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Beauty and the Vampire part 1

the maiden who is pure and striking in beauty shall capture the heart of a King
Lord Dimitrious was nearing his next birthday and he as dreading it as he had now for almost 2,000 years. What upset him the most, was out of these parties and Masquerade Balls, he had not yet found his mate.

All of the females that had passed through the corridors and hallways of his father's old world castle had been nothing more than common prosititutes. Alexander wanted something more then just a common chambermaid. Knowing there was another Ball being planned, he set his decision.

Planning for one last time, he set it into motion for a Midnight Ball. Only to see the invitations go out one last time.

Gabriella Marie Sorensen was the busiest person that anyone had ever known. She was all about school and then coming home to change for work. She had friends outside of these areas of her life, but they were always trying to get her to party more or go out drinking.

One of her friends had tried her to some weed one night. She walked away and just went home, blowing them completely off. What kind of life was that to just want to get drunk or get high and do something really stupid?

Gabriella was a nurse after all, she knew all the side effects of what these things did to a body. she didn't want to be apart of them or of that crowd.

It was late one night and she had the night off. Some of her other friends were hanging with her whilst she spent some time with her mother. There came a knock at the door. A stately man, dressed very formally in coat tails, stood there at the door.

Stacey, one of Gabi's friends had gone to answer the door and she was shocked by what she was seeing. "Are you Gabriella Sorensen?" His voice was deep and rich. Stacey shook her head and called for Gabi. She went to the door and knew.

He bowed to her still holding the two items on the small silver platter. "Miss Sorensen, I bring you an extended invitation of my Master. He wishes that you join him for the Masquerade Ball," he said regally.

Gabi was speechless. He handed her the two envelopes and bowed again. "What is the second envelope for?" she asked before he could leave. He smiled gently at her. "An invite to my Master's favorite boutique of course."

"He prefers his young ladies to be dressed properly for such an event. I am also to say that this is the last time."

Gabi looked puzzled. "Last time? Last time for the Masquerade?" she asked. He nodded.

"Yes. My Master has come to the decision that this is his last chance to find his mate. If he does not succed, he will return to his homeland and remain there for the rest of his life," he said rather sadly. Gabi went blank and knew what that felt like; being alone.

She nodded and thanked the courier for delivering her the invitation and he bowed, leaving her for the night. Gabriella was now sitting in the living room with seven people looking at her, wanting to tear both envelopes from her hands and read them.

Gabi was gentle with the soft ecru linen envelope and then pulled a folded piece of actual parchment paper from the envelope. Deep black ink was raised on the paper she held in her hands. The lettering felt almost embossed to her.

Letting everyone know what was said, Gabi read the note aloud. It read as such:

"I extend this personal invite to you, Miss Gabriella. I wish that you join me for this extravagant night of song, dance, and talk on this glorious eve. Meet at me at my estate on the 21st day of June 2012. A room has been made your own for you to dress and prepare yourself for my liking. Your Servant, Lord Alexander Dimitrious."

Gabi was floored at what she had just read with her own eyes. His hand writing was exquisite and beautiful to say the least. No one wrote like that anymore. She couldn't help but feel that there was a reason for her being brought this invite.

She nodded to herself and passed it around to the other girls seeing jealousy come out in them. She opened the second envelope and read the invitation to the private boutique. By which that was the only way you could step foot into the shop. She nodded glad that she had the next four days off.

What could something like this do to hurt her? There was no harm in just going anyways.

As she lay in her warm bed that was night, wide awake, she thought back to what the courier had said- about this being the last and him going back to his homeland.

'How horrible to have everything you want and to be alone. That is no life to lead,' she thought to herself. She had seen him twice in person. Once during a speech in her State Assembly and the other was to mark the beginning of building the new wing on the hospital, for those with rare blood diseases.

She was taken with the man, seeing all the of the good that he was trying to accomplish here in her city. His Estate was closed off to any who wanted to see, even pay respects. She had learned that he and his family preferred quiet and not to be disturbed.

Rolling over sometime after midnight, Gabi fell asleep thinking of Lord Dimitrious.

She woke early that next morning as if someone had leaned down and yelled in her ear. She was unusually wide awake and looked over at her bedside table, still seeing the same two envelopes she had gotten last night.

