with me."

Balthazar was stunned. For a moment, he said nothing. But he knew what he had to do. Squaring his shoulders, he approached the possessed beauty.

Looking into her eyes, he spoke calmly but firmly. "Then I will do what I must."

She smirked, her eyes flaring even brighter in victory. Balthazar seized her by the throat, pulling her close to him to growl in her ear. "I will make you pay for this, demon whore. Do not mistake my acquiescence for any mutual desire."

She shuddered beneath his fingertips. Krystal's pussy was already sopping wet, the demon's lust completely overtaking her body.


What's happening...? Krystal wondered in her semi-conscious, dream-like state.

We're going to screw an angel, babe. Abbadon whispered back to her. Enjoy it, doll. I can tell you're the same kind of freak as me. Your little boyfriend has nothing on this angel. If you think he's strong... just wait.

Krystal was afraid, but incredibly excited, partially due to Abbadon's lust overpowering her mortal mind. She secretly loved to be dominated and she had a feeling she was about to experience something out of this world.


Unaware of the exchange happening within the mortal girl's soul, Balthazar ripped the clothing from her body as his divine aura burned through his own. His body was lean, hard with muscle and hot to the touch, filled with divine power. The angel's long cock hung low, only partially erect for now, thickening and stiffening as his touch traveled over Krystal's nubile body.

She had a slim build, but with curves hidden by her clothes. Full, perky breasts, each more than a handful. Her legs were toned and lead up to a round, perfect ass. Her skin was pale, but not unattractively so. In all honesty, Balthazar was becoming very aroused by the idea of ravishing the young human.

"On your knees, demon." Balthazar's tone was cold, masking his growing lust.

Abbadon looked up at him and smirked, pursing Krystal's plump lips. "Make me." Balthazar grabbed her by the shoulders and forced the woman to her knees on the hard ground. The pavement struck hard against her flesh, but it only excited Krystal - and Abbadon - further.

Before her eyes, Balthazar's cock protruded from his body, long and hard. Abbadon was eager to taste an angel's cock and opened Krystal's mouth eagerly, licking the thick head. Balthazar hummed his approval as Krystal/Abbadon stroked and worshiped his cock.

Losing patience, Balthazar thrust his cock into her mouth, driving it into the back of her throat. Krystal gagged slightly, her clit tingling at the feeling as Abbadon practically purred around the angel's huge cock. Balthazar hesitated for a moment, wanting to spare the girl from what was to come, but remembered Abbadon's threat and forged ahead.

Pulling back so that only the head of his member remained in Krystal's lips, Balthazar thrust back into her mouth, shoving his cock into her throat. He pumped his hips faster, fucking her throat. He tried not to enjoy it, but the feeling of Krystal's mouth and throat sucking his cock was too much.

Balthazar groaned in pleasure.


Krystal was panting in her mind, becoming more and more aroused as her body choked on the angel's manhood.

Ooh yeah, baby. Just keep sucking that big dick, Abbadon growled. The demon was enjoying herself immensely. She and Krystal could see each other in her mind's eye, their naked bodies flushed with excitement. Abbadon slapped one of Krystal's round ass cheeks with a sadistic laugh.


Krystal moaned again, the vibrations of her throat sending shivers down Balthazar's spine and even into his wings, invisible on the earthly plain.

Pulling his cock away, he left the demonized woman on the ground gasping and coughing. He swept around behind her and bent Krystal's body further forward, finding her dripping wet pussy aching and ready for him.

The angel delivered a stinging slap to her ass. Leaning close to her, he growled in her ear, "Is this what you want, hellspawn?" He rubbed the tip of his cock against her wet labia. "Do you want me to fuck you until you can't even think?"

She moaned something incoherent and Balthazar slapped her ass again, even harder this time.

"Answer me, you demonic slut! You will free the girl after I have finished with you. Do you understand?" He added, wrapping a hand around her throat from behind.

"Yeesss..." the demon hissed. "Please, master..." Abbadon was becoming completely overwhelmed by her arousal. She had no idea angels knew how to be so demanding!

Balthazar nodded before thrusting himself deeply into Krystal's pussy, the force reverberating in her soul and causing Abbadon to shriek in a combination of pleasure and pain, sharing completely with the mortal girl as their souls clung to each other, desperately needing more.

The angel continued to fuck them, using his power to restrain Krystal's impending orgasm, forcing it to build to the point that both the girl and the demon inside thought they would go insane.

Krystal was so lost in the feelings that Abbadon could not even speak through the girl's mouth. All that they were able to utter were sounds of pure ecstasy. Finally breaching Balthazar's mind, Abbadon implored him telepathically.

Please, sire, let me cum.... Please, master! I'll go mad... Balthazar, please, let us cum! She shrieked and cried out to his mind. It was the "us" that caught his attention.

"She can feel this?" Balthazar was horrified - momentarily. "And... she's actually enjoying it?"

The only answer he got was more unintelligible whimpering. With one final thrust, Balthazar buried himself inside of Krystal, exploding deep inside of her as he released his hold on their combined orgasm.

Krystal could not scream; she could not make a sound. Her orgasm was too powerful for that. If not for the demon possessing her and strengthening her, she would have lost consciousness from the power of the release. But Abbadon willed herself and Krystal to stay conscious and ride out their tremendous orgasm.

The power of the angel and demon cumming together shook the earth around them, reverberating for miles as Balthazar filled her with his essence.


Once they recovered, Abbadon repaired the damage to Krystal's body, healing her bruises and scraped knees as they basked in the seemingly never-ending afterglow of having made love to an angel.

Balthazar stood off to the side, waiting for Abbadon to speak. Finally, the demon stood, still radiant in Krystal's naked body. She snapped her fingers and the girl's tattered clothing reformed and covered her nudity.

Finally, she spoke. "Well Balthazar, a deal's a deal. Like a burst of fire, Abbadon leapt from Krystal's body to stand before them. Krystal shuddered.

"Same goes for you," Abbadon smirked. She closed her eyes for a moment, then looked back at Krystal. "Your mother will be fine," she told her.

"Are you alright, Krystal Briggs?" Balthazar asked softly.

The dazed human girl looked at the two creatures standing before her, the dark flames of Abbadon's aura faintly visible to her, as well as the faintly glowing silhouette of Balthazar's wings.

"The next time you two decide to pick a fight..." she mumbled, a sleepy smile spreading over her face, "count me in..." With that, Krystal fell into Abbadon's arms, beyond exhausted.

"Humans," the demon mused. "Such flimsy creatures." She easily lifted the girl and put her back in the driver's seat of her car.

Turning back to the angelic warrior standing quietly behind her, Abbadon put her hand on her hip. "And you..." she pointed at Balthazar, a satisfied smirk spreading on her lips. "You and I are going to be seeing a lot of each other." With a wink, she vanished.

Balthazar stood there for a moment, considering everything that had happened and felt a slow smile creeping across his own face. "Indeed we will... Abbadon. Indeed we will." Flapping his heavenly wings again, he too departed, leaving a blessing of his own for the soundly sleeping mortal.
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