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A bisexual witch finds life gets much more complicated via spells!

Copyright© 2010 Castlequeen

As I wake, I get a touch of my lover's scent, and it warms my heart. Jason is an intern at a nearby hospital,, and some day he'll be the successful and caring doctor, but for now he's just working so very hard. It's just one of the things that I love about him. I don't get much time with him, but I get by, and of course, there's Leila, who is my girlfriend. Confused? It's not really that confusing. I'm bisexual, yes, and I have both a girlfriend and a boyfriend. They both know about each other as I'm very honest. No, there are no wild three ways, or any of the stuff most people fantasize about, although we do make a point of all three of us having dinner every Monday evening. I get quality time with both, and we're all very happy, thank you very much!

As I get up, I take a slow, warm shower, and I think about masturbating, but no, I had a wonderful time last night with Jason, and I know Leila will most likely be in a playful mood today as it's my birthday. She, uh, has more money than I do, but I've told her she isn't to overdo it, I just want her. Her father's enormously successful in the auto dealer business, and she works for him, but she works hard as his promotions and advertising manager and she gets well paid for it. She'd love to spend it all on me, but I won't let her. I work hard for my money as well, but a junior (very junior) designer in a small fashion house isn't exactly six figure income! However, I'm working my way up the ladder and my bosses gave me three pieces all to myself that are going into Macy's Fall Junior line, so I'm going to get there eventually. They pushed the photo shoot up to yesterday so I could see my work on the models as a birthday gift. It was a lot of fun seeing all these gorgeous girls wearing stuff I'd worked on, plus, being bi, I enjoyed it as much as any of the guys did! apartment isn't exactly tidy. I've put in a lot of hours lately and spending whatever time was left over with Jason and Leila, so cleaning sort of fell by the wayside. It's now 11:30 and Leila's going to pick me up at noon, I don't think I'll have enough time to do it the hard way. Luckily, there's an easier way for me.

I go to my mantel, and light three white candles, and one green one. I speak softly and make a few gestures, and a breeze begins to stir, the dust lifts itself from the carpet, and makes it's way to the wastebasket. The clothes lift themselves and into the washer they go, the dishes load themselves into the dishwasher, and the Swiffer runs around the other areas, all under it's own power. Robotics? No, just witchcraft.

You read that correctly. Witchcraft. No, I don't have a hook nose and warts, nor do I wear black pointed hats, or ride a broom. I'm just like any other twenty six year old woman, I worry about my weight, possible zits, girlfriends and boyfriends, my job and my barely running Chevy Cavalier. Just like every other girl. Except I'm a witch. Not Wiccan, as they're a little different. I"m from a small town in Maine called New Hope. How small? Very small. You've never been there trust me. How am I so sure? We exist in the world, but we're not quite part of it due to our spells. No one has ever desired to go there as the spells prevent anyone from ever thinking about it. There's one small exit off the freeway and we're in the valley beyond the hillsides, but no one is ever curious enough to take the exit. We pay our taxes, we vote, but no is ever the least bit concerned about us. We report in to the school system, but no one has ever actually watched our children in school, they just accept that all is well in New Hope, and then they forget we're even there. We used to live in Salem, but well, that didn't go well, so we decided to go underground via spellcraft, and it's worked well ever since. Only one time ever has anyone ever found our town, and it was a hiker who had a head injury and concussion in 1956. My father patched him up and sent him on his with no memory of anything other than somehow getting very lost. And losing two weeks.

If one looks at our records in the government, (yeah, we're legals), you see a lot of Juniors, and III's. My father was born in 1928 and mother in 1951.It's an odd place to grow up, but not as weird as you might think. We have a fairly modern lifestyle you know. I watched cartoons, cable TV, MTV (Oooh the temptation to bewitch Jon Bon Jovi was soo hard to resist!) and we played with regular toys, and my mother had a microwave oven even, despite my grandmother's nagging. We ate regular food, candybars and sodapop, however, the delivery drivers never knew how it worked. They'd go out on their routes, knowing they had a delivery to New Hope, but never remembered actually going there, but all their forms and such were signed, and the accounts were always paid.