After showering and then dressing for the day, she looked at the envelope that held the invite to the boutique. She had to be there by 11:00, sharp. Collecting her keys and her purse, Gabi drove down to the boutique.

She went in, seeing the lady behing the counter. She went up and showed her the invite she had to this boutique. The lady soon changed her demeanor about Gabi and took her to a much more private section of the boutique.

Gabriella was shocked- all of these dresses were actual ball gowns. Never in her whole life had she worn something this incredibly beautiful. The ladies inside began to ask her all sorts of questions, especially her favorite color.

She then asked if she could help paw through some of the gowns that she saw. She was more then welcomed to do so. She found all kinds of gowns and none really struck her.

Being a size 14 petite, 44 D cup breasts and just that one girl that guys looked through, she wondered what was so special about her. It took her almost an hour to paw through the ones that would fit her. She then found two gowns. The first was a pale ivory yellow and was more of a halter top kind of gown and the back was open because of it.

She did try it on and liked the color of it, a nice contrast against her auburn brown hair that hung heavy and nearly to her waist. Then came the second gown. It was a soft and sheer lavender and ivory mix. They had these in smaller sizes and no one was really going for them.

They thought it too much of a traditonal ball gown. Gabi had help in taking the first gown off and then realized that there was more to this gown then what people thought. She was carefully put into a corset that helped her, doing wondering for her large breasts.

She then stepped into the gown ever so carefully and was zipped up into it. The tulle for the sleeves rested perfectly against her arms, laying the way it should have. The beading in the front was just right. She could see herself in this gown.

There was more beading on the skirt adding to the crystals that had been hand sewn onto the gown itself. She loved the way it looked on her. After saying that this was the one she wanted, she was helped out of it.

Going through the boutique she was able to gather all of the extra accessories that she wanted. Since there was simple beading on the gown itself, she went with the earrings that held a diamond stud the size of a large pearl and then held a strand of smaller pearls. It even came with a matching bracelet.

With just a pair of simple white heels she thanked the three ladies inside and took her garment bag in hand. Just before she walked out of the shop, she heard that she was the most polite and courteous young lady that had been in this shop so far to gather a gown for the Masquerade. Gabi left with a smile on her face.

Alexander was growing restless and bored as he watched these young ladies show up, thinking the same thoughts as the ones before them. They were all like cattle, just looking for a new place to graze. They were all headed into there rooms to begin to dress for the Masquerade.

There was one young lady that arrived only a few minutes late seeing his father in his room he became irritated. He was a bit unnerved at something even though he was hearing his father, her thoughts were silent. But her eyes spoke what he seemed to be thinking- awe, wonder and surprise.

If anything she would be the one to get to know this evening. What stunned him the most was her natural light beautiful and floral scent that carried gently on the evening breeze.

He was licking at his lips trying to get his fangs to retract, seeing ashow they would match the length of someone's index finger. Alexander was trying even harder to not think about how sweet her blood would be. He shook his head hearing his father and looked out the window one last time and finished preparing himself for this evening.

Gabriella had just finished with her hair and makeup, getting ready to step into this beautiful gown. There was a knock at the door and the female servant that was helping her went and answered the door.

A man wearing a deep blood red velvet cape came into her room. Gabi knew exactly who this man was. He was even more beautiful in person. She bowed to him, still in her robe, and was ever so polite to him. "My Lord," she murmured.

"Miss Sorensen, I am glad that you have arrived. I do trust that you will enjoy this evening," Alexander said to her, now sitting. Gabi grew nervous in the presence of this man - not just because of who he was but just in general.

"I mean you on offense my Lord, but I am not like any of the other ladies that you have invited here this eve," she said even quieter and looked away.

This made him stand and he took her hand, concerned. "What makes you so unworthy to not be here tonight? To not be in my presence?" he asked stroking the inside of her wrist.

Gabi sighed and looked at him. "I have no experience when it comes to men. I haven't a boyfriend or any kind of relationship as such. I am a virgin and am rather proud that I have held my innocence for as long as I have."

These words rang in Alexander's ears. She was pure and untouched by any hand of man. So very unlike any of the other females that he had taken in the past. Some had even lied to him about being pure just so that he would take them.

Alexander could smell the slight scent of her, knowing that she was being truthful. A light red stain came across her cheeks from saying that to him- she was blushing and completely embarrassed by it. Alexander pressed a kiss to her wrist and then to her hand.

