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He finally gets what he wants and now he is BIG!
I was leaving my kids' school in the morning after dropping my son off when I saw Laure, our neighbor who was very French in every way. I waved to her and she came over to walk with me. We only lived a few blocks away, so we usually could talk for a few minutes about kids and events in the school. She was very nice and very sexy. She had long dark hair that draped over her shoulders in a perfect way. Her DD breasts were perfectly formed and had nipples that always looked erect through her clothes. She usually wore a thin work outfit in the morning. Man, was it ever hard not to look down at those mounds as we walked. Her low cut top, that exposed her healthy cleavage, did not help this problem. She was not overly flirty or outwardly promiscuous, but I constantly had fantasies about her, mostly involving my cock pocking through her cleavage as I fucked those beautiful breasts!

My day dreams would always end with the reality of the situation. Her husband was a big guy with a big dick and, from what I understand, Laure can’t get enough of it! I, on the other hand, was only average in size and I had a confidence problem. Also I am just not the kind of guy who can perform on demand when the pressure is on. The kind of pressure that would appear if I ever made a successful run at this French beauty!

Those thoughts ran through my head, as they always did, on the walk back from the school. I said goodbye to her and walked the rest of the way home.

The weekend came and the kids and I got together and watched the movie “Big”. Tom Hanks was great in it and the kids loved it as well. Tom Hanks plays a kid who makes a wish to be big at a coin operated booth at the county fair. He wakes up the next day to find out that his wish came true. He was now in his early 20’s.

“Wow! That would be so cool,” I said, but the kids laughed at me as they were the ones who really wanted it and I already was big.

“No, I am not, but it would be cool if that wish could come true,” I thought to myself.

That night I stroked my cock, imaging I was stroking my huge dick while looking down at Laure getting ready to give me the blow of a life time.

Ummm let me at it big boy,” she said in a French accent. She licked her lips while cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples to get them nice and hard. She took my manhood into her mouth and started to blow me. I held her head with my hands and guided her mouth over my cock which was growing quickly. When it was at its full length of eight rock-hard inches she popped it out of her mouth and guided it in-between those wonderful breasts, held them together and pumped my cock while looking up into my eyes.

Oh god, baby, that feels so good,” I said.

I came like I had never come before and spurted huge strings of come all over the front of her, hitting each of those fantastic breasts and her face.

I came under the covers at the same moment and covered myself, but it was worth it.

I fell asleep dreaming of Laure and her red lips surrounding my member.

The next day the kids and I were going to the county fair! I could not help but think that this was serendipity in action.

We hit the fair and the whole time I looked for the elusive wish granting booth. My kids had no idea I was looking for the booth, so they were surprised when I wanted to play it when we found it.

“Dad, come on, let me go first please,” one of them said.

I let them both make a wish first, but then when it was my turn I decided that I did not want to waste my turn on a false wish in front of my kids.

Wishing for a big cock in front of your kids was not going to look very good—Duh!

I waited until later when they sent me for more ride tickets. I found the wish booth, walked over to it and stared at the puppet genie. It glared at me, seeming to know what I wanted.

“What are you going to wish for?” I heard in a French accent right behind me.

I turned around and standing there, looking absolutely fantastic, was Laure in a sexy sun dress. Needless to say, she looked perfect.

“What all guys wish for,” I said, suddenly wishing I had not said that.

“I hope you get it,” she said with a flirty smile and then turned to join her kids.

I turned back to the booth, dropped the coins in and made my wish.

“I wish I was big, and you know what I mean by big, don’t you genie?” I said staring right into his eyes.

The machine rumbled and the genie’s eyes glowed blue, but both the rumble and the glow did not happen when my kids made their wishes.

A slip of paper dropped down to the small cup at the bottom of the machine. I opened the slip of paper and printed in glowing gold letters was the following:

Your wish is granted! Use it wisely!

Right after I read it a man walked up to me. He looked like a carnie who I saw running one of the other booths.

“Sorry about this machine mister, it’s been busted for the last hour and I unplugged it,” he said handing me fifty cents.

“That’s ok,” I said, taking the money, not wanting to contradict the guy and blow my wish.

Something strange was happening and it was very eerie to be in this situation, but I was convinced that it was a good sign.

We went home from the fair. The whole way home I was very excited about my “wish”. I knew that in the movie BIG, Tom Hanks did not get big until the morning.