Money never changed hands within the town, as we lived in a cooperative type of economy, but we always had plenty of cash to buy what we couldn't make. No, we didn't whip it up with a spell, or create gold, but we did sell a few things from our local craftsmen, furniture and such, and they bring premium prices, even if the people can never quite remember who they bought them from. What our little town DOES do, is manage that money very, very well. If a spell might give us a little hint of a company's profits being higher than anticipated, we buy a little stock. If we get wind that a new product is going to fly off the shelves, we buy a little stock. We don't abuse that information, but let's just say that if we wanted to, every man woman and child in that town could be billionaires. So why am I struggling with an old car?

Aha. I knew we'd get to that. I'm sort of an outcast from my family, but not my people. I'm a citizen in good standing in New Hope, but my father and I do not see eye to eye. It all started in what would roughly be my junior year of high school, and Lizzy McClain was my best friend. Lizzy was also a drop dead gorgeous blonde and I had some different thoughts about her. Turns out, she had the same thoughts about me. Our sleepover got real friendly one night and we both learned a lot about each other, and a lot about pleasure, to the point where we kept doing those things. Then my father caught us in our barn. Imagine being caught in a lesbian relationship in a conservative Christian family, then imagine it ten times worse and more judgmental, and you have an idea what it's like being caught in an ultra conservative witch family. Father blew his stack, and mother wasn't much better, which is kind of funny because homosexuality is not a big deal to our people, it's just another way of expressing love. To MOST of our people, that is, and my mother and father didn't make that category. They raged, they stormed, father promised horrible retribution (he can't actually hurt me or kill me), etc, etc. I wound up living with Lizzy and her family until about six years ago, and our relationship had run it's course, and she ran into the fairly handsome Mike Colter. They got married, and I, decided to go to college. Mother and father calmed down quite a bit by that point, and let me go with no fuss. Naturally, I had a girlfriend and a boyfriend in college, and had a lot of fun, and graduated with honors, and got a job here in LA.

However, I don't want to rely on the town or my parents, so I make my own way, even though I could go to the top quickly using my powers, I'll take the slow way and using my own talent for design. I only use my powers for a few simple thing like cleaning house and such and only once did I ever use them on my car when I really didn't have time or enough cash to fill the tank, and I felt horribly guilty about it! Naturally, I'd never even dream of using them on people! I love Leila and Jason equally, and they both love me without any help from spells!

The apartment looked good, I looked OK, and Leila will be here any minute. Time for some fun!!!

At noon exactly she came through the door bearing an armload of packages. Darn it! I'd told her not to over do it!!!

We kiss passionately for a few minutes as she grabs my butt and squeezes it, a favorite pastime of hers.

"Happy Birthday Sweety!"

"Thank you, but I thought you weren't going to go all out? I told you I don't need things, just you!"

She gave me an impish grin, which meant she had a whopper of explanation.

"Well, you see, we both love to read, right?"

I nodded.

"We've both read Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, right?"

Another nod.

"Well, hobbits give other people gifts on their birthday. I know how busy you are, so I helped out, open the one in the red wrappings!"

I open it to reveal a very sexy set of lingerie in red and black.

"Leila, honey, it's my size?"

"I know!" she she says with a smirk. "And I get to peel it off of you, what better gift is there for me than that?"

I can't help myself as I giggle and kiss her. Her logic has me defeated, and the other packages are just silly things, not very expensive at all as her big gift is to be lunch at one of LA"s finest eateries, one frequented by a fair amount of stars. However, the kissing continues and her hands have this really odd tendency to slip up my skirt on a regular basis. Not that I'm complaining, mind you!

Our passion continues as we get kind of heated in a very short time so I push away.

"Honey, I love you, but do we or do we not have reservations?"

"Damn, I was almost under your panties, but yes, we DO have reservations, I suppose we ought to be there on time!"

