Beauty and the Vampire part 2

By ShyVixen21

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The maiden who is pure and striking in beauty shall capture the heart of a King.
The whole of that next day, everyone was talking about Gabriella Sorensen and how she had captured the heart of Lord Alexander Dimitrious. Her mother, Selena had tried to gain access into the Estate and she was barred. They said that a message would be passed along and that she would call sometime later this evening.

She was in with her new husband enjoying what he wanted to share with her. Her mother was a little worried about that. That was then that word and rumor had spread- about her being the Guest of Honor. She was taken and made womanly by the Lord of the Castle.

She was now his and never to be shared with by another- that was family law.

As the sun went down by about 6:00 that evening, Alexander stirred himself and saw his beloved laying right beside him in his bed, still covered. He watched her for those few moments before she woke, seeing her beauty and the kind heart she had for him.

She stirred a few moments later and looked up at him. His sex stirred as she did, making him more aroused and more erect. Her hand touched his lips. "Alexander," she breathed, smiling at him. He caressed around her face, curling around her cheek like satin covered over a crystal bowl. 

She rolled and wrapped her arms around her love, kissing him. "Take me my King, love me forever in arms. Let me know your touch," she whispered. Alexander grinned and kissed her, coaxing her open gently. 

His hands ran down her sides and then cupped under her round backside, hitching her legs around him as he lay her back down onto their bed. He was gentle was he slid in his thick 12 inch cock, feeling her hymen stretch as she whimpered in pleasure from this. He was kissing at her collarbones, holding her tight in his arms. 

He thrust once into her flower, hearing her shout out as he did, making her his mate. The sinuous pumping he did to her was incredible, more then she knew was possible. His strength was absolutely wonderful and she loved it. 

He let her roll him onto his back and she began the pace on them, wanting this more than anything. She knew that she was going to reach orgasm first and it was hard to hold back. He was suckling on her breasts again as they bounced in his face, lush and beautiful, his fingers teasing at her clitoris again.

She cried and moaned out as she reached orgasm with him not wanting it to end in anyway. He pulled her closer and held her as she gasped out a little, riding out the waves of climax and orgasm. He moved and pulled out only to shove his erection back in as she was now on all fours. Alexander pumped her from behind holding onto crashing hips and feeling his orgasm coming on strong. 

He knew that she was newly turned and there was a possibility of his new Queen coming with child. That beautiful and wonderful thought made his pumping even faster and harder. He wanted that more than anything with her. "Love me, my King," she whimpered breathlessly. 

He rode her feeling her muscles tighten around his hard length at the idea of another climax. 

He shot her up hard and fast. She moaned out and gripped at the oak headboard, crying out from the pleasure. Alexander kissed up her spine and held her tight. 

Unable to pull out of her just yet he let himself have another round with his mate as they were, enjoying hearing her cry out from the pleasure they had. He then bent down to her ear as he took her still. 

"Take my child my Queen. I want to see you round, growing with my child within," he grunted in her ear.

She placed his hand over top of her untouched womb and held it there as he pumped more. "Then plant your seed here my King," she cooed to him. 

"I would gladly take our child within me," she cried out as another climax and surprise orgasm hit her without warning. It did him as well, filling her deep with stream after stream of this thick cum and refusing to pull out from her juicy, sopping wet folds. 

After changing positions and his sack empty, she wanted more and he soon found that he wasn't empty and shot more of his thick seed into her waiting womb. 

When all the passion was spent and sated, and both the King and his Queen spent, now licking the few bite wounds they had from drinking from another, he pulled her closer and held her tight. Stroking her hair as she lay on his chest, there was nothing to say as their touches spoke for them. There was now a knock at the door and she was tucked in before it was opened. 

Alexander's father, King Darius, came in, seeing the happiness that he had given to his son, now having found his love and his new Queen. He nodded and smiled seeing what had taken place. He only came in to say that Gabi's mother had tried to get inside earlier and was barred from doing so. 

She nodded and said that she would call her. He inclined his head and let them be as they were. Alexander kissed her forehead and pulled her tighter. "Oh, my love," he whispered to her. She nuzzled against his neck and snuggled more into him, refusing to let go.

Gabi then rolled closer to him and was stroking his face, gazing into his blazing blue eyes. "I never thought that I would be with a vampire, let alone become one," she said amused, but hiding this fact. He tilted his head at her, his hand on the back of her head, playing with her hair.

"Why's that love? I'm curious to know," he whispered, curling his fingers around the stray curls.

"I always found myself reading novels and stories that held the vampire fantasy. I found them to be mysterious creatures of the night, wondering how they lived and if they weren't that much different than humans," she answered.

Alexander grinned his fangs flashing at her and rolled her so that she was under him, her legs out and wrapped around him as he arched himself deep into her. He began out slowly, caressing her body sweetly and hearing her moan out as he began to stroke her from the inside. "We are not that much different than them my Queen," he said gruffly.

She hitched her legs higher on him and let him have her core. She whispered that she wanted his child. That she would do anything for him to be able to give him this precious gift. He moved and his crashing hips met her on the down stroke and he growled out in satisfaction, wanting more.

His speed and his motion picked up more and the bed was lightly banging up against the wall hearing her gasp out as he came ramming back down into her waiting flower.

He exploded with the greatest orgasm that he had ever known or experienced in all of his 2,000 years. He growled out in a roar of triumph, feeling his thick creamy seed fill deep within the walls of his waiting queen, who was clinging to him, whispering out for him not to stop.

