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Beauty and the Vampire part 3

the maiden who is pure and striking in beauty shall capture the heart of a King
Word soon spread to everyone about what was going to be taking place here very soon. It had been announced, on the open Balcony of the Estate grounds, the one rare time when people and the media were allowed into the Estate grounds. That the Wedding for Lord Dimitrious and his lovely new Queen would be on August 17th.

The Crowd had gone wild and the media was now beginning to speculate and pass their own rumors over what Lady Dimitrious would be wearing for her wedding day. Would it be Prada? Vera Wang? The choices were endless.

Alexander had said that he and his bride would be going over small details that they would release to the press and for the public to read at another time. For right now, they were all very busy within the Castle walls, trying to prepare for such a happy and joyous time.

After June, things fell quiet but were still very hectic within the stone walls of the Old world Castle. People were dashing here and there, carrying orders of King Darius or from Alexander himself. Sometimes, Gabi would have orders that needed to go out on behalf of what her wedding gown entailed.

She had thrown all of the press and media into a shark frenzy because she had stopped into the same boutique where she had gotten her ball gown for the Masquerade. She had only stated that she was getting ideas for her bridesmaids and nothing more. She loved this boutique and all of the gowns inside, each of them was exquisite and beautiful.

She had left that same day with a garment bag in hand and headed back home.

The past few weeks had been too busy, not even spending the time to sleep as they once had throughout the day, only having time to prepare for the wedding.

That was the first sign that Alexander had seen with his Queen. She would go off for hours into their room and come back out looking paler and even clammy. Once when he had reached out for her, she was shivering in his arms.

Alexander had put her to bed to rest, wanting her to get warm for the time being. Anabelle had come in, seeing her new daughter as she was in bed and hearing Alexander wanting to call for the doctor. Anabelle shook her head.

"That is unnecessary Alexander. All she needs is a bit of rest and the warmth of her mate by her side to help her further along," she paused, pursing her lips.

"I know that you may think she is becoming ill, but she isn't. Her time is coming Alexander. She grows more and more ripe with each passing day. When the time comes be ready for it, mostly likely around your wedding night, she will be able to conceive a child for you," Anabelle said joyfully.

Alexander looked down at his bride-to-be, seeing her shiver in their bed.

"We can get along just fine without you Alexander. She needs you too, remember that," she said, leaving the room and closing the door.

Alexander stood there, feeling pride at what his Queen had to endure and then feeling helpless for not being able to help with the wedding plans.

Sighing, he undressed halfway and slid under the covers, pulling his mate closer to his warm form. She shivered more and snuggled against his warm, velvety skin. He was stroking her soft curls, knowing that her eyes were closing as she lay on his chest. Kissing over her glittering green eyes, she opened them and looked up at him.

She was tracing his lips, spread in a crooked little smile.

"I miss us like this Alex. I know that we have been busy and that's understandable. But this is something I need of you, my King..." That was the last thing that Gabi said before falling asleep, warm in her King's bed.

Alexander lay beside her, seeing how completely stunning and beautiful she looked as she lay in his arms. Her soft yellow gown draped over the side of the bed as if it was part of the duvet cover. Her arms were around his neck, her breath tickled his skin and was making him erect. His long fangs unsheathed themselves and he hissed a little in the process.

He had almost forgotten how potent her scent was to him! Alexander felt like he was entering a drug-induced stupor from just the scent of her breath. He had not drank from her veins in almost 2 weeks and he was growing with his hunger again. His blue eyes, he knew, were glowing and blazing with sexual hunger for his mate, the urge to want to mark her and feed from her.

Trying to gain some sort of control over himself, he pulled her tighter to his form and held her close, knowing that she was all his.


Gabi slept for about 2 hours or so waking feeling ever so well rested and snuggled deeper into the warmth that surrounded her. She opened her eyes and looked up, seeing Alexander, just watching her. His lids kept low as his eyes were blazing, as if on fire. She reached up and he growled deep, almost a snarl at the satisfaction she gave to him from this simple touch.