It was very hard to get to sleep that night, but I finally drifted off. In the morning I woke and did not immediately think about my wish, as I had a slight hangover from drinking to get to sleep last night.

I walked into the bathroom to take a pee, still feeling very groggy. I looked into the full length mirror and stared at the reflection. There, hanging down between my legs, was my wish come true! It was not hard, but man was it big and fat!

I took it in my hand and stroked it while looking at myself in the mirror, feeling its thickness.

It felt strange to be holding such a big thick cock, and it was not even hard yet!

I also noticed that my balls were now huge and were hanging nicely below my cock.

“Man, I have to try this baby out right away,” I thought as I ran back to my bed, pulled my laptop out and brought up a porn tube website.

I browsed to a clip of a big breasted babe giving a blow job.

I grabbed a hold of my new cock and started to stroke it with long gentle strokes. It did not take long for it to become rock hard. It felt so good to whack off! I was so excited looking down at my new “friend”. It usually takes a couple of minutes to cum, but this time I stroked a good 20 minutes before my new cock exploded. I kept cumming and cumming. Cum flew everywhere, spraying my whole chest and the last spurt flew over my head! I thought my balls were going to explode from the pain and pleasure mix.

“Oh, man,” I grunted, feeling the ecstasy of such a great climax! To my surprise I did not immediately go soft and in a few minutes I was at it again. I must have cum 4 or 5 times that morning.

I took a shower and got dressed. I thought I would wear workout shorts that were tighter than my normal shorts and go for a dog walk around the neighborhood. I felt extremely turned on and very confident, so confident that I made up my mind to go for it today. I was going to walk straight over to Laure’s house.

“This iss crazy,” I thought, but if I was going to go for it, I may as well do it now while my little friend was still BIG!

I leashed up the dog and went for my “run” straight to Laure’s house. At least I knew she was alone on Fridays.

“Man, I hope she is home,” I thought. My balls were already aching from the thoughts going through my head.

I ran all the way there and then, without hesitation, I rang the door bell. My cock was already starting to stiffen in my shorts and was making a good-sized bulge. I tried to make it less noticeable, but it was a losing battle.

She answered the door in her workout clothes. I guess she had just come back from a run, as I could tell she had been sweating from the little drips of sweat running down between her cleavage.

“Well, hello there,” she said. I noticed her glance down at my shorts and then do a double take. I guess she was surprised, but hopefully liked what she saw.

I looked at her with an air of confidence that I had never had before. My body language was exuding sexual energy and I did nothing to hide it.

“Hey there, Laure; I was just on a run and thought I would pop by for a visit. It’s such a great day. Is this a good time?” I said with a big smile.

She gave me a surprised look. I clearly caught her off guard with my smile, body language and my big bulging cock showing through my shorts. She must have known that I knew my cock was this visible. It was one of those moments when it could have gone either way.

I could tell she was conflicted by her expression. It seemed like forever that she stood there looking at me. Then she took one last look down at my shorts and then back up to me.

“Sure, come in,” she said with enthusiasm!

I should be shaking right now. I’ve just been invited into her house, after coming to her door with a bulge in my pants and a fairly straight forward insinuation, but I was cool, calm and collected. I stared at her ass as she led me into the kitchen. I could swear that she was swaying that awesome butt around more than usual.

We got to the kitchen and she went over to the fridge, opened the door and bent over to search for something.

“Do you want a beer?” she said. I had a great view of her ass from behind, as she searched for a beer. I could see the outline of her vulva through her spandex; so sweet and so very sexy!

“Sure; love one,” I said.

She got a couple of beers out of the fridge and set them on the kitchen bar. I was on the other side of the bar looking at her through new eyes. Confident eyes that wanted her very badly.

She leaned over the counter to offer me a beer, as the counter was fairly wide, but not that wide. She clearly wanted to show off her cleavage. Her breasts hung down in her top as she bent over to expose a lot of herself to me, while handing me a beer. She had never been this forward before and the air of sex was filling the room.

We both took big swallows of beer.

The normal “me” would have tried to engage in small talk while trying to figure out what the hell to do, but the new “me” went right to work to get her where I wanted her.

“Weren’t you saying that you were having some problems with your plumbing upstairs? I know a little about it and would be happy to help,” I said as I stared at her chest and face with a look of confident lust on my face.

“I think the upstairs master bathroom facet is leaking,” she said with a smile.

I would have tried to take her right there, but the kitchen was exposed to the street and I did not want to put on a show.

“Lead the way,” I said.