"Where I come from you are highly regarded. You are a female of worth because you are pure." Alexander paused and stepped back from her. "I only wished to welcome you into my home and wish that your stay is enjoyable this eve, Miss Gabriella," he said formally, bowing and leaving her be in the room.

Gabriella was heart broken. No man wanted a virgin and she knew that. Lord Dimitrious was royalty and even he was afraid of her. She made up her mind to stay only an hour- and then she would leave.

With some help from the other female servant, Gabi got into this gown. They fixed a few parts she had with it and stepped into the shoes. This allowed them to adjust the bottom of the gown.

Once completed she left the room. She was closest to the grand staircase, seeing Alexander. Everyone else was swooning over him, critizing everyone else's gowns. Lord Dimitrious was introduced as the host for the evening as he stood there with his father, King Darius.

He did make the announcement whilst he had the chance. "IF my son finds his mate here this evening, I declare it now. My time has come to an end and a new era is upon us. I want my son to ascend the throne and rule with his Queen at his side." He declared passing the law with the tone of his voice.

Gabi saw all of the girls getting greedy, almost waiting for a cat-fight to break out at any moment. Now joining his father at his side, in a throne, the procession began. All of the girls were introduced one at a time, hearing chatter and seeing the Orchestra play.

"Miss Gabriella Sorensen," she was called by name. Gabi swallowed hard and now as the last one to stand on the staircase. The room quieted down and the music stopped; everyone was looking at her. The King himself had even stood slowly, seeing this beautiful young woman in a purple gown decend from the Staircase.

She could see all of the other jealous women in the room. She moved with such grace and poise it was almost perfect. She curtsied to the Royal Family as she now stood before them. "My Lord," she murmured. The King moved from the raised platform and used his finger to look at her full in the face.

"If I may be so bold, may I have a dance with thee?" his deep voice asked. Gabi barely saw Lord Dimitrious tilt his head at her, curious.

"Of course, my Lord," she whispered. The king took her to the dance floor hearing a waltz start up. The room was silent as they danced, seeing nothing but envious women everywhere she looked.

They twirled around once more and he stopped her, beckonning his son over to him. He then took Gabi's hand and Alexander's hand, putting them together. "I have choosen this lovely young lady for my son," he declared to the crowd.

Gabi blushed a bit and looked down. The king smiled at this, and then spoke again. "I could not deny my son this. After he came to me and told me that there was one among this group of lovely young ladies that was pure and untouched by the hand of man, I could not refuse."

King Darius then moved and kissed her forehead and motioned for a red velvet box to be brought forth. It was opened and the King clasped on a necklace; a pearl and diamond necklace. It also matched the earrings and the bracelet she also wore.

"You are the guest of honor. Please, dance," he said stepping away. Gabi blushed a bit more and Alexander twirled her around, now spinning them off around the center of the room.

Alexander almost forgot what it was that he was doing, almost forgot what it was that had him so captivated by this beautiful young woman he was holding his arms right now. Everyone that Alexander passed heard the jealous thoughts and the envious aura that flowed off them like water.

She was his princess and he knew that. Felt that within the very ache of his chest right now. Taking her off into a private garden, he watched as the light sparkled from her gown and changed and made the lavender satin turn a light blue. 
They kept dancing hearing nothing but themselves as they breathed. "I thank you my Lord for allowing me to wear such a beautiful necklace. I shall return it to you when the night is over," Gabi murmured, politely.

Alexander grinned at her, now showing only her the points of his fangs. Gabi just stared at him now. "Oh, my love, it is a gift. I want you to have it," he said quietly, pressing his cheek to her forehead.

They twirled once more and off into a private room or maybe it was a pavilion. Everything was so floral here. Alexander had soon stopped knowing that his choice was made; it was now her turn. If she rejected him he would be alone forever.

"You see me as what I am my darling. I cannot change that. But you know of what is that I seek, my love. I understand now what it is that I have been seeking - you," he said quietly his fingers caressing her cheek.

Gabi sighed silently, looking at her hands."Am I to give up everything that I have? What you ask of me my Lord is a very big decision. But there is one thing that I see in both of us that makes us the same," Gabi said seeing the sadness cross his face.

She reached out and took his hand and pressed it back to her cheek, feeling how warm it was . Alexander wrapped his other arm around her lightly, bringing her and her scent closer.