She grabbed my hands and off we went in her new Corvette. The top was down, the autumn sun was shining with just a hint of chill in the air. We don't get much of a season change in LA, and I miss that about home. We pull into the restaurant and let the over eager valet ogle us for a few seconds before he parked the car and in we go, and sure enough, we see Cameron Diaz with a friend and we're both thrilled as she's on our "celebrity cheat" lists. However, I've been in LA long enough not to gape or act like a starstruck nitwit. I DO however take a quick cellphone snap as mine is silent!

We're seated and the food is simply wonderful, we also go through not one, but two and a half bottles of wine. We've been talking, playing footsies under the table (much to the appreciation of our waiter) and just having fun, but now we are both reasonably drunk. Situation to deal with.

"Neither of us is good to drive, and even if I was I'd mangle your transmission (I'm no great driver). What are we gonna do?"

She thinks intently for a few minutes, then perks up with a smile. "I know! There's a very nice hotel not one block from here. We walk there, and they'll send someone to pick up the car for us, we sleep and uh, relax for a bit there until we're good. Come to think of it, they do have rooms with hot tubs there. That sounds like something we could both enjoy, no?"

It's as good of a plan as any, and she takes care of the bill with her customary massive tip (waiters love her) and the valet offers to drive the car over for us while we walk the one block to the lobby. The hotel valet quickly parks the car, and we're equally quickly installed in a comfortable suite with a huge jacuzzi. She tips the bellhop outrageously, even though we have no baggage, and even as he's closing the door, our clothes are flying off.

She pulls me close and we kiss passionately. Our tongues dart in and out and we caress each other all over, but she is the dominant one here, not me. We fall onto the bed and she clearly lets me know she's the boss here, but I don't mind a bit. She kisses downward and gently bites on my nipples as I give out a soft gasp of pleasure. She knows exactly how I like it! She's eager to make me feel good, and wastes no time before my legs are wide open and she settles in to taste me. Her tongue flickers out against my clit, and a tiny shiver escapes, another and I squirm just a bit before her tongue dives into my pussy and she licks me deeply. God that feels good! She licks as my pleasure builds, and I run my fingers through her soft, lustrous hair. I am so lucky to have a lover like her. Her fingers slide up to caress and pinch my nipples, and her expert tongue teases my clit, eliciting shivers and little yips of pleasure. She focuses on my clit alone and I cannot last long like that, and I don't, I orgasm with a yelp but she won't quit! A second, third and fourth orgasm strike as she sucks my clit for all she's worth and then she releases me as I collapse back, gasping for breath as her loving has exhausted me.

She pops her head up with a wicked smile.

"You came real good there, baby, just like I like you to. Nice and wet, too, want a taste?" she offers.

"Ooooh yes, get up here and kiss me, you sexy bitch!"

"Now who's giving the orders?" she counters, but she kisses me deeply and I love the taste of myself mixed with her sweet lips. I want to taste her, but I know her too well. We kiss deeply and roll around the bed, but we eventually fall back with her on top, and I know what comes next. She gets up and sure enough, in her purse is her strap on and she's brought the nice, thick eight inch toy for me. I'm gonna get fucked so well today!

I spread my legs and it slides deeply into me. It's the most realistic one I've ever seen, and it feels damn close to Jason's, being roughly the same size he is. She uses it differently, though, and has no hesitations about giving it to me as rough as she likes, knowing that it'll be as hard as I need it to be forever. Wrapped in her arms, she fucks me hard and deep, plunging it deep within me, and she's rougher than he is, but I like it a little rough at times, and it feels soooo good as my lover pounds me.

We roll over as she grabs my hips and thrusts up into me, not allowing me to take control.

"I'm going to fuck you right, I'm gonna make you scream, baby, you're gonna scream for hours! Now it's yours, fuck yourself deep, as deep as you can, I wanna watch your pussy beg for it!

I lean back and take control, but I slam myself down onto it, again and again, and I know she likes to watch me take it as her eyes take in every bit of the fucking. She has a wild look in her eyes as her little bitch fucks herself good, but I know she won't last long like that. She comes from taking command like this. She grabs my hips, and slams me down onto it and holds herself in me as we roll over again, but she pulls out and flips me over.