She led me upstairs to the master bedroom. I followed her up the stairs looking straight at her ass. I rubbed by cock through my short, making it bigger. It was almost sticking out of my shorts by the time we got to the bedroom.

“Where is the leak?” I said.

“It’s here, under the sink,” she said and got down on her hands and knees, opened the cabinet and stuck her head in the cabinet to look.

It was now or never, so while she was looking under the sink, I pulled my shorts down and stoked my cock to its full eight-inch length, and waited. I was like blue steel by the time she pulled her head back out.

“See the leak is right… OH, MY GOD!” she said as she started straight at my cock which was bobbing directly in front of her face.

She looked up at me and then back to my cock.

“What the hell is going on?” she said as she stared at me and then my cock.

“I think you are the sexiest thing in this whole neighborhood, Larue. I dream about you all the time. I think I know what you want and its right in front of you. If you let me, I’ll give you the fucking of a lifetime! You don’t need to say a word, just please baby, suck my cock!” I said.

She did not say a word but just stared at me. This was the moment when I put it all on the line. She would either stand up, slap me and storm out or….

She looked back down to the big cock sticking right in her face, grabbed a hold of it and started to blow me.

“I knew it! Thank god!” I thought as I looked down on my French babe sucking my cock. My big cock!

Man, she really knew what she was doing! She flicked her tongue around the tip and cradled my balls in her small hands. Then she opened her mouth wide, engulfed my cock and happily slurped away. The feeling was unbelievable, such a rush of sexual energy!

“Take off your top, Laure. I want to get a look at your wonderful breasts!” I said with a panting voice.

She did not stop sucking, but moved her hands up to her tank top and pulled it down to expose those wonderful globes. Then, without a word, she put my cock in between her breasts, squeezed them together and started to pump her perfect breasts up and down on my new cock. She looked up at me with the look of a sex goddess.

“You like?” she said in a perfectly sexy voice.

“You have no idea, Laure; it's what I’ve been waiting for!” I said.

“Umm, I am going to enjoy you!” she said looking straight at my cock.

She must have sucked my cock for twenty minutes, handling it like a master! She ran her tongue up from the base of my shaft, all the way up to the tip and then swirled it around the head. At the same time, she fondled my balls; squeezing each one in turn and then scratched my ball sack with her nails perfectly. She kept bringing me to the brink with her mouth and then, at the last second, she would stop, stand up and kiss me while pressing her breasts into my chest. She was driving me crazy and she knew it. I was begging her to let me cum.

“Please baby, finish me off!” I begged.

She got back down on her knees and started to blow me again, then she looked up at me with a mouth full of cock and shook her head in agreement. Then she really went at my dick with a vengeance; sucking and sucking, licking and stroking at a faster and faster pace until I could not take it anymore. It was a dream cum true. My French babe was giving me the blow job of a life time! It was lasting so long and the pleasure was more than I had ever experienced.

“I’m going to blow, Laure,” I said.

“Cum for me, baby,” she said.

She stroked my cock a few more times and then I came. Man, what a climax! I sprayed cum all over the front of her in thick pulsing streams as she pumped my dick for every last drop. Cum covered her breasts hair and face. Then she did the most perfectly sexy thing I could possibly imagine. She grabbed each of her breasts in time and pulled them up to her mouth, licking all the cum off of each one, and then, while looking me straight in the eyes, she swallowed.

Then she proceeded to clean my cock off with her tongue. She licked every part from my shaft down to my balls and up again to the tip. Normally I would be too sensitive, but now it just felt god-like!

“That was fantastic,” I said looking down at her.

She stood up, looking all cum-covered and very sexy.

“Come help me wash this off,” she said as she lead me to the shower.

We got in and turned on the water. She had a huge shower with two shower heads, one for each of us.

“Well, you are the one responsible for this so you have to wash me off,” she said.

“You couldn’t be more right!” I said as I reached for the soap.

I lathered up my hands and started to rub her all over, getting her all soaped up.

“This is pure fantasy; this must be,” I thought.

I looked right at her as I massaged those wonderful globes. She smiled back at me knowing how much I was enjoying myself. Man what perfect breasts she had. They where big, but toned with the perfect amount of sag and her nipples and areolas where almost dark red in color. I pinched her nipples that must have been at least an inch long. After I was done exploring her breasts I took my time and covered her whole body with soap until I was rock hard again. Then, without another thought, I spun her around bent her over. She grabbed the shower handles and thrust out her ass in anticipation.