Gabi smiled at him flashing him her fangs and stroking the side of his face, seeing and feeling him hold her hand against his cheek, breathing in at her wrist. She pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him for the moment. Alexander took her into his arms and pulled her tight.

His hands reached around and found the zipper of her gown, pulling it down and trying to get her out of it. He took her more into his arms and had her stand, only to see the pale yellow gown fall to the floor and reveal a glorious, glowing, naked body. He locked the door with his mind and took her closer into his grip, letting the hot hard length of himself press into her soft belly.

She gripped more around his neck, wanting this just as much as he did.

Growling with anticipation, he hitched her legs around his waist, setting her beautiful body onto their bed. She reached out and almost ripped the thick leather belt off off of him only managing to pop the button that was on his slacks as he sprang his length out.

Now with both of them naked Alex kissed and licked over her vital artery, wanting her more than anything. She urged him to drink, feeling him slide deep into her waiting aching flower. 
She arched as he hit her g spot, moaning in the process. Alexander growled with ecstasy and began to drink from his mate, unable to help the growl that escaped his chest as he drank more. 

Holding him tight in her arms and now straddling his lap, she began to pump on him feeling his arms constrict around her waist as she rode him, letting him drink.

Alexander pulled away, licking at the mark he had given to her, gently moaning out as she rode him. He took one of her breasts into his mouth, moving to suckle gently on her, his fingers now teasing her clitoris...

It did not take long for Gabi to cry out and explode in orgasm, feeling herself come more then ever. Rolling her and riding out the waves of orgasm with his mate Alexander began to stroke her from the inside. His hands constantly caressing over her soft, supple, alabaster skin.

She arched and moaned gently as he touched her, stroked her. She was the one who bit him now, drinking from his vital artery. Holding her tight in his arms, his pace picked up and he was pumping her faster, feeling her cling to him. She drank her fill and still clung to him, begging for her King not to stop.

"Love me my King. I want you always," she whispered breathlessly.

Alexander picked up their pace a little more, thrusting in and out forcefully and Gabi loved it. Then there was something new that Alexander noticed, especially now.

The flower that he was thrusting into at this very moment was contracting in a different manner. He felt the sweet nectar, that he loved to suckle and drink, was beginning to coat him and drench him. Gabi was gripping at his arms, unable to reach at his shoulders, feeling her orgasm coming on strong.

"More my King. I want a child to give to you my only love. I want us to be a family," Gabi whispered to him, kissing his jaw now.

Alexander growled at that prospect and held her tighter in his arms, lifting her off the bed, he took her over to the long dark mahogany table, right where the fireplace was, warming the whole room.

Setting her round rump onto the marble tabletop, Alexander held her in place and his pumping became even more intense. He was like a shark, seeing and smelling the blood in the water. The sinfully delicious thrusts and his pumping were becoming something that Gabi wasn't sure that she understood.

The look in his eyes were extremely territorial, knowing that he had this opportunity, this chance to conceive with his Queen.

At that moment and without warning on both of them, Alexander exploded with an orgasm that caused him to growl with great pleasure as he held her tight in his arms and, hearing her cry out, practically screaming out from the orgasm.

Holding her tight, he pumped his thick seed deep into her waiting flower as they rode out the waves of climax, knowing that there was nothing else like it.

Now gasping for air for the first time since becoming a vampire, Gabi held onto her husband feeling her insides contract and his hard achy length slide more deeply into her. It had a feeling of cramping but also a feeling of great pleasure knowing that he was that deep inside her and going deeper.

He was kissing at her collarbone and jaw, stroking her hair back and tilting her neck at such an angle to drink from her. She coaxed him to do so, remembering that this made it easier for him to be completely inside of her.

As Alexander drank again from her, her fingers gently tracing his spine and running through his jet black hair, she gasped loudly and it sounded like an audible slurp as it happened, feeling him come against her. Alex was now completely buried in her wet warm nectarous flower, just waiting for him to come so that the Queen could conceive.