"Assume the position, now I'm really gonna give it to you!"

I'm up on my knees and she slams it back into me, dog style and proceeds to start slapping my butt. I'm already soaking wet, I've had four orgasms, but I will surely come again from her assault from behind. She pumps me deeply, now alternating between grabbing my hips and slapping my butt with each stroke, and each one is as deep inside of me as she can get. I hear her breathing become labored as she's nearing her orgasm from taking control of me, and I know mine will surely trigger hers.

I'm not the most vocal person in bed, but I scream out my orgasm as she screams out hers. She pounds me a few more times as I come again, and yet again, and then she slips out of me and we collapse together on the bed.

Her arms are open as I snuggle inside them and I am hers. We have made incredible, passionate love, and we're spent. We eventually regain coherence and decide to shower. There's no sex in the shower, only sweet kisses and caresses, but I tell her how much I love her and she does the same. As we get out, we decide to enjoy the hot tub, and the mini-bar provides some cool drinks. We sit, cuddle, and talk. My world is so right. I don't think about Jason, because this is my time with Leila. Jason and I will celebrate tomorrow night, but this is her time. I wonder if I can ever tell her about what I really am, because someday, she'll find out by accident, and then it's a matter of trust. Besides, as I said, it's no crime among my people, and some of us have been involved with non witches before, we only take the effort to ensure we wipe their memories if the relationship doesn't last. One of my friends in school's father was a regular guy until he fell in love with a witch, but he's still happy being married to her, so he's part of the community.

We decide the sex and wine has taken it's toll, and we take a nap, my guess being we'll be out for hours, so I call for a wakeup at 8 pm. We quickly fall asleep.

I'm awakened at 7, but not by a call or an alarm, I just wake up. Odd. There's a very gentle knock on the door, so I grab my robe and answer it. It's someone from room service, and he hands me a small, giftwrapped box. I ask who sent it, and he merely replies that his job is to deliver things, not ask questions. I am now very suspicious, no one except the restaurant people know we're here, and they brought me a fancy dessert for my birthday, so why would they send anything else? We didn't tell the hotel about my birthday, so they wouldn't have sent anything to us, and surely, if they had, the bellhop would have said something like "Compliments of the hotel" or something similar. The fact that the package is wrapped in black, satiny paper with a black bow is even more suspicious. This stinks of witchcraft.

I look it over carefully before opening it. I run through a few incantations to make sure it's not dangerous, and it shows...nothing. No harm will come to me, but what exactly is it? I open it slowly, and remove the paper first, and go through the incantations again in case the outer paper hid something dangerous. No, nothing of any harm to me, but who could have sent it? The spells to find that out take a bit more time, but then the image forms in front of me, dear old daddy. The bigoted fool has sent me a gift? I open the box and it reveals a small crystal necklace on a silver chain. It's lovely, but there's a note. "Hope you enjoy your heart of hearts, may your truth always be seen by all the world." What the hell does that mean? I need to talk with Daddy now. A quick spell and I know Leila will sleep without waking for a another few hours. Then I look into the mirror and cast the spell that will let me speak with my parents. It's better than video chat, and there's no bandwidth issues!

My mother's image forms in the mirror and she looks at me with delight.

"Sweetheart! Happy Birthday!!"

"I'm pretty sure you and Daddy don't wish me a happy anything, let alone a birthday. What's the meaning of this?" I ask, holding up the necklace so she can see it.

"You don't like it? It was fashioned by Alicia, by hand, it's nothing more than a desire that you be happy in love."

"Alicia's a great craftswoman, but she's also the best I've ever seen at putting curses on objects, what's this thing going to do?"

"Sweetheart, it's only a crystal heart, nothing more. Your...father isn't a happy man still, but I'm beginning to understand your life a lot more. I've been babysitting for Lizzie Colter's girls and I've gotten to know her, and through her, you a little better. I...understand why you did what you did,, and I know that you're...just a little different than most, and that it's OK. Your father is still adamant about you being "an abomination", but I'm working on him every chance I get. He'll come around eventually. He even grudgingly paid for the heart to send you. I swear, baby, I just want you to be happy. Even if it's not exactly what we envisioned your life being like."