“Fuck me, baby; fuck me with that nice, hard cock of yours!” she moaned.

I had never fucked anyone with my new cock, so I took it slow. I parted her ass to get a better look at her perfectly trimmed vagina. Her engorged labia were hanging down nicely and she had just the right amount of hair surrounding her vagina.

I eased it in a little at a time. She was very tight and moaned as I pushed a little deeper. I grabbed onto her hips and started to work my cock in further.

Her sweet pussy was gripping my cock like a vice. I was about 4 inches in when she really started to vocalize.

“Oh yes, oh god that feels great, I love your cock, nice and slow baby, it’s so thick you’re stretching me so good!” she moaned as she rotated her hips around in circles to help my cock find room inside of her.

I looked down and saw something I had never seen before with my old cock. Her lips were stretched around my thick cock like a rubber band. My cock seemed to be thicker than I remembered when she was blowing me earlier. The more I pumped her the thicker it seemed to get.

“Oh baby, fuck me! Oh god you are so big, you are going to split me in two!” she cried when I finally drove my cock all the way in.

I started to pull all the way out and then slowly push back in. I was amazed that she could take it! Man what a pussy!

I finally picked up the pace and drove all the way in and out in a matter of seconds.

Her breasts were swinging back and forth in time to my assault on her stretched vagina. I pounded her for least fifteen minutes when she started to cum.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, fuck me… oh god, I’m cumming... oh, fuck yea!” she screamed as a tremor ran through her whole body.

I slowed my pace, but was not finished yet.

“Oh, baby, that was so good. Oh, god, keep going!” she moaned.

I kept it up for another few minutes and drove myself into her one final time, filling her up with my cum. What a climax! I kept thinking I was done and usually would be, but cum kept coming out and filling her up.

I finally stopped and pulled out. She lowered herself to the shower floor, totally spent from the experience.

“That was fantastic!” she panted and finally got up and gave me a big wet sloppy kiss and finished it off by biting my lower lip

“You were right, baby. I have never been fuck so good in my entire life!” she said with a very sexy smouldering smile on her face.

We both finished the shower and got out. I got dressed and she put on a robe.

“Why the hell did you wait so long to cum over?” she said.

“I just never thought it would work out, but today I had the feeling that it would,” I said, staring at her in her sexy robe.

“My husband is leaving for a trip tomorrow. Will you come by?” she said as she came over to me, grabbed onto my cock through my shorts and kissed me.

This was unbelievable! I had this totally sexy French woman craving my cock. My cock! I was never this guy and it was great that I could dabble in this life style for a little while anyway. Without hesitation I agreed.

That night I was reading my email and came across an email from someone I did not know. Usually I delete them for fear of spam, but the subject said “Thank you Mr Big”.

I open the email and saw 2 images attachments. It read:

Thank you Mr. big for the fucking you gave me today. My pussy aches, but it was worth it! I played with myself after you left just thinking about our little shower session.

Let me describe the scene for you, baby! After you left I laid back on my lazy chair, spread my legs and felt my sore pussy. It was still very wet and wanted more, more of you! I got out my biggest vibrator and played with my clit, thinking of your thick cock forcing its way into my little pussy. You stretched me so good today, but you were so gentle at first, then at just the right time, you sped things up and brought me to an earth-shattering orgasm! Man! You fucked the living shit out of me, not roughly, but in just the right way. I worked my big vibrator into my pussy thinking of today until I had another great climax. The attached image should prove that. Come back please!!

I open the images and, man, she was not kidding. One was a close up of her pussy filled with her dildo! Pussy juice was everywhere around her vagina. The other was one taken of her on the lazy chair with her legs spread wide showing her glistening pussy. She was holding her breasts and had a nipple in her mouth puling on it and winking at the camera.

“Holy shit, that is HOT!” I said as I grabbed a hold of my cock and worked myself into another cum spurting session thinking of my French beauty.

It was hard to get to sleep, but I finally did so dreaming of her face smiling at me after I had made her cum. How satisfying that was. Me, little me, fucked the shit out of a woman and had her begging for more. Wow, this was awesome!

The next day I had a hard time at work, but made it through. I got home, put on my jogging outfit and made my way over to her house.

I decided to actually go on a run to work off some of this energy I had. I was running down Oak Street and turned the corner to 1st Street when I was Jan running up ahead of me. She was also a hot school mom and my cock was in charge now. I sped up to catch her; literally!
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