Alexander moved and laid her down on the table top, laying his soft, warm weight over his Queen. His hands were stroking over her face and his blazing, blue eyes were gazing lovingly at her. 

"I don't mean to get so violent my Love, but I just can't help it. Your scent is driving me to the point of insanity. I love you Gabriella, I want us to have a child," he whispered softly to her, practically cooing to her and now gently stroking her and feeling how extremely tight she was.

Gabi held him tight and wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Take me my King. I want you where you have never touched," she murmured low, gripping at his shoulders. 

In the firelight from the great roaring stone fireplace, seeing his Queen laying on the table like a great sexual sacrifice, just waiting for him to plant his seed, Alexander took off on her. He loved her as never before and had great pleasure and simple satisfaction in stroking her the way he was. 

Gabi was on the verge of a climatic orgasm, ready to erupt like Krakatoa. She could see that Alex was covered in a light sheen of sweat and it made him even sexier. He was being gentle and loving her, still able to see the the territorial look in his eyes as she now clung to him in his arms. 

Gabi and Alex shouted out at the same time, reaching an earth shattering orgasm, feeling his hard length hit her g spot for the first time. Gabi drenched him with her sweet nectar as Alex held her close and shot stream after stream of his love seed deep within the waiting walls of her flower. 

Holding each other and seeing as they wanted more, Alex grinned and Gabi nodded wanting this as well. 

Pulling out gently and leaving his seed deep within her, he saw that she had coated him well. Still being gentle with her, his head probed at her round bottom, wanting in.

Gabi took him willingly, feeling her wetness and his wetness help. Alexander then took her rump wholly. Gabi had always been curious to want to try this but seemed too afraid to try. 

The moment just seemed to go. Alex took the last of her virginity as they made love. 

He took her gently knowing how tight she was squeezing him and knowing that he wouldn't be able to hold back for very much longer. 

Knowing how close he was to coming again, Gabi wanted him to pull out and finish anew.
Alex did and shoved his erection back into her still drenched flower shooting her up again and this time, something neat happened, as if on cue. 

Alex and Gabi got stuck together. Her body seemed to know what it was that they were trying to achieve together and she drew out what was in his sack, draining him completely and then once more.

Now laying on their bed together still stuck in the same position, Gabi was straddling his lap whilst his hands were resting on her ribcage, tracing the soft velvety alabaster skin and seeing her eyes flutter and roll back a little as he touched her.

She moved and rested her head on his shoulder, feeling him cover her up to keep her warm and tighten his arms around her form. As she did this simple movement, there was an audible slurp and he came out of her flower, feeling her gasp and roll gently away from him. Alex knew that she was terribly sore.

But how was he to know that being with one's mate, whilst she was so close to conceiving, would be the greatest experience in all of his 2,000 years? He had no idea that he would become territorial and so...forceful. He hadn't meant for that to happen and he felt ashamed for having done that.

Gathering his Queen up in his arms softly and knowing that she was terribly cold, practically frigid and shivering, he pulled her to keep her warm. Alex kissed her face and wrapped her warm with the blanket from their bed feeling her melt from the warmth. After several moments of comfortable silence, Gabi sighed and moved out a little, hugging at his waist as he held onto her.

Alex kissed her forehead and was playing a bit with her hair, just running his fingers through it. Gabi then smiled and pressed a kiss over his still fast beating heart, looking up at him.

"I love you Alex," she whispered.

Alex moved her and barely lifted her with his arms, kissing her. "I love you Gabi," he murmured and pressed his forehead against hers. 

She looked down at herself and grinned at him. "I'm going to take a hot bath. Want to join me?" she asked tracing his jaw.

"Maybe in a little bit love, not right now. I'm still trying to collect myself after what we just did," he said sarcastically.

She smiled more and got up from their bed and went into the bathroom. 