"You have been in need of someone just like like me. I find that to be so unfair to have to be alone for so long and have no one to share it with. It just seems cruel to me," she murmured tracing his lips with her lips, so unafraid.

Grinning at her words and at her touch, Gabi moved, feeling him take her to stand. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Alexander growled in approval and pulled her closer to him. His eyes, still blue, now glowed in the semi-darkness. Alexander was gentle and pressed his lips to hers.

The affect was instantaneous. Like an addictive drug injected into one's system and he couldn't get enough - neither could she. Her hands and fingers were clawing at the ends of his hair, gently felling him nip at her jaw and at her flesh, but not breaking the skin. Gabi urged him to the vital artery of her neck.

"Have me my Lord and I shall give you all I possess, as long as we are one and together always," she whispered.

Growling with pleasure he smirked at his princess and kissed at her vital artery. "Then I shall have you in private, my Queen. No other man shall take you nor lay eyes upon your beauty," Alexander vowed, taking her away in secret.

Once in the private confines of his magnificent bed chamber, Alexander took his time undressing his mate. He lay her gown at the foot of the bed, on the bench. He carefully untied the tight corset and pulled it off of her, revealing her large ample breasts that had never had a man's touch.

Now seeing the glorious glowing naked body of his Queen, he lifted her and laid her upon his bed. With the door now locked and only the Great stone fireplace as light and for warmth, he growled low as Gabi ran her hand down his chiseled chest, seeing her help her mate undress before he lay almost over top of his love.

His hands stroked the sides of her face with warm hands. He loved how her bright green eyes sparkled in the light of the fireplace. Everything about her was perfect.

"I shall have you my darling, and we shall live forever. I shall see you grow round with my child by the next full moon," he promised her, kissing at the crease of her neck. Urging him more, Alexander soon bit her, taking the sweet rush of her blood into his body.

With a breathless gasp leaving her lips, Gabi wrapped her legs around him wanting him inside her. With him still drinking her sweet wine, she arched into him trying to get somewhere. He stilled her easy, holding her tight in his arms and letting the hard hot length of his arousal press into her belly.

She gasped more as he let her go, licking at the now healed puckered marks on the inside of her neck. He moved and let his hands cup under her large breasts heaving with each breath she took. Alexander moved and began to gently suckle on her bosom feeling her squirm with delight as he made her body respond to his caresses and kisses.

His hands then ran down to her hips circling gently over her thighs. He doubled down and moved gently. His massive shoulders rolling like that of a lion. His hands moved and caressed over the smooth skin of her legs before cupping under her thighs.

Gabi gasped loudly as his soft mouth went for her little mound, licking suckling between her legs. He bathed in her core, the untouched flower that she had. He growled with great pleasure knowing that she was pure and now all his. He made little circles around her erect peak that was her clitoris and slipped only a finger into her untouched virginal cleft, seeing and smelling her sex for him.

He could almost imagine what it would be like to take a woman of true purity. He let his fingers and tongue love her before feeling her spasm with an orgasm and cry out from the pleasure he gave to her.

Lifting his face from her flower, she was breathing hard and now smirking at himm. She wanted him and pulled him over top of her and kissed him. He held his mate tight in his arms as she moaned out, his hand in her curled hair.

When he pulled away from his love, he bit down at her wrist and gave it to her. "Drink, my only love," he encouraged her. She went to his arm and grabbing it began to drink his blood. He closed his eyes and stroked her hair feeling her jerk and twitch as she changed.

Her fangs, not quite as long as a male's, were so sinfully delicious. When they hit his vein he stilled himself, knowing that his mate and his Queen had been found. He would take no other. He would lay with no other; he would love no other.

She clamped down onto him unable to match his strength and took what she wanted. After she pulled away she reached up and felt the now one inch long fangs of a female vampire.

"Come, my sweet vampiress, let us to sleep and wake at sunset to enjoy the pleasures of the body. We are born again and shall live forever now. For you are are my Gabriella and my only love," he whispered to her sweetly. She moaned out from this kiss, clinging to him tighter.

Moving to drape the red and gold sheets and duvet cover over her so that no man may see her gloriously naked body, he wrapped his arms around her. Letting the bed curtains drop around them with his mind, the first rays of sunlight came in the room and both of them fell alseep now awaitng the sunset.

To be continued in part 2.
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