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Black Magic Genie

"Black Magic Genie"

As I looked out of the window at the depressing landscape before me, I could barely hear the weather report on the radio deliver more of the same news as the day before.

"A high of 85 is predicted in the valley and the desert".

I thought to myself, "It's January, and should not be so goddamn hot"

I was uncomfortable and I was pissed of. And as I looked out of the window at the urban blight of the homeless people pushing carts, begging for money, and offering to do anything for peanuts, I took a moment to count my blessings.

As I did so, I thought to myself "Why do I think I am blessed?",

After all, I worked hours that should have been outlawed. I had no one in this world who would care if I died or needed help.

I was as lonely and alone as anyone could possibly be.

I was not happy.......nor was I blessed.

In fact, a good case could be made for considering myself to be cursed.

I usually woke up in the morning around 3 am, unable to sleep, and feeling as if I had the weight of the world pressing on me and leaving me with an unending feeling of desperation and emptiness.

As I turned away from the window, I could not help but notice an interesting looking little item on the cart that was left behind by the cafeteria waiter who had brought lunch in for the meeting that had just ended.

It looked like a teapot, but it looked old and in need of polishing.

I picked it up, and examined it, It was not a teapot, but instead was cross between a lantern and a lamp.

It was a little dusty, so I ran my hand over it to wipe away the dust.

As I did so, the object began to vibrate and pulsate as if it had a mind of it's own.

I dropped the object and moved to the back of the room and studied the object with a combination of curiosity and apprehension.

Suddenly the room filled with a sweet pungent smell that was reminiscent of roses in full bloom.

Along with the smell, a vision that resembled a woman appeared before me. As the vision shimmered and took form, what suddenly stood before me was astounding.

She was the most gorgeous woman that I had ever laid eyes on.

She was petite, about 5 foot 3 and probably 120 pounds.

She had a tiny waist, beautifully shaped hips, and flawless legs, She was the color of a steaming cup of rich hot chocolate.

What I noticed most were her eyes. They seemed to focus on me with a cat like gaze that told me that she could read my thoughts.

As I began to stammer "", she moved towards me, seeming to glide with the grace of of a panther.

And..................she was totally naked.

As she came forward, I moved backward, until my back rested against the wall, leaving me nowhere to escape to.

Then she spoke, She said, "Steve, I am not going to hurt you. I heard you from inside of the lamp say that you are lonely and that you are sad".

"I am here to help you, because I could feel the desperation in your thoughts".

I relaxed a little and I asked "What kind of trick is this? Who hired you? How do you know my name? This is not funny at all".

I was certain that she could sense my trepidation, as she slowly said "I am the Genie of your dreams".

I then shouted " I don't dream of any Genie's!"

To which she responded, "Indeed you do".

With a wave of her hand, the projection screen in the conference room lowered, and the lights in the room dimmed. And suddenly, I was watching myself on the screen.

It was a movie of my life. A loveless marriage, a feeling of constant devaluation and me doubting my own worth. It was sobering as well as sad to be shown that this is who I was.

As I watched the scenes from my life unfold, I witnessed my Grandmothers death, my Fathers illness and eventual death, and the death of the woman who I was married to.

I relived every somber moment of my adult years in a few minutes.

Finally I screamed for the Genie to stop, I could not bear to watch anymore.

So with a wave of her hand she stopped the show. And with another wave of her hand, she began to show new scenes of me sleeping.

Tossing and turning in a nightmarish fit. And then showed me what I was dreaming.

In my dream I was slowly and passionately making love with a dark skinned female and all I could see was her back and her curly dark hair, she whispered in my ear that she loved me. We kissed and caressed and held each other with an obvious affection for one another.

As I watched, I could not help becoming aroused, and the beautiful Genie noticed and smiled at me wickedly. She walked over to me and pressed her warm nakedness against me and gently gyrated her hips while pulling down my zipper and unleashing my manhood.

She slowly dropped to her knees and gently took me inside of her luscious lips, and teased me with her tongue, all the while gazing at me with her incredible eyes.

I was floating on a cloud of ecstasy, as I cupped her lovely face in my hands and looked into her mesmerizing eyes. I then dropped to the floor with her, gently laid her on her back, and parted her legs, and touched my tongue to her soft, wet secret spot.

With a hunger that had been pent up from years of neglect, I devoured her. I teased the recesses of her core, slowly moving my tongue in and out of her steaming slit, while at the same time slipping my finger in and out of her soaking wet love nest.

The look on her face was one of pure and raw desire.

She then pulled me on top of her and whispered..."Make love to me like you have been doing in your dreams for years".

I mounted her and pushed every inch of myself into her slowly, and then with the rhythm of an accomplished musician, with a combination of long and short strokes, I rode her until she exploded in a powerful climax.

Her fragrant juices cascading out of her like a waterfall.

As she opened her eyes and again gazed at me, she pulled me to her, and she kissed me passionately and in the same voice that I heard in the pictures of my life and my dreams that she showed me, she said :

"I love you so much, and you have dreamed about me for years. All it took to bring me to you was for you to reach a depth of desperation that was so tragic that I had to come and rescue you from such misery"

"In your darkest days, you have wished for and longed for me. And I have lived for years in the deepest places of your mind, and was only free to be with you in your dreams".

"Now that I am here, you can choose to keep me with you or to send me back".

"But if you send me back, I will disappear from your dreams forever, and I will be sent to mend someone else's broken heart".

"My wish is to stay with you"

I studied her closely to gauge her sincerity, and as she spoke, tears streamed down her gorgeous face and glistened on her cheeks.

I then asked her, "What is your name"

She then spoke softly...."My name is Katrina".

I then said, "Katrina, how long have you watched me?"

She answered "I have been a part of you since you were a little boy."

"I was who you wished would be your wife one day, and who would love you eternally".

"It was your desire to be loved that brought me to you".

As I sat mystified at this phenomena I began to recall as a boy a mysterious and beautiful woman who would appear in my mind occasionally and then suddenly disappear. Leaving me feeling lost and alone.

I realized then, that she was my fantasy and my fantasy had come to life.

I then pulled Katrina close to me, dried her tears, and kissed her softly. I looked into her eyes and said:

"You have been there with me through every moment of my life and never left me. Now that you are really here, how could I ever let you go?"

"I will always love you, My Black Magic Genie".

When I spoke those words, the lamp from which Katrina had come, began to shake and vibrate, and in a puff of smoke it vanished, leaving Katrina and I together in each others arms for the rest of our lives.

The End And A New Beginning
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