Alexander heard the water come on and saw her gloriously naked body in the light from the bathroom. Gabi got carefully into the warm water of the tub and sighed heavily in relief. She was sorer than she originally thought. She then saw a bit of blood in the tub and quickly fixed this situation. 

She knew then what had indeed happened. It was beginning and now she would continue on through until their wedding night, maybe a few days after, it was rather hard to tell. She did make the mental note to write down this particular day and tell Anabelle. She wanted her to get hold of the doctor and have herself checked before the wedding ceremony. 

Taking all of this in great strides as best as she could, Gabi rested in the relaxing and soothing hot water of the tub, just pondering of what would hold for them...


As it was, Gabriella was either in or out of her wedding gown, having 3 of the best seamstresses working on it simultaneously; the bodice, the ball gown skirt or the extravagant and gorgeous train that covered a good 5 or 6 full steps on the Grand Staircase. 

It was all hand-sewn and a great combination of beading and Swarovski crystals The front was of a heart shape neckline and completed it with cap sleeves that draped over her shoulders as a swag would do.

It was now about 2:37 or so in the morning and Gabi had a few moments to catch her breath and just regroup. She stood on the open Balcony just looking at the harvest moon, that was now rising over the twinkling lights of the city, and at the stars above. It was a pale, ivory yellow and matched the color of her bridesmaids' gowns that would be worn the day.

Alexander came up behind her and wrapped his arms around his Queen-to-be, kissing the side of her bare shoulder, knowing that the warm summer air only made her that much sweeter to him.

"What's bothering you, my Queen?" he murmured against her alabaster skin.

She grinned and looked back at the moon.

"Just wondering about us," she murmured now turning in his grip.

He smiled and looked down at her flat belly. His hand found its place there and he grinned more. "We will keep trying my love and I want this as much as you do my Queen."

Alexander paused and put his other hand to his cheek, stroking the side of her face.

"Don't dwell of it any longer then should be. I know that the stress of our wedding day isn't helping you any," he said trying to ease her and stealing a kiss.

She grinned at that and nodded to her new husband.

"Oh, I wanted to show you something while we have a few moments to ourselves," Alexander whispered to her again.

Gabi grinned and went easiy with him over to their bed and sat with him on his side as he reached into his bedside table.

He pulled out a box that could have held a large pocket watch. Opening it up he heard his bride gasp low and her green eyes widened with wonder. Inside, lay 2 gold bands. Any simple human eye would have looked right past what was there, seeing only the diamond webbing and the extravagant work on both rings. There was also a very thin width of silver that had been inlaid for added protection.

Gabi's band was a beautiful criss-crossing of webbing, diamonds and emeralds, Alex's favorite, because her eyes were green. Ending in the center of her ring with a diamond the size of a large pearl. Alex had a simple band, as his father had, etched with the same glyphs as his father's.

Gabi's band also held the same glyphs as her husband. There was a small grouping of tiny diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds on Alex's ring- the same design that his father's had been now for centuries. Alexander had explained to Gabi that each of the gems colors represented their family's colors in the crest they bared. 

He kissed her gently and held her tight as they both looked at the bands that would soon be on their hands here in a few weeks...


Their wedding was the most talked about event of the summer. Anyone who was anybody had an invite to the exclusive reception. The wedding party was very small and the mention of it in the newspaper and what the media was reporting was family only and no one else was allowed inside when they exchanged their vows. 

Gabi rather liked it that way. Even she felt that weddings were special and meant for only family and the very closest of friends. No cameras in your face from the media, no criticism from the press about her gown, although that was later when they were at the reception. 

It had been a few weeks since she and her husband to be had gone, with their special little sun rings on, to go and see her family and some of her closest friends again. Alexander was rather amused and enjoyed this part of it. He could sense that Gabi wasn't all that close with her family and distanced herself from them after she had moved out. 

Gabi looked at him after greeting everyone again, seeming to know this as well. Her mother, Selena, and her father, Mark, were now happy to introduce three that had not been here before; Gabi's siblings. Her little sister Abigail and then her 2 brothers, Derick and Matt. 