Alexander did just that. Riding out the waves with her, so filled with passion and love. He picked up the pace they had and he sprayed her each and every chance he got.

It was now about 8:00 or 9:00 in the evening and their love was spent. Gabi had called her mother, saying that she was just fine. That things were perfect as they now were. She couldn't have been any happier. She and Alex were going to share a great and loving life together.

The biggest thing that they now faced was the wedding that was coming up. They just hadn't set a date for it yet. That was going to be another big event here in the city. She also promised that she would be home in a few days, this way her family could meet with Alexander.

Even he had to admit that was rather amusing. Now seeing her dressed again, it was almost degrading. He loved the way her skin gave way to his. How her scent drove him wild as they made love each and every time.

She wore a simple ball gown now, made of the finest silk colored in a pastel pink and soft white. Alexander had to admit that she was absolutely beautiful as she was. Taking his arm, he began to show her of what would be her home as well.

She was fascinated by how so much history and family could stay hidden for so long. For others to know of the stature and the status they held, even to this very day. Alexander had his Queen now and he would now ascend the to the throne after they held a wedding ceremony.

It was by law that no unwed royal could ascend the throne; he had to have a bride as to secure his lineage and pass what he knew to his child. That was a long line of tradition that had never been broken since the family's creation almost 6,000 years ago. Alexander's mother, Queen Anabelle, came out and hugged her new daughter.

Alexander nodded to his mother as she took Gabi away for a moment, knowing that they could still hear. That was when they went into another room.

"I can tell that he is trying with you. That he wants you to conceive a child; his child," she said directly.

Gabi nodded. "Yes. It is something that I want as well," she said surprising his mother. She grinned and nodded. She reached into the silver lined bag that she had around her wrist and handed her a tiny little pill.

It was faint pink in color and had no markings of any kind. "Take this before you are to fall asleep this morning and let it work its magic as the sun bakes over everything. When you wake and make love again, you will feel that something is different. You will know what I mean when the moment passes for the both of you." she explained.

Gabi nodded and took it from her. "I should say that I have no drugs or alcohol in my system. Never had," Gabi admitted to her. The Queen smiled at that. "That explains why your blood is so sweet to him. You have never let yourself be exposed to human diseases and illness."

"Might I ask if you were regular with your cycle?" she asked. Gabi nodded, telling all about that. Anabelle smiled at her again. "Then you should have no problem in conceiving a child for your King," she said smiling gently. Hiding this little pink pill, Gabi went and hid it back in their room.

She did look out the darkened night window seeing nothing but the stars and the moon that was half full. The clouds passed by over head and Gabi felt rather lonely for a moment.

She had friends and another life out there with things that she wanted to do and still accomplish. She began to wonder if Alex would let her do such things.

He came into their room, as if his name had been spoken aloud and he wrapped his arms around her form, pressing her tight into his chest. He kissed the side of her face to her temple. She began to whisper about the things that she had wanted to do, wanted to see come to pass for herself.

She felt him grow saddened by her words and it caused her to turn in his grip and she held his face in her hands. "That doesn't mean that I don't want to be with you because I do Alex. These are things that were apart of my life before you," she murmured low. He nodded and she kissed him.

"I will spend forever with you my King, that is a promise that I make only to you," she said holding onto him. Alexander grinned and hugged her tighter, lifting her off the floor.

It was exactly midnight and King Darius gave his new daughter the family crest in the form of a necklace. It was a beautiful hand-made golden dragon. The eyes were made from sapphires and also held jade in it. Something that he said would heal her as well.

"It will also protect you when we are to go out into the sun. It is there that you will also be wearing a ring, a special little sun ring that will help protect us further," he said to her, kissing her forehead.

Gabi nodded and thanked him for these gifts. As dawn was now approaching them she felt oddly tired. Taking the little pink pill before Alex came in, she quickly changed for bed. Into a soft ivory and lace satin nightgown. Letting her hair down from the clip she had, she ran it through the brush she had on the vanity that Alex had given to her as a gift.

He came in, seeing her getting ready for bed. He grinned at this sight and went over to her, seeing and watching her brush out her long brown hair. She laid the necklace she had been given on the vanity, alongside the ring and was pulling the bed curtains closed.

Alex quickly stripped himself and locked the door, going over to his Queen, taking her into his arms. He was stroking her face with both of his hands. Taking her over to their bed, he lay down with her, feeling her curl into his form and close her eyes. He breathed her in, knowing that there would be nothing as sweet as her.

He kissed her forehead. "I have been thinking about what it is you have told me. I know that you are right but I am selfish and want you all to myself, my Queen. But there is one part that I can add to my growing list about you. You are truly compassionate as a person and as a woman." he whispered.

She nodded. "That was why I became a nurse in the first place. I wanted to help people and make them feel better," she said.

Alex nodded and held her tighter. "Let me think more on this my darling, and we will reach a compromise on this. I want to see you succeed in your goals and wishes my only love." he said to her, seeing her yawn. "Bed time, my princess. Let me hold such a beautiful angel in my arms. Let us wake at sundown and make love as the moon rises with us," he purred to her. Nodding and kissing the texture of his throat and feeling him cover her up, the rest of the bed curtains were drawn leaving the bed darkened as they slept in each others' arms, unaware of the magic that little pink pill was having, working its way through the princess.

To be continued in Part 3