"Well....I guess that's not so bad. Thank you for the gift."

"It's my pleasure, now how's the career going?"

I go over my career, and proudly boast a bit about the new line going in at Macy's, and mom says she'll get into the city to see them, betting me that her powers will tell her which ones were mine. I tell her a bit about my love life, and while not enthusiastic, she's happy that I've got people in my life that I care about. It makes me feel better, knowing that maybe they'll eventually get me, and then, maybe I could bring both my partners to our little town for a visit.

I put the necklace on, and it looks very nice on my bare skin. I look my reflection over in the mirror as well. I'm slim, but I've got nice c cups, a slim waist, and according to both Leila and Jason, very nice legs, I'll take that and be happy. Of recent, a number of women from my town were using their powers to enhance their boobs, but I'll stick with what nature gave me. Besides, spells CAN go wrong. Last thing I'd ever want is to have that go awry and have one bigger than the other or something.

I look over at Leila, who is sleeping peacefully, and it's about time for the wake up call anyways, so a quick incantation and she stirs.

"Evening,'d you sleep?" I ask.

Her smile lights up the room.

"Very, very well, but I think the incredible sex with you might have had something to do with that. You're such a great lover."

"Awww....thank you sweetie, but you're pretty good yourself. I looooove it when you get all in charge and start giving me the orders."

"Oh DO you?"

"I do."

"Well then, get your butt back in this bed, and start kissing me again, is that clear, missy?"

"Oh yeah!" I blurt out as I jump back onto the bed and begin kissing her. Despite her usually giving the orders and me being submissive, this is a little different as I caress her all over with my fingertips while I kiss her deeply. Our tongues play with each other, and my hands softly stroke her as my fingers softly squeeze her nipples, and she lets out a tiny gasp.

"You like that, baby?"

"Yes, it feel so good..."

So I move my mouth downwards, kissing her softly, and then I take her nipple in my mouth and gently suck it, only to hear her gasp louder this time. I keep sucking her nipple and then softly bite down on it as she moans in pleasure. I take equally good care of the other nipple, and I kiss and lick my way down as her legs spread for me. She's in great shape and is extremely well toned, but she is as relaxed as I've ever seen her, and I kiss right down to her waiting lips and they open as my lips touch hers, and she moans again.

I flick my tongue inside her, and lick deeply, I love to taste her, and she's already quite wet, which makes me even more turned on. She runs her fingers through my hair as I lick her sweet pussy, and she offers soft encouragements as I lick and suck her clit. When I softly bite down on it, she arches her back with a yelp of pleasure, but I hold on and drive my tongue as deeply into her as I can. Now, I wouldn't risk messing with my boobs, but I have mastered a spell which merely makes my tongue a bit longer, it only lasts for a few minutes, but it works quite well! I lick, suck and bite as I work her beautiful pussy and her increasingly loud gasps and moans tell me I am doing just fine for her!

"Oooh....sweet baby, I want you to let loose all over my face, I wanna be drenched when you squirt....make me feel that, baby, make me feel that..."

I suck her pussy lips inside my mouth as I slide my tongue inside of them and she starts to buck and shake, and I grab her hips to hold on and I keep licking her that way as she moans louder and louder and then with a yell, she erupts, her orgasms are usually quite wet, and this one is no exception as she squirts all over, and I attempt to catch it all in my mouth to savor, but she's a wild one....and it goes everywhere....

She comes down from her orgasm, and I'm surprised to find I've had one myself. This is something I'd never known until I met her. I'd come from being fucked by a dildo or having my pussy eaten, but I'd never come from pleasing my partner before, and it's a most wonderful pleasure in itself!

I pull myself up and kiss her deeply.

"Mmmm...I got very wet there, didn't I?"

"You usually do, baby, and I love it!"

Once again, she wraps her arms around me and holds me close. This day has been so perfect, in so many ways, but the night was to bring a completely new set of problems!!!!

Part Two is soon to follow!!

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