Alex knew that Selena had called all of the family on Gabi's side to notify them of the grand wedding. All in all, on the Bride's side was 2 uncles, 3 aunts, and 7 cousins, plus only 5 of Gabi's closest friends.

Alexander liked that number, seeing as most of his family said that they would wait at the reception and leave only 21 members of his family for the wedding ceremony. The Reception was a completely different story and about 350 to 400 people were expected to be arriving. It made the Masquerade look more like a family gathering. 

The one thing he was growing frustrated with and terribly curious abou,t was the Bride's gown. That was forbidden to see until the day of the wedding. The 3 bridesmaids gowns were different and Alex had seen Gabi carrying one of these gown into the same room where they were working on her gown so that the girls could try them on and see if they needed to be altered. 

He didn't even get a chance to see inside the room because there was nothing to see, her gown had been moved without him knowing. 

The gowns were a very pretty pale ivory yellow, almost matching the same design as the ball gown she wore for the Masquerade. Only the beading on the front was more of a small broach and there was no tulle swag as sleeves, they were just simple cap sleeves. 

Now alone for an afternoon, Gabi went and took some time to herself; she had just stepped from the steamy shower. Her body dripping with wet clean water and her hair smelling of something tropical; like coconuts and some exotic king of flower.

Alexander growled with pleasure at this simple scent that came out of the cracked bathroom door. Seeing as how she was only wrapped in a fluffy bath towel. He moved, almost blurring with speed as he went over to her, ripping the towel from her wet, slippery body. He kissed her deeply, hearing her moan out.

His hands cupped under her round peachy bottom and hitched her tighter around his now naked body. Taking her over to their bed, he lay her beautiful body on top of the red and gold duvet cover, spreading her legs out and wreaking havoc on her clitoris, gently slipping a finger into her opened flower.

She writhed with pleasure and delight as he loved her like this. She was about ready to reach orgasm, when something completely different happened. Alexander was the first to notice. Not sure on what it was, he came to realize that this was the something he too had felt the few past times when they had made love.

Her entire scent changed for him and she got sweeter, he was not able to understand how that was physically possible.
Crying out from the orgasm he had built up within her, he plunged his long, hot, hard length into her waiting wet and sweet flower. She arched as he did, feeling how sinfully delicious his pumping was. Kissing all over her body, his hands tangled and knotted into her wet hair and had her clinging to him.

Now drinking from his shoulder, it felt more and more like a great hurricane that was brewing out over the open sea...

The walls of her cleft tightened and began to spasm on him as he thrust into her, feeling the opening of her womb start and begin to contract now. This was what was new. He could feel himself slide more and more into her open flower, hearing her whispering out in his ear not to stop, for him to give every last drop he had.

He wanted to figure out why this was so. What was it that her body was doing now that he did not know of? Unable to stop, he felt the orgasm and the climax that they were on the verge of reaching...

She was kissing at him now, holding him tight in her arms as he loved. Begging her husband not to stop as she was being fucked by her King, only bringing on the feel of his soft suede lips and fierce fangs behind them to her neck and asking him to drink.

Alexander did just that. Within minutes of taking her red wine into his body and into his system, then knowing that he was going to burst at any moment, two things happened.

With a cry of great pleasure from the Queen and a deep roar of triumph from the King, his hard achy length got stuck in her flower's womb, shooting and spraying his thick stream deep inside the walls of her waiting womb.

She clung to him, letting him to still drink, as the pill's magic affects took root and began to manifest...


The wedding day was now here and everything looked so wonderful and beautiful. The Bride and the Queen-to-be had been up since 7:00 am, getting ready and be as prepared so she could walk down the aisle with her husband.

Alexander was in with his father and three brothers, getting themselves ready. He was anxious, nervous and excited that this was now happening as it was. He was to become King, with his lovely Gabriella at his side, in a throne and as the mother of his children.

There was A LOT of media coverage on this event, seeing as there were Senators , Foreign Diplomats, and even some from other Royal families coming to pay their respect and tribute to the new couple.

Gabriella was nervous as they attended to hair, seeing as how her make-up as already done. Her gown was one of a kind and something that she would never forget.

The train, as a cathedral style train was meant for a church. There was lots of hand-sewn things on it; beads and lots of crystals. She was in her corset, laced snug and tight. she also had on her stockings and garter which her husband would be removing.
The full ball gown slip would be added on after, they had gotten her gown on and over her head. After manoeuvring her hair and her arms, the skirt was on. She put her arms in through the cap sleeves of the gown, now feeling the long line of pearl buttons being done. With a full slip and her shoes now on, they attended to her veil, and Queen Anabelle went to go and get something.

As was with tradition, the Queen came back in with a deep blue velvet box.

 "Since your dress is new and our family is old, this is the something blue and something borrowed," she said smiling.

She opened the lid of the box and showed her Alexander's favorite set from out of the Vaults below. It was a pink diamond and pearl bracelet. The earrings were different but seemed beautiful in their own right. But it was the crown that also lay in this box.

If that was not the centerpiece of this set, then Gabi did not know what it was that this set had his eye for. It was adorned in mostly clear diamonds the size of a Chapstick lid. there were a few sapphires and emeralds here and there, but there were also rubies. It made it that much more incredible to even see, let alone be allowed to wear.

Securing the crown in her hair and into place, just atop her veil and the the lace veil itself, Gabriella was now done. Clasping on the bracelet and the earrings, everything was now done.

Checking the hallways to make sure that no one was around, they took the bride out into the hallways and began the adjustments of her gown on the carpet to make it lay right before she was to be seen...

The voices were coming up from the main banquet hall in the castle and Alexander was nearing the end of his preparations. After letting on a long sword and clasping on the same deep blood red cape as before, he went down with his father and brothers down the other side of the hallway.

Mark came up and over to Gabi and kissed her on the cheek, saying that he was happy for her. Taking her arm though his and being handed her bouquet, Gabi began the long walk towards the Grand Staircase...


Alexander was now pacing a little as he waited for his Queen. His brother, William, was his best man and told him to take it easy.

"She's not going to ditch you. I'm pretty sure that I can hear her coming," he said wryly. And now Alexander could as well and that made his heart beat just a little faster.

After seeing and making the note of welcoming the Queen, Anabelle, and seeing her come down the Staircase in a beautiful light golden ball gown, the Bridesmaids came into view. They all waited until the Queen had joined her husband and her King, stopping at her son and kissed his cheek as she stood under the archway. Alexander was barely aware of the Bishop that stood behind him and his brother.

All he could focus on was his Queen, knowing that he had not seen her all day.

With everyone no standing, waiting the presence of the Queen-to-be, the Bridesmaids came down one at a time. Their flowing lavender gowns were the perfect harmony to the beginning of the ceremony. The horns changed and sounded different tune, now marking the march of the Bride.

This very sound made everyone go crazy and wild outside, knowing of what was taking place inside this very moment. Gabriella would soon become Lady Dimitrious and Queen to the new King.

Gabi came into sight on her father's arm. The sight of her as she looked overwhelmed Alexander as he stood under the archway, waiting for her. Her ivory white wedding ball gown with all of the elaborate beading and all of the crystals just made it look like she was suppose to be. All of the guests couldn't have agreed more with Alexander.

Seeing her train move with her, flowing like water over river rock gently down the stream; it was perfect in every sense.

After getting past the Grand Staircase, she and her father walked the red and white rose petal aisle. Reaching out for his Bride and his Queen, the horns stopped, ending on a sweet note. What everyone heard was quiet and faint, and it was only the Bishop from the Catholic Church who was presiding over the ceremony and performing their vows.

Alexander looked proudly at his Bride as he held her hand tight in his, knowing that this was better then any forever that he would ever have. Their vows were simple and recited from the heart. Promising to remain faithful, keep each other only for one another and to love each other no matter the circumstances.

Alexander presented his wife with her hand, reciting what the Bishop wanted him to say.

"With this ring, I thee wed," he said triumphantly. Gabi smiled and took his ring, doing the same.

"With this ring, I thee wed," she murmured. 

Blessing them and declaring them husband and wife, the Bishop took a step back and said Alexander's favorite words.

"I pledge that you seal this union with a kiss of your love'" he said.

Alexander moved and raised her veil, sliding his hand gently over her cheek and kissed her softly and sweetly, knowing that she was now all his. Forever.


The media was going crazy outside along with the rest of those that had not been invited to go. They cheered for what they wanted to see, the new Bride and Groom. The feeling changed and things got quiet. The sound of horns became a different tune and the Decorated Balcony doors then opened up. Everyone began to cheer louder and some were screaming to see the new King and his Queen. 

Alexander and Gabi were having and sharing a quiet moment before they had to go out and make their public appearance. He was holding her tight in his arms, only whispering that she was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. That he could not wait until they could start a family. Gabi smiled and kissed the man that she knew to be true as her husband. 
Alexander held her tighter, refusing to let her go.

Now standing and her gown fixed a little, Alexander took her arm and wound it through his, with her holding a smaller version of the bouquet she had carried down the aisle. The Horns sounded again and everyone moved closer, the camera got ready and the press was dying to know....

Sounding the Song of the King, a little man in coat tails came out and stood by the microphone that had been placed out here for the King's address. He cleared his throat before stepping towards the microphone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I direct this in favor of you who are now wishing to see what is now behind me. I am pleased to announce and present to you the rise of our new King, Alexander and his lovely bride, Queen Gabriella," he said clearly and firmly.

Both Gabi and Alexander walked out together, seeing and hearing the crowd cheering them on and celebrating as they were in this moment. Alexander turned to his bride, who was on his arm and kissed her in front of the waiting crowd, smiling smug at this concept that she was now His Queen.

That just made him burst with great pride and satisfaction.

He then motioned for his Bride to do what had been tradition in his family. Gabi took a step towards the balcony and she lifted her bouquet, seeing all of the girls running forward. She threw it with all she had, seeing a young girl catch it from out of the crowd and waving it around. Alexander the lifted his one free hand and motioned for those around to fall quiet. They did, eager to hear what the new King would say.

"I thank you for celebrating as my Queen and I are at this moment in our lives. For wanting to share in our joy and triumph as we are now one. My father stood here with my mother nearly 32 years ago when they were wed."

"He promised each of us a chance at opportunity- no matter how big or small it would be. I believe that he kept his promise on that and asked me to join him to help with the opening of the new wing on the hospital. He asked me to join him to help him and aide him in the preservation of the old museum and some of our most historical homes around the city. "

"We have given our children here in our city a chance. An opportunity away from gangs, drugs and violence. Away from a life of crime."

"Having thought long and hard about what it is that I will do, I see that my father and my grandfather set the stones for my path already. I will continue on with the same path as them, trying to help those who need it more then I. Having my Queen at my side, she has expressed much compassion to me in the short time we have been together."

"She has several ideas that she wants to see come to pass in our city and I feel that it is something I have to help her on. She has also expressed the concern of the Children's hospital ward. Where the most sick and the terminally ill must go. Being the nurse she is, she still has the drive and the perseverance to help those who need it and who am I to deny her this chance."

"My goals and promises to you are to remain on the same path of kindness and compassion as those before me. To help and aide my Queen in the plans that she has for our city and to allow her to continue the work that she loves to do. And I know that within this timeframe, we will be announcing that we are with child."

"But please, celebrate with us on this joyous day and know that we will be here to support you as we always have." Alexander ended, hearing nothing but the sound of cheers and great celebration from the crowd. 

It grew even more so when he took his Queen back into his arms and kissed her again on the open balcony. 

Now back inside the walls of the castle, they headed down to the other side of the castle where the reception would be.
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